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Found 24 results

  1. Toughguyhuh

    E39 5HP19 transmission faults

    I'm after a bit of advice regarding troubleshooting the limp mode issue in my E39 with 99k miles. I bought it cheap as a project car, knowing there was a fault and since it's not my daily driver I'm not under any pressure to sink a lot of cash into getting it back on the road. The codes it's giving are: 31 - EGS Sympton, gear monitoring 36 - EGS Gear monitoring 4 (P0734) I have already dropped the sump and given it a new filter, gasket and oil. The oil that came out looked nice and clean and the magnets didn't have much in the way of shavings. I'm fairly certain hasn't been changed previously, since I have all the service records from new and there's no mention plus a couple of the sump bolts were properly corroded and seized. I tested the solenoids in INPA and they all seem OK, but anyway these are deactivated when in limp mode and out of limp mode it goes into every gear. I also dismantled and cleaned out the selector switch to eliminate that. The gearbox temp when I've had a run in the car gets to 97 and holds, which I believe is normal. Reading around suggests an issue with the manual selector valve as it's relating to 4th gear which seems to be where the problem becomes apparent. There's a distinct slip when changing into 4th, either up or down. You can turn off the car, turn it back on and the fault indicator goes out, but when I reset the error memory I can readily recreate the same fault code after some driving. After a particularly long test drive this morning, I had some issues going from P to R, first time that's happens - it was a really rough change. Does this sound pressure related? So my next step will be to open the box up again - but that's where I need some pointers based on above. Where to start looking?
  2. hippie dave

    M20 Manual Gearbox stuck fast!

    Good afternoon, long time no post, hope we are all well. I am attempting to replace the clutch on my 520i (5 speed, RHD, 1986.), as I suspect the release bearing is on its way out. I have removed absolutely everything necessary including prop, gearbox crossmember, linkage, hydraulics, and starter motor. I have dropped the back of the box down, and removed absolutely all the fastenings (lower plate, three 19mm-head bolts on dowels, two 17mm bolts and entire starter motor). With assistance, I have released the box from the three dowels and attempted to lever it off. It is just not budging. It'll lever about 6-8mm or so on a pair of crowbars, and doesn't appear to be being held by anything solid- i.e. there is a bit of "spring" to it. It would appear to be held by the main shaft somehow. I fear that the release bearing has collapsed and is holding it in a circlip-like fashion. I don't mind breaking the bearing, but the possibility of collateral damage (or even having it crash down off the stands) from the required level of force is a concern. Has anyone come across this problem on an M20 car before and was this indeed it? The bearing is completely inaccessible until engine and box are split. How the hell does one get around this problem without cutting into the bellhousing? Answers on a postcard (before I push this effing thing into the thames). Thanks all, David
  3. Benje1990

    E34 328i gearbox prop diff help

    Hey guys can anyone help!? I have a 520i e34 it was swapped for a m50b25NV befor I owned it, ive done a turbo build was about to get car tuned then realized I had a weak Getrag gearbox move just purchased a 328i ZF 5 speed is their a diff/ prop that can be bought that will bolt straight up? will I need a custom prop? any idea if my diff will currently be a small case or medium? I’m going to get the car on the ramp this week hopefully and pull the diff cover and measure the ring gear as I’m not sure how else to work out if it’s medium or not any help will be appreciated Thanks ben
  4. Hi! I have a BMW 523i Manual, The car has now picked up an issue. When the car is running you can move the gearstick into any gear with/without the clutch is in and the car won't go into gear. I'm just wondering if this is a small issue or more than likely a bigger issue. Any help is appriciated
  5. Just posting this to help a new forum member get some identifying and sourcing a bowden cable for his rather rare right hand drive Alpina B10 3.0 AllRad which is based on the 525iX. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/142067-restoration-project/?tab=comments#comment-1523381 I know there are a few 525iX owners and enthusiasts on here so perhaps someone could help him? It seems rhd and lhd cables are different and the rhd is discontinued and not available anywhere at this time. Could a lhd cable be made to fit? There are two new available on ebay.de. Any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Larkey106

    G30 auto gearbox problem?

    Hello all, My first post - will spend some time exploring and hopefully become a regular viewer. over the last couple of days my gearbox appears to be playing up. i have a 2018 530e with 12k miles. On all occasions it has been driving in sport mode. first time was when going from drive to reverse to park at home and the car felt like it made a Big Bang before going into gear. today on 3 occasions it seemed to struggle when stationary changing gear - once mid way on a roundabout! not had it happen in comfort mode as yet. any one else had the issue? Dealer visit needed? thanks paul
  7. Larkey106

    2018 530e - Gearbox slipping?

    Hello all, My first post - will spend some time exploring and hopefully become a regular viewer. over the last couple of days my gearbox appears to be playing up. i have a 2018 530e with 12k miles. On all occasions it has been driving in sport mode. first time was when going from drive to reverse to park at home and the car felt like it made a Big Bang before going into gear. today on 3 occasions it seemed to struggle when stationary changing gear - once mid way on a roundabout! not had it happen in comfort mode as yet. any one else had the issue? Dealer visit needed?  thanks  paul
  8. Pauls E61

    Loss of drive

    Hi All i need some advice please E61 520D Auto this evening I had to accelerate hard when joining the motorway i lost a lot of drive, accelerating through the gears they seemed to be changing at the correct revs, but the car wasn’t going any faster. Seems I’m ok on a flat road, accelerating up to 45, then it tails off and no more acceleration power/drive. Took a few minutes to get up to 80 parked on a hill at the shop. Took off and could only manage 20mph at 4500 rpm its like how a manual behaves when the clutch is slipping would really appreciate some help thanks
  9. Soyf

    Gear box leak

    Hi All Last weekend I had a service done at a franchise garage including an air con re-gas and clean. Drove off on the motor way to find a weird noise under the car. Turns out it was the under tray half hanging off. So took it back to the garage, and eventually they agreed to pay for the replacement for the whole under tray as it was worn off. For now they removed the old tray and I am currently driving around without an under tray. Yesterday I was driving and notice a weird noise from my gear box, like a shuddering noise. Which only got worse the more I drove. So I took it to the garage that did the service. They took a look and said it was a gear box leak, and showed me the leak. As far as I am aware they dont service the gear box as a part of the Major service I paid for. However does any one think it was faulty workmanship or the they loose under tray that may have cause the gear box leak? Thanks
  10. Over the past few days I’ve noticed that the car isn’t detecting that I’ve put the gearbox into P and I have to wiggle it a bit. It’s really annoying because the car won’t release the keys unless it can sense it’s in P. anyone know if this is an easy fix or what needs to be done? Feels like a sensor problem?
  11. Hi guys, im new to this. Recently bought a 530d e60 (2006), had the transmission fault come up on the dash. It's come up a few times and wondering has anyone else had these issues. Would a gearbox service do the job? Thanks! sadiq
  12. So about 6 months ago I had a gearbox oil leak and sent it to a local Indy for repair and a gearbox service. Recently I’ve noticed when slowing down that sometimes it CLUNKS when going into first gear. It doesn’t seem to do it all the time, but when it does you can really feel it. From research online it seems that the solution is a gearbox service! Any other ideas? car has done around 100k miles thanks!
  13. Make me an offer. Interior: Black - Centre console (Non AC) Black - Handbrake surround Black - glove box Black - Carpet (no parcel shelf or rear seat lower) Exterior: Front idicators + Lenses Boot spoiler (smaller type, not the Mtech one) Boot lid (Holes for spoiler) Front and Rear bumpers in varying states Colour coded mirrors and bases Drivetrain+Engine: M20B25 engine (Motronic 1.3, removed from 87 E30 Auto) (Partly stripped) Open Differential - Needs new rear gasket Suspension+Steering: Front Struts (Non Abs) Front Subframe - Good steering box mount (Stripped of all rubber, ready for blasting and paint) Rear Subframe - Newer one with pitman arms (Stripped of all rubber, ready for blasting and paint) Rear Trailing arms (Stripped of all rubber + bearings, ready for blasting and paint) Steering Box Set of calipers and carriers - Front and Rear? 5 x TRX 2 style wheels 6Jx14 Wiper mechanism There is also an assortment of little bits and pieces that ill get photos of.
  14. For sale is an automatic gearbox ECU removed from my 1990 e32 735i. Fully working order, removed at 82.000 miles, when I converted my 7 series to a manual. I'm not sure what other cars it would fit, but should be compatible with M30 engined cars and possibly others as well, but I'm not able to find any info on this. Price is £25 including P&P or collection in person from New Milton Hampshire at a discounted price. Please also check my other items for sale, as I'm having a garage clear out.
  15. NuckingFuts

    Gearbox Light on Dash

    Morning all, So this morning i started the car as normal, and the usual lights come up. Rear O/S Brake bulb is out, Air Suspension light (no self-levelling) and Airbag (either tensioner, or i still have to book in for the recall on the steering wheel airbag) I started driving away from my driveway and obviously the engine is cold. A bit of a hearty shove to the end of my road, and then the gearbox light has come on. kick down is pretty harsh. can't use my phone and there's nowhere to stop. I carry on to work, (20 minute drive) park up in the carpark, and turn the car off. turn it back on again straight away, and the light was still there. I'll go back and check in a couple of hours when i get a chance to sneak away from my desk, but.... IF it's still on, what does that mean? needs oil or do i need a new gearbox? If it goes, is all well or should i get it inspected or top up the gearbox oil anyway? Would this be the opportunity to do a manual ox swap if anyone has the parts to sell? Thanks in advance. Deepan
  16. mejinks

    6hp19 Reverse dodgy

    Hi guys. I've got an odd issue in that when the car has been driven for a while, engaging reverse seems to be very weak and will sometimes slip, giving the red cog of death. Sometimes, turning off and on again gives reverse again, but not always. When driving from cold, reverse is never an issue. I had the gearbox oil and pan changed about 10k ago, maybe less. Any ideas?
  17. Hi all I picked up this E60 530d Auto about 2 months ago. There had been a few small issues with it. This one however has been here all along and initial searches are leading to no where online. I feel that it may be tourque converter related. I would like to get this nailed asap as the car is under warranty from the place I got it. Small video below of the RPM fluctuations under small throttle movements. MPG is currently around 28ish. When first starting the car in the morning the car feels a little uneasy, particularly in reverse. When warmed up etc its ok....apart from the rpm moving around. Also, on the motorway earlier, I could feel a little jumpiness....nothing too much, but alarm bells went off in my head in case it was the tourque converter clutch slipping or disengaging......this was at a steady 110kmh. https://youtu.be/AMKbu2fZIW4
  18. Hi, Purchased an E39 540 Auto yesterday, quite pleased with it but there's a gearbox issue that I only discovered after handing over the cash... The box snatches 1st and reverse when warm, it feels like it's slipping for a second or two first, otherwise it seems fine. I'm told it developed this fault after it had an oil and filter change and going through the recipts it looks like they've used Carlube XTU001 universal fluid.. I'm assuming this oil doesn't meet the required spec? My question really is will this have screwed the gearbox or can I still save it by changing the fluid and filter again with the correct stuff. Car is a 2001 and has done 150k Cheers
  19. Hello I've had, and loved, my 2001 530i with M-Tech suspension for over 10 years now, from 32k up to 180k. Never let me down and been all round the best car I've ever had (only bought it to keep for a year and just couldn't sell it once I got to know it!) Problem is, now at 180k, reverse gear has started to do a kind of judder, and sometimes slips. Not always, but 3 out of 5 times I reverse. I did read on here that reverse is the first thing to go in these gearboxes and I suspect it's complete rebuild time - but I need to get to work for the next few weeks and I'm hoping to delay it till I can find a solution. So, I'm just wondering how many instances of reversing I might have before it finally gives up. I know it's an impossible question to answer with complete certainty, but wondered if anyone here has experience of this going on them? Is it likely to last 10 journeys, or 50 maybe? It's managed maybe 10 reversing instances since I first felt the judder, mostly on tickover trying to nurse it along.. Thanks in advance for any wise words...
  20. Hi im wondering if anyone can help me with this problem I am having - I recently upgraded my headlights to H7 HID kit on my 520d Msport Lci Step Auto - everything was going fine but then I noticed when I switch the HID lights on I get a little jerk in my car. It does not happen all the time, just on the odd occasion. If I am driving in Manual mode, it either automatically drops my gear down or if i am slowing down/standstill in traffic and I switch the light on I get the jerk and it changes the gear to DS Or if i am driving in D the little orange light on the gearbox goes out for a split second and lights back up, also this results in my gear to drop down automatically (only notice it as my revs increase). Its a bit hard to explain so sorry if i have confused you all - its like whenever it happens its like theres an extra volt that goes through the car to initially power up the H7 bulbs and thats what is causing the issue - but i may be wrong. I know bulbs have nothing to do with the auto gearbox, but as that auto gearbox also gets some sort of power supply from the battery, thought this may all be interlinked. Any one experienced this before? Or any advice on what i can do? I really like the HID upgrade I have got and do not want to get rid just coz of this jerk issue I am having. Also dont know if the problem is interlinked, I have 10w CREE LED AE bulbs in which flicker when the car is initially started and I have also got white LED number plate bulbs with a built in resistor (these have never flickered though when the car is started or AE or H7 bulbs are switched on)
  21. shabali

    E39-E38 5hp19 gearbox

    Hello Currently my E38 has the dreaded reverse issue, where I put it into Reverse and it creeps back if its on a flat road. Drives like a dream in the forward gears. I have been told I have the 5HP19 Gearbox. I would like to replace the box and was wondering if a 5HP19 from an E39 of 98-2001 would fit my E38 728i? The spare gearbox says on it ZF 5HP19 Any answers much appreciated. Thanks
  22. Hi all, I've noticed that i have a slight issue sometimes when shifting into 1st gear from neutral occasionally. sometimes when im fully on the clutch, the gear doesnt quite shift into 1st. if i ease up on the clucth a little i can shift it in (saying that, i have to be careful of not grinding the gearbox or stalling). it doesnt happen all the time...its just annoying when pulling off at the lights it may sometimes be a while (~5-10secs) before i actually get it in gear. i did get a new clucth installed at BMW Chigwell on 25/02/11 (so assuming the part is still under warranty). could this be an issue with the clutch or gearbox?...or do they normally do this after time? any thoughts? oh BTW, its a 2005 e60 523i M Sport if that helps..
  23. Fresh

    sluggish auto box

    Hi all Is there anything I can do to improve my auto gearbox on my e61 525d msport tourer? if left in normal auto mode, she seems to hold on to gears forever, despite very light, or no throttle. Also it occasionaly 'shunts' into 1st gear when i've stopped at lights etc...... Do not have different modes to choose from, but it does seem to be stuck in a very sporty mode??? Can i get this changed? I thought these gearboxes learnt, or were inteligent?? Any help please?
  24. Fresh

    2nd opinion please?

    Good morning all, Was hoping some of you knowlegable chaps (or chapesses) could offer a second opinion on the below. I took my much loved and maintained e61 2005/55plate 525d msport to my new BMW stealer in Coventry (Sytners) for her routine service (143k miles) and this is what the robbin gits came back with: Requires new EGR valve £241.50 + vat(even though just replaced along with other thormostat in Jan 12. see other topics) Auto Gearbox oil change and new seal £370.00+vat!!!!! New rear suspension wishbones (both sides) due to apparent knackered bushes, and new n/s/f track rod + alinement £1153.00+vat (not noticed any issues!!!) Complete new pads & discs front / rear £678.00+vat (even thought all checked 100% by previous dealer in Jan 12 when thermostat replaced!!!) Apparent engine oil leak from inlet manifold £322.00+vat (no leaks ever noticed on drive/ no excess consumtion etc....) As you can see, the above list totals to a princely sum of cash, that even if required, i believe the prices to be over inflated and mildly taking the p*ss! Q1) Has anyone else experienced issues as above with dealers trying it on? Q2) Surely some of the faults would be noticable and spotted by other dealer in Jan 12? Q3) Even allowing for worst case senario......Am I the only one shocked by the prices? I look forward to the associated rants and constructive feedback