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Found 9 results

  1. Toughguyhuh

    OEM Springs for 530i SE

    I'm planning to change out the lowering springs that the previous owner of my E39 project car fitted, front and back. I want to restore it to OEM parts but I can't seem to find the BMW part numbers. The car just doesn't look right on lowered springs, it being an SE. Also it's a real pain trying to get my trolley jacks underneath! The shocks also look aftermarket but I've got the OE numbers for those if I need to replace them too. No luck finding the spring numbers on RealOEM, it shows the springs but there aren't any numbers for them, unless I haven't found the right diagram? Does anyone have them? (It's a saloon, not touring)
  2. Hi All, (Warning: Bit of a ramble) Given the current state of affairs with our friendly pandemic at the moment I am working from home and have a bit of time. I thought I'd share my thoughts something that has been bugging me for a while and I may have finally gained some insight into. It''s concerning the difference between the Sport and SE rear airbags that typically come on tourings but were also a rare option on the saloons as well. The reason this came about was as follows; In the first few months after buying my sport touring, one of the air bags popped a leak. I was extremely lucky that I was literally 1 mile from my Mum's at the end of a 70 mile journey from London. Since I had to get back that day I had no choice but to get a new set of bags from ECP. I would have preferred BMW OEM parts, but not possible in this situation. I was at pains to ensure that ECP were supplying me with the correct part and asked them to double and triple check that I was buying the correct airbags for the Sport and not for the SE suspension. I spent the afternoon fitting the airbags and it got me thinking about the SE/ Sport thing. The ECP bags are supplied by Arnott and it turns out after a few back and forth emails that Arnott only make one bag that fits both the Sport and the SE. 'How could this be?' I asked, I can't remember the exact reply but it was vague and obviously didn't answer the question. This troubled me, as it looked to me as if Arnott had done the equivalent of making a coil spring that was a little bit harder and shorter than and SE spring, and a little bit softer and longer than a sport spring, and said 'That'll do, we can sell that spring for both the sport and the SE.' I then set out on a quest to find out exactly what the difference was between a Sport and an SE airbag. I started with the parts department and Park Lane. It took some time to get through to the parts manager who, as expected, did not know. It was suggested I ring BMW UK. BMW UK did not have a clue either, so I asked if I could speak to a technical person or an engineer of some sort. This did not go anywhere either. So I suggested that I speak to someone in Germany at BMW's actual head office and I was told that they don't have any contacts in Germany. So I asked who I can speak to who might know of someone in the UK who can put me in touch with someone in Germany. Still nothing. Someone at BMW in the UK must have some sort of contact with someone in Germany. It's impossible for this not to be the case, but over the course of a month and half a dozen phonecalls I realised this was not going anywhere, so I jumped on the internet. I found some scientific papers about airbag suspension and piston design. I was interesting, as you can design the piston so that the suspension behaves as a linear rate or a rising rate spring. As more of the piston goes though its travel and displaces more air, if the diameter of the piston increases it will displace proportionally more air for each mm of travel making the spring firm up quicker that otherwise. As interesting as this was this didn't answer my question about the difference between a sport and an SE airbag. My quest for this information was forgotten for a couple of years until I started looking around for what shocks to put on the car for a general suspension upgrade and refresh. Since I want to get rid of these airbags someone suggested I check out Aerosus since they have a separate SE and sport bag. It was there that a potential answer struck me. I already seems to be common knowledge that the Sport airbags are a bit shorter that the SE bags, which intuitively makes sense as the same applies for coil springs. Not only that, but the Sport airbags also appear to be wider. This got me thinking back to basic physical principles. A shorter but wider piston would displace more air per mm of travel compared to a taller narrower one. This would make the kg/mm stiffness increase faster on the short wide spring that it would the long narrow one. It seemed obvious after I had thought about it for a while. but this had never crossed my mind before. This was a bit of a Eureka moment for me. Sorry if you've got this far and the main point is a bit underwhelming/ obvious, but I felt quite pleased with myself when this popped into my head. This could of course just be a trick of the eye and could be something as daft as the camera being a bit closer to the airbag when the photo was taken. Let me know what you think. Link below. https://aerosus.co.uk/bmw/5-series/e39/filter/p_construction_year/2003.html?pf=1 So I wonder if this is the case with the OEM BMW airbags. We know the sport bags are shorter, but are they wider. Has anyone got one of each they can measure? Has anyone ever cut them open to see what shape the piston is? So you could argue I'm none the wiser regarding the OEM bags but this is something I've seen a few people asking about over the years and though I'd get down on 'paper' everything I've learned so far regarding this topic. Hope this is useful for someone.
  3. Back2Beemer

    520d SE nearly here

    Hi all! New to the forum and coming back to BMW - will be my 4th. My order is a company car, so kept options down to a minimum to keep P11D value / tax down, but the car is pretty generously spec'd as standard anyway. Can't wait for it to get here! Ordered: 520d SE Sophisto Grey Xirallic 17" standard wheels Black Leather Harman Kardon Elec Lumbar Support Model Designation Deletion Just have a quick question about the standard LED lights - what are people's experiences vs. Xenon? Is both low and high beam LED? Currently in an old employee's 2 series while I wait, and the Xenons on it are very good indeed. Cheers.
  4. I used this car as a stopgap runaround, and I'm going to be completely honest in that I think it's too far gone to realistically bring back to a sensible standard but it's still too good to scrap and could make a decent winter snotter. It does have a fault, the engine will cut out after it's been running for a while and will then refuse to restart until it's been sat for half an hour or so at which point it restarts easily on the first turn of the key. When actually driving it seems to be fine, but when the revs drop off it's more likely to do it. This can take anywhere between an hour and a half to twenty minutes to show up. I thought it was probably the usual E39 fuel pump or fuel pump relay, so they've both been swapped out but the problem is still there. We're now down to sensors. I've not got easy access to a code reader but a mate cleared the codes off for me a week or so back and the only one that persisted was the inlet cam sensor. While I think that could cause the stalling issue I don't think it would cause the no-restart problem. I have a new replacement for it but it's not fitted yet. Could be one of the other cam sensors, could be the fuel filter needs replacing, could be........ ? Basically it's beaten me, I can change easy parts but I'm no mechanic and I just don't have the time, space or facilities to fix the old girl up. We have three other cars in the family so we're out of space and she really needs to go. Other than the usual dings and scrapes the bodywork is basically sound. It's taken a scrape to the front of one of the wings which is down to the metal but not rusting yet, there's a ding in the top of the boot lid. The paintwork is pretty tired, It's swirled and there is a dinner plate sized scab of lacquer peel on the bonnet. At one point this was clearly a cherished car, the service book is stamped on the dot up to 150k miles and there are tons of supporting invoices. MoT history shows that it's failed on various wear and tear items over the years since which is an odd thing to point out perhaps, but the thing is that they've all been fixed so you can track what's been done to it. Current MoT until August with no advisories. 215k on the clock, no service history since 150k miles but the MoT history backs up the mileage. Gearbox shifts smoothly and goes through all the gears as it should, tiptronic works. Decent set of Style 50 wheels, tyres are el-cheapo budgets but have decent tread left, the tyres are out of shape however so at 70 they put a vibration through the car. I was in the process of sorting out a set of winters for it but not being able to correct the fault put a stop to that. M steering wheel with working cruise. There is evidence of recent maintenance, air filter looks new, radiator looks recent, brakes look recent. No warning lights on the dash. Brakes in a straight line with no juddering. Steering is a bit vague so I suspect some bushes or arms would be needed when the MoT next rolls around but it's in no way dangerous or wondering around the road, it's just not as sharp as an E39 can be. Comfort seats in brown leather, obviously well used but not ripped or torn. Exhaust is noisy but sound, it's got a cheap system on it. LPG system works perfectly, however there is a whiff of gas when the car comes to a halt so I suspect either a joint needs tightening or there is a perished/damaged rubber pipe. I drove it for 200 miles on gas before noticing the smell, but obviously I'd recommend getting it sorted! In case you don't know how these things work, when the LPG system is not active the pipework is isolated by a soleniod in the tank so there is no risk of a gas leak when the system isn't in use. There is a large (70l I think) cylinder tank in the boot so still room under the floor for a spare wheel. Personally I think towing would be advisable. I took it out for a test drive yesterday after replacing the fuel pump and it ran for about half an hour before eventually cutting out while idling on my drive but I just can't say when it's going to do it again. If you're local you might get away with it, or you might not. It also has the torch in the glovebox and the boot tool kit is present and correct - that's got to be worth the asking price on it's own Given the LPG system, the decent alloys and the steering wheel someone could easily make the asking price back by breaking the car or if you can correct the fault you could probably turn a profit on it. Has 1/4 of a tank of petrol and 3/4 of a tank of LPG so there's over £50 of fuel to use up too! I also have a set of Style 48 wheels in decent nick with a mix of tyres but they're all legal, one is down to 1.6mm on one half of the tyre with 2-3mm on the rest of the width but the others are all 3mm+. It is what it is, £350 takes it or £450 with the Style 48's. I'm based in Thatcham, Berkshire which is just outside Newbury and close to Reading.
  5. F10 530d

    F10 SE Door sills

    Do you stock the door sills for the F10? I'm looking for the right front, left front, right rear and left rear door sills. Thanks.
  6. Hello every one, I'm planning to change my standard shocks on my E39 525d SE 2002 with a Monroe Reflex shocks(already have an Eibach lowering springs on),they come in two different options, M-Sport(or heavy duty) and Standard, SO,what is the difference between M-sport suspensions and Standard ( I mean fitting) or in the other words, will the M-sport shocks fit a SE car? Thanks
  7. harry_mason

    172 Wheels upgrade on E60 SE

    Hello guys, I am the owner of a very standard 2004 520i SE , with some pretty ugly 16" alloys and I've been looking for quite some time to upgrade them. I've found a set of genuine 19" staggered 172 Spider alloys on fleebay, in a good condition for a fair price I would say. I know these wheels are on the M sport, but will they fit on my car without any problems? Is the ride height going to increase or is it going to be the same as with the 16"s. To complete the look I am going to change the bumpers and side skirts to M sport ones so the car won't look too bad Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I can do with some help on choosing new car. Puzzled with what to do next. On one hand I realy like 520d SE but new ED with better mpg made me question my earlier decision. Now I thought I can differentiate them by media freezing at a price. With 520d SE I can get Pro. media package but with ED Bus. media pack. I think the price is worth the big screen, internal HDD, DVD and 3d views etc. but with ED savings on emissions (i.e. tax) made me think again. I do not see any other difference between the two besides mpg(62 vr. 58), media(bus. vr. pro), CO2 emissions(119 vr. 125), and of course price. Did I miss anything? About interior until last week I was sure about venetian beige but someone suggested to me it might be too light and with jet black exterior. Also with two kids under 4. Any comments? Any recommendation on factory fitted options would be very much apreciated. Many thanks.
  9. After much deliberation and family confusion as to why I was giving away a mechanically perfect BMW that's been given to me, I've decided to get rid of the E39. It's not been an easy decision, but poking around on eBay for lightweight seats and on forums for "the weight of an E39 sunroof", I hope you will all agree, has made passing my car on to the most responsible driver in my family, and one who is against modifying any aspect of the car, the best thing to do. At least for the car! My dad's going to take it over for a while. Who knows after that, but it will remain in our family. I've switched the lamps back to standard, never fitted the new interior, but have kept the 16" alloys (15" ones gave it scary handling round tight corners). What am I going onto now? A slightly ropey E36 328i. A sum total of 186,000 miles (but had the engine replaced around 80k ago due to nikasil issue and has had new suspension brakes and serviced week before I picked it up). Has the M50 manifold already on it and it cost me, with 3 days tax and 6 months (ish) MOT, £601! Not a bad find afterall. I've started a thread on E36coupe if anyone wants to keep up. As for the E39. I'll be updating the mileage register as my dad goes along and will update pics on my thread when I successfully convince him to sort out the scratches on the leather and on the outside. And, for that last drive, what did I do you cry? Well I did my longest ever drive. After a 9 hour day at work, jumped into the car and drove from South London to Sheffield and then went past Birmingham to South West Wales. A mix of town driving, evening cruising, license-losing A-road beating and country road nosing around. The car managed around 440 miles before the fuel light came on, which I thought was exceptional. It still reckoned it could go another 40 miles. That was two days ago. I've just completed a 240 mile journey back from Wales. So 680 miles in one long weekend. Unfortunately that Journey has reminded me just how good the E39s are at doing this stuff, you might see me again in an E39, probably a fully loaded manual 530i or perhaps an M5. I may have only about 200 posts but thought I should post a conclusion to my E39 ownership. It's been epically comfortable.