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Found 11 results

  1. Holo

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Hello! I'm new here, my name is Jack and I choose my car! Interested in BMV5, I want to understand more about this issue! Have a nice day, everyone!
  2. Frankalope


    Hello! New to this forum and have started a project out of a 92 e34. Also have a 95 I'm using for parts and eventually swapping in the vanos m50 into it with a turbo Probably will be asking alot of questions, hope you all don't mind!
  3. Maxwellphillips

    Prospective buyer

    Hi everyone, I'm not yet and owner, but I am considering an E34 525i as a project car. A friend at work is selling a rolling shell (no engine or gearbox) for £200. I've seen photos of the car, it's red, with pretty poor paint condition (rear quarter and spoiler are heavily faded), however I'm told the rest is in good condition, and drove well before the engine was pulled out due to excessive smoke. It has a cream cloth interior by the looks of it. Anything I should look out for when I see the car? I just wanted a bit of advice as to whether this would be a good project car? I have a small garage and minimal tools atm, but I plan on spending a couple of years fiddling and gathering tools I need. With the ultimate goal of sticking something like a manual coupled with a straight six out of an E46 328i, or an M62, and possibly going supercharged. Am I likely to bite off more than I can chew here, or is this something that is doable over a few years with a meagre budget? Cheers!
  4. Hi all, Back again, I have filtered through a few forums now about new batteries for my 535d e60. Basically I have a Bosch battery in mine, purchased it with it. Since I have owned it the battery goes flat after 3 days of none usage of the beast. I charge it fully and the battery indicator goes green (healthy) I have had a battery tester on it and it says I may want to consider replacing it. My question is. Anyone recommend a good battery that I can trust AND What is this all about having to register the battery with the car? Thanks in advance
  5. GlasgowAlex

    New To The Forum, E34 Owner.

    Hi Guys, Just thought I'd introduce myself to the forum. My name is Alex and I'm the proud owner of a 95 520i SE in Ascot Green Metallic (of course). I'm relatively new to BMWs having owned this car since September last year but have had some Audis and Land Rovers in the past. The ultimate goal for the car is to load it with as many factory options as possible and get everything back to showroom condition. I live in Glasgow and would love to get to meet some local owners. Alex
  6. He's just posted this information on his Facebook, Discovery's website, as per, is lacking in updated information, according to the site "The new series starts 19th of February at 9pm" which was the last series. Looking forward to it...I think... wonder what cars they'll use, I'd like to see an E53/63 One comment I did like on their page "Do us a favour and dont recap what you did in the first 1/4 at the start of the 2nd 1\4 and the 2nd at the start of the 3rd, were not bloody americans" https://www.facebook.com/MrWheelerDealer
  7. DazH

    Hello 5er Folk!

    Hello Fellow 5er Pilots! My name's Darren and from South-East London, Bermondsey. some 'Might' recognise me from BMW owners club Uk. I have me a gorgeous '87 E28 520i. Not looking so gorgeous right now as it only has half an engine and a dismantled... well... Everything. I'm about half way through an M50 conversion. Good fun, Good fun. Just joining for the banter really. I'm quite savvy with a spanner so, if I can assist I shall! Maybe some of you older folk can lend a hand with my motor to! Anyway, I have a facebook page I recently started so if anyone wants to join in on that, feel free https://www.facebook.com/BmwE28SocietyUk Hope to jump in the forums as soon as possible thanks very much Daz
  8. richbish


    Hey everyone, im new to the forum, ive owned my E39 525i SE for just under 2 years now, i love it, but it does need some attention, i thought this may be a good place for advice as id like to tackle most things myself! im from Birmingham but work around Newbury, down south, would like to attend a few shows and stuff, but i cant seem to find many BMW clubs down here>! anyway thats me. Rich.
  9. chrisdc144

    Hi All

    Hi all and new to the forum. Thought i'd say hello to all members of this great forum. I've just put a deposit for my first 5 series, 523i 57 plate. It currently has just over 47000 miles on the clock and it is the M Sport model. Was looking at keeping this car for 4 years or so and then look at getting a 530i, possibly the F10. Any thoughts and ideas to look out for on this particular model will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Chris
  10. Hello, I can do with some help on choosing new car. Puzzled with what to do next. On one hand I realy like 520d SE but new ED with better mpg made me question my earlier decision. Now I thought I can differentiate them by media freezing at a price. With 520d SE I can get Pro. media package but with ED Bus. media pack. I think the price is worth the big screen, internal HDD, DVD and 3d views etc. but with ED savings on emissions (i.e. tax) made me think again. I do not see any other difference between the two besides mpg(62 vr. 58), media(bus. vr. pro), CO2 emissions(119 vr. 125), and of course price. Did I miss anything? About interior until last week I was sure about venetian beige but someone suggested to me it might be too light and with jet black exterior. Also with two kids under 4. Any comments? Any recommendation on factory fitted options would be very much apreciated. Many thanks.
  11. Ok simple request on my shows on the Radio I like to do a regular spot of new bands, talent or Artists that need recognition. Therefore I am searching for Talent that would like to be featured if you know of such a band let me know their names and where they can be found if possible. I will be glad to listen to them and feature them. I admit I am predominant a bluesman but have featured other types of music in the past. Therefore any kind of music would be considered. So come on guys help me out here find that talent maybe in your local bar or wherever