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Found 16 results

  1. If your estate BMW 5 Series (known as a Touring or the F11 or the GT F07) has its backside on the ground one morning or you have an error message on your dash relating to a ride fault or an air suspension fault, have a look through these threads to give you an idea on what the issue is and how to resolve it. This is a collection of just some of the threads to be found on here, not all are one here simply due to the fact, they were never resolved or closed out so there is nothing to be learned from them. This is purely a reference thread to other posts on here and is not to be used as a discussion thread. Failure symptoms above thread was closed out in last post of this next thread DIY guide to replacing the rear sir springs. DIY Guide to replace the solenoid valve System Behaviour Normal behaviour Compressor Compressor removal (access needed to NewTIS) Compressor Faults Ride Height Queries F11 Rear suspension height F07 Ride height query F11 ride height to high One side failure F07 Bump Stop issues Disintegrating rear bump stops Valve block Air spring fault Lowering of an F11 Standard or MSport Air spring differences Tech chat on tools needed for air line. Relay If you want another thread adding to this, please message me and I'll reference it in here.
  2. Soyf

    Gear box leak

    Hi All Last weekend I had a service done at a franchise garage including an air con re-gas and clean. Drove off on the motor way to find a weird noise under the car. Turns out it was the under tray half hanging off. So took it back to the garage, and eventually they agreed to pay for the replacement for the whole under tray as it was worn off. For now they removed the old tray and I am currently driving around without an under tray. Yesterday I was driving and notice a weird noise from my gear box, like a shuddering noise. Which only got worse the more I drove. So I took it to the garage that did the service. They took a look and said it was a gear box leak, and showed me the leak. As far as I am aware they dont service the gear box as a part of the Major service I paid for. However does any one think it was faulty workmanship or the they loose under tray that may have cause the gear box leak? Thanks
  3. Hello, I've located a leak on my Radiator, at the end of the top-hose where it joins the radiator itself. It's not entirely clear without dismantling as to whether this plastic section is removable from the main radiator, or whether it's an integral part of the unit. Looking on BMWFans I can see it's all listed as one part, but it's plastic whereas the rad is aluminium, so I'm wondering what my chances of either plastic-welding it or aralditing it as a short term fix may be :\ The leak is where the plastic panel and the hose join, It appears to be cracked for about 2 inches. When putting pressure on the hose in the right way it widens the crack and lets more water spray out. You can't see the crack in either pic but it'd be the right of where the hose joins in this picture, and runs vertically down: http://yfrog.com/mgbqrcj In this pic it's where the lightest colour aluminium is viewable, the crack is vertical along the side of this: http://yfrog.com/j2g2mjej I would suspect this is an integral part of the rad and I'm going to need to drop and swap the whole lot, but thought it worth an ask! Dropping the rad looks to need the front-end coming off so it'd be a weekends work for me I'm hesitant to drop 500quid on renewing the rad, water pump, 'stat, pipework etc and doing the job properly until I can be sure the car hasn't got any other hidden issues (I've only had it 2 weeks). Otherwise I wouldn't even consider doing such a hideous bodge job. Car is an E39, 530i (M54), Manufactured November 2000.
  4. I had my exhaust off today, as you do, to wash out the DPF. On the basis commercial vehicle DPFs are routinely washed I thought I'd have a go at mine. The car was telling me there was 600 miles left on the DPF (it's pre-LCi). What a joy it was separating the DPF. The bolts were rusted lumps but they sit in sleeves, so grind off the ends and the bolt is still solidly holding it all together. Angle grinder, blow torch and air chisel all were required. The DPF seems clean now, but what else do I find, the exhaust flexi is leaking. I guess that would explain the slight whiff of exhaust under the bonnet. The flexi is part of the Cat and there's not a lot of pipework to attach a clamp on replacement so what I'm looking for is recommendations of suppliers of replacement flexis. I suspect there's some cheap tat that won't last 5 mins out there and there's decent stuff too. I'm going to have to pay someone to chop the old one off and weld the new one on (I don't have a welder) so I want a quality part. Recommendations please. Here's the offending article:
  5. I need to flush and replace my coolant, it’s not been done for quite a few years. My experience of doing this is that the red drain plug, that looks like the picture below, tends to leak once it has been disturbed. Does anyone know the O-ring dimensions or a good place to get a replacement plug or O-rings from, I think the plug is around £9 normally, which seems a bit excessive for what it is.
  6. Cheddarbell

    MPM Failure

    Hi guys, i seem to have opened my boot boot the other night with my keys in my pocket. We had a fair bit of rain and water has made its way down to the spare wheel well, which unsurprisingly in turn has meant my MPM looks as though it’s died in a watery grave! The PDC is ok luckily but I’ve disconnected everything to be sure and to let everything dry. I’ve added a few pictures with a quick question below: This is the connection from the wires leading to the MPM, the wire itself is rather wet too...is this something that will need replacing along with the MPM or should it be fine once dried out? this is obviously the buggered MPM Thanks in advance for your help! Ollie
  7. There is quite a lot of oil over the engine on the drivers side and underneath of my 530D. Its all claggy and dirty, so I really cant start to trace the source, and cleaning it off is going to be a serious piece of work. To help in this, is there any likely sources of the leak? I know the car had a turbo change in MAY 17, as it had shagged bearings, and I suspect it was leaking oil via seals to the inlet. I changed the breather as soon as I acquired the car as they hadn't done it....I had wondered if previously it might have been spitting oil from a leaking turbo charge air outlet, and covering the side of the engine with oil mist. The oil isn't just on the block, its over loads of different stiff, which is what makes me think this might be the, or one of the sources. But any known other weak points would be really helpful. cheers Andy
  8. SpazaB

    Possible fuel tank leak?

    Hi all, I noticed a leak at the rear end of the car, a week or so ago, after running the engine for roughly 10-15 minutes. It was only small drips, maybe one every 30 seconds or so. I returned to the car a couple of hours later and it had stopped and dried up. When I tried to repeat the problem the other day, the leak didn't reoccur - although from the stains, it looks like it's been going on for a while. The tank is about half full at this point. I've attached the best pictures I can take, the hole looks small. Can anybody confirm this is the fuel tank, and if it looks like it could be repaired with a fuel-safe epoxy, such as JB Weld? Cheers SpazaB
  9. Hello, My first post on here. Not sure if this topic has been raised before but I did a search and could not find anything. I have recently bought a BMW 5 series 2.0D M Sport on a 57 plate. It has the N47 engine. I have now noticed oil on the drive and obviously have an oil leak. As part of my investigation into this I cleaned a lot of the oil away and found two loose jubilee clips on an oil pipe which I tightened. The leak is still there. However, when I was topping the oil up I removed the plastic cover above the engine and noticed oil or maybe fuel sitting in the recesses where the injectors are fitted. At first I thought it may be diesel from the leak off pipes but could not see any leak. When I dipped my finger into it I thought it was more likely to be engine oil as it did not smell of diesel and had the consistency of engine oil. This is a really strange place to find it. I did think perhaps a previous owner had topped the oil up but was less than careful and his was likely to be the source but I cleaned as much of it out as i could and it seems to have returned. I have attached a couple of images and am interested in any help any of you can give me. In addition, does anyone have any suggestions on common areas where engine oil is known to leak on these engines. Cheers Barry
  10. Hi all, Recently bought an M Sport E39 530d touring 2002. Loving almost everything about it but have just discovered a huge pool of water under the spare wheel. I have now managed to drain that out through the drain holes in the floor, which I shall reseal once the problem is cured. I am getting some water ingress from the nearside of the car through, I think, the ventilation flaps behind the bumper sides, which are just visible from inside the car, behind the cd changer. How do I cure that, when they are designed to open!? My suspicion however is that the majority of the water is coming from the offside, from beneath/behind the battery or fuses etc which are located here. Any suggestions where to look? My car doesn't have a sunroof and I don't think it's the rear lights (both highlighted issues when searching online). The problem has obviously been happening prior to my ownership since the floor of the spare wheel well has paint peeling and is generally not too clever. Are there's drains from the tailgate hinges and could these get blocked? All suggestions welcome.
  11. E60 530d, 2004 36k Two evenings ago I noticed a dark patch on the drive under my wife's car. Touching it found what I thought was fuel dripping from the underside. The leak was from two holes in a panel on the bottom of the car, between the wheel arch and bumper. As it was late I put a tray under there and went to bed. The following day there was little more than a couple of tablespoons of liquid in the tray, and I was able to see that quite a quantity of liquid had made a sizeable patch on the ground, and this run off down the drive to the drain, do it must have been a significant leak. I spoke to our garage who suggested a fuel leak, but can't look at it until next well. It's only today that I looked again, no more spillage, but the sill patch is dry, with a salty looking white deposit on the drive. On dipping my fingers in the fluid it feel like light oil, but clear and smells slightly floral! I have no idea what it could be and am not technical in the slightest, so any suggestions or advice would be most welcome. Thanks.
  12. Dethar

    530i Exhaust leak

    Hi All, Got a slight issue with my E39 the front section of the exhaust system has a leak during cold causing loud drone but once warm seems to seal itself up. Haven't noticed any loss in power or fuel economy yet.... I've narrowed it down to where the manifold pipe meets cat joint. On one of the pipes the bracket seems to have come loose, rusted up and seen better days. Took it to a local garage who advised that I will need to replace the cat as the bracket washer is not replaceable? How much of this is true? find it hard to believe. Also does anyone know any decent garages I can take it to in Barking/Ilford area. Cheers!
  13. MrToad

    EGR pipe leak

    I fitted an EGR bypass / blanking kit a couple of years ago, however the EGR "feed" pipe is now leaking part 1 below. It is leaking from the chamber section which appears to have some wire mesh "inside" the joint, as below. Anyone seen this before, is that "joint" supposed to be flexible or can I weld it up?
  14. Lexusbud

    Oil Leak But Where From?

    Hey to all! First of all may i congratulate on a beautiful forum, of which i am happy to be member. As with many, i have joined to leech on some great topics and data... But I have come stuck and would like some assistance!! I have a 2004 E60 530d Auto M57/TU Today has been a nightmare. Started the morning with a oil warning, top up 1l... Followed by an sensor warning... Then check under the car, and yes, pools of oil! I took the under plates off (the rear saturated in oil), removed the protective plate and started the clean up. Hoping that after ive cleaned the mess, ill find where the oil is coming from... Well, its certainly cleaner now, but i cannot tell what the oil is coming from... The circle is where the furthest i have traced the leak back to... The pic is taken from the underside facing up, with the sump on the left. Any ideas?
  15. Hi guys, I'm having white smoke issue on my E39 525dA 2001. When I drive more dynamically (more pressure?) the car starts blowing white (might be bluish) smoke - a lot, also white smoke is coming out from the passenger side of the engine. There's oil or maybe coolant leak (see the picture). The turbo is relatively new (about 40k miles), there's no apparent coolant level drop, the EGR is isolated. There's nothing unusual on the oil cap, but I think I'm loosing oil (no oil spots under the car). I'm thinking about failed CCV (oil getting sucked into the inlet), valve cover gasket failure, failed EGR coolant. Any suggestions? Here are the white smoke videos: Exhaust white smoke White smoke coming from the passenger side of the engine (valve cover gasket?) This is a picture of the leak:
  16. electriceel

    AC Receiver Drier Bottle Leak

    I bought my 52reg BMW e39 525D three years ago. The aircon wasn't working when I bought it. A top-up bottle from Halfords was used to recharge the system to the correct pressure, and the aircon then worked perfectly. The next summer, the AC system was working, but not as well as it should, with the typical fault of the drivers side eye level vent being warmer than the passenger vent. Checks revealed that the pressure had dropped again, so some more of the can was used to top it up again. This summer just gone, the system wasn't as good as it was previously, so I'm assuming that it lost some more refrigerant again. A while back, I had the engine compartment thoroughly cleaned, so I've had a close look around the AC system and the only thing which looks suspect is that there appears to be a slight leak of greenish tinted oil on the top of the receiver drier bottle, so I'm assuming it's the seal between the bottle and the alloy block which is bolted to the top of the bottle. What I want to know is,........ are there user replaceable seals such as "O" Rings at this joint, or are the seals a special type which are supplied complete with the drier bottle, meaning that I would have to buy a complete unit? And if they are just "O" Rings, what size are they? Thanks in advance