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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, Been a while since ive posted and sort of approached this subject a while ago, but i need to replace my pads all round but finding the correct ones for my car seem to be impossible!! Real OEM gives me a million options none of which make sense, so bottom line is what do i need? I have 348x30 discs at the front, and 330x20 at the rear ( i know the fronts are without high speed system as i replaced the discs a while ago and the 348x36 didnt fit as the caliper would not go over them) Ive seen front pads with strange hooks on them which didnt fit (had a set supplied with last discs and threw them away due to not fitting) can anyone point me to what pads i might need front and rear, im replacing the rear disc with MTEC which i have on the front and i know the size of those, its ust the pads im struggling with. any help appreciated
  2. Hi all, I have my 2011 525d flash up what i suspected was coming soon... the Brake pads worn message!! So wanting to make sure the garage I use get the OEM parts what brand should i be making sure they use? or can anyone recommend aftermarket that are good and wont crucify me cost wise? Obviously I need to get this done quick so any help would be great, also I have the staggered setup on 19s so is there a specific size of disc etc or will the garage know from the reg? Thanks
  3. hadyn68

    Brake pad replacement

    I need to replace the pads on the front and not having done this on a car with sensors before do the sensors need replacing as well or not. I have seen sensor wires on ebay and wondered if I need them.
  4. hi guys, i known this is a topic where its been spoken about a few times, I've brought a set of e34 540i brakes front and rear as the upgrade. now I'm buy-in bits to fit it on the car, the bits I'm not sure on which I'm sure someone on here will know, handbrake shoes do i need to buy e34 or e28? also brake hoses e28 or e34, i know discs and pads are e34 and is there anything else i should buy or need to know of ?
  5. Hi Gents, Just about to replace 4 disks and pads on my 2007 E61 (Facelift). Before I start I just want to check I have all of the tools needed. I guess I will need a 7mm allen key plus usual sockets but I am not sure how the brake pistons are pushed back on this model. Are they just pressed in or do they need winding back in - if they do I will order a rewind tool for ease. I guess it would be a right hand (clockwise) version I would need. Thanks in advance. Dave
  6. Hi guys I really need some help. I have only owned my 520D LCI M Sport Auto for 2.5 months and I think its gonna be an expensive ride to keep and maintain - I hope its just me being over paranoid, but please have a read of the problems I am having. I am the second owner on my vehicle, according to the service manual its had 3 services, 2 prior to owning the car, and 3rd was done at 40k when I bought the vehicle. I don't think any services have been done on the car as the original pollen and air and fuel filter were still in the car, and I do not think the garage I bought the car from did an oil change either (I am assuming this based on the fact that its been 2 months I have been chasing him for an invoice, and he has failed to send me this. I was told he was going to type one up and post it me, which never happened) Whilst under the car noticed that a few clips and screws were missing for th eparts you would remove in order to get to the turbo, so I am assuming my car has had a turbo change also! Rather than repeating myself again in this thread I have attached a link to the other thread I have listed my problems in as they do not stop there. Hope you can help/advise me what to do http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/87246-advice-needed-changing-brake-pads-discs-sensors-hand-brake-shoes/?p=921643 Also my stats have gone coz the temp is below 80C whilst I was driving on motorway, which means my car has poss been not regenning either, (only god knows how long this has been for) so I may well have a blocked DPF very soon too! GREAAAAT!!!! Also when I was messing around in the hidden menu, I found a message reading 320d now what does that mean - could this poss tie in with my doubt of having a replacement turbo in my car?
  7. Hadleigh007

    Whether to upgrade discs and pads

    I have been advised that at my next trip to the garage service/MOT (June) I will need new discs and pads. As I have to buy them anyway I'm wondering if it is worth spending a little more and upgrading them. Has anyone done this and are there any recommendations as to what brands are a decent value upgrade? 2001 E39 530d Touring Manual Thanks

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