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Found 6 results

  1. Going to attempt my first DIY coolant change on my 2001 facelift Alpina B10 V8 4.6L. This is based on the M62 540i engine. It had it's one and only full coolant flush in August 2015 using a hose at the indie garage, before then the stealer never changed the coolant as it was 'lifetime' allegedly. Low mileage however, only 67k. What method of coolant change do you recommend using? From what I've read (manual 170-10) it seems one has to drain from the bottom of the radiator and also remove the 2 drain plugs from the engine block (one at a time), located underneath the exhaust manifold on each side of the engine. Is this the best way? Is this a one man job or do I need someone to spot me from above to help guide my socket wrench to drain plug? Is there actually a drain plug on the post-2000 radiator or do I need to disconnect the lower radiator hose? If the latter, how does the hose come off? On the pre-2000 cars I think it was just butterfly clips that held all the hoses on from sad experience of them coming off lol. I will presumably need new and greased up o-rings for the drain plugs. Is anyone able to confirm whether it is part no. 17111711987 (no.4 on the diagram) please? Going to use 12.5L of 50% Comma G48 50% deionised water, I presume it's ok to just pour it in alternately. Cheers! http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DN61-EUR-03-2001-E39-BMW-540i&diagId=17_0162
  2. Hello, I've located a leak on my Radiator, at the end of the top-hose where it joins the radiator itself. It's not entirely clear without dismantling as to whether this plastic section is removable from the main radiator, or whether it's an integral part of the unit. Looking on BMWFans I can see it's all listed as one part, but it's plastic whereas the rad is aluminium, so I'm wondering what my chances of either plastic-welding it or aralditing it as a short term fix may be :\ The leak is where the plastic panel and the hose join, It appears to be cracked for about 2 inches. When putting pressure on the hose in the right way it widens the crack and lets more water spray out. You can't see the crack in either pic but it'd be the right of where the hose joins in this picture, and runs vertically down: http://yfrog.com/mgbqrcj In this pic it's where the lightest colour aluminium is viewable, the crack is vertical along the side of this: http://yfrog.com/j2g2mjej I would suspect this is an integral part of the rad and I'm going to need to drop and swap the whole lot, but thought it worth an ask! Dropping the rad looks to need the front-end coming off so it'd be a weekends work for me I'm hesitant to drop 500quid on renewing the rad, water pump, 'stat, pipework etc and doing the job properly until I can be sure the car hasn't got any other hidden issues (I've only had it 2 weeks). Otherwise I wouldn't even consider doing such a hideous bodge job. Car is an E39, 530i (M54), Manufactured November 2000.
  3. Anyone on the lookout for a Hella/BEHR E39 M5 radiator, I've just bought one of these. Ebay link Looks like genuine Hella/BEHR and comes up in the BEHR online catalogue. correct measurements etc. Hopefully turns out to be a bargain
  4. I need to flush and replace my coolant, it’s not been done for quite a few years. My experience of doing this is that the red drain plug, that looks like the picture below, tends to leak once it has been disturbed. Does anyone know the O-ring dimensions or a good place to get a replacement plug or O-rings from, I think the plug is around £9 normally, which seems a bit excessive for what it is.
  5. For sale is a used radiator removed from my own BMW e46 320Ci. It should fit all petrol powered non M e46 3 series cars and e85/86 Z4. I have no idea what brand it is, as there is no markings on it. It was leaking from the bottom plug, as somebody fitted wrong plug for automatic transmision and tried to seal it with silicone... ...and you guess it, it didn't work. I have bought a new one, as I didn't have the right plug for it, so that one is for sale. Price is £20 including P&P or collection in person from New Milton Hampshire at a discounted price. Please check my other items for sale, as I'm having a garage clear out.
  6. Hi All, I have been having a problem with my E39 darling for a few months now. First to summarise the car : 1) I have had her for 5 years now 2) Has done 245000 miles to date 3) Manual 6 speed gearbox. She still starts first time every time. Had thought I could flush the radiator to get the sludge out however the garage just said no its a headgasket. So no point draining it out. Had a local BMW tech Kev take her apart and check he came back to me saying that there was water pouring out of the front of the cylinder head and diagnosed as uneconomical to repair. I can still drive her however I now have a gallon of water to refill her time to time everyday tbh. My drives are mostly 5 mile journeys and then stop for a few hours then start again. I will post some pictures up for the sludge in the rad, the oil cap has no bubbles etc so this seems to be a one way leak into the coolant system. Just thought i would post this here for anyone in a similar predicament as unfortunately with the prices of these cars going down they are starting to become scrapped left right and center, I really was hoping to keep her for ever.. not meant to be May help you guys diagnose your car.