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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, long time no post... Anyway, short story version. I went to look at an E61 530i Touring 6 Speed Manual 2007 LCI (269bhp) 110k miles 2 owners (mostly London commuting), plus a few extras from factory etc. Test driving and noticed a funny low end noise, I thought it was bottom end but later (after shooting the video) I realised that the knocking went away when the clutch was pressed in. That led me to Dual Mass flywheel issues but I don't know or what specific mechanisms are envolved or how they are malfunctioning (spring weights etc.). Most noticable heavy knocking on tickover and just after a little rev. Put the clutch in and it goes away. I thought the top end was a bit tappy, more than I would expect and I could detect the engine slightly rocking around. Is this normal for these tuned 530i LCI 2007 onward setups? Can any of you guys have a listen a see what you think, enlighten me? It goes well but this is the first 530i I've test driven. Booted it in 2nd n 3rd and noticed the performance below 3k RPM quite average, though I've never been that impressed with low end torque from BMW 6 cyl petrol engines. Up through 4k RPM and the magic starts to really happen, building nicely until I bail out at 6k RPM. Edit: Since found this useful informative video: Buying a used BMW 5 series E60, E61 - 2003-2010, Buying advice with Common Issues
  2. HandyAndy_UK

    N53 Thermostat

    Well after much searching it appears that there's sod all (so far) regarding the thermostats on petrol engines. Specifically the N53 3.0 petrol engine. Masses on your diesels but SFA on petrols. So, what I've come up with so far is that my E61 525i manages to make it to about 77c... maybe 82c at a push, but then comes down to 75c (as reported in the maint. menu option 7) As the spec for the N53B30 engine calls for an operating temp of 100c I'm thinking the stat has had better days and so replacing with Pt No. 11537549476 would be a smart move. So the questions are, are my assumptions correct/reasonable? Is it a pig of a driveway job as it looks - all done under front right hand corner? Anything that would help me to know before I start ordering bits and planning a 'fun weekend' ?
  3. Genuine Refurbished BMW N43 N53 injector latest revision (11) - 13537589048-11Price is per injector : £130 with next day delivery All Injectors are professionally tested before sale.Warning :Please do not mix injectors on the same bank as different revisions will have different calibration.Example : Bank 1 revision 10 - Bank 2 revision 11 OK . Bank 1 or 2 mix of revision 10 or less and 11 - Not OKPlease check your part number before ordering At the moment i have 5 and if you order more i will make a discount depending how many you will order.
  4. HandyAndy_UK

    N53 Fuel Pump

    Just lately I've been getting an engine warning lamp on the dash of the E61... fault but no change in performance..... but then it's become the 'halved' engine icon with reduced power caption and distinct lack of power when accelerating. The only sensible code Carly came up with gave 'Fuel Pressure Plausibility' which, after some digging seems to indicate problems with a fuel pump. Apparently the N53 engine is known for failures of the high pressure fuel pump. However, the latest event happened as I left work tonight... Engine fault, reduced power, etc.... having put Carly on my phone I cleared all faults and the rough idle became a nice smooth purr. As I then went and fuelled up (from under 1/4 tank to full) on restart the idle was again smooth. The drive to and from Tesco was smooth and full power was available. My thinking here is... assuming there is a fuel pump problem, am I thinking high pressure pump (under manifold on engine) or given it was fine after refuelling, low pressure pump (in the tank with the filter unit) ? Thoughts ?
  5. HandyAndy_UK

    D-Can cable on 07 E61 N53

    Ordered a D-Can cable for my 2007 E61 525i N53B30 the other day... arrived silly fast - many thanks. Installing the dvd onto a W10 laptop I worked my way down the list, but first problem was the cable driver install failed straight away with an error stating the installation syntax was invalid. Installed everything else without issue. Trying it out today, The cable-car connection worked fine, so it seems being unable to install the driver package doesn't cause a problem. However, while in INPA using various 'live data' displays, I repeatedly got errors to do with 'API error #134' and another up until the live updating of data stopped. Any guesses what I've done wrong ?
  6. HandyAndy_UK

    E61 Steering fluid leak

    Well hopefully this will be a shortlived thread, but knowing my luck I doubt it. However, as a resource it may help someone, so why not? Few weeks back my 2007 E61 N53B30 experienced a failure of the coolant 'vent tube' that run from the expansion tank to a pathetic plastic tube under the radiator top cover plate to the radiator on the upper n/s. After investigation I replaced the crumbled tube with copper hydraulic pipe and all is well. Allied to the engine bay being sprayed with coolant, the aux belt managed to slip off (not fun as you approach a 5way roundabout) and thus I lost power steering. With the coolant pipe done and belt refitted a few days later I noted a whine from the engine bay which increased with engine revs and also with steering input. Investigation found very low steering fluid, but no blatant leak traces. Now I've had a better chance to look, I found sticky residue on the pipes under the reservoir and green fluid dripmarks inboard of the n/s front wheel. Plan - remove and inspect/replace reservoir, identify damaged hose(s), loose union(s) as found. Actions - Remove air filter box for access, remove (now empty) steering fluid reservoir, clean residue from hoses and reservoir - inspect as much as possible for damage, replace reservoir with new Mehle unit. Once cleaned, there was no signs of splits in the hoses and the remaining fluid levels visible in the hoses stayed the same over the 4 hours of the job (I had to wait for a pair of jubilees to replace the one use clips under the reservoir), the power steering pump was clean and dry with no signs of anything loose, so for the moment I've reassembled the system with the new reservoir as a precaution, refilled and after a slight top-up this morning (hoses dry) and a test run, all seems well once more. However, I shall be monitoring. Having had a chance to clean the old reservoir and vented lid with copious amounts of very hot water, I cannot find any flaw or failure in it so on the shelf for the moment as a spare. The pics below show the general area with the airbox removed, power steering reservoir and carrier removed. The remaining fluid can be seen in the two disconnected hoses and for reference the 'vacuum changeover switch' recently replaced (controls the cooling air duct flaps) can be seen top and slightly right of the red +ve point. The flat/wide plug in the 1st pic is for the MAF, the large duct behind/below it attaches to the airbox 'out'. The item resting on the intake manifold is the new reservoir, prior to fitting. The power steering pump can be seen in pic 1 to the right of the two blue topped torx bolts and the alternator +ve connection is the red item nearby (as someone pointed out in another thread, that exposed nut is slightly worrying). (Bonus to the job - I recovered a 1/4" 6mm socket someone had lost between the chassis member and wheelarch liner). This is the N53B30 petrol engine.

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