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Found 4 results

  1. ger

    Thermostat failure

    Recently my brother has been reporting that his car (virtually identical to mine, a e61 535d, 2008, about 70,000miles) was hanging on to revs before changing gear and that his mpg was down. This got me thinking of thermostats (I understand that the gearbox control sw hangs on to gears more when engine/box is cold, to help get things warmed up quicker, so hanging on to revs-not warming up-stats!). We had changed the engine and egr thermostats last year, so I naturally thought of the gearbox heat exchanger and duly fitted the inline thermostat mod. This seemed to do the trick for a few days. Then the temps dropped a bit, mid 70's. Ok. I had a spare egr thermostat so thought it a good idea to swap that out, it was a relatively quick job. Unfortunately, the temps remained identical. Only one left was the engine thermostat. So, we got a new one and changed it today. I was pretty shocked to find that the replacement I fitted last year had broken! The plastic that holds the thermostat down, on one side has snapped! Another pic: The spring pressure is quite strong and over time the plastic must have given up. I presume the wax part of the stat was ok, but this made things difficult for it to work or it's extended too far and leaked out. Either way, with the new stat fitted, the car is again at running temp and gets there quickly. The broken stat was a Vernet from eurocarparts. We got a Circoli one this time as it was in stock locally and a bit cheaper! Glad it was different, let's hope this one lasts longer. If I find the receipt, I'll take it in to see if they'll replace it or give us some money back. Anyway, sometging else to think of with these bloody things!
  2. Hi, It happened just today, after i was about to go home from work. I have pushed the start button, has the engine running, but the car has started to throw the faults straight away after.(dashboard like a christmas tree) Here is the full list, after the engine has been started. - Brake sysytem. Drive moderately - Driving stabilization. Drive moderately - Restraint system - Pedestrian protection system - Flat Tyre Monitor (RPA) failure - Collision warning failure After i have put into D, and pulled off: - Press brake to engage gear - Drivetrain, Drive moderately - Parking brake only partially available Also noticed, the speedo does not work at all, it does not measure the fuel consumption, and the fuel gauge is jumping up and down depending of the position of the accelerator. There is no power steering at all, and the air conditioning system does not work, the driving mode switch is dead as well. And half of the comfort access dead, i can open the car by hand, but cannot lock it. Has anybody ever heard/met a problem, like this? I am going to take it to the service on tomorrow, hopefuly they have available slot for the emergency cases.
  3. Cheddarbell

    MPM Failure

    Hi guys, i seem to have opened my boot boot the other night with my keys in my pocket. We had a fair bit of rain and water has made its way down to the spare wheel well, which unsurprisingly in turn has meant my MPM looks as though it’s died in a watery grave! The PDC is ok luckily but I’ve disconnected everything to be sure and to let everything dry. I’ve added a few pictures with a quick question below: This is the connection from the wires leading to the MPM, the wire itself is rather wet too...is this something that will need replacing along with the MPM or should it be fine once dried out? this is obviously the buggered MPM Thanks in advance for your help! Ollie
  4. Hi, I am currently in Scotland with my E61 (2007 LCI facelift) & have had the above fault come up. This is the first time i have had it & a problem with the suspension. After doing some research on the 'net i have done the following things: -Checked fuses. All ok. No issues. -Checked the ride height sensors: NS: If i move the the arm up or down i get no click from the relay, or the compressor kicking in. The air bag is also soft (with the car jacked up) , however this side is sat higher. OS: If i move the arm up or down i can hear the relay click, but again no compressor kicking in. The air bag on this side has pressure in it when the car is jacked up. (I am unable to reach the airbags when the car is level on the ground to check if they have pressure or not) I am making an assumption that the 1 relay controls both sides here, and it is not independently controlled. Is this correct? Is there a way i can test the relay/the inputs on the car by shorting across the contact terminals to make the compressor kick in? What else is there in the system that i can check that may be preventing the compressor from kicking in? I have limited tools with me, so can only diagnose via testing parts on the car and the way they should respond to inputs. On another note can anyone recommend a good BMW Indi near/around Motherwell. Thanks in advance.