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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I have a 2005 525d M -sport auto and am suffering from lumpy idle and smoke after cold start , really lacking power low down in the revs , black smoke marks over the rear of my car after 5 min of driving , and really bad MPG 13 and below any help much appreciated
  2. Hi there, first post. I have 530d sport touring G31 on 20s just over 3 years old and I have done 33k miles in it last 2.5 years with average of 42.3mpg over that time. It does mainly short trips so happy with that, considering I don't tend to hold off the gas. On regular cross country school run I could get 50 mpg if drive carefully, but not any more. It has just had main dealer oil etc service at £500 and I would say mpg has dropped by 15percent. On same run the max I can get is 43mpg. Anyone had similar? I did notice that that they did an update to the idrive as the Weather App vanished so wonder if an engine mgmt software update was done. Or they overfilled it with oil? The car drives as before if anything feels smoother but it bugs me that expensive service seems to have spoilt a car that is super quick and super economical at same time. Would be interested to see if others have had same experience, thanks
  3. MrSweet1991

    525D or 530D

    Hi All, Looking to purchase an LCI 525D or 530D, I will be doing mostly town driving so the 520D would probably appeal more in respects to MPG but I wouldn't mind sacrificing some MPG for that awesome torque increase! I am willing to DPF gut, swirl flap removal and map the car to squeeze some extra power and MPG but I'm interested to know how the two engines compare both with common problems and MPG town driving if possible. Cheers.
  4. col58

    Hello new MPG

    Hello all I am new here and have 2 questions 1. I am averaging 38 mpg with my new 520dn msport - anyone doing better? 2. anyone know where to get a boot protector from?
  5. Hello, I recently got a 2005 525d and whilst I'm impressed with many aspects of the car, the MPG has been pretty terrible. I drive a 6 mile commute to work (50% dual carriageways, the rest is 30mph roads) and no matter how easy I drive I cant get over 19mpg. First thing I did was get the car plugged into INPA and no faults showed up. I then accessed the hidden menu to check the engine temp. I let the engine sit idle for 15 mins and it peaked at 68C. I then drove the car hard for 10 mins and the temperature peaked at 84C. Are these temperature figures right or too low? I read that they should be around 88C - 93C. If the EGR or main temp sensor are faulty, should they have shown up in the diagnostics result? What sort of average mpg should I get for in town driving? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Stu
  6. Hi everyone I have owned my first BMW for a few months now, it's a Sept 2010 520d SE F10 Auto with 29000 miles on the clock. Generally I'm very happy with it, the car is pretty refined except for what I consider to be excessive road noise on rougher (not bumpy) surfaces such as those which have been surface dressed (chippings). It has 17" wheels on Pirelli run-flats. Reading here there are lots of opinions on run-flats vs normal tyres, I must say I'm happy enough with the comfort and it rides rippled surfaces very well, so I suspect the stiff sidewalls of the tyres suit the SE suspension - just the road noise seems too high for a car of this class. Does anyone else agree, and is there a known fix for this. I wonder if one make of tyre is better than another? Not that I can try this for a while - the tyres are virtually new. Another issue I have is the mpg, the most I have seen is 52mpg on a long 300 mile trip on motorway and good A roads on a trip to north Scotland. On everyday use over a tank of fuel I am only averaging about 34-36mpg which is a lot less than I expected. I do a lot of what would be classed as urban driving (30-50 mph) but without any stop-start traffic, most journeys are about 10 miles and some are local 1 to 2 miles - I live on the Isle of Man so very little cruising at a constant speed is possible. Can someone else with a similar car and living in an area away from main A roads please share their fuel economy to compare. There is also some discussion on 'stats needing changing to keep the engine temp where it should be - I wonder if this could be causing my poor economy? Is there a way to check the coolant temp and if so what should it be after a 10 mile run please? I cannot understand why BMW think it's more important to have an oil temp gauge than a coolant one - is there a logical explanation for this? In any case my oil temp just about reaches the half way point on the gauge after 10 miles, and on a long run sits just above the half way point - is this similar to what other owners are observing? I know many of you are very knowledgeable on BMW's so if you wish to know something I haven't mentioned before giving your opinion please ask. I would very much appreciate your experiences, opinions and knowledge on the above. Many thanks in advance. Gordon
  7. My DPF was due for replacement according to idrive (130k) but since I do 70 miles of motorway driving a day I decided to reset the computer. About a week later I noticed my mpg started dropping, I now get about 35 mpg whereas before I got 42. Had the car checked, DPF is ok with minimal back pressure (8 millibar), MAF also reported as ok. First garage changed the glow plugs as 3 reported faulty, second garage added a cleaner to the air system (BG Products), neither has improved the mpg. BMW agent said was becase it's winter & effctively declined to investigate There's no smoke from the exhaust & the sump oil level is constant. Power is till good The MPG dial in the tacho is very sensitive, slightest pressure on the accelerator sends it hard over to the right. I'm going to get the exhaust gas measured Any ideas as to what could be the cause?
  8. So get this, all 520d's bhp, torque, wheel size, and weight are identical (autobox only weighs 5kgs more), but the spec sheet doesn't make sense: the M-Sport has worse emissions (and therefore mpg) than the SE, yet they weigh the same and have the same 0-60the M-Sport has identical mpg figures to the SE, yet they have different ltr/100km figures (wtf?) Both SE and M-Sport have better mpg with the automatic gearbox, but for the "EfficientDynamics" BMW made it a manual only option... the autobox is clearly better at lowering emissions and providing more mpg, why wouldn't they pair the Ed with the automatic gearbox!!!? What's going on here!?
  9. Well......just had my main engine thermostat changed due to all the advice on here and plumeting MPG (18 round town/30 on a run if i'm lucky!!!), but no change......... My car still takes an age to 'luke warm' up (!!) and even after all day running never has less than 9 marks showing on the temp gauge. Whats this EGR thermostat? Could that be the problem? What MPG should i expect, as to be honest never seen much more than 26 in town and 32-34 on a run, and i'm not a F1 driver by any stretch of the imagination! Hope someone can help?
  10. Stu86

    Winter/Summer MPG

    Hi guys, Interested in knowing what MPG people have been getting over the winter, mine has been 32mpg pretty consistently with a 2 hour round trip commute everyday. What are you guys getting? Has anyone noticed a massive difference during the winter over summer? This summer will be the first I've used her in as last summer I was in the middle east playing with helicopters. Cheers for any info, especially if you have M54 2.2!

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