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Found 12 results

  1. Michael:E39

    Used Front Seats, Collection

    Black leather front seats (manual operation) in my 2002 530i Sport looking very tired (age related, not mileage at only 58,000). This is despite detailing with leather shampoo and balm. New replacement seats don't seem to be an option, and specialist seat renovators hard to find here in Dorset and surrounding counties. So, looking at used front seats. Inevitably, some don't look that much better than my existing ones, but there are one or two sets I've seen for sale that don't look too bad. I'm willing to collect within a couple of hours drive from Dorset coast (post Covid restrictions), but a bit unsure if two front seats would fit into the back of my E39 on the back seat for transportation. Any thoughts on the above, guys?
  2. NuckingFuts

    E39 Touring LavendelGrau Seats

    I have for sale, a seemingly rare interior, so much so that i can't even find the details on RealOEM It's a touring front and rear seats, as the rears have the catches on the top corners and have carpeted rears. They are heated and Electric comforts (16 way electric adjustment). I do have a retrofit wiring loom for it too, made by @3drstretch They are aout 6.5-7 out of 10 quality in that they need a clean which i may attempt over the weekend, but there are NO RIPS or tears. They've been stored in my shed, and wrapped in plastic from when i got them and not been mounted in my ownership. I do not have any door-cards, or centre console items or memory/dash buttons. In my opinion, they would suit cars of a similar or dark coloured cars/interiors. The lighting is horrendous, but i'm disabled and at risk of a hernia at the moment, so brilliant photos may take a while. Since I'm doing the M5 Touring project, the M5 seats will be coming over, therefore these are surplus to needs. *I really have no idea what to price these at*, bearing in mind there's a few bits missing to make it completely plug and play, so in the interests of following the rules: Price: £750 o.n.o Location: Heathrow/West London - due to weight, shipping will be at purchasers discretion and no liability will be held once they leave my hands - collection preffered - this will also allow people to see them first hand, as opposed to photos. Photos:
  3. I brought this to put in my M5 but changed my mind now so it's up for sale. E39 M5 full leather interior Includes Front and rear heritage leather seats- no rips or tears but general wear due to the Napa leather being so delicate. Door cards: They are fully trimmed in leather not like normal vinyl ones. See the stitching around the pockets. Drivers front and rear, good condition just some scuffs etc Passenger side have had airbags deployed. The front is worse than the rear, the rear can be popped back into place but the front has broken some of the tabs. My plan was to use an airbag panel form another door card and Transfer the caramel leather over to fix the problem. Leather lower dash a very rare option especially in this colour! Centre console with arm rest. All parts in good condition just a few scuffs here and there. Complete carpet for a saloon removed without cutting where the heater matrix is just needs a wet vac. Leather side panels for tunnel All the interior would look like new after a leather restoration with dye which was my original plan. Id recommend the liquid leather stuff as it works great. These parts are getting very rare to come buy now so get them while you can very few had the fully leather trimmed door cards. I can send more pictures if you like please drop me a message £1650 collection only. I'm firm on the price so no silly offers please
  4. Make me an offer. Interior: Black - Centre console (Non AC) Black - Handbrake surround Black - glove box Black - Carpet (no parcel shelf or rear seat lower) Exterior: Front idicators + Lenses Boot spoiler (smaller type, not the Mtech one) Boot lid (Holes for spoiler) Front and Rear bumpers in varying states Colour coded mirrors and bases Drivetrain+Engine: M20B25 engine (Motronic 1.3, removed from 87 E30 Auto) (Partly stripped) Open Differential - Needs new rear gasket Suspension+Steering: Front Struts (Non Abs) Front Subframe - Good steering box mount (Stripped of all rubber, ready for blasting and paint) Rear Subframe - Newer one with pitman arms (Stripped of all rubber, ready for blasting and paint) Rear Trailing arms (Stripped of all rubber + bearings, ready for blasting and paint) Steering Box Set of calipers and carriers - Front and Rear? 5 x TRX 2 style wheels 6Jx14 Wiper mechanism There is also an assortment of little bits and pieces that ill get photos of.
  5. Lloydy

    E28 Interior / Rear Seat wanted

    Hi all, anyone know where i can find an e28 rear seat? Herringbone in pine green for my lovely 525i? Help appreciated!
  6. Bowwow

    Interior: e34 or Original?

    My driver's seat has finally succumbed to the all-too-familiar driver's side bolster wear and needs to be replaced; unfortunately I've exhausted anywhere that has a decent replacement in the same colour / material (ebay (both UK & abroad), forums, breakers, Tim :-)), so I'm considering just replacing the whole lot with replacement seats from an E34. I would desperately love to keep it original, but I don't think this is going to be possible unless a decent one is broken / trashed anytime soon, so I think an E34 replacement is probably the best option. I know that fitting e34 seats is a fairly simple process that only requires some minor adaptions, but can the damage be repaired? the rest of the interior is unmarked and it would be a shame for it to go to waste!
  7. avaxis


    Hi guys anyone can help me ?? I have medium hole on my floor covering. How can i fix them please heeelp im trying to find some same material but i cant find them. And also dont need change full floor covering :(( BMW F10 and i think is Anthrazit colour.
  8. E34 black carpet, trim's, dash, under dash, center console, glovebox, plastics etc. Carpet is very good, no holes or wear around the acc pedal area. Prices, 40 for the carpet, 40 for the dash, 10 ish each for all the other bit's and bob's Located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  9. So, was having a look on E-Bay today and spotted this interesting E28 that's currently up for sale.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bmw-e28-/161373348591?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item259299e2ef All looks good, but the owner has put an E92 interior in there and it seems to look like a good fit. I have never seen this before and didn't think it was even possible - However, I think it looks pretty good and am now tempted to swap mine out for something a bit newer. Has anyone else done this? I know there are plenty of E34 / 7-Series interior conversions on the forums, but never seen an E92 swap before.
  10. Hi All... I am new to this forum and have looked through to see if anyone has answered this. I recently picked up a pre LCI 530d M sport and while its an amazing car, I really hate the interior wood trim. I have been able to get hold of so nice silver LCI trim (including door panels), the only thing I need to figure out is how to connect the new center console (the one with the integrated ashtray). In particular I am considering the DTC and PDC buttons. Has anyone done this, is there an adapter, or does anyone know the wiring set up so that I can cut and connect ( last option) I hope this hasn't been dealt with already, if so really sorry but I couldn't find it.
  11. Hi guys, this is my first post on this site and saw a few things that interested me. for example: heated seats vented seats electric rear blind lumbar support (mine has standard electric seats) possibility of these if money permits: upgrade to a MKIV navi rear heated seats bluetooth/hands free (preferably OEM) Voice control system. bassically why i started this topic is that i have some of the know how, (like the lumbar support instalation) but im having trouble finding parts and im even happy of looking to britain, europe and america to source them (im an aussie ). any help that anyone can give on where to get these parts, without it costing an arm and a leg, would be priceless! cheers.
  12. Hi Mates; Just finished wrapping a mates e39 10-piece interior trim set... Had woodgrain and was looking to make a change. Here are the pictures: