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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I just bought an updated disc which won't work in my drive. The car is a 2008 530d with Pro Nav. I wonder if anyone can advise whether it's likely to be a read issue with the laser? It's a genuine disc says the eBay seller (!) and to be fair he has 100% positive feedback over 3000 reviews - for £10 I'm a bit dubious! When I swapped the old disc (2008) for the new one I did get a message onscreen to switch the system off and leave for 5 mins but then I get an 'insert disc' message. The seller said that old drives sometimes struggle with the bigger amount of (compressed?) data on updated maps but did send me a second disc. Unfortunately I get the same result as the first. Does his response re: old drives ring true? And I wonder if anyone might lend me a newer disc than my working 2008 version to try out?
  2. Hello, I have recently bought a 520d 2008 make and have a sat nav built in. I have a weird question which has been confusing me since the past few days. My car has just got one CD / DVD slot in the dashboard and this is as part of the media thing (has numbers to change tracks). Have a 6 CD slot in the glove box. I was given the car saying that the sat nav inside the car is DVD based and was also given a Europe 2008-2 Professional DVD. However, when I checked my car sat nav version, it says BMW 1.2.4 Road Map Europe Premium 2008-2. So, the confusion arises. I was a given a working professional DVD but have a Premium sat nav version installed. Therefore, just trying to find out if my sat nav is HDD based or a DVD based??? Have tried to remove the DVD and asked it to search or route and it works. But just wanted to be sure that my sat nav is HDD based so I can order FSC codes to update it. Thanks, NKR.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for advice on what to do next: The car is a 2011 F11 with Pro-Nav, 4 days ago the Navigation map function started showing the wrong location for the vehicle...is was off by ~50 miles. when driven, the location moved...so it was just using the last known direction and the wheel speed information only...i.e no GPS data being received. this weekend I pulled the main head unit out and "re-made" the GPS entenna connection just in case it was a bad connection but still no success. I'm reconciled to a head unit repair to the GPS Decoder function.............So has any other forum member got any advice/experience of this issue previously. I'm looking for a UK repairer... Peter.
  4. Finally fixed my sat nav after getting the 'ol message "please insert navigation disc" by buying a DVD drive from here : DVD M3.5/8 £14 delivered,took approx 10 days to get here. Find yourself a suitable tutorial on here or Youtube,then you just need a soldering iron to remove the shield(4 blobs at each corner) on the DVD PCB so you can remove the ribbon cable underneath it then swap over the PCB to the new drive.
  5. Hi Just bought an e39 off here, wondering if anyone can help. The android headunit that came with it has a currupted SD card, so the SAT NAV doesn't work, searched high and low but can seem to find a map to download or install. So was wondering if anyone knows or has any asvice on this. I've attached pictures for reference, many thanks guys
  6. Hello Everyone,My name is Han and I just bought a 3 year old November 2012 registered 520d F11 with professional SAT NAV about a week ago.The car is in great condition and drives fine with 90k on the clock.So I went on to the BMW website to download the lateast software for the Software update with BMW ConnectedDrive - other compatible devices. Then I copied the software into a USB drive and started updating the idrive on the car via USB.The installation went on fine and then a message appeared and said to let the display and engine turn off by itself. Therefore I waited for it to shut off and then I tried starting the car again and the display on the car showed "NO SIGNAL"Has anyone here experienced the same issue as I do ? If yes, I would really appreciate any input or ideas about this. Thank you very much.
  7. Hi chaps, I've recently swapped out my 4:3 sat nav screen for the later widescreen version and also the sat nav MkII cd unit for the mkIV DVD version however the screen keeps revering back to 4:3. Any ideas as to how to change this to 16:9? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all Car is in for a service at the moment (fleet car) and I asked if there were any updates available for the Sat Nav, ie. new roads / changes etc. "Yes we can do this for you sir - when we return the car we'll leave a written quote for you and it will be around £450" OK so not part of the service then and therefore paid for by the fleet company. So question is, is this something I can do myself? How come it is so expensive? I have the pro sat nav
  9. Just picked up a 525d Msport as a replacement for my 335i Coupe. Generally like the car a lot, the whole package seems so much more modern that my 2007 coupe. Just missing the outright power of the 335 versus the 525d, but I am getting used to it. I have a question for readers, when using my iPhone as the audio device, it will display the album art as a large picture in the main window for new albums. It won't however shrink to the smaller picture in the top right of the main window after that (as shown in the BMW brochures) any ideas? Also on the sat nav, when I have reached my destination, the smart panel display below the speedo/tacho continues to display directional arrows and distance? This again, seems wrong. Is this a fault? If anyone can provide any information about these issues it will be greatly appreciated before I take it back into the dealers.
  10. Hi , New owner here of bmw 5 series E60 se 2.2 4dr salloon model 2003 ...swap it with my vauxhall astra , my bmw got 77000 mile and it drive like new car with fully serviced at bmw dealers and i enjoy driving it but i have only some questions at the moment and i would like to be directed to the right thread with your help or at least an answer pls : 1- is 77000 mileage a worry ? or at least how long this car could go for lifetime ? ( of course i will keep it servicing at bmw all the time , finger crossing ) 2- i have i drive system but instead of Navigation ----> i have OBC , so my question i would like to update the idrive software is that would possible ? if yes what would be included as features in the newest version ? 3- I would like to have a sat nav instead of OBC ( not realy necessary if it will cost me a fortune ) . I think that's all for the moment , Thanks for reading and taking your time to answer . Vroom vroom

    E39 Sat Nav MK IV Upgrade

    Hi there, Has anyone experince of fitting the DVD based MK IV system into a E39? I have the old Mk III / MK II CD based system in the car. I know that some people will think that I am crazy upgrading the Sat Nav, given the cost of the new computer vs. the car's value, but my 540i Touring is one of the last built and I am never going to sell her - it is just awesome. Bimmernav have a fairly helpful website showing you how to do it, but I am worried that dismantlining the CD changer mounting etc. is going to cause me a lot of grief. http://www.bimmernav.com/BMW_E39_5_series_DVD_Navigation_Installation.html Has anyone else done this? Any help or assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks. Mike.