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Found 9 results

  1. I've just picked up a 66 plate 520D on 42k miles and it's done over 10k miles since the last service. The oil is proper black and smells of diesel. I'm not a fan of extended servicing intervals anyway. So my question is, if I get a local indie to do just an interim oil change can they then reset the onboard service computer but just for the oil change? I don't want to throw any of the other service timings out of kilter (inspections, brakes etc).
  2. Soyf

    Gear box leak

    Hi All Last weekend I had a service done at a franchise garage including an air con re-gas and clean. Drove off on the motor way to find a weird noise under the car. Turns out it was the under tray half hanging off. So took it back to the garage, and eventually they agreed to pay for the replacement for the whole under tray as it was worn off. For now they removed the old tray and I am currently driving around without an under tray. Yesterday I was driving and notice a weird noise from my gear box, like a shuddering noise. Which only got worse the more I drove. So I took it to the garage that did the service. They took a look and said it was a gear box leak, and showed me the leak. As far as I am aware they dont service the gear box as a part of the Major service I paid for. However does any one think it was faulty workmanship or the they loose under tray that may have cause the gear box leak? Thanks
  3. Someone

    Servicing advice

    Hi. Recently bought a 520d m sport (2014) Beautiful car. It needs a service and im looking at specialists. It has 60k and only showing one dealer service on idrive. May have had more from non dealer possibly. So one specialist uses all genuine bmw parts, castrol oil. Price came to £370, that includes vehicle check, all filters and oil of course. This specialist is also able to update idrive with his own record. 2nd specialist uses all mann filters and long life 04 Bmw grade comma syner -z c3 5w30 fully synthetic. He cant update idrive but does update the electronic service history which can be accessed through connected bmw portal online. This one quoted £230 ..so quite a difference. I would welcome any advice from more experienced bmw f10 owners. Thankyou
  4. Yesterday I booked in my 520d F11 (Nov14) for it's second dealer service (2yrs/28k). I was advised that when it is in they will carry out a quality enhancement. On request I was advised it was the EGR valve. I see from the forum that there was an issue with these some years ago but not heard of anything since. Has anyone else had this notification and/or got to the bottom of the problem?
  5. I would like to have the Autobox on my 04/98 540i serviced (i.e oil & filter change) and perhaps a software update by an independent Automatic transmission specialist. The car has 74k miles on the clock. Are there any who do a complete oil change ( i.e including the torque converter ) ? I have looked up on Fedauto website - but would appreciate members suggestions / recommendations. Thanks
  6. dawsonm

    Main Dealers

    Four years old, two main dealers services under last ownership, oil changed only once. The picture below was the air filter as I found it. Can't beat a local, independant garage who take a pride in their profession and rely on reputation. I can recommend a good one in the York aree if anyone needs one.
  7. Hi guys i have a M47 2.0 litre diesel engine in my E60. It has only covered 42k miles but because of a lack of service history when i bought it, just for my own satisfaction i serviced the car. The parts which i serviced included: Oil change Oil filter Air filter Pollen filter Fuel filter All parts were purchased from ECP. When the fuel, air and pollen filters were removed they were disgusting. Its like they has never been changed before so glad i done this. However since the service (now this maybe me) my diesel engine sounds a little louder than normal - especially from inside the car. Why would this be the case? Is this normal? Also just to add to this, i have recently changed the EGR Stat and Main Stat.
  8. W444KYY


    Afternoon Lads/Lasses I recently bought my E39 530D in Imola Red from Flandy off the forums. I gave the car to my BMW specialist to give a once over and he has pointed out the following issues, can anyone shed some light into the costs of repairs and if they are really a must to do straight away as i am a bit limited on cash flow... Inspection service due brake fluid change anti freeze change o/s/f rear bottom arm n/s/f anti roll bar link rear brake pads and discs (obviously this is a must) o/s/r rose bush and integral link (my mechanic refused to test drive the car as he said the wheel will fly off) ? handbrake shoes and handbrake is way to tight fuel pipe excessively corroded I appreciate that the car is 12 years old, so majority of the above is simply down to age, wear and tear however the major issue that i am extremely concerned about is, the engine is miss firing, randomly the car will start juddering and shaking excessively, especially at a set of traffic lights, or sometimes whilst driving, at which point i turn the engine off, start her back up and she is fine, however the fuel economy is just horrendous...literally i have spent £140 on fuel on the past 200 miles? £20 a day and i hardly drive no more than 30-40 miles if that? most of it is on the motorway as i use the car to go to work. The mechanic did say it needs a injector test, he also mentioned that at some point in her life she has been ran on red diesel as the fuel pipes have red dye remains. Has anyone had a similar problem? Oh and the turbo is loosing pressure however when i have driven the car i have noticed no lack of power as such, just a very loud wishing or whistle? Any feedback will be much appreciated, as i have only bought the car last week and already have a quote of £550 for parts plus £350 labour and that does not include diagnosed the judder/injector issue or the turbo whistle!
  9. As usual big thanks to James (& Darren) at Redish Motorsport for the top customer service as usual while servicing the 545 today. Not only decent pricing and a great laugh, but Darren even noticing loose cables/missing screws/clips/things that aren't just so (mostly from when the sport kit was fitted a while back) and getting to work fixing them without being asked! Will be back again once the BBK arrives