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Found 11 results

  1. Holo

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Hello! I'm new here, my name is Jack and I choose my car! Interested in BMV5, I want to understand more about this issue! Have a nice day, everyone!
  2. Ed Bond

    Nearly new to BMW

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to buy my new to me BMW 5 series so doing lots of reading and research and sure I will have questions!! Live in Worcestershire, have a kit car in gold. Currently a Seat Ibiza driver (company car) and want something nice to sit in!! Ed (I read pictures are liked, so here is my toy, with my best mates toy!
  3. Nutspinner

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. New to this forum looking for help and advice. Will post pleading, begging topic in relevant areas and hope someone can cure this headache for me!!!! Thanks in advance!
  4. Chuttonx

    Er...hello :)

    Well, hello all, completely new to these forums and know bugger all about BMW's the right place to come to? Ok so I'm here to learn a bit, tell you a bit about me. I am a contractor who operates a single director Limited Company, looking at buying a company car. Trawling through lots of sites of late, then I discover the 5 series BMW ( yes I've seen them throughout my 40 something life ) but I am really really noticing them now. How efficient, luxurious, gadget laden, just right up my street basically. So I am seriously seriously considering a 5. 520 Efficient Dynamics ( Blue Performance.) Professional Media 2012 ( 62 pref ) for under 12k Ok ok I set my sights very high I know , but hey, why not take a chance. Anyway, I'd love to hear from other folk with this spec. Many thanks in advance Colin.....
  5. Doc_P

    How Do

    Hi all, Im Doc_P, I'm just about to take delivery of my first BMW. It's a 530d MSport (E60). I thought I'd better join some forums and get involved in the community....as I do with any hobbies or things I become interested in. Soak up some knowledge and wisdom from some experienced people...which there seems to be around here. See you around
  6. TimmyTermite


    Greetings All!
  7. DazH

    Hello 5er Folk!

    Hello Fellow 5er Pilots! My name's Darren and from South-East London, Bermondsey. some 'Might' recognise me from BMW owners club Uk. I have me a gorgeous '87 E28 520i. Not looking so gorgeous right now as it only has half an engine and a dismantled... well... Everything. I'm about half way through an M50 conversion. Good fun, Good fun. Just joining for the banter really. I'm quite savvy with a spanner so, if I can assist I shall! Maybe some of you older folk can lend a hand with my motor to! Anyway, I have a facebook page I recently started so if anyone wants to join in on that, feel free https://www.facebook.com/BmwE28SocietyUk Hope to jump in the forums as soon as possible thanks very much Daz
  8. Hi Guys, My nmae is Neil and I'm new to this forum and also to forums generally. I am also new to BMW, I come from Skoda and the VAG brand. I now own a 2008 520d M-Sport. Very happy so far but need to add audio optaoins like a CD changer or something. I cant promise anything but I may be of some usr in the future as I'm an electronics design engineer working in the automotive sector. I like to get my teeth stuck into technical projects and am lookg forwards to learning allot about BMW's.
  9. Orpinder

    Hello to all

    Hello to all members, I would like to say that from reading this forum, I have made two right choices, first is joining here and second is buying a BMW. I am currently in the process of buying my first BMW and if all goes well I should have it by this weekend........ Hopefully.... Getting rid of my '51' 1.6petrol focus and going for a 520d... A big change but after the test drive worth the wait.. Thanks
  10. neilgray


    just bought e39 530d se,wasn.t really looking for 1 but a mate of mine left it with me while he went on holiday.and i bought it from him. now i want some advice please,want to de-cat and re-map,sport wheels or similar and bumpers.its fast now but i want more,larger intercooler?get rid of inlet flaps and anything else i should know thanks.glad to be back in a bm neil.
  11. HI all, Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Lee and I'm looking to find myself a fast diesel estate for approximately £10k. I think I should be in the right place I currently drive a Legnum VR-4 which is a 2.5 V6 twin (one per bank) turbo Galant estate with AYC from the Evo 4. I do my own work to the car and have added a boost controller, piggyback ECU, 3" stainless exhaust from the turbos back, 6-pot racing calipers and AP discs at the front, uprated FMIC and more to bring it up to 300+ bhp and 400+NM of torque. Grip is phenomenal due to the AYC and makes it perfect for the German winters. Unfortunately with the cost of fuel rising I have decided it's time to turn to diesel and the bank manager (wife) has allowed me to spend £10K. I've tried an E320 CDi but it didn't quite fit for me, albeit it was a nice car. But I'm yet to try an E60 5 series estate, which I've always admired since they were released. Said Wife isn't as impressed with the styling and particularly the dashboard, 'It looks like an afterthought', but having sat in a 530d yesterday I found it a nice place to be. I'm a gadget freak and therefore the more extras the better, so far my minimum spec would be a 530d SE with sports seats and pro navi but ideally I would like to get an 05-6 535d M-Sport with the the Panorama roof, media pack, all the gucci electric options for the seats and the electric tailgate. Not much I know We live in Germany due to work and I expect to be here for at least another 2 years so I have the world at my doorstep and the Nürburgring just down the fantastic autobahn. The current car I've had 4 years now and the replacement needs to last another 4-5 again so lower mileage would be much better but I'm not afraid of a higher mileage car as long as it has good service history to support it. I'll stop boring you now and go and have a look round the site. Cheers Lee