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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! I have a such strange sound ( like diriving on a knurled road) which I hear only; 1-instantly when I slightly press or release the speed pedal after 80km/h 2-continuously when I moved to neutral gear after 80km/h Did anybody have the same problem before? Thanks...
  2. Hello all, new to this forum and new to owning a 5-series, so please excuse any stupid comments I might make! I've recently bought a used 530d F11 (auto gearbox), it's a 2012 with around 65k miles. The car's great, and overall I'm more than happy, but I do have an issue that may or may not be a problem. I'd appreciate anyone's advice or suggestions, especially if they've experienced something similar. When slowing down and reaching a speed of around 15-20mph, I hear a small rumbling noise and feel a tiny vibration. I also notice that the car decelerates a little at the same time as the noise is present (like you'd only just touched the brake pedal very gently, but I'm not braking). Also, the noise is cyclic and not constant, lasting only a few seconds and occuring maybe once or twice from 20mph until the car is almost stationary. The rumble/deceleration lasts for more than one rotation of the wheels, typically around 2-seconds in duration during which the car covers something like 4-5 car lengths of distance. The noise will then stop, then a second or two later it will start again. This problem (if it is a problem?) occurs when I'm not braking but when I'm coasting down to a slow speed. I would say the timing of the noise/deceleration seems to coincide with the autobox changing down, but it lasts longer than any gear change and I don't feel any knocks or jerks. It's hard to place the source of the noise as it's fairly quiet, but if I had to guess I'd say maybe the exhaust? I've dabbed the brakes when the noise is present - but it makes no difference to the noise. I only get this at slow speeds/low gears as described above. At all other speeds, everything is fine all the time I'm pretty sure it only occurs when the engine is cold and I'm withing the first couple of miles of the journey. Once the car's running at normal temps I don't seem to get it anymore. It occurs regularly at the start of journeys (I mean to say, it's not an intermittent issue). I've tried putting the gear shift into sport mode, and I don't seem to get this problem (although I may need to try this more often to be 100% on this) I've tried manually selecting the gears with the paddle shift and holding second gear until the car comes to a stop. This seems to stop it occurring, but not all the time, it is difficult to be certain because often the gearbox will automatically revert back to full-auto when the rpm drops too low and it wants to change gear. In all the above the car's been in normal/comfort setting. I'm not sure if this is normal (?), but it does feel kinda weird and not something I ever got driving my old work's E61 which was also a 530d with auto transmission. My car has the efficient dynamics system and I was wondering if this maybe has something to do with it? Also, I've read something about exhaust valves in these cars, opening/shutting to cut emissions or help warm the engine quicker? I don't really understand their operation, but could this be the cause? Sorry for such a long post
  3. Occasionally but getting more frequent, I've started to notice a mild but audible noise from the power steering pump area (infront of the passenger side UK). Most noticable when up to temperature and turning the steering left, making a whispy mechanical noise, not groaning or whining as I would expect, not heavier to turn the wheel either. Then after going full lock and back to center, the noise is gone. I checked the fluid (green CHF 11) which is fine. What's going on?
  4. Hi .... The new 530D M Sport arrived two weeks ago to replace the 520D ... all good so far, but one nagging intermittent issue. After unlocking the car, and when in 'standby status', I get the normal electronic whirs and buzzes and mirrors unfolding etc., what I have also heard on two or three occasions over the last few weeks is a much larger noise from behind the dashboard - a one or two second noise that I can only describe as sounding like an air compressor - definitely not the normal electrical sound I would expect. I've been trying to capture this on my phone but no luck so far. Any ideas what this could be and if this is 'normal'? Thanks!
  5. n80nag

    540 rear silencer removal

    Hi all, I’m finding the exhaust note on my 540i a bit too “refined” for my tastes. I’d like the hear the V8 sound a little more. I’ve watched many rear “muffler delete” videos on YouTube so I know it’s an easy mod to do but it’s difficult to asses how loud the exhaust will be afterwards. I was hoping some people on the forum may have done this themselves and may be able to give further advice. I just don’t want the car to be too loud but I’m also yearning for that V8 to be heard a little.
  6. One British Brexit please

    Turbo strange noise

    Re : Turbo noisy!? car : BMW 525 d Auto E60 2005 , 110,000mls I am not a racer and the vehicle has been well looked after by the previous one owner but it seems to make a little bit of high pitch whistle extra noise at slow speed and moves low revs ( in fact it sounds quite good ) - is this a problem on horizon that needs to be dealt with ? - if a problem what can be done about it? - if a new turbo , then which good one would you recommend to buy privately and ill ask professional to fit it ? ( I understand the turbos on the E60's are not particularly good ??) I look forward to your replies and suggestions from those that know Kind regards, Luke
  7. harry_mason

    Buzzing noise from DISA valve

    Is it normal for the DISA valve to make a buzzing noise after I switch off the engine or open one of the doors with the engine off? The car is a '04 520i.
  8. Sorry if I've gone a bit 'New topic' crazy of late, but lots of questions are popping into my head. This next one seems to be a pretty grey area and talked about all over the place, with no conclusions. I've had a look through most of the threads that cover this topic but am still unsure. What are the pros and cons of deleting a rear silencer/muffler only, OR the resonator in the middle of the car only? Mines a 530i. More specifically, it is the sound I am interested in. What I don't want is to sound like a boy racer with a dustbin for an exhaust pipe on a sh1t Vauxhall Nova. I like the complex and sophisticated sound that the i6 makes but would like it louder. I'm not after that soulless blare you get from randomly taking every form of restriction off your exhaust system. Does anyone know how deleting one or the other will make a difference to the sound? The next can of worms is how it will effect power and torque. As usual after trawling though forums there seems to be people who think it will make no difference, and other think it will increase power/troque, and other who think it will decrease power/torque. So two questions in one thread really (this could get messy). So... Has anyone got any videos (without distorted sound from the camera being too close) of their muffler/resonator delete (I've looked at most of the ones on you tube but again inconclusive)..... and/or perhaps some evidence of an increase/decrease in power/torque after an exhaust modification i.e dyno run info. Enjoy this can of worms, but I would be really interested to hear about people's opinions/ experiences.