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Found 5 results

  1. We are gutted our much loved and restored low milage 79,800 1983 e28 BMW 520i was stolen this week in Bristol. Please help us find it before it is broken for parts or smashed to pieces or burnt out! It has been in our family since late 1980's. It is very recognisable and can be easily identified by welding and repairs, after its restoration in Jan this year. It passed its MOT with no advisories. It is lowered on Spax kit, its alloys are R16 BMW 7 custom painted gold/bronze. It had two brand new Pirelli P7Blue 97WXL 215/55/r16 tyres fitted. The alloys have brand new aftermarket BMW inserts. The front valance and front wings have been painted and tetrashultze black stone chip on the insides, like all the wheel arches. It is immaculate underneath. The exhaust was original factory fitted. The front jacking points have been rebuilt in 5mm steel plate and are all obviously none standard. The after market radio means it has a DAB antenna in the front passenger front windshield, the blue velour interior is all as new and excellent condition and original. Its light carriers have all been repainted, under the bonnet it has a unique and obvious repair with a soldered 15mm copper pipe fitting on the vacuum hose to turn a pipe back. It has the straight V6 2.0 ltr engine and automatic gearbox. its all been painted underneath. Fuel filler cap is unique as the locking one wouldn't fit after new fuel tank was fitted it has been stripped down and can only be removed with a metal bar that fits a spoke on the cap. The rear light passenger side is cracked and the boot emblem enamel is crumbling as it is original. rear wheel arches have been welded painted and repaired with additional welding at the end of the drivers side sill . I hope some of the photos help convey the how unique it is and recognisable. We have a crime number of 5220034724. Chassis number is WBADK6203D8331476 Engine number 8331476 If anyone can help us recover the car we would very grateful.
  2. Hi Guys Haven't been on for a while but thought I should share this. Very good friend of mine has (had) a Lovely F10 M5 and last night on his drive it got broken in too and had almost all the electronics stolen from it along with interior items It wasn't a have a go hero, it was clearly organised and according to the police they hit 3 F10s last night in his area (Kent) but its a widening issue. First, they covered the movement sensor on the floodlights, then the CCTV camera! Cut a hole in the front bumper and filled the alarm siren with expanding foam, along with cutting the wires to it. They also filled a compartment behind the rear wheel with expanding foam, then drilled into the driver's door and gained access. Once inside they stole all the electronics, screens and M Interior bits. This was done on his driveway, in a built-up neighborhood Forensics where on site within 20 mins as they were taking samples from another car locally.
  3. This was in Dublin, Ireland recently. F10 MSport stolen without key - CCTV footage Scumbags
  4. Hi All, Some git has stolen the left hand side Shadowline roof gutter/a-pillar trim from my E28 M5. Looks like BMW have discontinued it so am in desperate need of a replacement. Any ideas where I might get one? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I bought my 530i about a year ago - and i love it!! So when it was stolen from outside my house last mon/tues night, i was devastated. I've only now seen it for the first time 9 days later, since it was recovered by the police last tues lunchtime. I found out today that my key didn't work in the car, and that the little flap down by the drivers right knee was open - making me think that the car was reprogrammed to accept the thief's key. The driver's window was smashed, and the car was left dumped unlocked, half on half off the pavement. I'd like to ask you all for your advice: Can i stop this from happening again? How long would it take to reprogram the car - ie how long was he sitting there, out on the street with the smashed window? No one heard any alarm - which kinda makes me think it didn't go off - could that happen even though the car was locked? Are trackers any good? Why would someone steal the car, and then dump it in Edmonton (north London) 10 miles from my house, just hours later? Could this be anything to do with it: Two times, about 7-20 days before, i'd put the key in, and the car wouldn't start. The screen said "Steering lock engaged. The electro-mechanical steering wheel lock system (ELV) is inhibiting engine start. Move steering wheel in order to ..." (trying to move the steering wheel didn't help at all, but after a few mins, it would take the key and i was able to drive off.) Thanks if you can help do a bit of a Scooby Doo mystery thing, and try to explain what happened. I'm so worried that when i finally get the car back (right now i'm driving around in the Corsa that they've lent me!) that the whole thing will happen again. (Don't get me started - the guy at the garage said it could take 1-2 months to install a new key set, tho BMW have said a couple of days, but the insurance are saying that the work has to be done by one of their engineers. What a 'mare!) Cheers guys, Slater