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Found 17 results

  1. I've just picked up a 66 plate 520D on 42k miles and it's done over 10k miles since the last service. The oil is proper black and smells of diesel. I'm not a fan of extended servicing intervals anyway. So my question is, if I get a local indie to do just an interim oil change can they then reset the onboard service computer but just for the oil change? I don't want to throw any of the other service timings out of kilter (inspections, brakes etc).
  2. Hello - I recently bought e60 530d from auction and got its oil changed. I have driven about 400 miles since than. I had a strong smell coming in the car since the oil change and the smell died down to very less eventually. Today i started a car a sat in it while taking some phone calls. I noticed light smoke coming out of the engine. I opened up the engine and saw that smoke was coming from under the engine. I switched off the car and check the oil level later and realised that the oil level was higher on dipstick then the maximum level mark. Now, could the smoke be a symbol of breaking engine seals due to high level of oil although idrive system doesnt show any high oil level warning. 20171228_134831_1.mp4
  3. There is quite a lot of oil over the engine on the drivers side and underneath of my 530D. Its all claggy and dirty, so I really cant start to trace the source, and cleaning it off is going to be a serious piece of work. To help in this, is there any likely sources of the leak? I know the car had a turbo change in MAY 17, as it had shagged bearings, and I suspect it was leaking oil via seals to the inlet. I changed the breather as soon as I acquired the car as they hadn't done it....I had wondered if previously it might have been spitting oil from a leaking turbo charge air outlet, and covering the side of the engine with oil mist. The oil isn't just on the block, its over loads of different stiff, which is what makes me think this might be the, or one of the sources. But any known other weak points would be really helpful. cheers Andy
  4. Sarjoo

    Oil alerts?

    Hi all Was wondering if my 2012 F10 520d efficient dynamics model, which does NOT seem to have an idrive oil level checking option (damn shame) but does have a physical dipstick (awkwardly placed I must say!), will warn me if the oil level ever gets critically low? I always carry a 1L bottle in the boot for emergency use, but slightly paranoid that it might go below safe levels and not alert me using fault codes on the screen? Should I be worried? Is there a safety warning mechanism built into these cars so oil cannot go so low/empty that you would hurt the engine?
  5. 1320Arbroath

    Deposit on engine...

    Hi, looking at a photo of my engine, (cant physically see as away working!) I noticed a strange substance next to the oil filler cap. Has anyone got a clue.? I’ll be driving straight back to the dealership when I get back from work in 2 weeks!
  6. Hello all, Quick question: I have been reading the forum and there are lots of great info but I still could not make up my mind. I have a 09 E60 525d with 167k miles. It is due a service and can't make up my mind if to use Castrol Magnatec 5w-30 or Castrol Edge 5w-30. Taking into consideration the high milleage( engine might not be as tight as it used to when younger...hihi ) and the fact that lower temperatures are coming up, what would you recommend between the two? Is the 20 quid price difference worth it? Last service was 13k miles ago. Thanks! Paul.
  7. Hello, My first post on here. Not sure if this topic has been raised before but I did a search and could not find anything. I have recently bought a BMW 5 series 2.0D M Sport on a 57 plate. It has the N47 engine. I have now noticed oil on the drive and obviously have an oil leak. As part of my investigation into this I cleaned a lot of the oil away and found two loose jubilee clips on an oil pipe which I tightened. The leak is still there. However, when I was topping the oil up I removed the plastic cover above the engine and noticed oil or maybe fuel sitting in the recesses where the injectors are fitted. At first I thought it may be diesel from the leak off pipes but could not see any leak. When I dipped my finger into it I thought it was more likely to be engine oil as it did not smell of diesel and had the consistency of engine oil. This is a really strange place to find it. I did think perhaps a previous owner had topped the oil up but was less than careful and his was likely to be the source but I cleaned as much of it out as i could and it seems to have returned. I have attached a couple of images and am interested in any help any of you can give me. In addition, does anyone have any suggestions on common areas where engine oil is known to leak on these engines. Cheers Barry
  8. Mashmanu

    Fluid leak

    Hi looking for some help, I keep finding an oily fluid sprayed from the viscous fan towards the back of the engine, mostly over the inlet manifold. It is also getting sprayed sideways, upwards and downwards along the plane of the fan blades hence there is fluid in the cowling, coolant hoses and air box. But there is no fluid on the fan itself or on any of the belts. The fluid is greyish blue and oily, not like coolant. When it first happened it was just after I had replaced the oil filter housing gasket and I disturbed both the PAS pipes and coolant hoses so there was some combined leakage plus I suspect a small leak from the filter housing still. This all combined into a right mess. So I stripped it all down, cleaned it up, refitted the oil filter housing (correctly) and fixed the PAS pipes and coolant pipes. No leaks for them now. No oil anywhere from the housing or around the engine. However after doing a reasonable drive (about 20 miles) I could smell hot engine oil, lifted the bonnet and there was the bluish grey fluid in the usual places. All I can think of is its from the viscous fan but there seems an awful lot of it but no sign of oil leaking from the fan anywhere. I replaced the viscous fan last March with an eBay item, one of the first things I replaced after I got the car in January. The car is a 2002 3.0i with 155k. Thanks in advance Martin
  9. For all of those who might be tempted to try top down vacuum oil change by suction pipe through the dipstick ... I just tried it, but could only get 4.5 litres out. There seems to be a baffle plate that stops the vacuum tube from reaching the bottom of the sump. Didn't want to push too hard .. Tried both diameter suction pipes. If anyone knows how to get round this, then feedback appreciated ! Note : Please no hords advising what idiocy it is using this method, we know .. But after religiously crawling under the car every 10,000 miles and draining through the sump, I was tempted to try the top down method .. E61 525d ... It still drives like new, after 130,000 miles of my ownership, and after a total of 210,000 miles. I put this partially down to 10,000 mile oil and filter changes, USING THE CORRECT OIL ! Still don't trust BMW or any other garage to use the right oils, too much temptation to use whatever bulk supplies are the cheapest ( whether or not they meet the spec). In the end, I have topped up with 5 litres of new oil, and will run this 50/50 old/new mix up to 20,000 miles before I do a full oil and filter change (from the sump next time) ! Vac system might still work on my wife's 1.6 Golf Diesel ... Fingers crossed ...
  10. rad22

    right oil for my e34

    hello! I was thinking to change the oil and filter in my old e34 520i any idea if Castrol GTX 15w-40 semi synthetic is ok! friend of mine got me 2X4l cans from Costco(quite cheap)last weekend I just want to be sure is the right one ...as I do not have a owner manual with the car I looked on line on different forums and I got different answers! many thanks!
  11. Hi, Purchased an E39 540 Auto yesterday, quite pleased with it but there's a gearbox issue that I only discovered after handing over the cash... The box snatches 1st and reverse when warm, it feels like it's slipping for a second or two first, otherwise it seems fine. I'm told it developed this fault after it had an oil and filter change and going through the recipts it looks like they've used Carlube XTU001 universal fluid.. I'm assuming this oil doesn't meet the required spec? My question really is will this have screwed the gearbox or can I still save it by changing the fluid and filter again with the correct stuff. Car is a 2001 and has done 150k Cheers
  12. Lexusbud

    Oil Leak But Where From?

    Hey to all! First of all may i congratulate on a beautiful forum, of which i am happy to be member. As with many, i have joined to leech on some great topics and data... But I have come stuck and would like some assistance!! I have a 2004 E60 530d Auto M57/TU Today has been a nightmare. Started the morning with a oil warning, top up 1l... Followed by an sensor warning... Then check under the car, and yes, pools of oil! I took the under plates off (the rear saturated in oil), removed the protective plate and started the clean up. Hoping that after ive cleaned the mess, ill find where the oil is coming from... Well, its certainly cleaner now, but i cannot tell what the oil is coming from... The circle is where the furthest i have traced the leak back to... The pic is taken from the underside facing up, with the sump on the left. Any ideas?
  13. Dotcom1970

    I don't like mondays :(

    Woke up this morning, to find a massive puddle of coolant on the floor. Turns out the drivers side lower radiator hose has perished due to an oil leak somewhere. The hose is the original, so I'm not worried about that, although the oil leak is more of a mystery. The air filter is contaminated with oil. The breather filter was upgraded to the vortex type some 30K miles ago and there is some 'dampness' around the rocker cover. The leak has also caused the drivers side front engine mount to perish and also contaminated the a/c compressor belt. The a/c compressor itself has developed a leak and lost all the gas, although doubt this is related to the oil leak. The amount of oil being lost is not huge amounts, as it doesn't really show up on the dipstick as being low, so guess it's weeping somewhere and over time this has got onto rubber bits and perished them On the bright side, my washer tank was just overflowing, and no leaks there! Gonna fix the hose, belt and compressor (recon unit on it's way) and steam clean the engine bay so we can find the source of the leak and take it from there.
  14. Hi guys i have a M47 2.0 litre diesel engine in my E60. It has only covered 42k miles but because of a lack of service history when i bought it, just for my own satisfaction i serviced the car. The parts which i serviced included: Oil change Oil filter Air filter Pollen filter Fuel filter All parts were purchased from ECP. When the fuel, air and pollen filters were removed they were disgusting. Its like they has never been changed before so glad i done this. However since the service (now this maybe me) my diesel engine sounds a little louder than normal - especially from inside the car. Why would this be the case? Is this normal? Also just to add to this, i have recently changed the EGR Stat and Main Stat.
  15. Hi guys I really need some help. I have only owned my 520D LCI M Sport Auto for 2.5 months and I think its gonna be an expensive ride to keep and maintain - I hope its just me being over paranoid, but please have a read of the problems I am having. I am the second owner on my vehicle, according to the service manual its had 3 services, 2 prior to owning the car, and 3rd was done at 40k when I bought the vehicle. I don't think any services have been done on the car as the original pollen and air and fuel filter were still in the car, and I do not think the garage I bought the car from did an oil change either (I am assuming this based on the fact that its been 2 months I have been chasing him for an invoice, and he has failed to send me this. I was told he was going to type one up and post it me, which never happened) Whilst under the car noticed that a few clips and screws were missing for th eparts you would remove in order to get to the turbo, so I am assuming my car has had a turbo change also! Rather than repeating myself again in this thread I have attached a link to the other thread I have listed my problems in as they do not stop there. Hope you can help/advise me what to do http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/87246-advice-needed-changing-brake-pads-discs-sensors-hand-brake-shoes/?p=921643 Also my stats have gone coz the temp is below 80C whilst I was driving on motorway, which means my car has poss been not regenning either, (only god knows how long this has been for) so I may well have a blocked DPF very soon too! GREAAAAT!!!! Also when I was messing around in the hidden menu, I found a message reading 320d now what does that mean - could this poss tie in with my doubt of having a replacement turbo in my car?
  16. Hi - Just was a good deal on this oil .. anyone used it or comments please? http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/engine-oils-and-car-fluids/engineoils/5w40-engine-oil/?521776081&0&cc5_248&utm_source=Euro+Car+Parts+Newsletter&utm_campaign=964a74acd7-real_triple_QX1_26_2012&utm_medium=email Is it suitable for a E39 / 3.0i petrol? Cheers
  17. Fresh

    2nd opinion please?

    Good morning all, Was hoping some of you knowlegable chaps (or chapesses) could offer a second opinion on the below. I took my much loved and maintained e61 2005/55plate 525d msport to my new BMW stealer in Coventry (Sytners) for her routine service (143k miles) and this is what the robbin gits came back with: Requires new EGR valve £241.50 + vat(even though just replaced along with other thormostat in Jan 12. see other topics) Auto Gearbox oil change and new seal £370.00+vat!!!!! New rear suspension wishbones (both sides) due to apparent knackered bushes, and new n/s/f track rod + alinement £1153.00+vat (not noticed any issues!!!) Complete new pads & discs front / rear £678.00+vat (even thought all checked 100% by previous dealer in Jan 12 when thermostat replaced!!!) Apparent engine oil leak from inlet manifold £322.00+vat (no leaks ever noticed on drive/ no excess consumtion etc....) As you can see, the above list totals to a princely sum of cash, that even if required, i believe the prices to be over inflated and mildly taking the p*ss! Q1) Has anyone else experienced issues as above with dealers trying it on? Q2) Surely some of the faults would be noticable and spotted by other dealer in Jan 12? Q3) Even allowing for worst case senario......Am I the only one shocked by the prices? I look forward to the associated rants and constructive feedback