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Found 8 results

  1. Danielo_0

    General Intravee II doubts

    Hi RichardP, The first of all is to give you a thousand thanks for the patience you have with everyone and admire that you continue updating this great project that I sincerely learned about 2 months ago and I am perplexed by this invention of essential module for me and sure that for everyone too. Second forgive me for my bad English, I will use Google translate (although I think it is worse). I have several questions that I will be asking little by little to not overwhelm you. I have the intravee switch and I would like to be able to update it to the latest version just like the intravee (for improvements nothing more) I understand as I have read, it is updated by updating the same intravee module, but the intravee software (in this case 6.02 7155) Should this intravee switch software be included, which there are versions that you did not include by size, could you clarify if the last version of April 2019 included that update for the switch? In this case, how would you proceed to update the two things at once? Same as the intravee module alone? Thank you and I await your response before proceeding to do anything
  2. JonAre

    New to Intravee II - Help

    Hello Intravee users, Am new (late?) to the Intravee II for the E39 and seeking some help - please. Purchased a unit from a fellow bmw5 board member here and am seeking to add functionality, not audio, to my 540i. Plugged only the iBus connector into the Intravee and it seemed to work for a few minutes - folding mirrors on remote lock/unlock for example - then the extra functionality stopped... Decided to update the EPROM without any luck. Using the "downloader-v7.50-44" application. -the serial port "opens" - COM3 with a (pretty fast) baud of 115200. -loading (Open Firmware) the most current build v6.02-7155.blf appears to be accepted. -flashing (Program Firmware) the Intravee returns "Initializing ... Not in application or bootloader? Check cable?" (attached image) Is there another program missing? Need a different or special USB-Serial cable? From another thread, understand there is a fuse. Can one pry the case apart to check? Any help would be appreciated - thanks!!
  3. Had my used Intravee setup for just over a month, but need to do some rust repairs more urgently than first thought. Kit includes the Alpine unit, Intravee unit, all cabling, inline charger for the later iPods, lightning connector etc., plus an iPod 32GB 5th Gen. (The home button doesn't work, but there's an Apple workaround that works great) It owes me all-in £285, so that's what I'm asking for it. Postage would be about a tenner recorded. MSG me if interested, or 07980 314590.
  4. BMW_Luke

    Intravee auto lock/unlock

    Hello, I want to know if the auto lock/unlock function is also working for BMW e46 with memory function? In my old car (also a e46 but without memory) lock and unlock of the doors has worked perfectly. Unfortunately in my new car it doesn´t work and the only real difference is the memory function. I hope someone can help me here because I couldn´t find a solution by searching this site and google. Thanks and best Regards Luke
  5. agent orange

    Smoking iBus...

    Morning all hoping someone might be able to help. Getting my E39 530i Touring ready to sell and was removing the Intravee plus Alpine units and cabling to return to original. I've had the BM54 repaired by Baris which worked beautifully yesterday morning before I started this work. Unfortunately the iBus connector in the Intravee had disintegrated and whilst the top half of the plastic connector came away the 3 individual connectors were still left in the Intravee so I carefully removed with pliers. Not thinking about any power that might be carried I unintentionally touched two of the iBus wires at the same time with the pliers and got a little bit of white smoke. My car has a factory CD changer installed and the iBus connector originally went into that before the Intravee. I've put insulating tape around the 3 iBus wires to make it safe and both the iBus and audio cable that would plug into the CD changer are disconnected. I tried the radio and now nothing. I can no longer power on the radio (prof nav 16:9) So what have I done? Fried the BM54? Blown a fuse? Or by not having the iBus and audio connections I'm just not making a circuit so radio wouldn't work And where can I get a replacement connector for the iBus cable? Gah.....!!!! This is why I try to stay away from doing stuff like this!!! Many thanks
  6. derMaggus

    How to "restore" / do the recovery

    Hi, I'm new to the wonderful Intravee-World and currently really unhappy because I possibly ordered a used and broken Intravee II from a stranger. When I (correctly) connect the Intravee via the cd changer wires with my car it didn't wake up to life. The only sources I can find on my 16:9 monitor are the radio and tape. No cd changer/Intravee is shown. My last hope was the option "reboot" in the downloader App. But until now I didn't know how to use this correctly. Boud-rate, Com Port and so on matches the settings I can find in my Windows hardware settings. But whenever I try to connect the only message I get was: "not responding - check cable?". The fuse I found in the Intravee looks OK. Bypassing did not changed anything. I also found a Jumper for a recovery mode but I don't know how to use this. I also found no documentation for the jumper. There is one thing that catches my attention after I installed the Intravee: my IKE did some strange things. I did a video showing behavior from passing and leaving check control messages. Please ignore the abs/asc and airbag messages. Is there any chance to get this beautiful device working? Or is it totally bricked? If so can it be repaired? Please excuse my bad english... please feel free to ask if you don't understand something.
  7. greenUS

    Alpine DVA-5210 support

    Firstly I'd like to say the intravee is a wonderful device and one I would not be without. I am after some help with adding a DVD player. I currently run .7058 firmware and have the TUA-100DAB tuner, intravee switch, KCA-420i iPod interface and CHA-S634 MP3 CD changer. I am trying a DVA-5210 DVD player which I noticed was listed as 'theoretical support'. Has anyone else tried one of these? In my system it is connected to port 3 on the switch and I cannot seem to get the intravee to recognise it. The DVA is in AInet mode, I have tried with and without port override on the switch and with and without the switched ignition supply to the DVA (apparently not needed for AInet mode). In each case the DVA does not power on when selecting the net3 source. Any advice appreciated. Cheers Martin
  8. The "Control" menu item is gone from "Extras" menu list. I've the v6.02-6970 fw installed. My head unit is MKIV with SW 4-1/80. What I see when I go into the "Extras" menu list is "Vehicle Info" and "Extras Settings", but there is NO "Control" menu item. How do I remedy this? The IV is set to receive and set the clock by GPS but it sets it 4 hours ahead. I'd like to access the "Control" menu in order to fix/remedy this. I've rebooted the IV via the menu reboot option to no avail. Known bug? Fixed? Solution?