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Found 7 results

  1. Hello - I recently bought e60 530d from auction and got its oil changed. I have driven about 400 miles since than. I had a strong smell coming in the car since the oil change and the smell died down to very less eventually. Today i started a car a sat in it while taking some phone calls. I noticed light smoke coming out of the engine. I opened up the engine and saw that smoke was coming from under the engine. I switched off the car and check the oil level later and realised that the oil level was higher on dipstick then the maximum level mark. Now, could the smoke be a symbol of breaking engine seals due to high level of oil although idrive system doesnt show any high oil level warning. 20171228_134831_1.mp4
  2. khile

    2005 535d smoking

    Hi all have an issue with my bmw had it about a month and last few days it seems to be smoking quite heavily when driving it seems fine but when slowing down and coming to a stop big clouds seems to come out of the exhaust it seems to do it more when i fill up (maybe just a coincidence?) the smoke smells diesely its a white/light blue colour. I have been told things from failing turbos , dpf regen, over fueling. anyone experienced this or have an idea what could be causing it ? Thank you
  3. Hi, ive been a member here for a while but forgot my old accounts log in and had to create a new account! for a while I've had this issue now. After heavy acceleration where the turbo has been used hard, after I come to a stop there will be clouds of white smoke pouring from the exhaust. Very strong smelling and sometimes quite embarrassing. Im not convicted the car reaches the right temps as a 30min motorway cruise at a steady 60mph in 6th gear(manual box) struggles I go above 73degrees. Not it quite sure where to start. Any ideas guys? its a 525d pre lci. Dpf and egr still fitted and swirl flaps blanked off. i thought it was due to the swirl flaps but it still does it after the deflap. Another thing, it has a very light murmur on idle and when cruising on motorway. It can be felt as a slight miss and the needle jumps. Have removed the injectors and cleaned them out individually and replaced the copper washers but still no difference.
  4. agent orange

    Smoking iBus...

    Morning all hoping someone might be able to help. Getting my E39 530i Touring ready to sell and was removing the Intravee plus Alpine units and cabling to return to original. I've had the BM54 repaired by Baris which worked beautifully yesterday morning before I started this work. Unfortunately the iBus connector in the Intravee had disintegrated and whilst the top half of the plastic connector came away the 3 individual connectors were still left in the Intravee so I carefully removed with pliers. Not thinking about any power that might be carried I unintentionally touched two of the iBus wires at the same time with the pliers and got a little bit of white smoke. My car has a factory CD changer installed and the iBus connector originally went into that before the Intravee. I've put insulating tape around the 3 iBus wires to make it safe and both the iBus and audio cable that would plug into the CD changer are disconnected. I tried the radio and now nothing. I can no longer power on the radio (prof nav 16:9) So what have I done? Fried the BM54? Blown a fuse? Or by not having the iBus and audio connections I'm just not making a circuit so radio wouldn't work And where can I get a replacement connector for the iBus cable? Gah.....!!!! This is why I try to stay away from doing stuff like this!!! Many thanks
  5. Orpinder

    Steam from kidney grills

    Morning all This morning on the drive to work in the rain and was stuck in traffic. I notice steam/smoke from the front of my car and i just thought it was the exhaust from he car in front. But No it was steam/smoke from mine. There was no smell, no problems while driving, the check returned all ok, engine temp was normal, the car kept on going as per normal. I then turned of the fans then after about 2mins the steam/smoke disappeared. Turned the fans back on and all normal. Any suggestions of what it might be?
  6. My 520d m sport (M47) as giving off very light white colour smoke today when i started it up, i left it to run idle as had not moved it today and noticed white smoke out of yhe exhaust. Any idea what this may be? Is it normal? Also the fumes coming out my exhaust smelt a bit too much. And shoukd your exhaust move a couple of mm when your car is switched on? I have had a look under the car near back box and looks all in place, no lose brackets etc Bit concerned now.
  7. shabali

    E39 523i 1997/1998 Smoking

    Good Morning I am the proud of an E39 523i touring Automatic in Orient Blue with 147K, its an R reg but 1998? Only just got it this weekend and am loving the freedom with the touring!!! i can buy Ikeaaaa and stick it in the boot.... At the moment on startup, the car smokes a lot. i'm sure its not the head gasket although the oil cap does seem gunky but I have been assured this is because the car has stood. So I have read around that the CCV or the PCV can cause the smoking, my question: is the CCV and the PCV the same thing? is it difficult to change? Do i have to change the hoses associated with it? Plus the car feels seriously slow to pick up, but once up to speed it seems fine. i'm going to do a service this weekend, fresh plugs, oil and filters. Hopefully this will give it some power back. Another issue is. well dont know if its just me but it feels like it holds the gears for a lot longer than say my 7 series. Do they both have the same box? 5HP19/5HP18? Any responses much appreciated Thanks