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Found 39 results

  1. For sale is a whole set of a factory sport suspension for 6 cylinder saloon e39 5 series. Front ones might also fit touring models, but please do your own checks beforehand. Set consist of: 2 front shock absorbers - 31 31 1 096 857 - genuine Sachs Advantage / BMW Sport shocks 2 rear shock absorbers - 33 52 1 091 922 - genuine Sachs Advantage / BMW Sport shocks 2 front springs - genuine BMW Sport / M Technic spring - part number unknow. 2 rear spring - genuine BMW Sport / M Technic spring - part number unknow. All four shocks are in good useable condition without any leaks. Front springs are good condition with just some surface rust and some paint peelng off. Rear springs have snapped on the smallest coil - on both sides (yours if you want them) Also included are 2 front bump stops (one is split) and front spring pads. Removed from a 2001 e39 525i fitted with optional S704 M Sports suspension. A nice upgrade to any standard SE suspension giving you also a 15mm drop in ride height. Price is £100 for the whole set or I might split it in pairs: Front shocks - £40 Rear shocks - £40 Front springs - £40 Rear springs will come free if you want them, or I will bin them. All prices include P&P (except for rear springs) Collection in person from New Milton in Hampshire also available at a discounted price. Please contact me with your requirements and also check my other items, as I'm having a garage clear out.
  2. Hi All, (Warning: Bit of a ramble) Given the current state of affairs with our friendly pandemic at the moment I am working from home and have a bit of time. I thought I'd share my thoughts something that has been bugging me for a while and I may have finally gained some insight into. It''s concerning the difference between the Sport and SE rear airbags that typically come on tourings but were also a rare option on the saloons as well. The reason this came about was as follows; In the first few months after buying my sport touring, one of the air bags popped a leak. I was extremely lucky that I was literally 1 mile from my Mum's at the end of a 70 mile journey from London. Since I had to get back that day I had no choice but to get a new set of bags from ECP. I would have preferred BMW OEM parts, but not possible in this situation. I was at pains to ensure that ECP were supplying me with the correct part and asked them to double and triple check that I was buying the correct airbags for the Sport and not for the SE suspension. I spent the afternoon fitting the airbags and it got me thinking about the SE/ Sport thing. The ECP bags are supplied by Arnott and it turns out after a few back and forth emails that Arnott only make one bag that fits both the Sport and the SE. 'How could this be?' I asked, I can't remember the exact reply but it was vague and obviously didn't answer the question. This troubled me, as it looked to me as if Arnott had done the equivalent of making a coil spring that was a little bit harder and shorter than and SE spring, and a little bit softer and longer than a sport spring, and said 'That'll do, we can sell that spring for both the sport and the SE.' I then set out on a quest to find out exactly what the difference was between a Sport and an SE airbag. I started with the parts department and Park Lane. It took some time to get through to the parts manager who, as expected, did not know. It was suggested I ring BMW UK. BMW UK did not have a clue either, so I asked if I could speak to a technical person or an engineer of some sort. This did not go anywhere either. So I suggested that I speak to someone in Germany at BMW's actual head office and I was told that they don't have any contacts in Germany. So I asked who I can speak to who might know of someone in the UK who can put me in touch with someone in Germany. Still nothing. Someone at BMW in the UK must have some sort of contact with someone in Germany. It's impossible for this not to be the case, but over the course of a month and half a dozen phonecalls I realised this was not going anywhere, so I jumped on the internet. I found some scientific papers about airbag suspension and piston design. I was interesting, as you can design the piston so that the suspension behaves as a linear rate or a rising rate spring. As more of the piston goes though its travel and displaces more air, if the diameter of the piston increases it will displace proportionally more air for each mm of travel making the spring firm up quicker that otherwise. As interesting as this was this didn't answer my question about the difference between a sport and an SE airbag. My quest for this information was forgotten for a couple of years until I started looking around for what shocks to put on the car for a general suspension upgrade and refresh. Since I want to get rid of these airbags someone suggested I check out Aerosus since they have a separate SE and sport bag. It was there that a potential answer struck me. I already seems to be common knowledge that the Sport airbags are a bit shorter that the SE bags, which intuitively makes sense as the same applies for coil springs. Not only that, but the Sport airbags also appear to be wider. This got me thinking back to basic physical principles. A shorter but wider piston would displace more air per mm of travel compared to a taller narrower one. This would make the kg/mm stiffness increase faster on the short wide spring that it would the long narrow one. It seemed obvious after I had thought about it for a while. but this had never crossed my mind before. This was a bit of a Eureka moment for me. Sorry if you've got this far and the main point is a bit underwhelming/ obvious, but I felt quite pleased with myself when this popped into my head. This could of course just be a trick of the eye and could be something as daft as the camera being a bit closer to the airbag when the photo was taken. Let me know what you think. Link below. https://aerosus.co.uk/bmw/5-series/e39/filter/p_construction_year/2003.html?pf=1 So I wonder if this is the case with the OEM BMW airbags. We know the sport bags are shorter, but are they wider. Has anyone got one of each they can measure? Has anyone ever cut them open to see what shape the piston is? So you could argue I'm none the wiser regarding the OEM bags but this is something I've seen a few people asking about over the years and though I'd get down on 'paper' everything I've learned so far regarding this topic. Hope this is useful for someone.
  3. skorpas93

    e60 front sets retrofit

    Huy guys!!! I have retrofited from simple half electric leather seats to sport full electric seats with heating and got in a trouble. driver side now works well. Heating,memory,adjusting everything perfect but when all is conected passenger seat moves together just in different positions. Let say driver seat go to front passanger seat go back. I have conected pin 2 to the ground from right seat module power alsow is conected, can bus black wire is conected to new szm module pin 3 (same as left seat), kan low and high alsow conected to the new szm and both seats. Everything conected as WDS says but still not good. Oh and alsow passanger seat buttons not working, drives only with driver seat buttons. So my quesion is SZM module broken or passanger seat module ir broken? ir problem with coding? Actualy i still not coded the modules becose cant connect to the car due ncs exper caop error. But i think seats have to work without coding. Coding only for seat belt light turn off or i am wrong? Please help someone becose i becom crayzi, already spend more then 40 hours to fix this but still nothing.
  4. Genuine BMW E39 M5 bumper for sale. Le Mans Blue. Good condition complete with mesh grille, number plate holder and towing eye cover. There are some stone chips as shown in photos. Fine to fit as is, but would look superb with a respray. There are two minor cracks as shown in the photos - one underneath is not noticeable when fitted, the other will be easily sorted by a bodyshop. Collection only due to size. Item located in Lincoln. £100 o.n.o.
  5. For sale is a set of two TRW front track control arms - LEFT and RIGHT. Part numbers: JTC 1069 / JTC 1070 - BMW part numbers: 31122282121 / 31122282122 Will fit all BMW e46 3 series models with factory M Technic suspension - Sport models or vehicles fitted with S226 option - Sports suspension settings - check your VIN. It will also fit Z4M models e85/86 and possibly other non M Z4s - but please check first. Please be aware that they do differ from non sport arms, as the angles of ball joints are different. They are brand new and original TRW ones in their orignal packaging. One package was only opened to take pictures. Bought for my own e46 320Ci Sport, but they have never been fitted, as it turned out that only my suspension bushes were worn. Price is £230 including P&P or collection in person from New Milton Hampshire at a discounted price. Selling as I'm having a garage clear out, so please check my other items as well.
  6. I'm thinking about swapping my back bumper as it has a crack in it. Does anyone know if the standard 'Sport' bumper will fit the M5? It looks like the lower middle bit can be swapped out for the M5 version to accommodate the exhausts???
  7. Hi all, so as the title says, my work horse E39 will be up for sale in a month's time or so. I will pay the money to advertise on here in due course (having major surgery in next couple of weeks) What I wanted to ask, is that there are a couple of bits that need doing to the car, and would i be better off doing them and then selling, or should i leave them for the buyer to do. The temp sensor (engine temp is fine, but dash reading shows -40 degrees regardless of weather) PDC - (had a light front end miscommunication with a motorbike at standstill traffic and insurance replaced the front bumper, but PDC gives a long beep when in reverse but no repeated beeps when i get close to anything) Front wheels vibrate over 60mph (been told that the front wheels are either off an E38 or i have E60 hubs on. Balancing is fine, but there is no 'ridge' on the inside barrel of the wheel) - I have some spigot rings that i haven't had time to fit, no point buying new wheels if the car is being sold and the outlay wouldn't increase the sale price enough i don't think. Self Levelling suspension - this was removed by a previous owner and has shocks and springs on but the SLS light on the dash is present and not been cleared. Have a Full SLS kit from a breaker ready to be fitted should the new owner wish to do so. (F.O.C to new buyer) New wipers and rear brake bulbs will be fitted this weekend, and will be having an inspection II at Birds before sale. Door Lock needs replacing as upon depressing the relevant buttons on the keyfob the drivers door is still unlocked. have a new lock and actuator ready to be fitted Passenger Mirror lens broken - Have power mirrors ready to go on, just waiting for them to come back from a friend who is spraying them for me for a donation of beer tokens. It's an Automatic Titan Silver sport on a 53 plate with just shy of 208k on the clock (I've done 3k since October). Always been on Shell V-Power. Looking to list it at £2000 [what i paid], and don't really want any less than that, unless a purchaser has an E39 M5 to sell, in which case I've got some cash i've squirreled away and will be tempted to do a deal, but again for that my budget will only stretch to a pre-facelift. If you guys have any advice, that would be appreciated, given this is my first E39, and i'm in no shape to do much work to it that would require specialist tools, or jacking the car up, as i have no space (sloped drive) on which to do it, nor ability. Thanks! Deepan
  8. goosiegander

    E34 535i Sport

    Hi All, As some of you are already aware I recently took delivery of a 535i Sport Auto in Diamond Schwartz with some nice options Unfortunately at some point in the past the electric leather was swapped out for manual but no matter, Steven still has the Liquidken grey Memory leather which will be recoloured and reconditioned to suit. So some pictures of the last decade of grime and vegetation. Which was tackled in the usual manner... Leaving this... Placed a battery on and the engine cranks over just fine, decanted the interior and boot, had a cursory scrub/hoover and took stock of what’s missing and in need of attention. So the jobs list I can see so far: Purchase: Source B35 Air flow meter Source steering column surround Source 95aH Battery Source front sill section repair panel drivers side and jacking reinforcement Source Manual conversion kit – Tims to the rescue! Order Front bumper tow eye cover – Ordered Replace front Screen Replace headlining Replace Door body seals Replace dash – Slightly warped... Servicing: Inspect Engine valve clearances Inspect Engine compression values Inspect oil spray bar and clean Change oil, flush and replace Add coolant to system and bleed Free off sunroof track cables and lubricate – remove headlining and heat gun the tubes??? Inspect Aircon system- this was converted to R134a in the past but no doubt at least some of the seals are now shot after a decade of inactivity... Function test Fuel pump and supply, replace or flush through fuel system All input welcome
  9. NuckingFuts

    E39 Touring bits.

    Hi guys, can i get a quote on the following items. Body colour is Titan-Silver ( TITANSILBER METALLIC (354) ) 51168165115 51168165116 - Do these come painted, or just primed and need to be painted? 51218235098 66206989081 (x2) 66202180149 (x6) Much appreciated. Deepan
  10. NuckingFuts

    New 5er Owner

    Hi, a certain owner 'suggested' i buy an E39 once my previous lease vehicle went back to the dealership (F21 120d M-Sport), so here i am. I've got myself a '53 plate 530d sport touring in Silver. probably paid a tad too much for it, considering the amount of rust bubbles it has however it drives well and is a factory sport, so it'll carry value well. 205K miles on the clock so far. I've designated it as a daily work horse, however already started buying parts and such like. My other car is an pre-facelift (chromie) E30 M20b25 Turbo. Thanks. Deepan
  11. Hi guys, after a few bits for my champagne edition one (sapphire black). If anyone has a rear bumper, bootlid, front bumper or bonnet, please do give me a shout. I don't mind age related marks, but I'm not after any parts with rust or damage. Many thanks.
  12. Rafeabrook

    E34 525i Sport Auto Valuation

    Hi folks, Anyone hazard a guess as to the rough value of a 1994 Avus Blue E34 saloon 525i Sport Auto with 120k on the clock? Service history, and assume everything works, and clean bodywork with a few minor bodywork marks but no dents or serious rust. I believe the car sits on Para's and has sport leather seats as well. Am going to go for a proper look tomorrow. I may have the opportunity to pick one up locally very cheap and fix it up for resale (needs a small dent fixing and alloy refurb). I know manual would have more value than Auto but the rest of the spec seems bang on. Thanks! Rafe
  13. jdh91

    Sports mode Button

    Installed sports button (Hidden sports mode) Faster acceleration Sharper handling Great after market add on
  14. jdh91

    Sport button

    From the album: Car

    Hidden sports mode
  15. Lee Flecknor

    a few of the 535i sport

    Just thought id put a few up as im missing driving this beast while its off the road for some tlc
  16. luton e34 man

    trim.B47BEC28 14F4 4143 8801 DC4F5FDF8CDD

    From the album: Bmw e34 525i sport

    Just a little vid of the old girl
  17. luton e34 man

    trim.25477304 0189 41A5 9BC5 BFB72A017AE3

    From the album: Bmw e34 525i sport

    Just a little vid of the old girl
  18. Hello every one, I'm planning to change my standard shocks on my E39 525d SE 2002 with a Monroe Reflex shocks(already have an Eibach lowering springs on),they come in two different options, M-Sport(or heavy duty) and Standard, SO,what is the difference between M-sport suspensions and Standard ( I mean fitting) or in the other words, will the M-sport shocks fit a SE car? Thanks
  19. Hi all, Finally found an E39 sport touring manual 530d!!!!! Very happy with it so far but there are a few things I would like to have on it that it doesn't have - electric folding mirrors being one of those things. The main problem is it needs the off side rear wheel bearing replacing. Can anyone on the forum do this as I would rather keep the money "in the family" as it were. I have seen a video on you tube of a guy doing it - think he is Canadian possibly - he likes using his snap on air hammer! Can anyone give me any advise on how much I should be paying at a garage and or recommend an independent garage? Many thanks in advance https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=754881211198223&l=5acb4e4dbc
  20. Guys, What is the ride height meant to be on one of these? Also what is the best and cheapest springs & dampers?
  21. luton e34 man

    E34 525 sport

    From the album: Bmw e34 525 sport

  22. luton e34 man

    E34 525 sport

    From the album: Bmw e34 525 sport

  23. luton e34 man

    E34 525 sport

    From the album: Bmw e34 525 sport

  24. luton e34 man

    E34 525 sport

    From the album: Bmw e34 525 sport

  25. luton e34 man

    E34 525 sport

    From the album: Bmw e34 525 sport