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Found 10 results


    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Hello And Welcome I'm a firm believer that somethings are just meant to be and today that philosophy come bouncing into play much like it did with the Silver Unit ( Butler HQs Original Silver 540i ) Today innocently going to view an E34 with my Poppa ( Carl-E34 ).. 100 + miles from home as you do on arrival I became strongly attached to this diamond in the rough I couldn't help but think with a little Butler HQ love It could make a very special E34 and I truly thought that maybe Butler HQ was its last hope. Shes defiantly a project make no mistake about that but what else are you gonna do on a cold damp winter weekend ? before I could pull myself away as in the worlds of the late Marlon Brando the seller made me an offer I couldn't refuse... and a deal was done. I'll be embarking on this project with one person in mind. Tomorrow will be the full fat first update with all the great and gory details. Comments Welcome.
  2. I brought this to put in my M5 but changed my mind now so it's up for sale. E39 M5 full leather interior Includes Front and rear heritage leather seats- no rips or tears but general wear due to the Napa leather being so delicate. Door cards: They are fully trimmed in leather not like normal vinyl ones. See the stitching around the pockets. Drivers front and rear, good condition just some scuffs etc Passenger side have had airbags deployed. The front is worse than the rear, the rear can be popped back into place but the front has broken some of the tabs. My plan was to use an airbag panel form another door card and Transfer the caramel leather over to fix the problem. Leather lower dash a very rare option especially in this colour! Centre console with arm rest. All parts in good condition just a few scuffs here and there. Complete carpet for a saloon removed without cutting where the heater matrix is just needs a wet vac. Leather side panels for tunnel All the interior would look like new after a leather restoration with dye which was my original plan. Id recommend the liquid leather stuff as it works great. These parts are getting very rare to come buy now so get them while you can very few had the fully leather trimmed door cards. I can send more pictures if you like please drop me a message £1650 collection only. I'm firm on the price so no silly offers please
  3. Hello and welcome to my E34 progress blog . It all started one day passing a used car sales centre,something catched my eye so on the 18/9/07 she was mine Well Its a orient blue e34 525se 1995(N) and 117k on the clock . production date 13/7/1995 registration date 8/8/95 from Bates BMW Essex Hungerford BMW oil service @ 9,641 - 27/11/95 Heathrow BMW inspection 2 @ 32,968- 25/9/96 Bates BMW inspection 1 @ 57,436- 12/12/97 Bates BMW oil service @ 67,395 - 24/9/98 and five sets of headlights till 24/9.98 Ordered options : - Leather seats - Sports steering wheel - 5 speed automatic - V Spoke style 54-7jx14-205/55 ( Brought car with metrics :S =/ ) - Shadow line - Floor mates - Air Con - LSD - Additional fuel for export of vehicles First vehicle Inspection under my ownership Well, i went for the full monty had a Inspection 2. This was the list of " Needing attention " - Front brake discs below minimum - Brake fluided due for change - Handbrake shoes cracked - Drive belt cracked - Air conditioning non cooling - Ns ball joint - Os drop link - Rear axle bushes gone - Pit man links - Rust on brake pipes and fuel pipes - Four metric tyres - Drivers side fog lamp Pics to follow... Progress blog index - 2010/2011 - Page One - Rear Blind Crash & New Wheels 2011/2012 - Page Two - Suspension Overhaul With Lows White Lights 540 Bumper Boot Spoiler 2012/2012 - Page Three - Sports Bumpers Brake Line Overhaul Photos & New Bumper Trims 2012/2012 - Page Four - Yellow Fog Lights Front Strut Brace & New Water Bottle 2012/2012 - Page Five - Back To Orange Lights New Engine Trim & Throwing Stars 2012/2012 - Page Six - Chit Chat & Drives Side Rust Repair & Painted 2012/2013 - Page Seven - Chit Chat Sports Bumpers Painted New RD Badges & Getting Ready For A Full Spray 2013/2013 - Page Eight - Chit Chat New Drivers Wing Repairing Of Doors And New Bottoms Door Trims 2013/2013 - Page Eight - Ordered Ultra Racing Lower Strut Brace And M5 Electric Half Leather Seats 2013/2014 Page Nine - M5 Seats Fitted Rear Seat Box Lid Repaired Stripping For Paint And Quarter Blinds 2014/2015 Page Ten - Bodyshop Photos Rear Parking Sensors New Staggered Wheels 2015/2015 Page Eleven - Reassembling Painted And Fitted Wheels 2015/2015 Page Twelve - New Mirrors Interior Change Five Years Of The Progress Blog
  4. I am looking for two front seats in very good condition. Caramel nappa leather, code M1CR or M3CR. Would consider to buy the rear seat as well, if we can arrange shipping (I'm in Sweden). Doesn't matter if it is RHD or LHD as I only need the seat leather and some other details. Send me a PM or email to hd91@m5portal.com and we can work something out. Also looking for the right mirror glass/lense, aspheric version. And I need the plastic battery cover.
  5. 540v8

    champagne glovebox

    Some of you might of seen had a spare leather champange glovebox for sale. Not much of a market for these as if you have champange fitted to car then most prob all ready have a glovebox, this was a one off glove box having a champange Suede linner fitted but had seen better days. ( from leather dash car ) had been badly stained red in places. so had an idea to dye black... then recolour leather black. so have had a go at colouring the suede... leather yet to be done as got no dye not 100% but looks alot better more of hell lets see what it looks like than anything else... about £20 of dye used, soaks in very fast.
  6. Hi All , Just wondering if anyone on here has some E38 Comfort Rear Headrests they'd be willing to part with. Ideally in black leather but willing to take other coloured headrests as i can dye them black if need be. Thanks Jay
  7. Hi, New to the forum and looking for some advise please. I bought a 2007 520D LCi 12 months ago and love the car. The only thing I don't love is the cloth seats. When looking around I didn't put leather on the list of required spec. Wish I had! The cloth (grey) seems to show up everything. Even after cleaning stains just come back , I'm guessing thats due to the stain being on the cushioning. I'm after some advice on replacement leather seats. Can they be Pre LCI or have to be LCI?, Electric seats? where the current ones aren't can these be fitted and wired? Any things to look out for? Are all E60 seats (such as 530D) the same? Thanks in advance.
  8. Lads any way this can be rescued ? It's the drivers seat of my e39 . It's sagged at this point an the leather seems to have streched. Any way of tighten it up again???
  9. Hey guys, Today i've purchased an OEM sports steering wheel (late prefacelift one) for the E39. Yesterday I sat in a few new BMWs at the dealership and loved how the steering wheels felt. Can I see some pictures from those that had their wheels retrimmed, and the cost of it, thanks I'm thinking of having perforated leather on the East/West parts of the wheel, and Nappa smooth leather on the North/South parts of the wheel, with either Silver or Black stitching. I'm moving toward black stitching atm. Something like this (obviously mine will have the buttons on the wheel): Many Thanks
  10. Bimmernoob

    Gliptone Scuffmaster Black N6SW

    I've looked through Gliptone's website to find a match for my E39's black leather, but can't find an appropriate match for my N6SW leather. Anyone bought a Scuffmaster kit for black e39 leather? If so, which kit did you use? Thanks.