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Found 7 results

  1. skorpas93

    e60 front sets retrofit

    Huy guys!!! I have retrofited from simple half electric leather seats to sport full electric seats with heating and got in a trouble. driver side now works well. Heating,memory,adjusting everything perfect but when all is conected passenger seat moves together just in different positions. Let say driver seat go to front passanger seat go back. I have conected pin 2 to the ground from right seat module power alsow is conected, can bus black wire is conected to new szm module pin 3 (same as left seat), kan low and high alsow conected to the new szm and both seats. Everything conected as WDS says but still not good. Oh and alsow passanger seat buttons not working, drives only with driver seat buttons. So my quesion is SZM module broken or passanger seat module ir broken? ir problem with coding? Actualy i still not coded the modules becose cant connect to the car due ncs exper caop error. But i think seats have to work without coding. Coding only for seat belt light turn off or i am wrong? Please help someone becose i becom crayzi, already spend more then 40 hours to fix this but still nothing.
  2. GaryMc

    Replacement Seat

    I've recently acquired my first BMW, an S Reg 520i with manual grey cloth seats, unfortunately the material on the driver's seat is quite worn and I'd like to replace it. I've had a quick scan of eBay and nothing looks like mine. There have grey stripes on the base. Is there a trim code I could use to help me look or some sort of picture reference I could use. Also can anybody recommend somewhere that is likely to stock this sort of thing? Thanks Gary
  3. labaras

    E38 rear seat in e39 saloon

    Hello boys and girls. I read quite few articles saying that e38 active rear seat does not fit e39. Having retrofitted e38 contour seats in my e39 530d I cannot sleep at nights because I want e38 seat in my 5er so bad.. I've seen couple of people online who have accomplished it, but they never reply to my messages and I am desparate to get this done. If anyone has any info, it will be very very appreciated
  4. I'm after some advice please. I'm looking to change the seats in my 07 LCI E60, I've found a few sets on ebay that look decent but don't want to buy them without checking they will fit/work first. I'm thinking of getting M Sport leather instead of standard cloth. Are Pre LCI seats OK to use? Fittings the same? Will electric connections be there in my car 520D SE if I buy electric seats? Anything I should know before changing the seats? Like sensors needing programming or anything? Thanks in advance.
  5. Lads any way this can be rescued ? It's the drivers seat of my e39 . It's sagged at this point an the leather seems to have streched. Any way of tighten it up again???
  6. Hi all, after just over a year ive decided to finally sort out the passenger seat airbag error. Since taking it the BMW and being taken back by a ridiculous quote (~£700, but not guarentee to fix ) i thought id finally look into fitting one of these in. Questions, Ive seen a few around on fleabay, prices range from £5-£50...what exactly should i be looking for? is it easy to fit (will defo need an idiot's guide)? any suggestions?
  7. Evening All! I have seen a number if times now BMW Under seat Subs on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E60-E61-5-SERIES-SALOON-TOURING-SUBWOOFER-SUB-WOOFER-RIGHT-65136919354-/161036873031?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item257e8bad47 Is it simply just a case of buying, installing and Enjoying? or don't all models come pre wired? or will coding be required to activate the feature? Mine is a 525d Msport on a 2005. In additon, some on offer are for Right hand seat others are for the left. If this steering wheel side dependant or user preference? reason for this question is..... can you install one under each seat? Cheers Again! Allan