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Found 6 results

  1. jitmonlee

    E34 Radio wiring help needed

    Hi all, Bought an E34 for the first time! Absolutely love it! The stereo is was not connected and upon inspection, saw it was not connected. It appeared to have iso connectors - the original connector was clearly cut off and new iso connectors put in. So I bought a relevant wire adapter and connected it to a stereo I had lying around but it didn't work. I checked the wires and looked online to see what colour corresponds to which wire, and I see a lot of contradicting information! Here's an inventory of what wires the E34 has coming out (also see image): Violet white Brown White Black white Red white (See pic, the white port on the right has the red/white and black/white above going to it) Black white (another one, separate to the connector above)) Yellow red Yellow brown Yellow blue Yellow grey Blue red Blue brown Blue grey Blue violet Does anyone know which wire does what? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Hi Luckily, my E39 M5 was equipped with the M-Audio package however the previous owner decided to remove all the boot components (BM54, Nav, TMC/TV Tuner) leaving me with nothing but a 16:9 headunit Over the past few months i have acquired: BM54 TV Tuner Module MK4 Nav CD Changer I have fitted these all in and I am getting a blank screen still on the headunit. The headunit is getting power (the buttons light up) and I do get a different black screen (slightly lighter black screen as if the headunit is getting power but no source) however nothing! Multimeter shows power is going to all the components in the boot / headunit and I have: checked all the fuses unplugged everything and connected just the TV tuner unplugged battery for a few hours ....still nothing! My next task is to eliminate faulty components one by one. It could only be the headunit itself or the TV tuner faulty correct? A bit of a long shot but anyone in the Essex / East London area able to help me out ? Ideally would like to plug a known working headunit and TV tuner to isolate my issue!!
  3. DerekJr.

    Eonon D5124F review

    Right, I’ve been thinking about writing a detailed review about this Eonon after my purchase in Dec 2014. I’ll try to update this review as time goes on, or when I get more use to it. I’m no car audio genius, so just bare that in mind, but I do appreciate a good product. Yes, I will be nit picking with a few issues I have, but that’s just the way I am, and want to be unbiased. I’ll break this review down into different sections so that it is easier to follow, towards the end I’ll do a quick sum up (Pros and Cons). PS: I’ll try and add pictures etc, and I’m no professional reviewer so take that into account. First off, my e39 came with the base “BMW Business” stereo which didn’t deserve to have “business” in its name. Especially considering the price of the car when it was new and type of car it was/is (Midsize Luxury). I feel as if “BMW Poundland” should have been more appropriate – although to be fair to other stores, Woolworths (R.I.P), Primark or 99p Stores also qualifies for that fitting name. There were two main things I wanted to do regarding the stereo; 1. Improve the sound over the stock headunit, and 2. Upgrade the entertainment system so that I can at least have iPod playback, Sat nav and Bluetooth for phone calls etc. while maintaining the OEM look. A few stereos ticked a few boxes, and even less ticked all the requirement boxes. This left me with a few Eonon products, Andrive, Dynavin, and some unknown brands from eBay which didn’t quite look OEM as the brands mentioned above, but looked more OEM than your generic single/double DIN stereos. Here’s a little note, a lot of the brands mentioned above label the X5 (curved top) and E39 (just straight) style stereos together, so just be wary when buying. Of course it all depends on you, and what you want. Right let’s get on with it! Sound: 6/10 All in all, the sound quality is a massive improvement over the standard non DSP/Hi Fi stereo. Yes, there is more bass but it’s not an overly massive improvement. It won’t match the sound of newer BMWs so if you like your boom boom, hip hopity music, then you won’t get the improvement you so highly desire. This can’t be entirely blamed on the stereo of course. This is due to the limitations of the speakers fitted to the e39 (4x5.25” and 2xTiny Tweeters). I had an E36 with the same set up and a JVC headunit and it sounds about the same. If you want the massive improvement in bass, then I’d suggest fitting a subwoofer (I will eventually get around to doing this). This is where the Eonon is one step up of the standard stereo. On the rear of the unit, there are plugs to plug in your subwoofer, and on top of that you can control the sound levels from the headunit (Bass, Treble, and Subwoofer). You can fit larger speakers in the front doors, but this would require some modification work. I gave it a 6/10, as I compared it to the standard unit (3/10) to a modern BMW (8.5/10) but will update it on fitting a subwoofer. Small clip of rear speakers >> http://instagram.com/p/xZtenahqBf/?modal=true Sound settings: Screen: 9/10 The screen is very good. I was thoroughly impressed by it. I was impressed by its size (7inch), its responsiveness (no lag or needing to press the screen twice), its clear picture, and when you switch your headlights on, the screen dims (you have a choice of your dimness too) so that it’s not as blinding as boy racer’s ill fitted HIDs in their Shitroen Saxos as they exit the local McDs drive thru. I haven’t had the chance to watch DVDs on it yet, but will update when I do. Did I mention its touchscreen too? Which makes life easier. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like touch screens on their own, they have to be accompanied by some kind of physical buttons or controller. For example, I wouldn’t want to tap the screen a million times just to adjust the volume. It’s nice to just turn a knob, although in the e39, you can use the steering wheel control. Usability: 7.5/10 I’ve rated this a 7.5 as it’s quite easy to use no matter your age, from your rebellious teenage kids, to those ancient people who use carbon dating to calculate their ages. It’s way easier than the iDrives used in the E60/E65, and is about on par with the modern iDrives or Audi’s MMI. However, there are one or two issues that I’ve noticed. Yes, while there may be physical buttons to select the whatever source is required, I would have loved to see an “iPod” button somewhere on the stereo, instead of pressing the “source” button multiple times until you get to the iPod option. In fact “iPod” and “Aux” as well as “TV” (although not fitted at the moment so doesn’t come up in the source search) are the only sources that does not have their own buttons. It would be better if they got rid of the “7” and “8” button (each FM/AM band only shows 6 stations anyways), and replaced them with an iPod and Aux one. The other issue is that when you are using the Sat Nav on the stereo, you can change songs by pressing next or prev buttons, but when you need to change the volume, you have to come out of the sat nav screen and go into whatever source you’re listening to, otherwise if you don’t, it will only adjust the sat nav volume, and once you leave the sat nav screen, it’ll stop speaking directions to you like an annoyed girlfriend giving you the silent treatment on the way home from a disastrous dinner date. This is where a separate iPod button will be ideal, because if you are listening to your iPod/Aux and want to adjust the volume but you are on the sat nav screen, you have to press the source button multiple times which can be a little distracting while driving. iPod: This is as basic as a traditional African hut and probably the most disappointing part of the stereo. It feels like this was more of an afterthought to beat others on the market, like when Apple’s CEO came out as gay, and the Samsung CEO later came out as more gay and waterproof. When it comes to this part, what the stereo says is “F**k this, I’m listing everything all under one folder”. So if you’ve got a few playlists on your iPod for spirited drives on Friday evenings to your relaxing Sunday drives through the country side, it’s won’t come up on the stereo. You’ll just have to flick through all your songs until you find the one you want to listen to. Also, sometimes the song title won’t match the current song playing. I’ve connected two iPods to this stereo, an iPod nano 3rd Gen and a nano 6th gen. The 3rd gen connects no problem, however I do hear like a fax machine sound between every song. For the 6th gen one, I have to connect it twice because the iPod won’t recognize the Eonon the first time. Once it’s plugged in, the stereo charges the iPod which is good. But you can’t plug a dead iPod in. It just won’t play or charge it. Also, if you leave the car overnight or for a few hours, you have to unplug and re plug the iPod. SD card: Haven’t tested this feature yet so can’t really comment on it. I will update when I have. CD/DVD player: Not much to say about this, but I do miss using the BMW 6 CD changer. Only down side to this feature is that between playing each song, there’s like a 2-4 sec gap, like the stereo is searching for the next song using dial-up internet connection speed or something. It is a bit of an issue when you’re listening to the type of album where the songs “join” each other (i.e. the beginning of the next song plays at the end of the current song). I have yet to try DVDs, and MP3 CDs. USB: Works well. I can view pictures, listen to songs, and probably play videos, although I haven’t tried the latter. One problem I have encountered is that it will not play songs from your iPod. I don’t know if this is an iPod thing because the song are sorted through iTunes or not. FM/AM: Really love the FM/AM screen. I love how they display 6 stations on the screen and you can save the stations you like. If memory serves me well, there are 2 FM bands and 2 AM bands. Radio reception is poorer than the standard head unit, but I still get pretty much good reception for main stations like Radio 1 and Heart FM. I’ve noticed that if I travel out of town, where as the standard stereo might hold a good reception further on away from town, the Eonon will lose it. While the stereo might have RDS and use it to display the name of the station you are listening to, it will also mess up the clock. It’ll put it 8 or 9 hours ahead of UK time. So for this reason, I deactivated the RDS so it no longer messes with the time, but sadly also no longer displays the radio station name. Also, when you’ve stored your stations on the radio and press next/prev on the steering wheel, instead of going to the next/prev stored station, it tunes up/down, so if you are listening to, for example Wave FM (105.20) and press next button on the wheel, it’ll tune into 105.25. Radio screen (just shows the numbers) AUX: When I had my trouble with my Bluetooth (see below), I used the AUX input, and it worked very well. It uses a RCA to 3.5mm jack adaptor. RCA are those wires with the red, yellow, and white for Audio L, Audio R, and Video. I just plugged in the audio wires (red and white I think) and left out the yellow wire (video) which brought up the “No Signal” message on the screen when AUX is selected. Bluetooth: Right, I’ve only recently started using this feature. I tried to use it before, but it didn’t work. I don’t know if the fix was due to Apples update on my phone, or the fact I was pressing all the buttons like an old person who didn’t know what they were doing, but I’ve finally got it to work. I can make/receive calls, and listen to music via Bluetooth. It can also upload your phonebook on the stereo, and you can scroll through your contacts by touching the screen and dragging up/down to your desired contact. For the calling part of it, it’s very excellent. Mic is nice and clear, and I can hear the caller too! None of this “can you hear me now?....What about now?….And now?” business. The music streaming part is good, but not as clear as listening to your iPod or CD, but still pretty clear. What I’m trying to say here is that it’s clear, but not crystal clear. I have unlimited internet on my phone, so I use Spotify via the Bluetooth. Also, it would be nice if the radio told you what song you were listening to on the screen lol. Also, the volume is a tad low on the Bluetooth. Bluetooth on the telephone screen: SatNav/GPS/Navi: This depends mostly on the software you go for, or receive with your unit. I opted not to get one from Eonon as I’ve read people change them any ways as they’re not so good. Due this this, it didn’t seem justified to spending more £££s on receiving a GPS software from Eonon…that is until I got my unit and tried searching for my own GPS software (iGO 8, or iGO primo 2.something). I’m not going to lie here, it is difficult. I signed up to some of those navi/sat nav/GPS forums to see if anyone would point me in the right direction, but nothing. I might as well have posted my requirements in a porn website, or a forum solely ran by the blind. In the end, a good gentleman from a facebook e39 forum helped me out with the basics. It’s a pretty good software too, well better than my 3-4 year old Garmin. I just need to find some POI and SpeedCam files now. Overall: It’s not a bad unit, however it’s not the best one out there, and there are room for improvements. Yes, there are some quality issues here and there, but I don’t regret getting it, especially with the BMW Poundland stereo it replaced. Since this model comes from outside of the EU, it incurs an import tax and duty fee, so just be wary of that. I was expecting to pay approximately £60 - £70 for it after researching for other people who have bought an Eonon for their Vauxhalls. So I was slightly surprise to find out it was £108…more than 1/3 of the actual price I paid for the stereo. One of the annoying things of the Eonon is that each source has its own volume. The bright side to this is that the stereo “remembers” what volume that was set for each source. The only problem with this is when you are on the Sat Nav screen and listening to music, when you go to decrease or increase the volume, the Sat Nav volume will go up/down, and not your music, so you’ll have to select your source and turn down/up the volume that way. Another problem, well compared to the OEM stereo, the volume doesn’t increase the faster you go. I miss this about the OEM stereo. The screen is very good, the system is not slow, and it offers almost everything and more you could want, all in one stereo, together with the OEM look. Fit and finish is almost perfect, it’s only let down by the gap at the bottom, which cannot be seen from if you are sitting properly. Only if you bend down to the gearstick level, then you’ll notice it. Perhaps it’s just the way I fitted it….like a trial and error thing. The bottom gap: Pros: · Different sources playback including SatNav, digital TV (extra) and Bluetooth · Cheap to buy · Responsive 7” touch screen · OEM look · Improved sound compared to basic BMW stereo Cons: · Basic iPod playback (doesn’t recognize playlists) · Import tax and duty can be costly · CD player gap between songs · Can’t use BMW CD changer · Lack of speed sensitive volume 8/03/2015 - Update: So just after 2 months in, and the stereo is being problematic. After approximately 30 - 40 mins, the stereo goes silent..doesn't matter what source I choose. The screen still works and everything, just no sound. After switching it off for about 5 - 10 mins, the sound returns, so I don't know if it's a software issue, or if it's overheating. I tried resetting it, and jiggling the wire at the back. But it doesn't affect it. Now we can test their customer service and support. I've sent an email just a minute ago, and shall wait for their reply. I could have omit all this from this review, but that would be wrong So stand by folks! 9/03/2015 - Update: Received 2 replies this morning within 2 hours of each other. The 1st one as a confirmation that she'll speak to the tech. Then a second one with an update file, and instructions on how to update it. Will try it later and see if it solves the issue
  4. Hi all hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather. I am having serious problems trying to sell my car my heart just wont let me , so I have decided to do a few jobs and am looking for some advice. Recently the display on the head unit failed and I was wondering if there was a fix for this or anything I can try to get it turned on, funnily enough this coincided with removing the fuse for the Traffic Master as this was draining the battery (new Bosch unit fitted). Does anyone want to sell their Head Unit as I want to keep my car as original as possible. Rear View mirror glass needs replacing and being very sceptical of ebay I was wondering if anyone has dealt with any particular on line trader and replaced their rear view mirror glass. I would like to replace my wheel centres as the ones on my car are really battered has anyone got a good source for these or should I just buy BMW, only thing is I feel the quality of the modern ones is poor. The rear Boot lid could do with replacing and I am wondering if anyone again has a reputable source for a used one. Head light fogging - Autoglym do a kit but again I am wondering if anyone has used it or anything else to get rid of the oxidisation. I can see some videos and before and afters coming. Look forward to your advice guys.
  5. After having amassed a few bits and bobs I've begun the process of putting my system together. The kit: Sub: 12 inch Diamond Audio CM3 dual 4 ohm VC Sub amp: JL Audio 500/1 V2 Speaker amp: Genesis Compact 4 Head unit: Kenwood DDX402BBT with Autoleads fitting kit and OEM steering wheel control module As I don't have any time for this sort of thing any more I had Huets fit it all yesterday. I've known them on and off for about 10 years and trust them with my car. The ethos behind this install is that it needs to be neat so I can retain use of the boot and not intrusive, and not cost the earth. Both amps were sourced second hand from Talk Audio and the sub I've had for ages. The head unit and associated stuff was bought new. Sub viewed through rear armrest (with velco flap down so you can see it): Having the rear armrest down makes so much difference in the sound. I can't imagine how many subs you'd need to hear anything without cutting a hole in the rear bulkhead! Even with a hole and the arm rest up the sub wasn't that audible at low volumes. The amps are both mounted out the way at the back of the boot (excuse the rubbish pics): The sub's held in place with Rock Straps which hold it nice and solid but can be released instantly when I want to carry more stuff in the boot. The headunit is missing the small piece of trim which goes round the front to tidy it up. The Autoleads one which came with the kit was very twisted out of the box and the Kenwood one won't fit with the Autoleads adaptor. In my view the Autoleads adaptor isn't great quality but none of these fascia adaptors are in my experience. I had one in my wife's Puma years ago and it was appalling (even worse than the Ford which surrounded it). Huets are on the case with something which will fit. There's also a squeak from the trim round the fog light switch - the trim seems much more flexible so that might need to be put right. Once that's done it's onto speakers. I know they'd sound much better with proper baffles but given how good it sounds with OE speakers I'm happy to stick with a pair of 5.25 co-ax's on the rear shelf and some 5.25s in the front doors. The current front runner is a set of old JL VRs - I want something nice and laid back. Most of the music I listen to is rock with plent of cymbals so an aggressive speaker would annoy me in a short time. More to follow...
  6. kapazuha

    9" widescreen headunit

    Hi there! I recently bought a 2000 e39 530d and i was wondering if there are any 9" headunits for ir. Basically i dont want to fit the oem tv. I would like something bigger.. if possible a full touch screen without any buttons just to fit the hole perfectly. Didnt find any related posts so decided to start a new topic. I cant find anything on the net either. Just looking for some advice please. Thanks!