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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I hope it's ok to post a request in this section. Any recommendations for somewhere that can reliably remap my E61 530d who are within an hour of Lincoln please? Thanks in advance!
  2. DerekJr.

    Removing 523i rear silencer

    Hey guys, Does or has anyone removed the standard rear exhaust silencer? How do you do it? I'm just interested in unhooking it from the rubber clamp/O-ring. The clamp where the rear silencer joins the mid section has snapped (rust) and the other one isn't far off. The box or should I say scuba tanks are hanging quite low. I just want to remove the scuba tanks until I get more money and time to fix it right. I also want to experience the "muffler delete" exhaust note
  3. Hi guys i have a 57 plate 520d auto m sport, and i believeit has a M47 engine init. I have read that alot ofnpeople talk about swirl flaps and removing them. I have a few Q's regarding them: 1 - what are they and what do they do? 2 - why should i remove it and what are advantages/disadvantages 3 - what size blanking plates do i need 22mm or 32mm? And where do you recommend me going 4 - approx how much should a indy charge to do the job? Thanks
  4. Hi all. I'm wanting to get more horses out of my 535d, and so have been considering a DPF delete and remap for some time. I've settled on the high quality offerings from Ecotune in Scotland. I've been in touch with them, and they're willing to honour another group buy (I just missed out on the last one, which took place in May I believe). This means that if we can organise 5 people, we get a 15% discount, plus an extra 1% for every additional signup, up to 20% off (for 10 people or more). For me that's a 200-quid saving on the DPF delete + remap kit for my car. Definitely worth it. Check out these pages for what's on offer: http://www.ecotune-scotland.co.uk/products/category/BMW%20DPF%20Removal%20Complete%20Kits http://www.ecotune-scotland.co.uk/products/category/BMW%20DPF%20Removal%20Pipes If anyone's interested, could you please let me know, and I'll start collecting names etc. Please pass this info on to anybody you think may be keen! Cheers Chris.
  5. Azzy420

    e60 Aux connection

    Hi guys just wondering if any of you have tried this - I have an E60 LCI M Sport with standard audio. As you are all aware the Aux connection for it at the back of the centre console / arm rest. As I have a strong case of OCD I am very picky on how the cable come from the back aux connection into the front of the car. THE PLAN I want to plug the aux connection into the back, and somehow get it under the small piece of leather on the rear of the arm rest and pop the wire into the glove box THE QUESTION Has anyone done this? If yes, how easy is it to remove the small piece of leather, or whats my best route to get the wire from the aux connection into the arm rest compartment. What I plan on doing is just loading my old ipod up with S*** loads of tracks and just leave it there. Cheers for your help in advance guys
  6. Hi guys, Hopefully me and the mrs will be making a putchase soon of semi deatched house. The house has 3 chimney stacks, 2 seperate stacks are shared between our house (to be) and the next door neighbours and 1 on the detached side. the mrs really wants to remove the chimney breasts from the dining room and lounge (which lead into bedroom1 and bedroom2 respectively) and then into the loft. these are on the side shared with the neighbour - we plan to leave the one on the detached side. ive done quite a bit of reading and most people seem to go for supporting the stacks in the loft either by RSJ beam or Gallow Brackets and Plinth. Ive had three quotes for doing the job start to finish i.e. structural engineer calcs, building control, supply & fit RSJ or brackets, remove breasts from all 4 room, fix floors and ceilings, plaster walls etc quotes ive had were £6k, £4.5k and £3k. The £3k guy sounded a bit cowboyish to be fair saying you didnt structural engineer calcs. Anyone done this kind of work or in the trade? Any info would be great
  7. Now I've finally got to the bottom of my post Swirl Flap removal problems, I thought I would post up what we did that may well save anyone else thinking of doing this a few quid by not having to using blanking plates (also no worries about trying to get the correct size etc) What you do is you remove the swirl flap itself, along with the spindle. This leaves a small hole in the holder which you tap and plug with a screw. We then secured this with Araldite. You then replace the holder and you're all sorted.