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Found 75 results

  1. Hello guys, I’ve heard many times that F10 models before 2011 March has some critical problems. I’m 22 years old and I’m in doubt between a 2012 520d manual SE which looks incredibly new or a 2010 520d M Sport auto with sunroof. Incredible both are being sold just £5000 here in the UK. The 2010 M Sport owner says it’s working 100% and it’s a M Sport and has sunroof so it’s really interesting for me me but I don’t feel confident for it being a 2010 production after hearing a lot of reviews about before 2011 March models. Any thought that could help me with that? Thank you.
  2. Djonko

    BMW f10 extended clima retrofit

    Hello, As i saw on this forum, there is a possibility of retrofiting a extended clima to a f10 with a basic climate panel. I have bought the extended clima panel, and fited it in my car, but it's not working quite well. I suppose that coding the IHKA is necessary. Does someone know what coding should be done? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I currently have 17 inch run flats on my f10- they already have tyre pressure monitor sensors.I have bought new second hand pen wheels which are bigger and also contain tyre pressure monitor sensors.So, I would I have to do anything to connect the sensors on the new set of wheels or would it just automatically connect.
  4. Hi i am having intermittent issues, i keep on getting the engine management sign come up but then it goes away at times then comes back, had the diagnostic test done Error code which comes up is 290900 - Air system, Air to Egr mass flow, plausibility : measured air mass compared with calculated air mass too high. i have replaced the egr valve, air mass flow sensor, Valve, EGR exhaust control (EGR EXHAUST VACUUM SELENOID VALVE )
  5. I'm consistently getting error code 244C00 - Boost Pressure Control - Charge Air Pressure Too Low, It happens when driving from cold or under a heavier load & at higher speeds, the drivetrain error appears, until I increase revs/airflow - then disappears. Doesn’t seem to be any change to performance. replaced intake manifold as that had a leak, lambda sensors replaced, MAF & MAP sensors cleaned. Basically been clutching at straws. Been seeing people with similar problems replacing pressure converters, but I don’t see them on my engine. Thinking it’s the boost pressure actuator? car is 520d M Sport 2014 plate F10. in pictures disregard Lambda error as I have already done them. IMG_5876.MP4
  6. Hi all, Been a while since ive posted and sort of approached this subject a while ago, but i need to replace my pads all round but finding the correct ones for my car seem to be impossible!! Real OEM gives me a million options none of which make sense, so bottom line is what do i need? I have 348x30 discs at the front, and 330x20 at the rear ( i know the fronts are without high speed system as i replaced the discs a while ago and the 348x36 didnt fit as the caliper would not go over them) Ive seen front pads with strange hooks on them which didnt fit (had a set supplied with last discs and threw them away due to not fitting) can anyone point me to what pads i might need front and rear, im replacing the rear disc with MTEC which i have on the front and i know the size of those, its ust the pads im struggling with. any help appreciated
  7. Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone has come across a rear coil spring conversion for the F11. Or if anyone has done it themselves. I’d rather eliminate the issue of these airbags failing and being stranded somewhere because of them! thanks in advance Harris
  8. I've got a set of winter wheels and tyres from my previous 5 series (F10) which I'm looking to sell. They are currently in BMW storage as I bought a G30 2 years ago and of course they don't fit! They are 4 X 18" V-Spoke 281 style fitted with Dunlop SP WINTER SPORT tyres size 245/45/18 RFT. Tyres are about 4/5mm tread from what I can recall but will verify this when I collect them from BMW. I'm looking for £700, collection from Glasgow preferred but could arrange delivery to the UK if needed. I plan to leave them with BMW until I have a confirmed sale as I don't have anywhere to store them. Cheers Joe
  9. Greenninja

    6WB retrofit to F10

    HI all, has anyone attempted to do the following?? http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=700327 I really like the idea of this and by all accounts can be done, my car is a 2011 F10 (unsure if this makes mine LCI or pre LCI????) and what exactly does LCI mean?? Thanks in advance
  10. 65 plate BMW 530d LUX. With over £3500 worth of Factory fitted options. Mediterranean Blue Full venetian beige Dakota leather with exclusive stitching. BMW advanced loudspeaker system. BMW professional navigation system BMW advanced parking package BMW advanced digital cockpit Full widescreen rear view parking camera Electronic folding mirrors and boot release Hill start assist Full BMW Service History, last serviced August 29 2020 so next service due 2022. Brake fluid change August 2020 18inch Alloys all in Excellent condition 2 Previous owners Only premium fuel used and interim oil changes (over and above BMW requirements) Split fold rear seats
  11. Hello all, New to the forum and was hoping I could get some advice. I have a 2015 520d MSport with 37k miles. Car is showing two faults on the scanner (nothing on dash or idrive) for P0036 - HO2S Heater Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 2) and P0038 - HO2S Heater Circuit High (Bank 1 Sensor 2). This appears to be the oxygen sensor? Can anyone tell me if this is pre cat or post cat? Where is the best place or best brand to get as a replacement? Sometimes the car idles rough for about 5 seconds after starting, particularly in colder weather and I am hoping that this may resolve that issue.
  12. I've just picked up a 66 plate 520D on 42k miles and it's done over 10k miles since the last service. The oil is proper black and smells of diesel. I'm not a fan of extended servicing intervals anyway. So my question is, if I get a local indie to do just an interim oil change can they then reset the onboard service computer but just for the oil change? I don't want to throw any of the other service timings out of kilter (inspections, brakes etc).
  13. Ross83

    2012 F10 530d

    Hi I’m Iooking to buy the following parts for my 2012 F10 have checked eurocar parts but costing a fortune. Top View camera: 66539240274 Side View camera: 66539240352 Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Assistant: 66209250881 Front Fog Lamps 63177839865 & 63177839866 Thanks
  14. Has anyone had this before? Was it an easy fix (new mirror glass or similar)?
  15. IMG_1959.mp4 Hi all, I have a bmw 520d f10 2016 and or the last month, I have been having problems with exhaust fumes in the cabin. This happens on cold starts and smells for like 10-15 seconds, then goes away as I start to drive. So far, I have taken it to two garages and they have replaced the exhaust manifold gasket and clamp as there was a lot of soot around that area. I got fed up of no one being able to find the leak so i took it to BMW main dealer and they said, its the clamp from turbocharger to dpf thats leaking and I can see visible fumes and soot around the clamp. BMW were gonna charge £300 to change the clamp so instead i took it to my local mechanic who changed the clamp but the visible fumes are still there in the mornings from the same clamp. Maybe he didnt put the clamp/gasket on correctly as its leaking from the exact same clamp. To make matters worse, now I can also see some black liquid bubbling around the bolt of the clamp (maybe oil?). I am so lost any help would be appreciated. I have attached a video which shows fumes coming out from the clamp and the black liquid bubbles around the bolt. Thanks
  16. Hi all Has anyone managed to retrofit heated front seats to an early F10, when heated seats were still an optional extra? I've got a 2010 F10 and would like to find out what's involved, from anyone that has done it before. Thanks
  17. Hi all First post here and seeking some help! Discovered a drivers side rear broken spring on my 2012 f10 520d M Sport. (Broken in two places!) I managed to get the strut assembly out and change the spring making sure everything was aligned correctly. I did not have to disconnect the anti-roll bar in order to gain extra space to remove. I used a pry bar to lower the hub enough to get the strut assembly out and then back in. I've tightened up the three bolts under the rear parcel shelf speaker cover to hold the strut in place etc. However, I'm having a problem trying to pry the hub assembly low enough in order to fit the lower mounting bolt back in. Seems like enormous leverage is required in order to achieve this but try as we might, (stood on it, and pry bar) cannot get the hub low enough! My question is, will disconnecting the anti-roll bar link allow the hub to lower more? Or, what else could I disconnect to allow more downwards movement in the hub in order to align the lower bolt? Any advice would be greatly appreciated ta! Patrick
  18. Had the drive train error warning. This o ly seamed to come on driving up high hills. Not at high speed or load. Odd! At a guess it would seam that the turbo vacum selonid pressure convertor valve is a popular failure. Now most specialists including dealers tend to throw parts at the car so. I Weighed up the cost of diagnostics at £130. Decided I throw parts and install them my self. The pressure convertor costs £30 at bmw and took 10 minutes to fit. Only tool a hexagon and flat screw driver. See part number. Remove cover it's located under the bmw badge behind insulation. Unscrew the plug above it to make space. See picture Unclip pull off the two vac pipes. (these can leak) it might be a good idea to replace these if the problem persists there costs £15. Push on new pipes. Reattach cable. And your done.. 10min
  19. General BMW Discussions F10 Water parking and drive train issues Jump to LatestUnfollow 1 - 1 of 1 Posts Piero Registered Joined 10 d ago · 2 Posts Discussion Starter • #1 • a moment ago Solved 3 in 1 5 series f10 Drive train error Water in boot Parking error So I may have solved all 3. All these problems in my case where from the water in boot issue. I think you should do what I've done regardless of having a water leak or if you are having car issues. But check your boot regardless.this water leak is Inheritant in 5 series. So if you have water there are 3 entry points. the fuel filler. If the drain hole is bunged up water seaps through. Inside the boot lining on either side behind the wheels arches are grommets these can come loose. Finally the light drain trims which are plastic covers next to the lamps. These have a clip in plug on the top with a cheap seal. If you clean the boot drainage you can unlodge the seal, which the dirt may act as a seal. In My case I took this trim off snapped the clip off and filled the hole with silicon and used it to stick the trim back on or replace them..£47 (beware On ebay many have broken clips) Remove the boot floor and the storage compartment next to the battery. 2 bolts and the rear plastic bumper cover.hold this in place. You'll see the battery. Slightly to the right you'll have the emf (parking module) on the right you'll have the fuel pump. And in between a 4 pin wire plug. In my case all in about an inch of water.. You can buy the fuel pump and emf on ebay for about £20. The emf may need programming. The fuel pump module plug was green and corroded. Some sellers on ebay sell the plug with the modual, but you can have the plug re pinned, repin your own or buy a plug and pins from bmw for about £15. My parking hand break was locking on and warning light was on. For this you can change the emf. Again you could have the plug repinned . I'd recommend you clean and spray with electrical cleaner.. (Not wd 45 or gt85) I was having parking and drive train errors. I didn't change the emf. But the plug inbetween the two with 4 thick wires (its the only other thing) is apparently the cause of many 5 series issues. If its green change it, if not clean it.. These plus tend to go a little grey and dusty and cause issues. bmw told me it connects the emf to the transmission. So if its bad can cause lots of errors. I Cleaned this plug with electrical cleaner and all my problems ended. I've now repositioned all of these items and seated them on the battery. I may drill a hole in the storage compartment and droo them Into a water proff container. I also changed the map sensor £30 which dose get cocked up and causes drive train issues. I hope this information solves or prevents issues. My local auto electrician charged me £30
  20. Hi guys, just wanted to share my recent audio upgrade completed today. I bought an F10, 520D recently and as we all know the OEM speakers are not the best. I start searching for compatible speakers and found the usual suspects, Focal IFBMW, MTX, Bavsound stage one, Match, ESX, Harman Kardon etc. I am very price conscious and usually search for days until I am settling for something and in this case, I focused my attention towards the Focal range as I like the brand and had 135VR's and 165VR's in one of my previous BMW E46 coupe. It was out of discussion paying £5 - 600 for the IFBMW and as I wanted to have high-quality sound for the best price I started to look for 4" Focal speakers. I found quite a few and the interesting thing is they are not advertised as compatible with BMW, I am sure they will put the price up if they will.... I bought a pair of these for the back https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-AUDITOR-R-100C-4-10cm-2-Way-Car-Coaxial-Van-Door-Dash-Speakers-240W/262351114177?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 And a pair of these for the front https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-Integration-ISC100-4-10cm-2-Way-Coaxial-Car-Speakers-200W-Total-Power/401093581124?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 As well 2 pairs of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10cm-4-Front-Rear-Door-Speaker-Adaptor-For-BMW-X3-2007-Onwards/351735857820?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 As well you will need 4 x 61138373583 and 8 x 61130006664 from BMW for a neat setup. The result is, to say the least, impressive with very clear midrange and crystal clear highs. The Integration speakers in the front have a rotary tweeter which you can adjust to face the driver and raise the soundstage and you really have the impression that the sound is coming from the pillars. All in all, for £160 all in I find it very hard to believe that there is a better solution to upgrade your sound system to match this setup and wanted to share with you all, and believe me you will not regret it!
  21. Hi, First introduction to the board but hoping someone can help. I’ve recently purchased a 65 plate 520d and am struggling with the alarm...just setting itself of randomly. It’s just returned from the garage after having the passenger door lock mechanism changed as this was throwing error codes and also showing as opening on diagnostics when locked and the alarm sounding...problem solved, so I hoped. Returned home and it’s still doing the same...but not all the time. Returned to garage but no new error codes and typically didn’t go off whilst I waited. Been parked up at home for 2 hours also without issue but just returned from a trip and it’s back at it again. Anyone had anything similar or possible pointers? This is coupled with the battery discharging when stationary warning too. Many thanks Geoff
  22. Hi all, Yeterday I noticed a spider in the taillight. It was sitting in there, dead. I removed the light and tried to get the spider out but it was impossible. So I tried to blow air into the holes from the bulbs, but nothing. The spider didn't even move. I even made it worse, because the air has ensured that other dirt such as cobwebs can now also be seen. How can I make my taillight 'clean' again or do I need to replace the light? Thanks in advance!
  23. ajl530d

    Just got a 2016 F10 535d

    Finally bought an F10, still have my old E39 530d (not sure whether to keep it or sell it). New car is amazing to drive. Anyone know what the options are Vin is G685993 and do you have a 2016 price list?
  24. MStyle

    New Products from MStyle

    Hi guys, We've added a few products to the F10/F11 and G30/G31 range. Check out below F10/F11 https://www.mstyle.co.uk/mstyle-carbon-fibre-performance-splitter-for-f10-pre-lci-bmw-5-series.html https://www.mstyle.co.uk/mstyle-carbon-fibre-boot-spoiler-for-f10-bmw-5-series.html G30/G31 https://www.mstyle.co.uk/mstyle-3-piece-carbon-fibre-splitter-for-g30-g31-bmw-5-series.html https://www.mstyle.co.uk/mstyle-carbon-fibre-corner-splitters-for-g30-g31-bmw-5-series.html If you would like to know more, feel free to give us a call and don't forget to mention you are part of the forum
  25. jayculham

    Add A SatNav

    Hi, I have a BMW 5 Series F10 with the standard radio and want to upgrade it to the wide-screen satnav one. I'm buying the screen and cd player part from a salvage 5 Series F10 If I use the satnav from the salvage car will it work on my F10 or do I need extra parts such as a new GPS Ariel? Kind Regards Jay