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Found 31 results

  1. V_MAX

    Stainless Steel headers With X-Pipes

    From the album: My 523i Conversions and Maintenance

    In this picture you can see the exhaust setup with an X-pipe ahead of the two free-flow catalytic converters. It is hard to see in this picture but the X-pipe have a considerably large opening between the exhaust pipes. This picture is possibly better to see the X-pipe; Protection Undercarriage Cover Plates This is all stainless steel 2,5inc. through out coming from aftermarket headers. This setup is till the same today in Dec. 2021 and no sign of rust or fatigue.
  2. MStyle

    E60 Makeover

    Hi all, We've had an E60 535d in for some performance and styling mods so thought we would share -ECU Software Update -Remap - 363hp/553ftlbs -Sprint Booster V3 -Carbon Fibre Quad Diffuser -Custom Quad Exhaust Conversion Check out the before and afters
  3. n80nag

    540 rear silencer removal

    Hi all, I’m finding the exhaust note on my 540i a bit too “refined” for my tastes. I’d like the hear the V8 sound a little more. I’ve watched many rear “muffler delete” videos on YouTube so I know it’s an easy mod to do but it’s difficult to asses how loud the exhaust will be afterwards. I was hoping some people on the forum may have done this themselves and may be able to give further advice. I just don’t want the car to be too loud but I’m also yearning for that V8 to be heard a little.
  4. The back box has 2 tail pipes, the inner most one has a vacuum / spring opperated valve inside it that is closed at idle. I found that I can test the DME electronicly generated (I think) vacuum operated flap / valve using INPA: - Select Engine N53 MSD80 Siemens - F6- Activate - F1 - Stellgliedansteuerung1 - SHIFT + F2 - AbGasKlappe AGK (Exhaust Valve/Flap) - F1 - AGK ein - Turns the Valve on for 15 Seconds - F2 - AGK aus - Turns the Valve off for 15 Seconds - F4 - Ansteurun Zuruck an DME - Returns control of back to the ECU (DME) If not the exact same key strokes then just follow the German phrases. I expect the E60 N53 525i/530i is closed at idle and probably opens the valve above 3k RPM but not able to verify. The N53 in a 330i reports to open at idle (for noise effect) then close between 1k RPM and 3k RPM. I got bored and force my muffler valve open all the time with a cable tie. The back box sounds slightly different at idle, a bit beefy but nothing much to shout about. Going to leave it for a week or two and evaluate at various speeds and conditions. I googled around and there seems to be a wide variety of reasons for the flap (mostly hear say) but I'm not convinced by any of them being factually correct, other than for mild noise control.
  5. drpep999

    Exhaust upgrade help

    Dear All, Great day at Ace Cafe the other day, even if it was lashing with rain the whole time. I have a favour to ask of the forum. At some point in the future I am looking to up grade my exhuast, most likely a Cat Back system, possibly a full replacement since one of my cats seems to faulty anyway, thrown up an EML. I'm going to go for a quad exhaust but can't stomach the thought of paying c. £1-2k for something that doesn't sound right, and there's only so much convincing that can be done by the supplier that it will sound as I would want. The only way to do it is to fit it, and pray that it's right. So what I was wondering, if there is anyone out there who has a 530i with an exhaust upgrade (not necessarily a quad, but preferable) who would be willing to let me listen to it to see if the sound is what I'm after. I would come to you wherever you happen to be, and would be a good opportunity to meet some other forum members and have a good chin wag about cars, and for me to go on a bit of a drive!. If you're exhaust is the sound that I'm after, then I know exactly what to go out and buy. Any offers? Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Dan
  6. Just the past week, my 2001 B10 V8 has started intermittently running really noisily. It usually happens on turning the ignition, then for about 5 or 10 seconds before settling down. It sounds like there is a truck engine under the bonnet and the exhaust maybe sounds louder I'm not sure, but I think the noise is coming from the front. There are no fault codes at all according to the BMW fault code reader I have. I haven't looked at it yet with BMW 1.4.0. Sometimes when I start it up, it sounds normal. I replaced the camshaft position sensors around 5000 miles ago roughly I think, and oil change around 2000 miles ago. Last MOT in August had no notes about the exhaust. I also thought I heard a knocking noise from the front left suspension but that is not reproducible. My initial guess is that it might be the exhaust manifold gasket that needs replacing. I had a quick look around the car and engine bay and can't notice anything. I would have thought if the exhaust is on the way out it would be consistently problematic. There is no power loss during the louder engine phases so I don't think it's got anything to do with the catalyst. The exhaust is original Alpina twin exhaust (car has done 62k miles roughly). Any thoughts? Will likely look more carefully at the diagnostics and take it down Kwikfit for a quick look under the car. Cheers.
  7. Blackman

    E34 525i Exhaust Options

    Seems like the mesh inside my catalytic converter has fallen into pieces and now it makes a funny noise at certain revs, when I move off or accelerate in lower gears. I was thinking of replacing the cat with a new Klarius unit and then getting a cat-back stainless steel exhaust system from Jetex? Does this sound like a good combo or Jetex may be a bit too boy-racer? It's decently priced at £450 for a complete kit, excluding the cat obviously. There doesn't seem to be many options when it comes to E34 exhausts, unless you want to pay over £1200 for a Superprint system or £550 just for a Eisenmann backbox? As far as I know, Klarius is a quite good brand, so it should be a good choice for a catalytic converter and it should last at least 4-5 years? So I just need your help re choosing the best cat and then knowing my options for the exhaust system? Thanks
  8. I had my exhaust off today, as you do, to wash out the DPF. On the basis commercial vehicle DPFs are routinely washed I thought I'd have a go at mine. The car was telling me there was 600 miles left on the DPF (it's pre-LCi). What a joy it was separating the DPF. The bolts were rusted lumps but they sit in sleeves, so grind off the ends and the bolt is still solidly holding it all together. Angle grinder, blow torch and air chisel all were required. The DPF seems clean now, but what else do I find, the exhaust flexi is leaking. I guess that would explain the slight whiff of exhaust under the bonnet. The flexi is part of the Cat and there's not a lot of pipework to attach a clamp on replacement so what I'm looking for is recommendations of suppliers of replacement flexis. I suspect there's some cheap tat that won't last 5 mins out there and there's decent stuff too. I'm going to have to pay someone to chop the old one off and weld the new one on (I don't have a welder) so I want a quality part. Recommendations please. Here's the offending article:
  9. Hi, My 2010 F10 520d only as 59k on the clock and has lost its power for some time now. It has a distinct deep humming sound when i put my foot down -sort of like when the boy racers have an induction kit on a 1.0l car and floor it, but no whooshing/throaty sounds, just that humming noise as though the car is drowning on too much air going into the engine (sorry, that's the best i could describe it!). You can hear it from within the cabin and it sounds like the exhaust is giving out a constantly long deep fart (sorry!!) I've been to one garage and they say it's the DPF that needs deleting, another says it's the EGR as the DPF light isn't on. I've taken it down the motorway a few times now with cruise control on and with the revs at 2k for 50+miles, but it still hasn't regenerated! Another garage has mentioned it may be a vacuum leak, as that deep sound could be a loose/split hose somewhere, letting in air where it shouldn't (i have an inkling that this may be it -i hope!!). I'm getting very frustrated with the car and the fact that no garage agrees on the same diagnosis! It seems like a very common issue on these cars, as I've seen on a couple of forums now and it's really putting me off keeping it any longer. I've had it plugged in on a Bosch KTS 570 and got the following error codes: 28CD00 - Control unit at LIN data bus missing message 279800 - Charge-air cooling faulty I have no idea what the above are in regards to and can't seem to find anything on here to clarify. Anybody care to share their 2 cents? Thanks
  10. Rafeabrook

    545i Muffler Delete

    Afternoon all. Returning to the 5 fray with my first E60 Picking up a super rare 545i Manual on Tuesday and the first thing I want to do is free up that V8 noise. I've seen evidence of some successful muffler deletes on You Tube, but my local independents don't want to touch the job for fear of ballsing up the emissions readings (they do MOT's so understandable I suppose) I'm not going to try anything like this myself, so does anyone know someone who will, without cocking up the lights on the dash? I'm keen to keep the cat to avoid future MOT problems. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi All, I am in need of some help/adice on an issue that has developed over the last few weeks... The car is a 2007 520D with the M47N2 engine. When the car is started from cold, there are fumes that are coming from the the back fothe engine on the air filter side as shown in the following vid: I had the glow plugs rep[laced some time ago as 1 of them was failing. Thereafter I had the car serviced and I am seeing faults come up for all 4 glow plugs, which Ive asked about separately on this forum and people here have suggested that it is a faulty low plug relay. I need to get that replaced. After the car warms up the fumes are no longer present and there is no loss of power or any difference in performance. The only other thing that has been happening for some time now ifs that when cold started, the engine idles but judders slightly here and there like a misfire, if I rev it it goes away for a while then returns, but once the car is warmed there is no more judder, its only present when cold starting. Any ideas? could it be the glow plugs or the relay causing this? I ask this because I think the plugs (possibly relay too) is the only thing that heats up on a cold start, is that right? If so, this could be the only hing that could be getting really hot enough for fumes to develop? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  12. For sale, Supersprint magnum rear exhaust boxes for E39 M5. in excellent condition. I have decided that the H pipe can be part of the deal as it wont be any use on its own. Price for all of it £600 If you want both then I'm sure we could do a deal. Ideally collection only...............or organise your own courier Chris 07733112399
  13. Evening all, I'm after a pair of standard rear silencers (no muffler delete or any mods) for my M5. What I do have, is a pair of super sprint magnum silencers, of which, I may be interested in p/x.........
  14. Tom Ballard

    Exhaust failure at the DPF

    Evening, So the issue; The flexy part of the back end of the DPF has snapped off from the rest of my exhaust. Looks as if the gearbox exhaust mount has snapped off, leaving the weight of the exhaust to slowly tear away from the DPF. I got my car up today and had a ganders, found that its a clean break. Now I anticipated this so I bought a flexy DPF repair piece from ebay. I have managed to remove the damaged piece at the end of the flexy and hoped that this repair piece would be a simple fix. Seems not. The repair piece has no way of repairing it at all. With all hope of removing the DPF (which has been gutted by the way) being shattered due to the near impossible access to it from under the bonnet; without removing all sorts. Has anyone else had these sorts of issues before? is there a repair piece that will work? At the moment its either a bodge job weld on this new flexy piece or, new DPF (God no!) the flexy appears to be part of the DPF you see. Any info will be highly appreciated
  15. Andyc182

    Exhaust Tips

    It was a sunyish day considering its September so I thought I'd give the car a wash after a 2200 mile road trip to France and back, and also tackle the exhaust tips that are looking pretty grotty. I've had the car since May and not sure they have ever been cleaned so I was ready for a slog! I've had some of the Megs NXTpolish for a while now and never really used it. After a bit of reading on Detailing World I popped out to my local DIY store and bought some steel wool. This is the state of the tips before I started. They were pretty filthy inside and out. I started with a spray of bilberry wheel cleaner. I figured that it might help to loosen the baked on soot. I left it to soak for a couple of minutes and agitated with an old alloy wheel brush I had lying around. That helped to remove some of the lighter soot and staining. Once rinsed off I used the NXT polish on the finest grade steel wool and started to go to work. It didn't take much work to loosen the rest of the soot off, and underneath it all I could see where the chrome finish has worn away over time. Once clean I polished up with more NXT Polish this time using a microfibre cloth. A pic of the final result from today. Picked up a few more stonechips from France, I'm going to need to get them sorted at some point but totally worth it. Loved driving over there, so much easier with less traffic and better roads.
  16. Dethar

    530i Exhaust leak

    Hi All, Got a slight issue with my E39 the front section of the exhaust system has a leak during cold causing loud drone but once warm seems to seal itself up. Haven't noticed any loss in power or fuel economy yet.... I've narrowed it down to where the manifold pipe meets cat joint. On one of the pipes the bracket seems to have come loose, rusted up and seen better days. Took it to a local garage who advised that I will need to replace the cat as the bracket washer is not replaceable? How much of this is true? find it hard to believe. Also does anyone know any decent garages I can take it to in Barking/Ilford area. Cheers!
  17. MrToad

    EGR pipe leak

    I fitted an EGR bypass / blanking kit a couple of years ago, however the EGR "feed" pipe is now leaking part 1 below. It is leaking from the chamber section which appears to have some wire mesh "inside" the joint, as below. Anyone seen this before, is that "joint" supposed to be flexible or can I weld it up?
  18. Adam530d

    Been busy today.......

    Exhaust manifold change, main and EGR thermostat changes, Glow plug relay/controller and all 6 glow plugs:
  19. Bowwow

    E28 Exhaust Support Arm

    Hi there, Could you tell me if the exhaust support (part numbers 9 & 12 in the pic) is still available? It's for a 1987 E28 520i, without a catalytic convertor. Cheers!
  20. My standard backbox is reaching the end of it's life and I've decided that I'm going to get a stainless steel one made up & put on instead of the factory-standard 'box. It'll last longer and, as a bonus, it'll look and sound better too (with the addition of the centre-muffler having been already removed and I don't have a catalytic convertor fitted either..... luckily ). The question is, I'm not sure as to what style to go with and wanted to see if anyone had got a more bespoke / custom-made fitting? I was thinking of going for a more oblong-shaped pipe or a double-barrel ending, but can't really decide. Bit old now to be doing the rude-boy thing, but something that'll sound good and look the part would definitely be welcomed! Thoughts / opinions?
  21. Sorry if I've gone a bit 'New topic' crazy of late, but lots of questions are popping into my head. This next one seems to be a pretty grey area and talked about all over the place, with no conclusions. I've had a look through most of the threads that cover this topic but am still unsure. What are the pros and cons of deleting a rear silencer/muffler only, OR the resonator in the middle of the car only? Mines a 530i. More specifically, it is the sound I am interested in. What I don't want is to sound like a boy racer with a dustbin for an exhaust pipe on a sh1t Vauxhall Nova. I like the complex and sophisticated sound that the i6 makes but would like it louder. I'm not after that soulless blare you get from randomly taking every form of restriction off your exhaust system. Does anyone know how deleting one or the other will make a difference to the sound? The next can of worms is how it will effect power and torque. As usual after trawling though forums there seems to be people who think it will make no difference, and other think it will increase power/troque, and other who think it will decrease power/torque. So two questions in one thread really (this could get messy). So... Has anyone got any videos (without distorted sound from the camera being too close) of their muffler/resonator delete (I've looked at most of the ones on you tube but again inconclusive)..... and/or perhaps some evidence of an increase/decrease in power/torque after an exhaust modification i.e dyno run info. Enjoy this can of worms, but I would be really interested to hear about people's opinions/ experiences.
  22. DerekJr.

    Removing 523i rear silencer

    Hey guys, Does or has anyone removed the standard rear exhaust silencer? How do you do it? I'm just interested in unhooking it from the rubber clamp/O-ring. The clamp where the rear silencer joins the mid section has snapped (rust) and the other one isn't far off. The box or should I say scuba tanks are hanging quite low. I just want to remove the scuba tanks until I get more money and time to fix it right. I also want to experience the "muffler delete" exhaust note
  23. So confused on what I need and how much in terms of muffler delete. Was originally looking at Kelleners or Evolve AlphaN full pipes but ive seen a lot of videos where people have just done a muffler delete and they sound amazing. Looked at another thread on the Timmay tips and saw poeple talking about getting a muffler delete with timmay tips done for about £200-400 which sounded ideal. Some how I got linked to a company in america to see how much they would do a straight pipe muffler delete for with timmay tips and their saying 1700$ ?!? Can anyone please advise where to go website/location wise to get what im after. I'd like a sound which is deep and loud with not any rasp. Something like these videos below would be perfect but im just confused as to where to get it. Im down the south near southampton so any good custom exhaust shops recommended.....PLLEEEEEEASE let me no Thanks in advance for any help
  24. First off, apologies for this newb question because its probably been asked a lot before. Got a e39 M5 the other day which im over the moon about. Wish I had done a little research on exhaust before hand as I didn't realise how pricey they were compared to previous cars ive had. Looking for something loud but not 'raspy'. Im not a fan of the sound of the miltek as for me it has too much rasp (just my opinion) Heard a few of the kelleners and Evolve AlphaN videos and they are much more suited to my liking but quite a bit more than I was hoping to spend. Has anyone heard\had these on their M5 and what are your views? - - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-M5-CUSTOM-STAINLESS-STEEL-EXHAUST-SYSTEM-FULL-SPORT-WITH-NEW-TAILPIPES-/310690927080?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item48569f51e8 Really like the look of the Timmay tips, how easy are they to get hold of and these coupled with another aftermarket part of the exhaust a good combo? Again sorry cause im guessing this is a repeated question but would really appreciate some advice back.
  25. Hi guys not sure if my car is regenning properly, i have used inpa to see if there any faults stored and that was all ok. So then i run a doagnostic on the DPF using DIS and this is what i got: The car has not moved since last night and the test was done whilst the car was running idle for 15 mins approx. Could someone please shed some light on my figures i just got. Is it regenning? Is my exhaust back preessure ok? If not how can i check to see of it is working properly or not? I do notice my exhaust to shake/vibrate a tiny bit when ignition is on, dnt know if that info helps at all. I drive a 520d auto running a m47 engine I did try to run a dpf test on tuesday and accidently clicked forced regen, this is the screenshot from tuesdays test: Thanks guys Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk