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Found 8 results

  1. WIN a TUI Travel Voucher with Chris Knott this month Looking forward to getting away this Summer? Get a car insurance quote and you could be on your holidays in no time with our May prize draw. You'll be doing the best for your car at the same time when you try club partner and enthusiast's specialist broker, Chris Knott... Simply get a car insurance quote (or home insurance quote) in May for the chance to WIN a £100 TUI Voucher towards your next trip (valid for 2 years). Call our QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (please mention this forum to access club member rates). or request a callback: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/carquote/?ref=918 Full details: https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/news/car-insurance/win-p100-tui-travel-vouchers/ The vouchers are valid for UK or foreign bookings - for hotels, flights or a full package - made in the next 2 years, so it doesn't matter if you're not ready to travel just yet. What's more important is that you get your car covered by someone who understands what it means to you as a club member. Someone you can talk to if there are any questions or issues. Someone who is accessible by phone and not hidden behind a website or generic email address. We look forward to helping you find a great price backed by our valued service. best, Nick PS. Don't forget to take part in our Virtual Car Show this month too for more chances to win prizes (see separate post). ---------------- Feedback from happy customers "Fast, efficient, friendly service." Mr Bevan Muston, Trustpilot "Easy to deal with, fast on the paperwork, excellent value." Nick Shorey, Trustpilot "In comparing quotes, staff were extremely helpful and the price quoted was considerably less than my previous insurer. Thank you all for your professionalism working from home in these crisis times." Patricia Williams, Trustpilot "A great insurance company - will beat or match any quote you get, they've beaten mine saving me around £75. However, the policy they gave had alot more with it as extras and great customer service - thanks again Chris Knott, thanks to Kim for all her help. Also during Covid 19 they lowered my deposit which was so helpful." Daniel Moreton, Trustpilot "Best quote for my replacement Hyundai Coupe. Efficient and friendly even in these lockdown times." John Stephenson, Trustpilot
  2. Da Vid Wizzy

    Insurance on 520d

    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum and also a new owner of BMW 520D F10 I'm aware that the insurance for such a car in my age won't be cheap, but I just want to make sure I check everything before paying 3k a year. So I'm 20 years old, 21 in March. Held my licence since September 2015 and only got 1 year no claim as someone reversed into me last year so lost basically 2 years worth of ncb. I bought a bmw 520d f10 m sport 63 plate, and when I made a quote on confused.com I only found a 3.1k quote the cheapest, which is quite a lot. I'm driving a ford focus 1.0 125 15 plate atm and I'm paying around 2k for the insurance having my mum as additional driver with eu licence. I might be stupid getting a car like this, but it's only 2l, my mates were driving m235 at the age of 20-21. So I just wanted to ask if you guys any idea of what can I do, or which insurance provider to choose to pay as little as possible? Hope I get some help, thanks! :)
  3. Biotoxic

    Windscreen cover question

    Hi folks, Although I have a windscreen cover from my insurer, is there anything specific that I should know? Insurance will be renewed in August. I read that there is a specific windscreen for e60. Some kind of thinner coat near the rear view mirror for the tag readers for the toll roads for example... Maybe there are a UV or anti reflection covered one as well?
  4. NuckingFuts


    Hi all, many of you may hate the topic, but it's a necessary evil for the safety of the cars and everyone/everything else using our roads. My question being, the awesome people that drive the M5s, what do you pay? Age, Location, 12m Insurance cost. I'm getting ever closer to the idea of selling the touring and getting one, the only thing putting me off, (other than the cost of a decent one being a couple thousand over my budget) is the cost of insurance. I already have an E30 thats got a Turbo conversion and insured for the last three years for up to 400bhp so i'm hoping that comes into consideration when they work out the costs. Thanks Deepan
  5. Sometimes you get a quote that just makes you LOL...... really hard....in the face So this is the story. I was insured on a 2 month old policy for the x-type jag we had. Then I bought this 540i. So I called the inscrewerance company (M&S Insurance )to change policy details. Unfortunately my current policy underwriters wouldn't insure that car, this isn't uncommon. So they quoted me for a fresh policy. Ok all fine and good at £322 which was about the same as the Jag policy was. I was to get £228 back from the old policy so only an extra 94 quid to pay which I was happy with. Then as per usual one of the last questions was has the car been modified and I mentioned the professionally fitted, certified and registered LPG conversion and the quote went from £322 to £1170 something. So I banged the phone and wiggled my ear before asking can you repeat that again, it sounded like you said £1170 something. yep, that's it, cheapest we can do. So I jumped on the comparison sites and got tons of quotes under £400. In the end I got a policy for £315 for the both of us protected NCB the lot. I then had to call M&S Inscrewerance to cancel. So they screwed me for the £50 odd quid cancellation fee. Like I had a choice not to! Why are modifications to the car the last thing to be asked about. I've had many modded cars at different levels and one thing that kills an insurance quote is just that. They'd save a lot of phone time by asking if it was a standard unmodified car first. Not after spending 20 minutes squeezing your life history out of you.
  6. Well the other half had an encounter on the motorway the other day resulting in what seems to be largely cosmetic damage to the front end. My once-over says a new Mtech bumper, bonnet, left wing, left headlight plus whatever is underneath and damaged, is going to show a bill of around £4,000 from the estimate, and thus I anticipate the insurance company writing the vehicle off. We love this car. We just spent an ample amount this past summer to refurbish the front suspension, it has new tyres, a lovely lpg system on it, interior is lovely, and we will hate losing it. My first reaction is I would just replace it with another, but then I wouldn't have the improvements that are on my car to start with. I'm really irritated. This is my first such experience in the UK, or anywhere, and I am wondering what to do. Is disputing the settlement value with the insurer worthwhile? How likely is it that I can find another shop to do the repairs within the settlement amount? If I have to replace it, how does one go about selling the wrecked vehicle, or does the carrier take that away with the settlement? Thanks for your help. I've run a search or two on the forum but am not finding information, so I apologise in advance to those with the 'GIYF' response.
  7. Bennybear

    Insurance - Help Needed

    2gether Insurance - dont trust them. I have a written quotation from them, and an email copy quoting a £450 premium. Valid for 14 days, i called them today to take them up on it and they said the premium would be £5,000 jokers! So, i've had a quote for £950 from Esure, but that still seems a little high. 34 yr old Sales Director Secure off road parking 4 yrs no claims CU80 3 pts - £70 fine low crime rate post code Who do you guys find good for Alpina insurance, surely it can be considered classic car ins? Picking it up today so need cover to start today, any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks Ben
  8. Here's a chance for members to show off their cars and their photo skills as we launch the Chris Knott Virtual 'SHOW & SHINE' over on our Facebook page. All you need to do is LIKE our page - Chris Knott Facebook - and post a pic of your car on the page. There's a PRIZE for the winning entry and another one for the best runner up. The WINNER will receive a tasty Nikon D3200 + 18-55mm VR lens kit* worth £370. The best RUNNER UP will win a much coveted 3LT X0a Tim Evolution 2 Magnesium Alloy Tripod* worth £130. The closing date for entries is 31st October 2013 - so 3 months for you to get the creative juices flowing and come up with something if you haven't already got an image to post up. Your car could be stock or modified - there are no restrictions in that regard. Be inventive. Remember, unlike a traditional Show & Shine, this is a photo comp so we will be looking for the 2 photos that show cars off best but please keep it clean (the photo)!! It doesn't have to show the whole of your car - it just needs to have a car in it. Think about location, lighting, angles, etc. The pic can be anything amateur - an Instagram photo, straight camera-phone pic or something a bit more serious and we're happy if you want to use effects. The only stipulation is that it must be your own photo and your own car (not an image nicked off the internet). Have a look at the photos we've added to our FB page and commented on to see the sort of images that we've appreciated in the past. We're really looking forward to seeing your pics as you post them. There's no limit to the number of different photos you can post. *Equivalent value prizes may be substituted if these models are not available at time of judging.