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Found 36 results

  1. Bmw g30 m sport

    Tow bar

    Hi wondering what’s best tow bar to go for on g30 msport thought about detachable but if got swan neck fixed one would this interfere with my pdc when in reverse with no caravan on as in they pick up the tow ball also the dedicated wiring is it plug and play thanks
  2. Hi guys, Got this code appearing on my March 2017 G30 in the UK. Doesn't seem like my car is part of the EGR Recall when I put my VIN in on BMW's website. As per title, how hard is it clean the EGR valve? I can find youtube videos for previous generations but not for the G30. I have read the service manual on replacing the G30 EGR valve and it seems pretty straightforward. There's just some things that I'm not too sure about. 1. It wants me to remove the Underbody protection of the steering gear and the Front stiffening plate? 2. It wants me to Connect diagnosis system and carry out the service function "setting the egr valve installation position". Can this done via E-sys or something else? 3. When putting it back, it wants me to renew gasket and if necessary, renew clamp. 4. It wants me to fill the coolant again - wouldnt have thought they'd be much loss if I clamp the coolant hose? Has anyone ever DIY this before and if not, how much did it cost to do at the garage? I'm not sure if an independent garage will do it properly as per the service manual since it's a newish car - so needs access to the diagnosis system. Alternatively, it looks like a USED G30 EGR valve and cooler is only about £140. Thanks!
  3. afo99

    Diesel Additives

    Hi all, I know this was asked a lot of times, but just wondering if the principle applies to the newer engines on the 2.0l B47 or 3.0l B57. I used to add Redex Professional Diesel Fuel System Cleaner to my older cars like the Vauxhall astra 1.6 Diesel, Ford focus, etc. And I do see a difference in mpg slightly and it starts up better. But wondering if anyone has being doing so on the new G30/G31's since they put a label to not add any additives? I have been using shell v power diesel, as I know it has some additives, but I can't be using that all the time as it eventually adds up. So I was speculating to put in normal shell diesel and fuel additives once every couple of months. Let me know what you guys think?
  4. Hi guys,I am very new to BMW, never owned one but I have been researching for a long time and I think I have found the one for me.It is a beautiful Mediterranean blue 520d M sport package. However I have not purchased it just yet.As one thing that really annoys me is the rims, I just don't like the 18 inch it has at the moment, please see the picture I attached.However I am looking to upgrade them all to the 19 inch alloys - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-SERIES-G30-G31-M-SPORT-19-INCH-ALLOY-664M-STYLE-GENUINE-7855083-84/265069412800?hash=item3db75e41c0:g:9gEAAOSwXh5gOhs9But I have heard that if you get a bigger alloy of 20 inch when the car is first manufactured then you can't downgrade due to the brake discs etc.However I can go upgrade from a smaller wheel to those 19 inches right?
  5. I am selling 2 Genuine M Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles for the G30/G31. L/H Kidney Grille 51 71 2 430 993 R/H Kidney Grille 51 71 2 430 994 Colour: Gloss Black Suitable for all 5 Series models including saloon and touring G30/G31 I installed these on my own car however personally wasn't keen on the black on black so decided to remove. They were only on the car for a very short period and I purchased directly from BMW. Looking for £100. Thanks Joe
  6. Larkey106

    G30 auto gearbox problem?

    Hello all, My first post - will spend some time exploring and hopefully become a regular viewer. over the last couple of days my gearbox appears to be playing up. i have a 2018 530e with 12k miles. On all occasions it has been driving in sport mode. first time was when going from drive to reverse to park at home and the car felt like it made a Big Bang before going into gear. today on 3 occasions it seemed to struggle when stationary changing gear - once mid way on a roundabout! not had it happen in comfort mode as yet. any one else had the issue? Dealer visit needed? thanks paul
  7. Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a way to stop the car deciding to switch on dipped headlights when the switch is set to 'off'? I was driving around in brilliant sunshine this morning, but the car decided that dipped headlights were required! I may be getting on a bit but I am not senile and sufficiently aware of when dipped headlights are required! If I wanted the car to decide I would put the switch to 'auto' (The car is a 2019 530e xdrive M Sport) Thanks.
  8. Nchillin75

    Newbie intro

    Morning all hope you are well Just signed up. Past experience of Aprilia and KTM bike forums suggests you should always be linked to your vehicle manufacturer like minded forums. running a 14 plate F07 and 17 plate G30 Presently tarting up the F07 so there’s a couple of calliper questions coming up. Presume these should be posted in technical? Tapatalk iPhone app doesn’t appear to be working quite as it should with a new install fyi
  9. MStyle

    New Products from MStyle

    Hi guys, We've added a few products to the F10/F11 and G30/G31 range. Check out below F10/F11 https://www.mstyle.co.uk/mstyle-carbon-fibre-performance-splitter-for-f10-pre-lci-bmw-5-series.html https://www.mstyle.co.uk/mstyle-carbon-fibre-boot-spoiler-for-f10-bmw-5-series.html G30/G31 https://www.mstyle.co.uk/mstyle-3-piece-carbon-fibre-splitter-for-g30-g31-bmw-5-series.html https://www.mstyle.co.uk/mstyle-carbon-fibre-corner-splitters-for-g30-g31-bmw-5-series.html If you would like to know more, feel free to give us a call and don't forget to mention you are part of the forum
  10. Hi .... The new 530D M Sport arrived two weeks ago to replace the 520D ... all good so far, but one nagging intermittent issue. After unlocking the car, and when in 'standby status', I get the normal electronic whirs and buzzes and mirrors unfolding etc., what I have also heard on two or three occasions over the last few weeks is a much larger noise from behind the dashboard - a one or two second noise that I can only describe as sounding like an air compressor - definitely not the normal electrical sound I would expect. I've been trying to capture this on my phone but no luck so far. Any ideas what this could be and if this is 'normal'? Thanks!
  11. BacktoBeemer

    Delivery Leadtime

    Quick request, very conflicting views on delivery lead times currently. If you have bought a new five series - since the launch of the G30 / G31 can you reply with 1 Month / Year of order 2 Month / Year of delivery to dealer 3 Bried description of Model and Spec Thanks everybody......
  12. Zak322

    Light Switch Settings

    Hi All, I'm a newbie to the forum - but have been viewing informative posts in recent weeks. Bought G30 520D Xdrive a few months ago and really impressed with it when compared to previous E60. My question concerns the light switch settings. I noticed that when set in the '0' position, dipped headlights come on automatically in rain and relatively low light. I thought this was solely a function of the 'A' (automatic setting) only and would prefer if the '0' position meant exactly that.
  13. AdamBell

    Wireless Phone Charging

    Hi guys, Has anyone had any issues with the wireless pohone charging tray? The first few days of ownership mine worked fine, but now it is tempremental to say the least. when putting the phone in the tray it will initially start to charge then after a few seconds, stops and the amber light comes on. Occasionally when the phone id placed in the tray it will work fine and charge but then as im driving about it stops again. I dont beleive the issue is with my phone as it charges perfectly fine in the house.
  14. hybridisthefuture

    Driving Modes

    Just thought I would ask others opinion as after driving the car for a couple of months now I'm confused about what the various driving modes actually do. I understand eco pro, comfort and sport modes and also the hybrid drive options but what does pushing the stick left do other than allow me access to paddle shifters? If im in comfort driving mode and push the stick left then that changes to gear selector to an 'S' prefix indicating that I'm in some kind of sporty-comfort equivalent? If this is the case then what would Sport mode with the stick left do for me? Am I also correct in thinking that if I don't touch the paddles the gear changes are done automatically based on the driving mode or a generic sport setting? too much to play with still but I absolutely love the car. Guys at work have driven and they say its a massive step up from the F10.
  15. hybridisthefuture

    EV Range

    Evening. I’ve done approx 1500 miles now and I’ve noticed on the last 2 charges that I’ve got 24 miles of range. My previous mac was 22 but my average is around 20 at a guess. Anyone else notice this or is just a slight increase in ambient temp of late? I discounted that as since I’ve had the car We’ve had a couple of weekends where it’s been double figure however until this last weekend I’ve never got more than 22? is it an effect of running in?
  16. Clembo

    G30 Preconditioning

    Hi All Does anyone know if the preconditioning of the G30 draws energy from the batteries or via the actual charging point? The reason I ask is because I charged my G30 the night before with the app showing 100% charge for 24 miles. However, when I woke up and checked the app again it said it was charging at around 94% with preconditioning active? (set via the app). For some reason I just assumed the energy for preconditioning came via the charging point? Oh and by the way … it’s a bloody good car J
  17. AdamBell

    WiFi hotspot

    Hi guys, I’ve got my 520d MSport XDive on order, I can’t wait for it to be delivered. does anyone have the WiFi hotspot option and if so how are billed for the data used? All bmw website says is that it is fee based.
  18. hybridisthefuture

    Battery Re-gen

    Morning all, thought I would share this as I thought others may have experienced the same thing. In eco-pro mode with literally no or very little battery I get better re-gen when using standard cruise control than downhill or by braking more. On the 8 mile drive to work I can can use cruise control as soon as I get on a decent road and then within a mile or 2 have enough battery to engage Max eDrive and drive on electronically for a few miles. Long downhill stretches don't seem to provide the same level of re-gen charge. It's the same on Motorways, any decent road where you can engage cruise at a good speed. Also, does anyone else find that Comfort seems to provide as much power and acceleration as Sport. The kickdown hampers sport too much for my liking so the acceleration is more brutal.
  19. hybridisthefuture

    Public Charging at PodPoint

    I have a Podpoint charging point at a retail park about 500yrds from my office. Before I spunk £130 on the cable can someone confirm if these are free? It says on the Podpoint site that they are free but do I need to register and type in a PIN code? It looks very much as if I just rock up and plug the cable in? How long will it take to charge on a rapid 7kw charger - couple of hours?
  20. hybridisthefuture

    530e Charging Cable

    Took delivery today. I have a PodPoint 7kw charging point about 500 yrds away from the office on a retail park - what cables have people bought and where did they get the best price?
  21. Csm7djs

    New here

    Just saying hi. New to the forum and to the 5 series. Currently got a G30 M-Sport 2.0i on order. White with blue leather and not due until March. Ordered pretty much a standard car except Sun Protection. Going to add my own 20” 795i wheels once I source a set but got several months to wait for the car to come in. Need a bigger car so leaving my 16 plate Golf R and my previous M135 behind me. Sensible driving now.
  22. hybridisthefuture

    Connected Drive App

    How easy is it to connect the Connected Drive app and get the fancy readouts on range, etc? I have an iphone 6 with the app downloaded but I cant seem to get much out of it from my current pool car - a 116d Sport.
  23. Having won yet more awards I decided to take this bad boy on an extended run to see what I liked and what was glaringly missing from the last 5 series. I soon discover how the new voice activation system answers back, how BMW have won another award by someone you wouldn't expect. And try to do a review knowing full well, there wont be a 550d here.
  24. Hello all, I am looking to buy a bmw 5 series as a personal purchase. Have not decided if saloon or estate, as will decide after seeing the car (I need space for uni drop off's every term time!). But my biggest question is: do I buy petrol now (vs diesel, where I am put off due to all the negative news and potential political clamp down/taxes in the next few years)? I don't do a huge mileage - around 6 - 8,000 miles p.a. - most of it will be short journeys around town, with the odd 70 mile uni trip. Will likely keep the car at least 5 years, probably longer if I have no problems with. I like the 520d but should I also be concerned about potential damage to the particulate filter and go for the petrol? Any thoughts on this and helping me decide, especially if you own the petrol 520i ... I just couldn't see any posts from anyone on this! Thanks
  25. Hi guys, on saturday I thought I'd just go test drive the new G31 m sport and after about 3 hours of not being able to leave the showroom, I put an order in for the 525D m sport but surprisingly, I haven't see or heard of the 525D anywhere else. So it got me wondering if its an engine no body wants. Has anyone else opted for the same model?