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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, this is my first post on this forum; I've found lots of answers here previously, but can't find the answer to this one. My car is a 2003 E39 530D Sport Touring, and I'm having quite a few electrical gremlins at the moment. The battery was on its last legs so I've replaced that, but still have several issues to track down and want to check/clear some errors using INPA. The problem is, I can only read and reset errors on some modules on the car, other modules return the error: 'IFH0009 no response from control unit'. I'm using an old laptop running XP and INPA 5.02. I bought a USB-OBD EDIABAS cable which came with INPA and other BMW software. The installation worked for several modules and allows me to read and clear faults etc., but for other modules it won't connect. I did a lot of searching and found some guides which mentioned using a VAGCOM cable with FT232RL chip, so thinking the cable might be causing the problems, I bought one of these and installed a new driver for it. I still have the same problem, I can only connect to some modules. I also found online a later (mainly German language) version of INPA (5.06) and installed it under Windows 7 on another laptop. It also only permits access to some modules (I think the same ones) using either cable. Modules I can't access include the Airbag, Air Suspension unit, AC, Immobiliser EWS, Rain & Light sensor RLS, Cruise Control GR2 and Central Body Electronics ZKE3. I'm pretty certain all of these are fitted to the car. Does anyone else have similar problems, or can you access all the modules on your car using INPA?
  2. I've been using INPA and DISV57 and trying to get used to them. INPA is okay for me now and I am getting to grips with DIS. A mate came round recently and loaded up ISTA-P on his laptop. It looked impressive but I did leave it pretty much to him. He just sent me a text saying I can get it installed on my laptop, guaranteed to work for around £30. Should I go for it or save my money? I have found plenty of free ISTA-P downloads but the installation looks tricky. I would appreciate your thoughts TIA Changy
  3. I just thought I would post this in the hope it will help fellow members. I bought a cable from Cable-Shack and started to explore its use. Then stupidly I put the car into transport mode and for the life of me could not work out how to get out of it. Mine is the 2004 e60 so it is really simple. Start INPA and ensure have the black dots for ignition etc Select your vehicle accordingly, mine is F5 for E60 On the bottom row of commands, you will see ACTIVATE (F6), click this with the mouse or hit F6 You will then see a list of functions with the pertinent ones being Transport Mode On Transport Mode off. Select OFF and you will deactivate it. I now have a radio, iDrive Screen, Aircon, central locking, windows etc. HTH Changy
  4. Have a small problem with my aircon, it starts to get warm when the car is stationary, so I plugged in INPA today and got this The first one is the Webasto heater which I know does not work so not worried about that but anyone know what/where is the AUC Sensor? Thanks for looking.
  5. Hello everyone! Sorry to be that guy but this car now makes me want to cry! I had a small hiccup and after replacing a few items, I thought I would reset the adaptives, silly me! The car is a 525i N53 07 and I think its an LCI too? Now I have no throttle, checked the harness, connectors, replaced the throttle and even had the ecu reflash to no luck! Has anyone had a similar issue? And found a fix? Regards Adam
  6. NuckingFuts


    Hi guys, just a quick one on machines used for coding? I've got an old samsung laptop that needs a few bits doing to it (hdd and busted keyboard - no sticky stuff ) 3gb RAM and decent enough on board graphics. No RS232 but i've got an RS232 - USB2.0 adapter. Bought a cable for the OBD2 anyway recently. what machines are you guys using and did you buy one specific for it, or repurposed an old one? favourite specs? Cheers! Deepan
  7. I am getting the "check brake linings" message on my dash display AND the "red brake shoe with exclamation mark".All pads are good and fluid is correct level. Brakes work as they should. No speedo issue or gear changing issue.I joined the wear pads wires last week just to rule them out. (no change)When driving I will see the linings warning AND the red warning flash up together, never noticed it happening when braking. This will happen dozens of times and eventually the red light will stay on.... then the lining warning stops (until ignition is turned off).INPA shows all speed sensors working and tracking the speed together when driving.The red light gives a 151 error (canbus brake system).I did get a brake light switch code (6) but changing that has made no difference.I will trace the wear sensor wires back to see if there is a break anywhere BUTdoes anyone know if the red light SHOULD come on with the pad wear sensor ? I have seen a low voltage error logged with the canbus 151. Battery tests good and charging is good. Left in on a trickle charge overnight to see if that changes anything ?(I have added an image (not my dash) indicating the red light (shown orange in the pic) showing.) getting confused !
  8. jonwil560115

    Error codes

    found these two lovely error messages on the shadow memory. The one i'm interested in is the first one - i think this maybe the cause of my rear PDC sensors detecting thin air when the engine is running (they work fine with just the ignition on) i've tried the Googles but this hasn't brought anything up
  9. Hi This might be for Jimmy, but someone else might know too. I had INPA running on an old IBM T30 but the screen is not very bright, and I have been given a Acer Aspire one and updated this to Win7. There is no serial port so when another forum member was selling one of Jimmy's USB OBD leads I jumped at it. I would say the instructions are brilliant - good job there by Jimmy, esp as the software isn't designed for Win7 so all the notes, etc are really good and would highly recommend it. The install worked first time, however I have noticed that in both the old verson (v3) of INPA running on the IBM, and the V5 of INPA supplied, the foot notes to the errors are in German still - see pic below. Whilst the error is in English, is there any way of getting the footnotes in English too? Thanks,
  10. Machinehead

    error in German

    From the album: pdf

    shows error bit at the bottom in German
  11. Hi guys I plugged in my cable I bought from BMTechnics and run INPA on it to see if I can find any error codes on my car. Below are the screenshots I managed to get, will anyone be kind enought to explain any or all of this to me please This is message I got when I Read Error Memory on Engine This is when ECU Information Memory was read (to be honest I do not know the differant between the 1st one [Read Error Memory] and 2nd one [Read Information Memory] In INPA I selected the first option, which reads something like "Functional Jobs" and then selected Identification I got these when I was reading Error Memory when I had selected "Functional Jobs" Sorry my knowledge on INPA is very minimal so have no idea what half the stuff means, but thought I would ask you guys. Thanks for your help
  12. Azzy420

    INPA Help

    Hi mate I am running INPA and was wondering if you could help me identify the fault codes in the screen shots attached please? Am an absolute novice, and still trying to figure out how to use it Thanks
  13. Azzy420

    INPA help required

    Anyone able to help me with INPA readings please? If yes that would be great, please have a look at my thread and someone tell me if all looks ok? http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/87701-inpa-help/?p=925610 Thanks
  14. Azzy420

    DIS and INPA help

    Hi guys will be you able to help me understand these images http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/87701-inpa-help/?p=925610 Thanks
  15. Dotcom1970

    Windows XP Laptop

    I have a second hand Toshiba Equium Laptop running Windows XP going cheap. Ideal for running BMW diagnostic software as supplied by Jimmy etc. Give me a shout if interested.