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Found 8 results

  1. Back2Beemer

    Some annoying teething problems

    Hi all..nearly Friday! I was just wondering, has anyone experienced a vagueness to the steering on their car from new? (standard steering). Mine feels overly floaty on the motorway...been into BMW and they checked all the alignment and tyre pressures, and all is well, but it somehow just doesn't feel quite right to me sometimes. Car is a 520d SE on standard 17" rims with non-runflat tyres. I have not found anything like this when I went on a test drive prior to ordering, which was again a standard steering car but with 19" wheels. I'm wondering if a 225 section tyre maybe just isn't enough for the size of the car?? Also I've found the brakes to be extremely harsh, especially when coming to a complete stop...jerky and not smooth, and you have to be so careful feathering the brake, the stop/start will kick in but immediately re-start the engine as the brake pedal is too high and it thinks you want to pull off again. (it's back in BMW again today to have this re-looked at). Anyone else found this? One thing I must say (and I've used this dealer a lot over the years), Lloyd BMW in Newcastle's customer service is absolutely exemplary. Car dealers (and anyone in a customer facing role) can learn a lot from these guys!
  2. Hi All, it would seem that me looking for answers on here regarding issues with my car is becoming a recurring problem As I got in my BMW E60 5 SERIES this morning it wouldn’t start. It came up with a yellow (not red) symbol on the dashboard and a fault code on the built in I Drive system Saying “Electro-mechanical steering wheel lock system(ELV) is inhibiting engine start, Move steering wheel in order to start engine” however, the steering wheel is locked and doesn’t move or hardly even wiggle from side to side. This is causing my car not to start. Any ideas on how to resolve? i’ve tried bypassing this by calling a local mechanic out to try and clear all the codes on the car with the diagnostics computer but this doesn’t seem to be working thanks in advance!
  3. The Boy Wizz

    Steering squeak

    Hi, had a search for steering squeak and nothing showed, but apologies if this has been resolved before. I have a 2009 525d and am getting a squeak when turning the steering wheel at slow speeds. I’ve read there is an additive you can put in which stops the squeak?? The noise seems to be coming from near the steering wheel though not from the rack
  4. Hi all, I have a funny vibration coming from my steering when on full lock and most noticeable at low speed when gently braking. The car drives fine and power steering seems perfectly normal all other times but this odd vibration is getting on my nerves.. Any ideas where I should look?? Thanks
  5. ROOTS.

    E28 Power Steering Cooling Pipe

    Does anyone have this pipe brand new or used but in good shape / not rotten! Part Number 1: 32411128838 Got a shock from dealer when it came to approx £160 including VAT! Thanks!
  6. Hi all. New 5 series owner here. Have a 2013 pre LCI 520d SE F11 auto which I got in December. I have done 7,000 of the 73,000 on the clock. The steering has started to feel worn with slight knocking over bumps and a dead spot in the centre. Any advice on bushes/steering parts that become worn and I can get checked? Prefer not to turn up at a dealer and they suggest a whole load of things. I am based in St Albans and work in Aylesbury. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hello all I have been adjusting my steering box in order to try and address the common issues of steering play and 'vague' high speed steering but in so doing seem to have created another problem. The new problem is that when the engine is switched off I can now barely move the wheels at all. (Steering lock definitely NOT on!) Now I know that steering will be heavy without the power assistance - I have a 1967 Land Rover so I'm no stranger to unassisted - but this is something else! Feels like I'm going to break something if I persist. I'm sure it was 'normal' before I started any of this and also after my first couple of adjustments. However, having had another go at 'fine tuning' the steering on Sunday I set off on a 100+ mile trip and decided about half way that it wasn't any better so stopped to back it off a little. Continued on my way and everything was fine but when I arrived and switched off the engine I noticed that I could barely move the steering wheel. Any ideas whats happened? As I've said the car drives OK (still don't think I've quite nailed the adjustment) but I'm worried that should the power steering fail I've got an uncontrollable car on my hands.
  8. E34 Man 92

    Bmw E34 Steering

    My Bmw e34 steering is really weird cos one minute its really light then it is heavy. it only does this when it hasnt moved for about 5 days.