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Found 7 results

  1. Taffy 1

    Blown Head Gasket

    I believe my HG is on it's way out. Any recommendations for a replacement brand gasket? I'm sure there are lots of members who have carried out this job and would provide me with info. Dealers are too dear!
  2. I’ve used this site several times to help with previous issues. I have a 520d e60 which is white smoking heavily once engine is warm. No loss of power and mpg is all ok (47mpg average). Coolant level seems normal after as I suspecting early head gasket failure. I’ve connected iCarly which has given me the following report of error codes from the ECU. Have I had a large dpf regeneration or is it something more serious? any help or advice gratefully accepted.
  3. Hello - I am new to this forum & was wondering if anyone can help me with finding someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to repairing an E28. And I don't want to take it to BMW... For a 30 year old car which has been with us since new its had a whole lot of over the years work done to keep it running. Its now in my possession & the main issue I have is with an annoying oil leak. I have had the engine steam cleaned & I have just replaced the rocker cover gasket. & oil pressure switch. However it seems to still be leaking from the head gasket a little bit & the sump. So I would like to get both done & a couple of other jobs. Can anyone recommend someone locally in the Surrey / Sussex / Kent or London areas ? Ideally Surrey. Many thanks. Mr JF
  4. Pirelli_Peeler

    Water in oil conundrum!

    Hi guys, I hope you can help. I have a 2003 530D SE and oddly it is showing signs of a failed head gasket. Since I've started using the air con (coincidence or not) the oil filler cap has been gathering white snotty stuff. Oddly, the expansion tank has not lost any water! The expansion tank is not pressurising (I can even carefully take the cap of when hot). My oil level is staying black and at the same level. But I do hear an odd bubbling, stomach rumbling type noise coming from under the plastic cover at the bulk head on the driver's side. As far as I know the car has not been heating up (no warning lights anyway). Oh and if you put the interior heater on it churns out full hot. Head gasket failure seems to be a very rare occurrence with these cars. I have been driving a nice long 22 mile commute to work every day and some 100 mile journeys in the weekends. I have been Googling for several weeks now and have found nothing! Any help would be a god send!
  5. NeoMagic

    530i Sport Decisions

    Hey Guys, I just wanted some thoughts on my current situation.. I own a 2000 X plate 530i Sport manual saloon in black.. I've owned the car around 6 years now and up until this year it's been an absolute dream.. I've always been a bit of a car nut, but the obsession with spending silly amounts of money on mods etc ended when I bought this car all those years ago.. Since then I've literally just enjoyed the car for what it is, and up until recently it's never let me down and cost me minimal amounts to maintain.. Other than serviceable items and a clutch I've never had to pour money into it. It’s fairly tatty now, the front bumper needs an overhaul as does a fair amount of the rest of the bodywork, but it does clean up well when you give it some love... Anyway I’ll get to the point, it’s done around 180,000 miles and it’s not exactly a clean example so my estimate is its worth is no more than around £1500 quid to sell on (working). But as it happens, recently it catastrophically overheated on the M25 due to ongoing overheating problems etc.. I was silly to even try and make the journey. I gave the car to my family mechanic, and after several weeks he’s pretty much given up on what the root cause of the problem is and has put the engine back together.. It runs but will overheat after a fair amount of time (not instantly) now I’m pretty convinced it’s probably a head gasket. At which point it’s not worth trying to fix and sourcing a new engine would be the better option. However, the car cost me 740 quid to get through the MOT only a month previous, unfortunately due to recent circumstances I now have to pay more rent so I literally don’t have any spare money at the moment.. I guess my question is, do I bother sourcing a new engine.. Or would someone be interested in buying the car off me for a reasonable sum as spares or repair? Cheers Carl
  6. Hello guys, I have a 530 D , E60, 2004 and I bought a re-build engine a month ago because my old engine got broken. My mecanic put the new engine to the car and everything went well. I drove like 5 KM and the temperature got so high and I pulled over. I opened the hood and I checked that this black tube is way to hard, almost exploding . My mecanic said that if you do 5 KM or 500 KM of driving, this tube stays SOFT.After checking everything to the garage, Thermostat, water pump, Radiator, Injection pump and everything was fine, finally he said that there is a problem with a Cilinder Head or the Head Gasket that normally is under warranty. (example)So, I called the garage when I bought the engine and they checked the Cilinder Head and they said that was perfectly fine They said that the EGR ( Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is leaking and they think that EGR caused that problem. This is the way how they tried that was leaking: Now the problem is that my mecanic saved this EGR from the old engine and he put it to the new engine and they don't cover my warranty because the problem came from a part that wasn't theirs. On the other part, my mecanic says that EGR got nothing to do with high temperature, water leaking to the turbo and making that black tube so hard, ready to explode. I don't know who is right and who is wrong. In the end it's me paying all the engine transport bills and services bills. I thought maybe I can find some more help and suggestions from you? Sincerly VEIS
  7. jonnymorris

    2001 E39 Head Gasket

    Hi, Bad news.. my head gasket has gone at 95k. Can anyone shed any light on whether or not this could actually be the head rather than just the gasket? I'd be happy to spend the money to put in a new gasket but don't want the expense of a new head on top and I won't be able to tell until the head comes off. Any help/experience with an E39 of this pedigree would be much appreciated. Cheers, Jon