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Found 28 results

  1. V_MAX

    Opening up to reach the LED lights.

    From the album: My 523i Conversions and Maintenance

    First you need to open up to get to the lights. I tried to use a "Dremel" on the first one and it made a terrible mess that went into the lights and I did not managed to remove all of the debris. I would recommend using a soldering iron with a flat tip to simply melt the plastic, that worked fine for me.
  2. Mantvydas

    BMW E61 Rear fog lights as drl

    Hello, im newbie here, found that this forum is very friendly and helpfull, already got a bunch of help for coding and etc. I would like to ask some question, one day i was looking at mine e61 (pre-FL) and decided that rear look of the car looks much better when rear fog lights is on. It is possible to somehow code them to run all the time with drl? Also by lowering voltage by bit, so they wont blind people behind me. Was searching all over the internet to get my answer without a luck, sorry if there is already answer to my question in the forum. Will wait for replies!
  3. Funknhell

    2011 F10 LED Upgrade

    Hi all! This has been an ongoing project of mine and I am looking at defeat I have been through many sets of led bulbs. Used error canceller and bought the BimmerCode app to turn off the warm and cold start monitors still to no effect. The bulbs light, after a 30 seconds or so the goes off and instantly back on. This happens approx 3 times then stays off throwing the bulb out error and the light stays off until you turn the lights off and back on again. The video is too big to post on here so will look at perhaps uploading to YouTube. On the beam lamp I have also tried between bulb and LED with the same effect. Any help would be appreciated as I'm at the end of the road with it now!!!
  4. Vlady

    E60 items for sale.

    Hi everyone, I have the following items for sale: 1. 2-off Logic7 rear tweeters (65.13-6 919363A/01), I would like £50 for these ono. 2. 2-off Headlight Bulb access cover OEM(175 179-00) brand new 3. 2-off Headlight Bulb retaining Spring (brand new) 4. 2-off MTEC Halogen bulbs (4350K light color) For items 2-4 I would take £35 ono I will add photos shortly.
  5. Back2Beemer

    520d SE nearly here

    Hi all! New to the forum and coming back to BMW - will be my 4th. My order is a company car, so kept options down to a minimum to keep P11D value / tax down, but the car is pretty generously spec'd as standard anyway. Can't wait for it to get here! Ordered: 520d SE Sophisto Grey Xirallic 17" standard wheels Black Leather Harman Kardon Elec Lumbar Support Model Designation Deletion Just have a quick question about the standard LED lights - what are people's experiences vs. Xenon? Is both low and high beam LED? Currently in an old employee's 2 series while I wait, and the Xenons on it are very good indeed. Cheers.
  6. OK, this may seem like a fairly sraightforward question but one ive yet to find a very clear answer, My 5 series has the following 2 options (522 and 524) Xenon lights and adaptive headlights, but I cant find exactly what Bulb I need to replace the slightly pink and bound to fail soon one I have in the drivers side lamp. I keep seeing that it is DS1 Xenon, but are they all the same as far as wattage etc is concerned?? and should I chose to go for a different kelvin rating does this cause any issues?? im thinking 6000K?? Also can someone explain to me how to tell if i just have Xenon or Bi-Xenon?? I have noticed that my cornering lights in one of the lamps is halogen and looks very orange compared to the other bulb so assume i just have Xenon? Thanks in advance. Mr Ashton im sure you have this covered off somewhere in that knowledge base of yours
  7. gogamots

    E60 lights and sound

    Hello, I got very strange problem with my e60 530d 2003 car. There was not original hands free system fitted on it but it was not working at all. So one day I decide to remove it. After removing it my car lost sound, so there is no sound at all, not from radio and not car sound as well. The problem is that I can't reboot ccc as I don't have DVD player, just CD changer. Of course I checked all fuses but everything seems to be ok there. On screen I can see that sound stuck on mute, but I can't switch is off. When I tried to switch on CD or AM radio it jumps back to FM radio So I don't have sound and after few days my lights start playing up. On the rights side I got left dipped beam, and fog lights and indicator lights, but no high beam. On the left side I got left only high beam and indicator lights but no dipped beam and no fog light From rear lights rights indicator is not working and on other side just one middle bulb is working and indicator. I checkered all bulbs and fuses. Bulbs are ok and no issues with fuses One more thing inside car lock is not working, there is just sound but it is not locking doors and when you switch indicator there is funny noise coming out of it, like they are working 2x faster as they should. Any ideas????
  8. jongriff1066

    Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Guys and girls, Need some help as I'm at the point where it's now getting to the point I'm falling out of love with my 5 series 520d m sport a car I've always wanted but starting to regret..... please help any and all advise will be so so appreciated ...... about 3 weeks ago my left dipped beam bulb blew, replaced that and a week later the right dipped beam blew, now tonight in 1 go I've lost the right dipped beam again and also my left angel eye ! Is this a common fault or could it just be a case of expired bulbs and an iffy one in the replaced one ? Ive checked the fuses they are all ok, until I can afford upgrading the light system to creed xenons I need these to last a little longer than a bulb a week !!! Thanks all jonathan
  9. StewF10

    New F10 Owner

    Hi All ive just purchased my first F10 it's a 2013 530D M Sport with business audio, I have a few questions and am wondering if someone can put me in the right direction please? Interior lighting, I'm looking to change every bulb to Led rather than the yellow halogen type bulbs, is there a pack you can buy that comes with everything needed? I've seen a kit demonstrated on you tube from precision led any got any other ideas? Sound system, the car has the standard speakers without the tweeters and I'm looking to have this changed to include the tweeters, I know you can purchase the pods from online and BMW but is it a plug and play or do I need to contact an audio shop? Splitters, looking to add some splitters to the car front and rear as soon as possible anyone had any issues I should be aware of or recommended companies? Thanks
  10. NuckingFuts

    Gearbox Light on Dash

    Morning all, So this morning i started the car as normal, and the usual lights come up. Rear O/S Brake bulb is out, Air Suspension light (no self-levelling) and Airbag (either tensioner, or i still have to book in for the recall on the steering wheel airbag) I started driving away from my driveway and obviously the engine is cold. A bit of a hearty shove to the end of my road, and then the gearbox light has come on. kick down is pretty harsh. can't use my phone and there's nowhere to stop. I carry on to work, (20 minute drive) park up in the carpark, and turn the car off. turn it back on again straight away, and the light was still there. I'll go back and check in a couple of hours when i get a chance to sneak away from my desk, but.... IF it's still on, what does that mean? needs oil or do i need a new gearbox? If it goes, is all well or should i get it inspected or top up the gearbox oil anyway? Would this be the opportunity to do a manual ox swap if anyone has the parts to sell? Thanks in advance. Deepan
  11. Romes

    HID Upgrade

    Maybe you kind peeps can shed some light on this (sorry had to do it - couldn't help myself). After driving the E34 back and forth yesterday including in the dark, I have come to the conclusion that the uprated head light bulbs are just not really up to the job. My E38 has HID and they are so much better than the standard Charles Dickens candle like bulbs. So anyway onto the question, if i were to retrofit / upgrade to HID lights would I need to install the headlight washer system for MOT time?
  12. Christopher Mensah

    F11 2010 retro fit lights

    Hi just wondering would i be able to retro fit some 2014 adaptive lights onto my 2010?
  13. dave100

    Odd Brake Light Problem

    530D touring 2002. Had check brake light warning on dash. All my brake lights are out except the centre one which works fine. I've checked the brake light fuse and it's fine. Is there a separate circuit for the centre one? I do have aftermarket towbar electrics which I suspect could be something to do with it. Removing the fuse for this makes no difference. Can't be the tailgate wiing as the outer ones are off too. Any suggestions? I haven't got my INPA with me.
  14. Whitters

    LED conversions

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has converted their F10 from Halogen to LED or even if it is possible? Any help appreciated Thanks
  15. HuwE39

    Trouble with angel eyes?!

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my angel eyes and I'm stumped! I've had the 10W Cree LEDs in there for a couple of years, and had no problems. However, now, I have no near side light, as you can see on the pic. The LED is litany stable, again see pic, and I can't see any problem with the headlight, but when I put the bulb into the headlight there is no light from the angel eye. The other main beam and full beam are fine, and the indicator, but strangely I'm getting no warning light and the indicator isn't lighting, as it would normally. Can anyone shed any light (sorry!) on this, please?
  16. jdh91

    New LED number plate lights

    From the album: Car

    Pretty bright Light up the road
  17. Hi all , Life is slowly returning to normal now that the missing features that resulted from a botched Com box retrofit , have been fixed . I was wondering if any one has had retrofit lights on the door mirrors and door handles ( Extended light package ) . My night vision is getting worse and I have scrapped the spider alloys a couple of times parking next to a kerb at night so if a retrofit can be done it would be most helpful and kind to my alloys . Any advice appreciated thank you
  18. h2gt2g42

    High beam failure

    Hi, I have lost high beam together with the high beam on indicator on the instrument cluster on my 1999 532i. I have run an error check with INPA and have received the following results: "26 high beam switch. Short circuit to ground" I then followed more or less the same route as in: http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/65434-e39-main-beam-issue-lcm-fault/ but with slightly different outcomes. Checking the high beam switch status showed no effect when operating the indicator stalk. Checking the voltage at the high beam switch yielded 0.529v, 0.352v and 0.176v with the high beam switch OFF, FLASH and ON respectively. Judging by the indicator voltage bar I am guessing these voltages should have been more like 5v, 3.176v and 1.549v which is what I got operating the indicators. I then unplugged the indicator stalk switch and got the same OFF voltages for both the indicators and the high beam as I did in the previous test. These results lead me to conclude it is not the stalk that is at fault as it was no longer in the circuit and the high beam OFF voltage was still 0.529v. The attached gif shows this result. I then used the Activate function in INPA with both indicators and high beam selected. The indicators responded but the high beams did not. So I have the following questions. 1) can someone confirm if my assumption of the healthy switch voltages is correct; 2) is my assumption that the switch is not at fault correct; 3) what further checks can I do including physical checks with a meter along the circuit from the LCM to the switch and what voltages/resistances should I be looking for; 4) is this likely to be a LCM fault and is there any way of confirming it. Thanks, Graham.
  19. Stephen101

    Angel eyes, please help!

    Hello I know this has been talked out before many times but I'm also in a state of confusion over lights. I have an error msg stating front right parking light failure. It appears to be the two rings that are out, when side lights are on the only thing that lights up on that side is the eyebrow, when headlights are on its hard to tell but I think the rings are still out (headlights work fine) also full beam works fine. I have looked at videos on you tube etc and some appear to have two bulbs, one for each ring and some have one bulb which light up both. I have no idea what bulb or bulbs or LEDs I need but the details of the car are 2003 bmw 530d e60 and the lights appear to be xenon (so a halfords guy said). The angel eyes when turned on before this malfunction are a nice white colour, no yellow or orange hint,just pure white. Il try and attach a photo of it sitting with the side lights on for extra info if anyone knows. Basically I was wondering can anyone tell me what I need to correct this, one bulb, two, led or what? Highly confused Thanks in advance Stephen
  20. Turniphead

    What lights are these?

    Does anybody know what lights these are on my e39? Look too new so must be replacements.
  21. I got my 5 series (523 i on and 'R' plate) towards the back end of last year and it is all original but one thing that really annoyed me was the dull and faded headlights. I am considering the angel eye upgrade but don't have the spare cash right now. Instead I took it to a boyshop I was driving past and asked if they could do anything. After half hour with some resin polish water and an orbital buffer the lights look almost new and cost £20 in total. If anyone is in same position go for it, I was more than happy. On another note does anyone have any ideas what this might be. When going over the dreaded speed bumps pot holes and other brilliant things on our roads I have hear an almost metalic rattle coming from the FOS wheel area. I have had a good look around and all the bushes springs and shockers seem ok but at the back of the wheel, I'm assuming the back plate it seems a little loose, same on the FNS. Has anyone had this problem before. There is no handling problems, more of an irritation. Cheers
  22. Bowwow

    LED light replacement

    One thing I've noticed recently is that the rear lights on my car (particularly the brake lights) are pretty dull when illuminated. I thought initially this was down to the bulbs dying or simply not being of a great quality; but despite replacement with new ones, they were still pretty weak IMO. All the connectors are fine and i figure it is just the bulbs that are specified to be used. Are there LED alternatives available that would be recommended or has anyone done this? Seen them on e-bay but i'm a bit dubious about it!
  23. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone had or knows of Crosshair templates for the Front Headlights for an E28? The plan to to give my M535i a "Darker" front lens look without tinting. Cheers Neil
  24. Fresh

    crap headlights!

    Hi Not long had my 55plate e61 525d msport tourer, but i can safely say it has the worst headlights of any car i've owned in the last 20 years!!! This is probably not helped by the fact that my headlight washers are not working either! Having read countless posts on here about post / pre lci lights and potential conversions, I am as confused as ever......... Please Please Please I just want decent headlights................and yes, before the obvious questions, every bulb is working! With hindsight I now know i should've got a lci model, but If I cant find a solution, i will be selling her, as i do considerable mileage and need more than a fag lighter to see where i'm going! Thanks
  25. Hi guys, realise this must be the most common question and probably covered elsewhere, but seems to be a lot of conflicting information. I wish to fit much brighter / white Angel Eyes and Eyebrow (currently orange) lights to my 05/55 E61 525d Msport, but want to avoid all the 'error code' issues i hear lots about? Is it possible to change colour of the orange eybrows to white? if not, can i make the orange eyebrows brighter? Appreciate any help. Many thanks