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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone Can someone help me here please The connection cable to the multifunction on the M-sport steering wheel has 4 wires, and i need to know what each individual wires purpose are. The big brown one i guess is Ground really hope someone can answer this Greetings
  2. Hello everyone. im new here and i have a question. i am looking for a layout or a diagram of the connecting cable for the multifunction buttons for E39/E46 3spoke M-sport steering wheel, because i have a little project going in my E39, and i really need to know what the individual wires are for If its not the cable, a pinout of the connector on the slip ring could also help me ill put pictures, so you know exactly what cable and connector im talking about.. i really hope someone can help me with this Greetings
  3. Hello! Must say iam quiet new to the bmw world but I fast realized that the e60/e61’s have a reputation of having some electrical problems. To my case, I have a e61 525d 2006, 33xxx km, flawless no problems reaaaally well kept! Until some weeks ago. It started with abs and tire pressure sensor popping up when I accelerated in a certain way. If I kept driving and doing it that certain way it after a while went in to lipmode because I trows engine, transmission, abs, power steering and all sorts of codes. if I drive it in low rpm’s I never does it! sometimes it never trows a code (rare) NOW! my guess from me reading other peoples similar problems. It’s the alternator regulator? Or ibs cable? car is pending between 14,5 -15,25v and When I turn it off it goes doe to ish 12,40v i never had water in my spare wheelwell, but I had one of the green relays burnt out on me (changed it) i have videos but but don’t know how to upload. Sorry for bad English and thanx in advance!!! Edit: when it goes in to limp mode and turn it off, it will get same codes after like 10m of driving. But! If I park it over night no problems until I drive it for a while (30-60min) then it starts to throw “small” codes and after a while go in to limp mode. I know for shure the abs and tire-pressure isn’t a real problem with the car i have got the sensors checked and calibrated. codes that comes up randomly is: transmission fault, battery terminal, tire pressure, engine failure, rear light (not broken), abs, power steering, chassie control. 0BAF993E-A6C1-4412-96D8-AB516AF31968.MP4 4B3B6761-B67C-4367-A7E6-CF688067465D.MP4
  4. manigills

    Water leak, wet footwell

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and understand how valuable some of the information supplied by fellow owners can be. One evening the alarm started to sound on the vehicle which I could not turn off using the remote. It was raining quite heavily and had been for some time so I thought it may have been over sensitive. I checked the vehicle to investigate further and noticed that the footwell in the driver side was soaking wet. I had had the wet footwell problem previously and thought it may have been due to clogged pipe or build up leaves/debri just under the filter, however this was not the case. As I got into the vehicle I tried to drive, but the car thought that the driver side door was still open and would not let me move more than a few feet before stopping automatically, clearly there was an electrical fault due to the leak. I had the vehicle towed to a BMW specialist, I had to have all the rubber seals replaced and electrical wiring fixed. The water was leaking through the front windscreen as the seals had started to leak, to my knowledge the windscreen was still the original so I have no idea how it had started to leak. Just for reference if you do experience wet footwells it can be due to the rubber seals to the windscreen.
  5. HuwE39

    Trouble with angel eyes?!

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my angel eyes and I'm stumped! I've had the 10W Cree LEDs in there for a couple of years, and had no problems. However, now, I have no near side light, as you can see on the pic. The LED is litany stable, again see pic, and I can't see any problem with the headlight, but when I put the bulb into the headlight there is no light from the angel eye. The other main beam and full beam are fine, and the indicator, but strangely I'm getting no warning light and the indicator isn't lighting, as it would normally. Can anyone shed any light (sorry!) on this, please?
  6. I have a rather strange problem with fuse number 11 in the passenger junction box. The fuse is only a 7.5 amp and according to all the information; (owners manual, fuse card, autodata etc) it is for the servotronic variable power steering assistance, which I have no idea whether or not it's fitted in my car, which is a mid 2001 post facelift 525i saloon. However, if you remove the fuse, with the ignition on or off, all the interior lights turn off, dashboard illumination goes, and the horn starts sounding!! Can anybody shed any light as to why this might be happening and whether my car should have servotronic fitted? I have always considered the steering to be rather heavy compared to other E39s I've driven. I considered changing the fluid to CHF pentosin, but my reservoir cap states ATF ONLY. any help on any of the above issues would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  7. Hi All, Yesterday I embarked on q uest to find out why my door puddle lights stopped working. I started with fuses and pulled each one I thought might be the problem (going by the symbols on the sticker inside the boot lid) and re-seated them all after finding none of them were blown. A few days I fitted high power LED's in the puddle lamps and were working fine, so I took the passenger side out and re-seated and voila! they are both working now. So left it there, started driving to work and found my driver side window switches and mirror controls are not working. Even the passenger side switch wasnt working and then I started pulling out fises and reseating them and the passenger side now works, but the driver side still not working. I cant see the switches illuminated as they would when the lights are turned on (not sure if they actually do illuminate) but as theyre not, I assume this is because no power is going to that switch? Ive tried searching online, and no joy. Ive also found that fuse number 11 is missing, whcih going by the symbol indicates it is a fan fuse? Is this the radiator fan for the engine? Does anyone know which particular fuse would control the driver side switches? Hoping someone can help me here, advise will be very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help... I've got an ex police 2007 530d e61. I'm having problems getting the alarm to arm it's self. When I lock the car the indicators flash but the led on the rear view doesn't flash and the alarm doesnt set. I've checked what I think is the alarm use in the boot ( a 5amp) and it seems fine. I don't know if the police disabled the alarm, if they have what would they have done to it? I read somewhere there is a plug in the boot near one of the light clusters which would disable the alarm but I can't find it. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks, T
  9. Hi guys, realise this must be the most common question and probably covered elsewhere, but seems to be a lot of conflicting information. I wish to fit much brighter / white Angel Eyes and Eyebrow (currently orange) lights to my 05/55 E61 525d Msport, but want to avoid all the 'error code' issues i hear lots about? Is it possible to change colour of the orange eybrows to white? if not, can i make the orange eyebrows brighter? Appreciate any help. Many thanks
  10. Hi all. Mananged to get my eyebrow and angel eyes working (simple replacement of fuse!!!), yes i do feel silly for asking! However, being new to 5 ownership and having set the 'come home lights' to 45seconds, I assumed the lights would come on/stay on when remote key used, as per other make cars i've owned......am i wrong in this assumption, or am right and i have a car fault? Many thanks in aticipation of your much need help. P.S unrelated, but nevertheless; has anyone ever reported front tyre issues running on Dunlops? Poor/quick wear? Wouldn't mind, but i drive like a nun!