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Found 5 results

  1. GregGreg

    Intake manifold DIY

    Hi, I have purchased E53,04 reg. for a wife and it needs a bit of love. Car struggles to start on all cylinders while cold outside. I have set of glow plugs and a relay ready to swap. I would like also sort swirl flaps. Im after some kind of schematic of the intake manifold, It would help to know what to disconect etc. It would be great if someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.
  2. Amsingh187

    535D turbo issues

    Hi guys, Took my e61 535d to two independent specialists and had two different solutions presented. First one connected a diagnostic and a whole load of faults popped up with regards to DPF/ glow plugs/ air mass/ charge pressure/ exhaust pressure. He then, Took off the engine cover and checked the vac pipes and said they looked bad and that he couldn't see the two rods from the bottom of the turbos moving when revving the engine. Told me to have the pipes replaced first before going down any other route. I do have a 4 star warranty but this will not cover such components like pipes and plugs. Nice chap, didn't charge me a penny for his time and gave me the option of contacting him if Iwanted to go ahead. £140 labour plus the pipes which I said I can get at trade price too. Second garage, looked at the pictures I hadtaken of the diagnostic and said that the plugs replacement and pipes etc would cost me £560 and can get me in next week. Now, I know it may seem that the second garage is trying to take advantage of me but what could the issues be? Obviously I would like to keep as much money in my own pocket. If the vac pipes aren't doing their job then replacing those first would be the most efficient option before going through the warranty company which would want to wriggle out of paying anything?? Anyone else had similar problems or knows which garage to trust? Any help would be appreciated and please forgive me for my naivety. Thanks. Ams. 
  3. Hi all Probably a very noobish question. My 525d E60 (2008) M Sport has 145,000 miles now. It has never failed to start, even after 3 weeks of sitting in the cold. However, starting on 0 - 5 deg days is a little lumpy. With the usual left/right/left/right movement as observed through the windshield. It lasts anywhere between 4 and 8 seconds and I get a white plume of smoke that also stops very quickly. Once started, there are no other issues at all. I previously convinced myself that I need to replace my glow plugs and the controller whilst I'm at it. However, I'm not so sure anymore. It works absolutely fine. Is it worth the bother at this stage? It's not the sort of thing I can do myself and I've been stung a lot recently by people bodging up things on my car, a bit weary. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. I will be changing my glow plugs soon as i think they need a refresh, as idle is a bit lumpy when first fired up on a cold morning. Removing the manifold doesn't look too difficult - do you need to renew the seals, or can you use the old ones if they're in good condition still? Secondly, I am also considering replacing the glow plug controller as well. Seems like a good idea to refresh the whole set and have all the covers off. Again, looks enough and fairly accessible. Any hints/tips for completing these 2 jobs? Any special tools needed? The Haynes manual is not entirely clear on the tools needed and as vague on the tasks in hand too. TIA
  5. Hi all, I have few issues again and need your help guys to make sure that I am going to right direction. 1. Recently I have done remap and guy who did it told me that I have errors on glow plugs 1,4,6. Is it time to replace control unit or only plugs? To me it looks like unit, but want to see other people opinion. 2. Yesterday morning I drove to work as usual, got out of the car and tried to close the car with remote. Is not working! Cannot close it and open, tried second key/remote the same. I have done little research and checked amplifier antenna, that is placed under the rear spoiler. Took black cover and there was some rust, but not much on cables but dry and no sign of water. I opened with box where the unit is, dry no water no sign of rust. I have unplugged all cables checked no rust, reconnected and put all back where it should be. So my question is what else should I check before buy new amplifier? 3. When I drive with low speed, I hear a rubbing noise, I think coming from the front wheels. Worst is when I for example approach traffic lights and take foot from accelerator, or on parking when turning with big angle with speed 5-10mph. After I do long run on motorway noise increases. When left overnight gets back to “normalâ€. Not sure what it could be, bearing is about to die? I will look forward to hearing your opinions. Thanks.