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Found 10 results

  1. ROOTS.

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself and my latest addition to the family, Fünf (not the dog, that is Scooby-Douche), the Zinnobar Red E28 M535i I picked up last week. I bought the car from another forum member (GCM535i) and have just left it in to get some work done whilst traveling for work in China - if anyone can recommend a good sprayer please let me know! No doubt I will need some parts, advice on upgrades and so on in the coming weeks so I look forward to hearing from you all. Cheers, Ian
  2. ROOTS.

    WTB: E28 Front Doors

    Anyone got a pair of GOOD E28 doors for sale? Colour isn't a problem once the parts are good condition and straight.
  3. ROOTS.

    WANTED: S3.91 or S4.10 188mm diff

    Change of plan because sourcing a 210mm in a decent ratio has been a nightmare. Im now looking for a 188mm S3.91 or S4.10 from an E30 if anyone has one? Thanks, Ian
  4. ROOTS.

    E28 Strut Housings

    2x front strut housings please. Decided to get Gaz Gold coilovers but cant leave the car up on axle stands for the 4/5 week approx turnaround time! Anyone got a pair for sale?
  5. ROOTS.

    The famous sloppy shifter

    My 265/6 shifter (overdrive H pattern box) is like a wooden spoon stiring porridge when it comes to changing gear! Before anyone suggests I use search, rest assured I've searched high and low on this topic and simply need help regarding the actual part numbers needed. Car: 1986 E28 M535i Chassis number: WBADC720200645552 Now, i'm not even sure what exact parts may (or may not) need replacing so I'm going to say anything that affects the shift is completely shot, I'd guess that whatever needs changing has never ever been changed since production. This would also be a good time to change the standard bus-spec shifter whilst replacing all bushings but one thing I've struggled to see (clearly listed) is the actual parts numbers from the RealOEM diagram that are required for this refurb/upgrade. help much appreciated so I can go back to Mark at Cotswolds and put another order his way. Thanks, Ian
  6. ROOTS.

    Getrag 265/5 'dogleg'

    Cash waiting. Possible complete swap from dogleg 265/5 to 260 overdrive box if interested? May suit someone who drives their car as a daily and wants more MPG or just wants cash + a perfectly good 5 speed too.
  7. jonmsm

    Repairable or not

    Hi folks, I've decided to post a new thread here following discussions in the general section about my m535i. I assumed it was a gonner but other folks seem to think otherwise. After a sideways incident with a big curb, it appears there is as much as a 1/4" difference left to right on the wheelbase that I can only suggest is down to the rear beam moving. The beam came out and was rebuilt with new bushes wtc and reinstalled when I spotted these dents/creases under the rear seats near the subframe mounts: What do the think folks - any advice on if this is game-over?! I guess that depends on what the car owes me. As instated in the previous discussion - I'm quite heavily invested in parts but all things that are removable as the base car only cost me £150 about 8 years ago! Jon
  8. hello, thought i would start a build thread on the old girl shes a genuine 1987 BMW E28 M535I automatic with the sport box, full leather adjustable interior, genuine 86k ,mileage, the usual m535i goodies and also some genuine Alpina rims i live in North Wales, im currently building a VW Corrado hil climb car with a 20vt, and also building my current Audi TT mk1 hybrid (should be around 350bhp ) and also obviously the E28 currently the car does not run due to fuel pump has packed in broken down GOOD POINTS #clean interior #its an e28 m535i #low mileage #well maintained mechanicals #ex bmw display car in north wales area #private plate BAD POINTS #needs 2 sills #2 rear arches (partial) #brake pedal is hard as hell!! #needs a respray #bits of scabby rust here and there (floor pans solid ) #bumpers need restore my plans atm is to get her running healthy, then to sort out the brakes, then the sills and other rust, then onto restoring the body work and interior before going to another full strip, repaint and then a turbo and manual conversion on her here are some pics so far, some progress including heavy jet wash, new plugs, and freeing up some of the brakes so going to get there in the end hopefully,, bonus of it all is that i only paid £250
  9. hello im new to this forum and new to BMW im a VAG man, currently using my work van (caddy c20) and my MK1 tt hybrid as daily run abouts, but also have a 20vt corrado project and just sold my rwd mk1 caddy project so that i can make room for the new edition heres my current rides and my latest edition <3 the car is a 1987 BMW M535i euro spec, non catalystic Automatic with sport mode and full of the usual M goodies, trip, diagnostic, bilstines, M sport exhaust system, Cream Leather interior and door cards ect the car has done 88k , its sitting on Alipina alloys, 235 all round. ive not had much time to look into it , but its been off the road since 2004, but it ran bout 6 months ago, i got it for silly cheap, but it is an automatic and it does have some rust issue BUT I WILL SAVE it, harder to find a E28 these days so this one is going to stay alive hopefully my plan is to firstly restore it to a road worthy condition, and then to get serious in the weight reduction, manual conversion , turbo conversion but keeping the oem looks. if anyone can direct me towards some good build threads on the e28 and also to places for how to's and parts i would very much appreciate it im 22 years old and i live in Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales id like to know more about the car so where are the numbers ect i need to look for, all i know it use to be ex dealers demo car so i might pop in and ask thank you
  10. I'm a big time BMW fan, having owned/enjoyed an e46 323ci and currently an ageing but cared for 120d (86k miles 54 reg). I have the opportunity (after saving my hard earned) to upgrade my existing car. I have considered upgrading to a sporty e46 M3 as these seem to offer great value however as I still love my 120d and feel that running any M car as a full-time drive would be an expensive prospect I now now considering this is a chance to fullfil my lifetime love of the shark nosed classic BMW and purchasing an M535i e28 as a second. /weekend car. As I have no previous experience in running a classic car I have some natural concerns in terms of the potential costs involved and whether a classic e28 would fulfil my demands on hobby car. I am not mechanically minded but would like the prospect of learning about a hobby car and feel it would be enjoyable to undertake general low level DIY type tasks and use my friendly independent BMW mechanic for big jobs. I also do not have a garage so would also be keeping the car under cover on our drive. I would like to take the car on track at some point and keep it would a weekend ride. I live 200+ miles from my nearest track day so racing would not be a regular thing but would be a consideration. My big question, is it reasonably financially sustainable to purchase a good 4/5k e28 M535i as a hobby car? Will the e28 M535i increase in value as years progress? and would these increases in value off-set maintenance costs and so be a better use of my hard earned than purchasing a super quick M3 e46 and watching depreciation kill its value while still pumping further money into exotic/expensive M3 servicing. Sorry for my long post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.