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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, Just thought I'd add a quick post regarding my experience in getting the headlight adjusters fixed on my 2001 (ie: facelifted "angel / corona") lights. For the first time in 12 years owning my E39 it failed its MOT on the driver side headlight adjuster. Coincidentally, the only other time this car failed an MOT was in 2009, also on headlight adjuster (passenger side). I researched the various options and DIY videos/threads online before narrowing down to three options: new headlight / used headlight / DIY repair. New was ~£350, used ones too risky to source from open market, so I bought a couple adjusters and set about dismantling it. Well... I failed! I suspect that I only had one adjuster broken, which made the task more difficult as there was very little wiggle room within the unit. Turns out I had a 2003 headlight, these are the ones that cannot be "baked" to melt the seal holding the headlight glass in place. Every genuine Hella unit has a date stamp showing production month & year (anything 2002 and beyond usually comes with the stronger glue). So, back to the drawing board... Thankfully a forum member (e34m525i) came to the rescue! I agreed a price with Darren to do the job and swiftly removed and sent him the parcel. Don't underestimate the size of the box you will need for this! All was well then, correct? Wrong!! After a couple of days it became clear that DPD had lost my parcel with it showing as still being at pickup point. In the meantime the MOT retest deadline was looming as it was due on the Friday and we were now on Wednesday. Again Darren helped and we agreed on him selling me a refurbished unit with new adjusters and glass cover. Have to say he did an amazing job. The unit looks just like new and I had it with me by Friday 9am, super quick. Managed to get it all done and assembled back on the car just in time for the MOT retest, hurray! So, if someone needs some help with their headlights, I can wholly recommend Darren's services!
  2. Hi Everyone New to the forum and a 1st time owner of a BMW 2012 F10 520d M Sport I have condensation on the passenger side. I've had one indie garage said they had dried the unit out (without removal) , but 200 notes later the issue is the same. I have since accessed the rear cap via the wheel arch lining, removed the cap and dried the unit with a hairdryer (applied to the lens). This resolved the issue temporarily and then it returned again. I feel the heat generated is not venting correctly rather than there being a crack letting water in. Naturally it's hard to know without taking the unit out. I need a really good indie garage to look at this properly and not rip me off. Does anyone know of a decent garage in the Lancashire / Manchester area that can help me. Thanks
  3. Please help I'm confused. Everything I've read states that the g30 comes with led head lights as standard. The dealer said they are adaptive xenons that bend around corners. All I know is my lights are white. I've noticed that when they come on they move up and down like they are self leveling.... Would just like to know what I've got lol
  4. AJ-E60

    H7 Bulb help!

    Hi guys, Sorry if I don't explain this too well, but I'll try and clarify where I can. I recently purchased some new LED bulbs for my high beam H7s (wanted to move from halogens). They are the CREE LED bulbs with a heat sink/fan at the end (you can probably see loads on eBay). An example of a similar bulb below; The problem is, I can't use the H7 metal bracket to clip the bulb in place. This is because these new bulbs have a huge fixed heat sink/fan at the end so I can't attach the metal clip from behind. The black H7 fitting ring unclips and slides out through the front for "easy fitting" but I can't slide the metal bracket from the front as the bulbs are thicker than what the bracket allows (see below) It seems as though even if I manage to get both back on the bulb, the fitting ring wont have the room to "clip" back on the bulb which won't fix my problem of a loose fit? Any advice? Anyone had experience fitting these bulbs and how they went about it? I've returned the set I bought as one bulb was faulty so before purchasing a new set, I thought I'd see if anyone has any input on the fitting? Thanks!
  5. Hi All, I've tried the search but got 200+ replies about E60 headlight... I’ve been having problems wiggling my drivers headlight back into place. I removed it by loosening the 8mm bolts at the bottom and the T30s at the top as I needed to get my hand in to change bulbs. For the life of me, I can’t get it to sit back in correctly – on closer inspection there seems to be male/female locators on the bracket that the 8mm bolts go into, and I assume it’s these that I’m having issues with. At the moment the headlight is bolted back in on the same T30/8mm bolts, but you can see by the clean metal that the 8mms are not quite in the right place, plus there’s a gap underneath the light to the bumper of ~6mm more than there should be and at the trailing edge of the headlight it’s sitting below the line of the front wing by approximately the same amount. I did the passenger side bulbs the week before and even though the headlight did sit up once, a quick wiggle had it back in location sitting down nicely in line with 8mms at the bottom and the T30s aligning on top. Are there any differences on the drivers side, or should I just remove the headlight and repeat? I know some people have been loosening the front bumper to remove/refit headlights but I haven’t found the need to do this. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Jon.
  6. As the title I'm looking to source a stepper motor control unit (SMC II). Part number 7189312
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice please One of my adaptive headlights is a little unwell (driver's side) - all bulbs work and the headlight operates fine as far as the lighting itself goes however the movement has stopped. The passenger side operates fine and I can see it adjusts/ moves when I turn the ignition on. The stored Error is; Communication with Stepper Box Motor Right disturbed (roughly translated!) I'm looking to do some troubleshooting hence the thread. If any one has experience of a similar issue do you know if; 1. I can swap the SMC controller from the fully functional light to the faulty one to test if the SMC is at fault? 2. If the stepper motor is at fault can it be replaced/ repaired? Thanks Jav
  8. Matt


    Followed this chaps simple guide http://www.bmw-driver.net/forum/showthread.php?t=31521 And managed to demist one of my headlights which looked as if it had taken a bath. Took it apart easy enough. Borrowed the wife's hairdryer to dry it out (thank God she was out, she'd have gone ballistic). Put it back together, started her up and checked all the lights worked. Took me a couple of hours due to interruptions, but its a simple enough 30 minute job on pre-facelift lights. Sanding next
  9. hi guys, drove from teesside to london and back to get my E39 bmw (2003 - facelift touring) on the way to work the folloing moring i happened to hit a deer that bolted across my path subsiquently i now need a new wing ect... but all i need to make the car road legal is a new headlight (yes i know i have been lucky to get let off that light) so what i want is a replacemnt drivers side hedlamp can any one HELP? obviously im not wanting it for free but not wanting to pay my local dealer price! cheers GUYS!!