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Found 13 results

  1. Has anyone replaced the stock boost and charge pipes with aluminium equivalents on the intercooler? . I've read that the stock plastic versions can fail, even on unmodified engines. I'm looking at replacing these, with more reliable versions, preferably without meth ports. Of the upgrades found online, so far, they are mostly associated with performance upgrades. I am currently making enquiries with FTP motorsports in Taiwan. I am also making enquiries with UK undependent BMW specialists. So if anyone has replaced stock plastic versions with aluminium, any information or advice would be appreciated.
  2. If your estate BMW 5 Series (known as a Touring or the F11 or the GT F07) has its backside on the ground one morning or you have an error message on your dash relating to a ride fault or an air suspension fault, have a look through these threads to give you an idea on what the issue is and how to resolve it. This is a collection of just some of the threads to be found on here, not all are one here simply due to the fact, they were never resolved or closed out so there is nothing to be learned from them. This is purely a reference thread to other posts on here and is not to be used as a discussion thread. Failure symptoms above thread was closed out in last post of this next thread DIY guide to replacing the rear sir springs. DIY Guide to replace the solenoid valve System Behaviour Normal behaviour Compressor Compressor removal (access needed to NewTIS) Compressor Faults Ride Height Queries F11 Rear suspension height F07 Ride height query F11 ride height to high One side failure F07 Bump Stop issues Disintegrating rear bump stops Valve block Air spring fault Lowering of an F11 Standard or MSport Air spring differences Tech chat on tools needed for air line. Relay If you want another thread adding to this, please message me and I'll reference it in here.

    BMW Dealer Servicing

    Took my F07N for its first service with me as the owner to a BMW dealer and wanted to share the experience. I bought the car second hand with a major service included with the car. The service plan expires at the end of December 2020, with the MOT due on 29/12/20, so booked the service with original dealer. They knew the car and the plan and no issues were raised when booked in some 8 weeks ago. The car was built on 30/11/16, but wasn't registered in the UK until January 2017. First call came later in the morning, asking if I wanted the MOT done. I said No, as I planned to get the MOT done at my local Garage over the Xmas break. A few minutes later, they called back to advise they couldn't do the service without a 'repair', as according to BMW rules the service wasn't due on the Car until January 2021 and could only be done earlier if it included repair work. So there is the bizarre situation that the previous owner paid for a 4 year service plan, but wouldn't have benefited from it on a time basis....... As I was quoted £650 for the major service from an independent BMW specialist, it would have been stupid to not pay £55 for the MOT to secure my 'free' major service. So I instructed them to do the MOT. The next call I get is the car has failed its MOT, on a single item, a rear tyre, slasb/cut with cord visible. So I need a new 275/35/102Y/R20. I asked for the cost, advising I could get one fitted for about £230. They quoted me about £330 inc VAT, after I sent them a snapshot of the tyre from another supplier fitted for £234 inc VAT. I advised that the maximum I would pay would be £250 Inc VAT. Their best price came back at £294 Inc VAT. So they aren't fitting the tyre...... I am getting the tyre fitted tomorrow, locally and taking it back for the retest to the BMW dealer on Friday.......... I wonder if they are going to have the audacity to find something else wrong with Car? People wonder why I am cynical, but with experiences like this, little wonder....... I'll let you know if I escape without another problem. As of today, the Car has only done 18,320 miles, and I've only done about 1500 since buying it back in February. So not decided yet whether to go with a service plan (cheap at about £24/month) for 36 months cover, a local independent BMW specialist, or my trusted garage for the last 20 years (they don't have the diagnostic gear, but may do....) Took the car to get the NSR replaced and discovered that the rear shock absorber gator (axillary damper protective sleeve in BMW speak) was missing. You can see in the photo with the shock absorber 99% of the corrugated part of the assembly has disappeared. These things can split and crack etc. but I think mine was cut off. There are a couple of shots showing the top in detail, it doesn't look like decay to me. (It's been serviced by one garage since new and none of the garages involved with car have ever taken the NSR wheel off. The previous owner was a GP in Holland Park and I can't someone like this with a warranted vehicle with a service plan mucking about with their Car's suspension! With no clear culprit to pin the blame on, I've bit the bullet and just got the work done. The 'damaged' placement part was £24; the aggravating bit was the top mount that was also recommended to be replaced at £74 and the £114 for the labour. I have also received a quotation for 3 years servicing to 60,000 miles/December 2024 that includes one minor (S1) and major service (S2), one MOT, 2 map updates and eight seasonal health checks for 36 monthly payments of £25, or single payment of £900. I am going to check with my local independent BMW specialist before making any rash decisions.....
  4. G'day. I live in Australia, and have recently owned a 2012 F07 530D GT, also my first BMW and this level of luxury/tech complexity. Quite unfortunately, after a trip to SA, it was noticed the car was basically sitting on the rear left wheel when stopped (as attached. the other picture is the front right wheel), and can hear the air leaking noise whenever engine turned off. When ignited, compressor starts to inflate and achieve leveling when reach 100kmh, when driving slower than 50-60 kmh the ride become very bumpy. It was alerted 'Cornering ability restricted' as well as something like 'run flat tyre pressure monitoring failure'.. Nevertheless, I managed to drive the vehicle 500km back to home put the compressor at high risk of failure I reckon.. Anyway, since this model is very rare in the australian market, pretty difficult to find the part (for a reasonable price), rang a few dealers and specialists, they haven't seen the car yet due to holiday but all suspect it is the air bag failure and quoted approx.$1k for one side for OEM quality plus 2 hours labor, one quoted 3k+ for genuine part too, which is insane having checked Arnott price in EU and US, and 30/40min replacing labor, so plan to get one or a pair from the states instead. I've looked it up, if I'm correct, I should be looking for item '37106781827 or 37106781843' if air bag failed, am I correct? https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=SN62-EUR-11-2011-F07-BMW-530d&diagId=33_1511 And what's the difference between the below two parts, I think both are called air spring and they all said to fit 5GT? Which is the one I'm supposed to get? https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-air-spring-rear-37106781843 https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-air-spring-rear-arnott-a2780#description And is it alright leave the car sitting on that corner like this for 3 weeks (like more damage to suspension)? Can I keep driving it for short distance like 10/20km (compressor failure concern)? Much appreciated, and wish you a Happy New Year!
  5. Nchillin75

    Newbie intro

    Morning all hope you are well Just signed up. Past experience of Aprilia and KTM bike forums suggests you should always be linked to your vehicle manufacturer like minded forums. running a 14 plate F07 and 17 plate G30 Presently tarting up the F07 so there’s a couple of calliper questions coming up. Presume these should be posted in technical? Tapatalk iPhone app doesn’t appear to be working quite as it should with a new install fyi
  6. Hello fellow members, Just wanted to say I love this forum and I quite enjoy browsing through photos posted by members here, so I decided I post some. I will soon post about the mods I did to my latest F07 purchase. See the collage I did for cars I owned since 2008... Have fun. Mo
  7. jayculham

    Add A SatNav

    Hi, I have a BMW 5 Series F10 with the standard radio and want to upgrade it to the wide-screen satnav one. I'm buying the screen and cd player part from a salvage 5 Series F10 If I use the satnav from the salvage car will it work on my F10 or do I need extra parts such as a new GPS Ariel? Kind Regards Jay
  8. Hello all, I've been in the market for a 5GT for quite a while now (only car me and my wife agree on for her bad back). I've got a list of a few constraints from her about age/milage (LCI, 80kish or less, within 100 miles of Newcastle and max £15k) and the best of the bunch is apparenrly this: https://www.dacemotorgroup.co.uk/used-bmw-5-series-gran-turismo-stockport-cheshire-1645990 https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/d287427 I've reserved it and planning to drive down on Wednesday. Originally I was thrilled there was one within our constraints (as apparently living in the NE means almost every car here is overpriced) however on doing some research into what the car comes with and it's pretty barebones. It's also been at the dealer for a while (approx 6 months), but has just been to BMW for the egr done so I don't have to worry about that. My main questions are: 1) With it being so bare will there be features I can't easily add that will be missed? (Complex things like adaptive headlights etc) 2) Is it really worth what they are asking? 3) Am I kidding myself that I need a 30/35 or would the 20 be enough if it came with more jazz? Any and all thoughts or advice appreciated before Thursday, Alex
  9. Hi Guys, It`s gonna be a little bit long so please have patience. I own an F07, from 2009. Last year I had a combox retrofitted (which after a while and the help of the forum, we made it work). This year, though, I am not happy with it and I want more. The screen has quite a few scratches and it looks like the satnav is a bit sluggish (at least thats what I think). I have been tinkering with and Android unit from AVIN but it`s not doing anything of what it says and it`s sluggish as well. What I want is tho get waze on the screen of the sat nav or to get the satnav to work better and different resolution. As far as I know the screen mirroring means that the phone`s screen has to be on all the time and that`s not what I want. I have been looking all over the net and the best option is to retrofit an NBT. My question is: What do I need to retrofit NBT in my car ? I will tell you what I know and please correct me if I am wrong. I need an NBT (touch controller, unit and screen), an ZGW-02 and a few cables (going the OEM way as I have read that the emulator way is going to stop things work, buttons on the steering wheel and so on). What cables do I need ? Is it hard to install it in the car ? DO I have to pull some other wires ? I know it involves coding and I know someone who can do it for me. Thanks a lot for your time.
  10. Bought a key off amazon or ebay, cant remember which but I've just tried to hold it up to the key logo on the steering column while starting the car and it hasn't coded to the car. Should I really be surprised? I did do my homework and check the Mhz of the old key etc however the new key hasn't taken to the car. The old key managed to be retrieved after 16 hours under salt water in a marina but its obviously toast. Basically I just need the electronic part programmed. any thoughts or advice or should I just write off the £50 and go straight to the dealer with pants round my ankles?
  11. Hi guys. Newly registered and looking for a bit of knowledge, if I can pick your brains! I'm a long time BMW fan currently driving a Nissan Leaf (of the 23 cars I've owned since 2004, 10 have been BMWs ranging from E46 320ci to E60 (and E61) M5 and E65 750i! The Leaf is going back in September (but only because the range is starting to become a problem, I can't fault it otherwise!) Originally, top of my list was an F01 730d, but then I spotted a 530d GT at my local dealer and had a look around, and I can't see any reason why I wouldn't pick one of those instead - looks aside, I mean. So, a couple of Qs: - How much better are the LCI cars compared to the originals? Is there really that much different about them? There's obviously a substantial difference in price. - Does the "new" iDrive controller with the touch gestures found in 63+ plates do anything else that the older iDrive can't? - I definitely want a car with Bluetooth audio capability - what do I need to look out for, assuming it's not standard? - Two of my fave things about the E61 M5 I had previously was the high-beam assistant and the head-up display - are these common to find on the F07s? And finally, what sort of mods/coding is possible with the F07, and what's the best way of going about it? Cheers guys, appreciate any help
  12. Hi all, I'm new to the forum - which is wicked btw! I've had a 2010 F07 530D GT for about a year now - i do a lot of miles with it and done nearly 160k though, and got the odd gremlim which i'm finding help with on the forum - like the fake passenger airbag warning light, and rattling on cold start. I would like to start to use a quality BMW specialist to look after it for me given the age and miles i'm doing - any advice on one with a great reputation in the midlands?
  13. Nickel

    New F07 GT member

    Hi everyone, new member here. I'm gonna give a shout out to GT Steve at this point, given my googling led me to one of his posts and ultimately to signing up to the forum - This place is such a great source of info. Picked up my 530D GT a couple of months ago and I have to say that I absolutely love this car. I've driven a fair few BMWs over the years - in my younger days I lived in Munich and worked at their HQ - but I think this has been one of their most underrated or misunderstood cars. Most people I have spoken to about it assume it is a 5er Hatch, but there is so much more to this car - the space, comfort and the drive are superb. I admit on first looks it appears it may have fallen out of the ugly tree, and hit one or two branches on the way down, but the looks have grown on me. When it first came out, I thought the rear end looked plain wrong. The last couple of years as I've followed them down the M4 I've slowly come to appreciate that rear end - it has real presence. In fact I have to say, after just 3 months, this has become my favourite ride I've owned. If there was one thing I don't like - it's the previous owner for spec'ing beige leather and carpets. Would have preferred the Alpine white and black carpet combo, but that was one of the compromises I had to make to secure a lower mileage at the price I paid. The seats I can live with - the carpets I have covered with black velour mats and an anti-slip mat in the boot. The GT is a pretty well spec'd car, but this one did have some nice extras on the list - amongst others: Adaptive driveHUD - really love this. My last car had a TFT display similar to BMW Black Panel. Thought I would really miss it, but with the HUD I am not even looking at the instrument displayExecutive Package - the kids love the fact that they both have their own rear seat to controlSoft close doors and rear side sunblindsHigh Beam Assist - Takes some getting used to, but works very wellSome minor mod plans for the future include: Putting winter tyres on the stock 19" rims and then getting some new larger rims for summerBlack kidney grill - still need to convince myself that it is the right choicePotentially putting some new springs to lower the rideblackening the chrome strip at the rearWould like to find a rear spoiler I likeAnd finally I may consider tuning or remappingHere's some pics Cheers