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Found 28 results

  1. So I have been reading about failed iDrives, or CCC or head units, or screens but I haven't found anything with the symptoms I'm experiencing. Maybe I have missed them and my apologies if my problem has been covered else where but I hope some of you may be able to help me find the best way to fix the iDrive in my 09 E61. Effectively the screen is dead, I don't think it's black with no signal as I can't see any grey lighting around the edges. The parking sensors still work. The CD accepts a disc and will eject it When the power button for the radio is pressed the radio comes on. I can only here one station as none of the preset buttons work. The volume buttons work on the steering wheel. Nothing displays when I turn the iDrive controller or any of the buttons around it on the centre console. I think I checked the right fuses but none looked blown. The cigarette lighter power in the front ashtray has no power or is broken. Does any of this ring any bells or make any sense to any one out there. Appreciate any suggestions or help on offer. Many thanks
  2. Hello there, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice and or wiring diagrams. I'd like to upgrade my Magneti Marelli head unit to an NBT professional system with wider screen and touchpad in my 2014 5 series (F11). I've managed to get the professional screen in no bother but have noticed that the wiring doesn't quite match up in the back of the new NBT head unit (see image below). Can any one tell me what the (from left to right) pink (assume that this is the screen cable), beige, green, yellow, white and orange female sockets are? I have a blue, dark green, beige and white cable remaining from the old magneto system but these don't fit which is probably a good thing as I'd be guessing what these cables connect to. I'm assuming that I'm going to need some new cables and will have to chase them through the back of my dashboard. I'd be keen to know if anyone has any guides or diagrams that can help me. Cheers, Sam
  3. Hey guys I'm attempting to swap out my idrive unit for the CCC with 8 inch screen OEM. Currently got the basic 5 inch screen with no sat Nav. Is it a straight swap? I'm worried about how the sat Nav will work and where it will get the GPS from Please advise
  4. d_a_n1979

    2006 730D maps update

    Thought I'd post this in here in case anyone knows I'd like to see if there's a 'latest' version of maps that I can update my system to; it has the Navi DVD unit in the boot and on the iDrive screen etc. As far as I can tell; it's the OEM original version Wondered if the iDrive unit and Navi system in mine is the same as the E60/E61s; so hoping from answers from that crowd
  5. I am looking for any help on how to get my CD changer to show up so i can use it. Currently I don't see it. I have the CD working but thats a separate unit obviously. I was thinking of buying the Carly iphone coder and thought maybe that had something in there to see if the CD changer worked or what might be wrong. Maybe someone has tested this so might know if this would work? Many Thanks
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my Bluetooth. I have had my phone paired but recently the option to turn on the Bluetooth doesn't work. On the setting menu I try to click it but it won't tick the box. I recently had to charge my battery and when I plugged it back in the Bluetooth worked. Then later that day it wouldn't work again. I can highlight the option to turn it on but wouldn't let me tick it to turn it on... any ideas?
  7. Hi all, I'm relatively new to the BMW world and have only had my car for around 2 months. Last week my remote central locking stopped working for both key fobs, but the radio still worked fine with no issues. I did the usual and Googled the problem and came across the usual 'Diversity Unit' failure. Last Friday I checked it and it looked perfect with no corrosion or rust anywhere, put it all back together and it still wasn't working. I found a thread on here suggesting there could be corrosion on one of the pins that connects to the diversity unit in the boot so I checked that. I opened the boot with the button on the boot lid and it powered open. I unplugged the cable that was pictured, checked it, all looked OK so I plugged it back in again. I also checked some fuses just to make sure none had blown and they were all OK. I made sure everything was back as it was, went to close the boot using the close button inside the boot and it was dead, no power or anything. I checked to make sure I could start the car and it started fine, however now lots of warning lights are on the dash and the following are no longer working...: Idrive Speedo MPG needle Power steering Airbags ABS Traction control Seatbelt warning light is on (no dinging) PDC Heated seats Suspension level control Tire pressure monitor And probably lots of other things! Any ideas as to what has happened or what I need to do to get them working again?? Thank in advance.
  8. My idrive mask unit gave up and I bought a used unit from ebay and fitted it and brought it to an autospark to get it coded to my car but he has been unable to now to get radio working as of yet but all other functions are working - any advice would be really appreciated - thanks
  9. AnnieMac

    Replacement IDrive

    for BMW 5 series 2013 I have broken my idrive inside the car which I use to play music, update the car service needs etc. it is the screen which is smashed is it possible to repair the screen or do I have to replace the whole unit? can anyone recommend or suggest anything that might help me AnnieMac
  10. Hello Everyone,My name is Han and I just bought a 3 year old November 2012 registered 520d F11 with professional SAT NAV about a week ago.The car is in great condition and drives fine with 90k on the clock.So I went on to the BMW website to download the lateast software for the Software update with BMW ConnectedDrive - other compatible devices. Then I copied the software into a USB drive and started updating the idrive on the car via USB.The installation went on fine and then a message appeared and said to let the display and engine turn off by itself. Therefore I waited for it to shut off and then I tried starting the car again and the display on the car showed "NO SIGNAL"Has anyone here experienced the same issue as I do ? If yes, I would really appreciate any input or ideas about this. Thank you very much.
  11. Right I have just spent almost 1500 on my car to sort the timing belt which means I will be keeping it for the next 10 years!!! I just need help with something and I would appreciate all the help I can get. My car is a 2010 build. 520d f10 with business navigation i.e the small screen one and not the wide screen display. I have no USB on my glove box, just a 3.5 mm audio in. Anyone know how I can rig it to read music files from a flash drive. I dont even mind a crude one. Maybe something like an adaptor that can connect to the box or whatever it is in the (combox?) I just want to be able to read music files from a flash drive. At the minute I'm having to burn MP3 files to a CD and it works ok. Its able to read from folders etc Can anyone please help
  12. Hello..Can anyone help with the following. My headlights are not very bright are there any solutions? Is it possible to easily upgrade my idrive/entertainment system to digital? many thanks...new to this forum.....
  13. Hi all. I've gone and bought a 2005 M5 to have some fun. I've bought it to do some work too and as a beginner would like some advice and tips as I learn the car. First off is the alloys. I'd like to buy some new ones as these have been repaired and need replacing. Tyres are good so ideally would like to keep them. Current tyres are as follows:- Front 245/35/20 Rear 285/30/20 There are some chunky spacers on them (I haven't measured them yet and I don't yet know the offsets) Can anyone suggest some good wheels to reduce the spacer thicknesses? I've attached a photo of the current wheels (I don't know the name!)...
  14. I just wanted to know anyone have a fiscube tv tuner installed to there car, i was interested in purchasing the tv tuner for my CCC idrive and wanted to know if anyone owned one and if i should know anything about it before i make the purchase. Lastly installation...anyone with great knowledge of installing the fiscube? I would need someone to install it for me as im no good with all the background works involved.
  15. Gobojo

    CCC replacement

    Hi Just got my BMW 5 series 2004 back from the independent dealer It looks like I need a new CCC They are quoting £970 fitted and programmed inc VAT dose this sound about the going price Thanks
  16. Hello, first post on this forum. I have a 2004 545i that i recently bought as a bit of a project car. It has 108k miles, and was sitting for a few years before i bought it. Recently ive been having a battery drain issue. The battery would drain overnight, but i would never get a high battery drain or a low battery code. Figured it was the IBS, so i unplugged it and it seemed to be working fine for about 4 days. Today, i went to drive my car, it started up (starter sounded stressed, it cranked slowly), but the iDrive wouldnt turn on, and i got an SOS malfunction light. It also seemed to be idling rough during warm up. I decided I didnt want to drive it, and took my other car out to run errands for a few hours. I came back, tried to reset the iDrive, and the car was dead. Here's the weird part, the battery was at 8.89 volts when i checked it hooked up to the car. I took it out to go charge it, but when i took it out it suddenly read 10.5 volts. I got the battery tested (it is less than a year old) and it checked out 100%, alternator charges at 14.2 volts, but the battery tester said that my starting system failed (whatever that means, considering it started). Ive heard of starters shorting themselves out by grounding against the wall of the housing, while still being able to crank...could this be my problem? Aside from that, when i get in the car (without putting the key in the ignition) the 6 cd changer wakes up and starts shuffling around. Not sure if its supposed to do this before starting the car. Also the shift indicator light stays on, but i've heard that it is supposed to stay on. This one has got me stumped, any information would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Gobojo

    Proper newbie

    Hi everyone I am a proper newbie not just to this site but also to BMW I just bought a BMW 5 series 2004 530d The idrive has been having a booting problem which I see all over the net seems to be almost a stranded fetcher. It is in the garage as we speak to see what's up with it I was wondering if anyone here has had work done on there idrive and what sort of price they have been paying. If you could let me know then at least I will have some idear if I am being taken for a ride when I get the quote back thanks
  18. 2004 E60 530i - iDrive, screen constantly rebooting from last week 12/2013, my car's idrive and screen keeping restart every 20 mins when on the road now occationally every 5-10 mins when driving on road, but was fine if only a short trip, strange. the screen suddenly blank for 20 secs then came back to normal... radio, cd, nav no responese when it rebooting..... PS: one month new bettery and alternator, voltage 14.5-15v when running anyone got the same issue? your help would be much appreciated!
  19. Looking to change my iDrive from the standard CCC to CIC and I've contacted a couple of people that do it and I've been quoted close to 3 grand. I know that half the price is the cost of the unit and the labour involved in taking the thing out and fitting it back again, but Is this a straight swap and after just a matter of coding? Because if it is this, I could buy the CIC myself and fit it and then take it to get it coded. Would all the cables and things in the back of the unit be the same as on the old one or is there cutting and soldering involved?
  20. I may sound a bit sad as its friday and i am writhing topic this time off night lol, any way i don't care, lets get to the point, on my bmw 520d i don't have bluetooth built in, so i was looking for an alternative and i came across this little device which work through aux connection, it called Kinivo, cost me only £20, and believe me it worth every penny, i can make call and stream my music from my phone, and it looks good to, its been few weeks since i installed it, so far no one complain about call quality, and music quality is as good as cd, it even has forward and rewind button, and the best thing is i can connect my ipod and my samsung s4 at same time, and it works perfectly,if i get a phone call while listening my ipod it pause the music and connect to my phone. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/B009NLTW60/ref=cm_ciu_pdp_images_2?ie=UTF8&index=2 Pardon me for my spelling, as i have dyslexic issue Hope this may help few people, or may be u guys already know.
  21. Orpinder

    Idrive help - 520d se

    Hi guys Really need your help with what happend with my idrive today. Recently about 2months ago i had a local bmw specialist do a full idrive upgrade. I went from brownish idrive to the greyish idrive. All has been ok until today... This morning started the car up as normal and noticed that the screen looked abit dull. thought nothing of it as all was working cd, radio, parking sensors etc. SO went to work and parked up at work as usual and all ok. However this evening when leaving work started car as i normally do and idrive dead no screen flicker no power to screen no sound no music..... i then turned the car off stepped outside and locked it and left it for a few minutes Got back in and turned on as usual but nothing at all. Got home and as parking the car on the drive the parking light button turns on and i can hear the beeps but no visual on the screen. I am now not sure what to do or what to check.... Can anyone advised me on what to check and how to proceed Thanks All help appreciated
  22. Fresh

    sluggish auto box

    Hi all Is there anything I can do to improve my auto gearbox on my e61 525d msport tourer? if left in normal auto mode, she seems to hold on to gears forever, despite very light, or no throttle. Also it occasionaly 'shunts' into 1st gear when i've stopped at lights etc...... Do not have different modes to choose from, but it does seem to be stuck in a very sporty mode??? Can i get this changed? I thought these gearboxes learnt, or were inteligent?? Any help please?
  23. Just picked up a 525d Msport as a replacement for my 335i Coupe. Generally like the car a lot, the whole package seems so much more modern that my 2007 coupe. Just missing the outright power of the 335 versus the 525d, but I am getting used to it. I have a question for readers, when using my iPhone as the audio device, it will display the album art as a large picture in the main window for new albums. It won't however shrink to the smaller picture in the top right of the main window after that (as shown in the BMW brochures) any ideas? Also on the sat nav, when I have reached my destination, the smart panel display below the speedo/tacho continues to display directional arrows and distance? This again, seems wrong. Is this a fault? If anyone can provide any information about these issues it will be greatly appreciated before I take it back into the dealers.
  24. Fresh

    2nd opinion please?

    Good morning all, Was hoping some of you knowlegable chaps (or chapesses) could offer a second opinion on the below. I took my much loved and maintained e61 2005/55plate 525d msport to my new BMW stealer in Coventry (Sytners) for her routine service (143k miles) and this is what the robbin gits came back with: Requires new EGR valve £241.50 + vat(even though just replaced along with other thormostat in Jan 12. see other topics) Auto Gearbox oil change and new seal £370.00+vat!!!!! New rear suspension wishbones (both sides) due to apparent knackered bushes, and new n/s/f track rod + alinement £1153.00+vat (not noticed any issues!!!) Complete new pads & discs front / rear £678.00+vat (even thought all checked 100% by previous dealer in Jan 12 when thermostat replaced!!!) Apparent engine oil leak from inlet manifold £322.00+vat (no leaks ever noticed on drive/ no excess consumtion etc....) As you can see, the above list totals to a princely sum of cash, that even if required, i believe the prices to be over inflated and mildly taking the p*ss! Q1) Has anyone else experienced issues as above with dealers trying it on? Q2) Surely some of the faults would be noticable and spotted by other dealer in Jan 12? Q3) Even allowing for worst case senario......Am I the only one shocked by the prices? I look forward to the associated rants and constructive feedback
  25. Fresh

    Hidden OBC Menus?

    Hi. Having read all the topics and links concerning the OBC hidden menus, why can't i access them? 99% of the links suggest only on post 07 models? Is this the case? Cheers