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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone,The car runs and pulls fine, engine's sound is fine. My problem is that it’s doing regens too often. I'n chasing this problem since 2 years more or less (since I started monitoring the engine). I started with Torque Pro, and presently I use BimmerTool and BimmerLink. My daily commute is ~30 km in total, 50/50 national road and urban. My regen interval is 250-320 km. If I exclusively drive it on highway (140-150 km/h), it reaches 410-430 km between regens. Car is an F11 LCI 2014, 520d, 184 hp automatic (engine N47D20). Along the time, I have done various maintenance and repairs (sometimes useless..). I name the ones with possible impact on regens: Replaced all injectors with brand new (Bosch) Replaced EGR with brand new OE Replaced intercooler Replaced DPF’s diff pressure sensor with brand new (OE) Replaced first oxygen sensor with brand new (Bosch). The second one (after DPF), was, and is, clean Replaced intercooler hoses O-rings Replaced all 4 glow plugs with Bosch Replaced the crankcase breather + new hose (since a few months, I actually installed an oil catch can. I so far feel no difference, and nothing is collected) Replaced swirl flaps with OE Cleaned the air intake already twice in 7000 km, but last time it was pretty clean (only a thin film of non-adherent soot). Cleaned the EGR cooler Professionally cleaned the DPF. They said it was already clean. App shows 1.4 g of ash. 7-8 mbar diff pressure at idle. Cleaned MAF and MAP. I've recently taken a MAF from another car, installed in mine, no change. Replaced thermostat with OE (I have only one t-stat) Software upgrade done on the dealer. No change after. changed the back pressure sensor which is installed on the exhaust (but could change the metal pipe too, as the mechanic couldn't unscrew the banjo bolt) Some inputs/observations on this matter: 1) along the time, I've done many times the "air mass system test" in ISTA. I always get the same result related to the MAF testing: "The measured air mass was too high" (1st picture), and by 20%. 2) Since always, I'm getting the same result related to oxygen sensors: "For the oxygen sensor before catalytic converter, drop in lambda value NOK" - expecting max 11, and I have 14.9 (pictures 2 & 3) 3) Since always, I'm getting the same result related to exhaust pressure sensor (even now, after replacing the sensor): "Exhaust gas pressure difference when decreased NOK" - slightly below setpoint (picture 4 & 5) 4) Despite I see people saying the active regen kicks in at about 40-50 g of soot, mines are always starting at about 23 g of soot (and about 40% DPF loading) - picture 6. The active regens work well, too well (=often). One day recently, I could compare my car with another 520d. I notice - what I've always believed - that the other car was doing nice passive regens (i.e. gone in a ride, started with 15 g of soot, ended the journey after 15 km with 9 g of soot !). At that time, the other car was also having issues with the EGR (stuck in open or close psition), plus EGR cooler bypass stuck also opened. Mine is ALWAYS adding up soot, no matter how I drive it (steady @100 km/h, hardly @200 km/h). At 200 km/h, the soot value was steady for 20 km at least), so I finally reached echilibrum I guess. But that's not a speed I can drive every day. Went with her to different mechanics.. I most of the time ended up replacing parts unnecessarily. Others said that as long as I don't have any fault code, I should get verified, not the car I'm running out of ideas, and pretty soon out of money and patience. Please read this post (sorry if quite long) and try to give some educated and logical opinions. Thanks a million ! Cristian
  2. My E61 came back from a recent service with 8 fault codes relating to DME/DDE - they used an Autologic Quick Test. 4203 Glow control unit 4548 Power Management, vehicle electrical system 4212 - 4262 - Glow plug Cylinder 1-6 I've alway been told that the car won't do a DPF regen if there are errors with the glow plug but on a long trip this weekend, I'm 99.99% sure it did two regens; Lower, boomy exhaust note and slight increase in fuel consumption (looking at the dial under the rev counter). (The car has done 112K miles and the DPF back pressure test came back as 4.875 mbar which shows low soot build up.) Anyone have any thoughts on white might be going on? Thanks
  3. My car has been horrendously jerky and sluggish since last weeks meet at Kent. I figured it was down to a split in the EGR pipe getting worse. However, when I hooked the car up to DIS yesterday I found that there were (supposedly) 6 glow plug errors and that the DPF was partially blocked. This is interesting as the trip to Kent was a 340+ mile round trip for me. Somewhat confused I wiped the codes and took the car for a quick drive. The car pretty much immediately started to regen. So what have I learnt from this? Well, if there are errors showing in the engine it prevents the car from regening. Whilst regening the car couldn't be put in cruise control as the regen would stop. The car only regened at anything over 50mph and whilst at 60mph the revs sat at 2,300 rpm. Finally, it made no difference if the car was in D or DS mode. This is true for my vehicle 530d 2005 running 2005 software, stats replaced two years ago with 80Kish on car. It leads me to conclude that if your vehicle has DDE errors, particularly glow plug ones, it will NOT regen. Hope this is helpful to know for future reference. Horsey.
  4. Hi guys not sure if my car is regenning properly, i have used inpa to see if there any faults stored and that was all ok. So then i run a doagnostic on the DPF using DIS and this is what i got: The car has not moved since last night and the test was done whilst the car was running idle for 15 mins approx. Could someone please shed some light on my figures i just got. Is it regenning? Is my exhaust back preessure ok? If not how can i check to see of it is working properly or not? I do notice my exhaust to shake/vibrate a tiny bit when ignition is on, dnt know if that info helps at all. I drive a 520d auto running a m47 engine I did try to run a dpf test on tuesday and accidently clicked forced regen, this is the screenshot from tuesdays test: Thanks guys Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk