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Found 20 results

  1. Hello guys, I’ve heard many times that F10 models before 2011 March has some critical problems. I’m 22 years old and I’m in doubt between a 2012 520d manual SE which looks incredibly new or a 2010 520d M Sport auto with sunroof. Incredible both are being sold just £5000 here in the UK. The 2010 M Sport owner says it’s working 100% and it’s a M Sport and has sunroof so it’s really interesting for me me but I don’t feel confident for it being a 2010 production after hearing a lot of reviews about before 2011 March models. Any thought that could help me with that? Thank you.
  2. Afternoon All, Now £6000! Here is my F11 520d touring for sale, due to moving to London. Just serviced and MOT till Feb 2021. Full service history BMW then independent. LED interior lights. Usual M-Sport refinements. M Sport with android full screen head unit and FSH. (Original BMW unit will be supplied) Engine repair by BMW Portsmouth at 112k / Mar 20 18. All pads & discs changed Summer 2019 at 135k, headlights and doors re sealed (inc drivers bulkhead grommet) Oil cooler gasket replaced summer 2019, rear airbags replaced 2018. New tyres in 2018/2019 (Due to the M5!) Service & MOT 22 Feb 2020, 148k. I have owned this car since Oct 18, mostly Plymouth to Portsmouth trips once a week, averaging 44 to 48 MPG. We road tripped to Copenhagen through Europe over 12 days covering 2150 miles at 50mpg (inc Autobhan) When traveling up the M5 only I get 52mpg sat at M way speeds. The car has usual age related marks, few scuffs on bumpers and slight wear on drivers seat and door card. No rips or tears. Car will be MOT'd before sale. Car is based in Plymouth at weekends and Portsmouth during the week, please contact for viewing or more detail. Any questions or suggestion please ask Any questions or suggestion please ask
  3. R10HWN


    Can anyone help me source a black M Sport E39 (2002) bumper with PDC and headlight washers? I’ve cracked mine (in the photo)!!
  4. Hi Guys, I am looking at buying a 520D M Sport 2011 - 2015 age range with less than 70k on the clock. I do about 20k per year and plan to replace every two years. Anything particular I should look out for? Any big service costs like cam chain/belt I should expect?
  5. Price drop and new tyres. Here we have my F11 2011 BMW 520D M Sport £8200 ono. I have a mini blog going (via my username, what have you done today etc) But I need a smaller car and want a 3.0 6 pot. It is advertised on Ebay (full of choppers) and Autotrader. It has the usual equipment but with added shadow line trim, black head lining and sports gear box with flappy paddles. It has business Nav with DVD playing enabled. It has extras and all gadgets work from heated seats, auto lights, auto wipers, high beam assist, voice activation, remote folding rear seats, auto boot load cover, front & rear sensors to name a few. This August (at 122k) the chain snapped and BMW repaired and rebuilt the engine. This has a 2 year warranty from BMW. I have a print out from BMW Plymouth detailing the repair work. BMW Snows carried out the work. Since I have owned the car I have: Added black front grills to match the shadow line trim. Upgraded the screen to a full size Android unit. It runs the BMW system and the Android system side by side with all wheel and centre controls active. Updated the BMW Maps to 2018. Replaced the interior lamps and rear plate lamps to LEDs. Had a full service carried out (Oil, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Coolant and brake fluid check) 4 wheel alignment New wiper blades The original front chrome grills can also be fitted. Service History 123399 14/10/18 Full service 122223 29/08/18 BMW engine re build (2 year warranty) 119900 11/05/18 Rear brake pads & sensor 110352 18/01/18 off side air suspension unit (£310) 106523 15/11/17 Service 78090 08/11/16 Service 74800 14/03/17 Tyre service 73726 03/02/17 Brake fluid service 67659 16/06/16 near side air suspension unit (£310) 62054 15/03/16 Service 47824 26/01/15 BMW Service 30480 30/01/14 BMW Service 15229 26/03/13 BMW Service 30560 01/02/14 BMW Warranty check The car drives really well, pulls well for its size (especially in sport mode), no noises or clunks, the Nav system also indicates on to the dash, the android unit has DAB it also has a rear parking camera but I have not gotten round to fitting that yet. The interior is immaculate, the drivers seat has the expected wear nothing to mention. All controls work as they should heat/AC, seats etc. There are a few scratches on the body work in line with the mileage. The car is regularly waxed and washed and has a deep shine. The alloys have minor scuffing and are fitted with Rim Blades, the rear bumper has a small crack in it and a boot lip protector fitted. Proof of driving licence and insurance will be required for a test drive. I live in Plymouth, I will be in Portsmouth from the 19th till the 21st when I return to Devon, I will be in the US from the 22nd till the 28th. Please feel free to ask any questions, and feed back is welcome.
  6. Hi All, I hope this is in the right location for posting (sorry admins if not ) however I now need the best advice possible, I now have cleared funds to go and start sourcing my 5 M sport !! the issue I have is I don't know which one to go for, so its at this point im now asking you guys WHAT DO I PURCHASE have a budget of 8k don't want to spend it all and im looking at early years 55 06 etc and also 58 and 59 plates I like the early shape on the 55/ 06 car I know its real similar but there's something about the shape that's got me hooked its engine im struggling with,,, I do mostly motorway driving it will be a manual gearbox as auto is not a consideration so what you all think 520d or the 525d ???? thanks in advance all Jon
  7. jongriff1066

    advise for a possible newbie?

    Hey Guys and Gals, I am just starting the hunt for my next possible whip, narrowed down to the BMW 5 series (as I love the shape) however im not experienced with these cars so could I ask for advise ( not looking for massive debates just down to earth god fearing straight advice) what do I go for basically.... im a high mileage user family of 4 my journey is just over an hour each day all motorway round trip of 110 miles give or take ! I like my cars to look the part so was thinking of the M sport but engine choice is sticky for me do I look at the 525d or the 520d I want manual also as I prefer to drive my own car and have never liked an auto box, I want something from 2005 to 2006 reg as that's what my budget is going to allow for now sub 4k .... thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to the advice Jonathan
  8. Just picked this little beauty up last night from Arden BMW in Kent! The difference between my 2007 E60 and this is phenomenal! The F10 feels so much more modern inside!
  9. well after 13 years of vw's (still own one, but let the rest go) I took the plunge and decided to go for a BMW. Originally i was after an E92 3 series, but the bloke selling the one i wanted was a douche to put it politely, so after much hunting i settled on a 5 series. must haves were m57 engine, manual box, and m sport kit. after a few weeks searching i found what i was after; the more observant of you may recognise this car, it was gtsteves, but sadly i paid a middle man inbetween him owning it. but never the less steve has been an absolute gentleman in providing information and history on the car. hats off to you sir he is also the reason i am joining this forum, he highly reccomends it! loving the car and enjoy the fact that it sounds nothing like a diesel, sounds pretty evil with the quad exhaust. turns heads everywhere it goes and puts a smile on my face every morning on the way to work. the stereo build by absolute audio is phenominal too. also the snooper and tr30 come in mighty handy so far i have just been fixing bits and bobs on it, like the floppy boot that kept twatting me in the head when it was open. a bit of maintenance under the bonnet. took it for a dyno run too as it didnt feel anywhere near as powerful as the dyno that came with the car said it was (290 bhp and 556 torque) it turns out its actually making 223 bhp at the wheels, 247 bhp and 447 torque at the flywheel. after this i deleted the egr and coded out, would have liked to put back on the dyno to see if it makes any difference or not! feels like it spools quicker but nothing worth writing to your grandma about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTNiC1Ac6P0 so whats next......well as for the power, i've booked in at sp tuning at the end of may for live mapping. I have the annoying blinking/flickering on drivers side headlight when on dipped beam (driving me nuts) so need to do a bit of investigating on that. And need to get the electric wing mirrors wired in, just because things not working get on my tits, will get round to it at some point. and the passenger headlight being a bit cloudy is on the list of things to do, need to invest in a resto kit. Im also hoping to swap the wheels for some borbet style 95's from a 7 series, if anybody has any for sale or would be intersted. hint hint! so far no regrets and pleased with the move to a beemer. Jim.
  10. jdh91

    M sport badge

    Bought an aftermarket M sport badge for my e60 Personally I think it looks great
  11. Hi Unfortunately another at fault driver piled into the back of my immaculate E39 530i sport Champagne Edition II. The car will probulary be written off,I'm gutted!! With 142k trouble free miles on the clock on a 03 plate,and my ownership for 12 years, its still a fantastic car to drive, I had a full body respray last year and various mechanicals,so £££ spent...it holds no store with the insurance company. So Im looking for parts, Rear drivers side quater panel Rear bumper Bootlid Diffuser panel. Ideally a champagne edition thats being broken for spares,or undamaged Sapphire black parts.
  12. 1manpreetsingh

    newbie signing in 530d m sport

    hi guys first post for me on the forum ive used loads of forums before but this is my first bmw, first diesel, first auto, and first turbo so thought id make the most of it and get some help along the way....
  13. jdh91

    M sport badge

    From the album: Car

    Added M sport badge
  14. Bennybear

    e93 335i 10

    From the album: E93 335i

  15. Bennybear

    E93 335i 2

    From the album: E93 335i

  16. Bennybear

    E93 335i

    From the album: E93 335i

  17. Hi guys i have a 57 plate 520d auto m sport, and i believeit has a M47 engine init. I have read that alot ofnpeople talk about swirl flaps and removing them. I have a few Q's regarding them: 1 - what are they and what do they do? 2 - why should i remove it and what are advantages/disadvantages 3 - what size blanking plates do i need 22mm or 32mm? And where do you recommend me going 4 - approx how much should a indy charge to do the job? Thanks
  18. Hi im wondering if anyone can help me with this problem I am having - I recently upgraded my headlights to H7 HID kit on my 520d Msport Lci Step Auto - everything was going fine but then I noticed when I switch the HID lights on I get a little jerk in my car. It does not happen all the time, just on the odd occasion. If I am driving in Manual mode, it either automatically drops my gear down or if i am slowing down/standstill in traffic and I switch the light on I get the jerk and it changes the gear to DS Or if i am driving in D the little orange light on the gearbox goes out for a split second and lights back up, also this results in my gear to drop down automatically (only notice it as my revs increase). Its a bit hard to explain so sorry if i have confused you all - its like whenever it happens its like theres an extra volt that goes through the car to initially power up the H7 bulbs and thats what is causing the issue - but i may be wrong. I know bulbs have nothing to do with the auto gearbox, but as that auto gearbox also gets some sort of power supply from the battery, thought this may all be interlinked. Any one experienced this before? Or any advice on what i can do? I really like the HID upgrade I have got and do not want to get rid just coz of this jerk issue I am having. Also dont know if the problem is interlinked, I have 10w CREE LED AE bulbs in which flicker when the car is initially started and I have also got white LED number plate bulbs with a built in resistor (these have never flickered though when the car is started or AE or H7 bulbs are switched on)
  19. Bennybear

    Am i taking the pi55?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I've recently put my car up on PH and i'm just wondering if i'm being realistic or not. My reason for procing is i had a look on the PH site and the only other cars that are comparable ie. 530 sports are a champagne edition for £5.5k, a grey (great colour) 530 sport with 99k but its on a Cat D for £2900, a 2001 model with 175k for £2,750, and a silver (same as mine) but with 132k on it and has had a deposit taken on it for £2,160 which i'll admit is a good price. I've put mine up for £3695, expecting to get knocked down to somewhere around £3,350 Is this reasonable? I've had an email from some joker asking "why do you think its worth £3,695" admittedly its only been up for 2 days, but still. I'm not desperate to sell it, but as its surplus to requirements it would be handy if it went soon-ish. Please no abuse, as i really rate this car as being in excellent condition, just serviced, taxed and MOT'd. Surely its worth that sort of money? PS, i'm a gold member so I think i'm ok to post this? http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e39-5-series-96-04/bmw-5-series-e39-530i-sport----------------2002/1595524
  20. And i have very few images of my new E60, and it was still looking reasonably clean -