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Found 87 results

  1. cona7351

    Voltage Question

    Hi Does anyone know of a list or spec sheet somewhere that would tell me what the expected voltage would be for the crankshaft sensor wire. I know the "live" will give around 12 volts depending on the battery charge level. What should the signal wire that goes back to the DME show. I think it should be 4 or 5 volts but I wanted to confirm as I think I may have a wiring issue. I've looked on the wiring diagram and I can't see anywhere that it states what the voltages should be. Be useful to have all the voltages for the different parts written down somewhere so it's easy to refer to. Thanks for your help Simon
  2. Outsidecenter13

    Drumming and slight vibration

    Hi there all I hope someone can point me in the right direction on this. I was getting a drumming vibe through the car starting around 65 mph which has started to get worse and now starts around 45. At first I thought it was a wheel balance issue but I have had the wheels balanced twice and rotated with no improvement. It is not engine related as no problems when static. I have also put into neutral when moving and letting the engine revs drop to tick over and the problem persists. The car is an E61 525d auto
  3. Hi all, long time no post... Anyway, short story version. I went to look at an E61 530i Touring 6 Speed Manual 2007 LCI (269bhp) 110k miles 2 owners (mostly London commuting), plus a few extras from factory etc. Test driving and noticed a funny low end noise, I thought it was bottom end but later (after shooting the video) I realised that the knocking went away when the clutch was pressed in. That led me to Dual Mass flywheel issues but I don't know or what specific mechanisms are envolved or how they are malfunctioning (spring weights etc.). Most noticable heavy knocking on tickover and just after a little rev. Put the clutch in and it goes away. I thought the top end was a bit tappy, more than I would expect and I could detect the engine slightly rocking around. Is this normal for these tuned 530i LCI 2007 onward setups? Can any of you guys have a listen a see what you think, enlighten me? It goes well but this is the first 530i I've test driven. Booted it in 2nd n 3rd and noticed the performance below 3k RPM quite average, though I've never been that impressed with low end torque from BMW 6 cyl petrol engines. Up through 4k RPM and the magic starts to really happen, building nicely until I bail out at 6k RPM. Edit: Since found this useful informative video: Buying a used BMW 5 series E60, E61 - 2003-2010, Buying advice with Common Issues
  4. kennetkarlz

    e61 died

    Hello. Sorry in advance for my english. Really need some help with my e61 525d 07 lci. A couple of weeks ago my car just died while driving in 70km/h, no error codes. Started the car and drove home. From that day the car has never felt the same as it used to. Feels like i loose the connection with the accelerator pedal from time to time and im always worring about when it will die again. Was out driving some days ago and the car died again, got all of these codes, + throttle body, accelerator pedal and all the glowplugs. 004671 006E24 005F74 006DCB 0051A8 Bought and changed : Accelerator pedal Throttle body Glowplug module And cleaned the DPF as good as i could. Everything was fine for a week and then the car died again.. with the same codes as above but without glowplug, throttle body and the pedal. Can you guys please help me where to start looking?
  5. Riverside98

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    Hello! Just bought a new car, its a bmw e61with the infamous panoramic sunroof. I bought the car with the sunroof already broken for a fair price, but now i have tried to repair the sunroof without any luck. The mechanism moves when the windows arent attached, however it goes very slowly and it sounds like its grinding on some dirt etc... I have washed away as much dirt as i could.. When i put the windows back on and tried resetting it ( holding the tilt button for some time) the front window went down on only the right side, leaving the left side all the way up for about 5-10 seconds, then the left side fell down to the apropriate position. All the skrews are in place so i am afraid the left arm holding the window is broken... I have noticed some plastics are broken in some spots, but the broken spots shouldnt be in the way for the mechanism to move freely. Help pls!
  6. So far: I'm using the high outputs of the floor subs to feed an Amp in the boot, to then drive 2 medium sized cabs, each with 8 inch sub drivers (from my previous E39). The stock basic (head unit powered audio) system has a somewhat querky setup. As noted elsewhere, the other speakers are hi bass pass filtered and do not contain full range sub frequencies, hence using the floor subs as a feed (instructions here and info here and this post explains why). The head unit also does strange mixing left/right when pushing the balance fully left or right, so leaving the left/right balance centered. Edit: Took the Amp remote from boot cigaret lighter socket where again brown is earth/neg (wondered why it wasn't working...). This will only trigger the Amp remote when then engine ignition is on (when the engine is running). I've added some front door tweeters in the quarters, also as previously noted on this forum, the over EQ'd brightness of the head unit requires dialing back the treble to the middle. Referenced the BMW E60 E61 FRONT DOOR PANEL REMOVAL video, but I left all connections and airbag attached, using a large cardboard box (15cm above the bottom of the door) and a chair to hold the door card whilst tapping in the tweeter (with inline supplied crossover box) onto the front door speaker feed. Remember, any audio wire with a brown stripe is the negative (German). Fitted a pair of Hertz DT 24.3 80w Tweeter 24mm (~£30 for a pair including crossovers, not plug n play but a workable fit, full specs here). Caution: the black tweeter quarter grill (door triangle) is very soft and can be easily damaged/bent/creased. Whilst an improvement I still have to balance the full strength of the boot subs relative to the floor subs with respect to a bass setting about +3 (where 0 = centred). Not sure this kind of upgrade is going to be as successful as with other cars and might find a less muddy solution by disconecting the floor subs (that requires removing the front seat bolts again!). Noticed some CPU like electronic interfearance being dragged in from somewhere, maybe the hi output feeds running too close to kit in the bottom of the boot or along side wiring looms without using twisted pair wiring. Luckily when the boot Amp is switched into sub frequency mode the interfearance is not a problem and is largely filtered out. Tomorrow I will try putting the sub drivers closer together centered instead of at extremes. I'm looking for the best orientation for phase compatibility with the stock floor subs? After trying this n that and swapping polarity, I'm currently settling on the boot subs facing upward and situated up against the rear seats (eventually settled rear facing). Not too bad but I feel there could be a better sub location setup, any opinions? Edit: Found some good detailed E60 upgrade options and background info here. and here! And another related thread here and more legacy budget options info here Identify your stock audio system: https://musicarnw.com/start-here-your-car/ https://musicarnw.com/bmw-sound-systems-by-us-model-year/ CCC, CIC, MASK... What's the difference between CIC and CCC?
  7. HandyAndy_UK

    N53 Thermostat

    Well after much searching it appears that there's sod all (so far) regarding the thermostats on petrol engines. Specifically the N53 3.0 petrol engine. Masses on your diesels but SFA on petrols. So, what I've come up with so far is that my E61 525i manages to make it to about 77c... maybe 82c at a push, but then comes down to 75c (as reported in the maint. menu option 7) As the spec for the N53B30 engine calls for an operating temp of 100c I'm thinking the stat has had better days and so replacing with Pt No. 11537549476 would be a smart move. So the questions are, are my assumptions correct/reasonable? Is it a pig of a driveway job as it looks - all done under front right hand corner? Anything that would help me to know before I start ordering bits and planning a 'fun weekend' ?
  8. Hi, I have a late 2006 pre-LCI 525d (m57d25 variant) with a manual gearbox. For a while now I have been noticing that the engine hits a lumpy/rough spot at around 1700-1800 rpm. It is really noticeable when accelerating under light to half throttle in first and second gear. Under hard acceleration it isn't detectable (perhaps as the engine revs past this range really quickly). Above 2000 rpm the engine seems to rev smoothly all the way through the range. It has also started to feel like it has a bit of a flat spot at low revs, though I'm not sure if I am imagining this one, since my old chipped e39 530d went like sh*t off a shovel and the 500cc's less really shows on the e61! It was also mis-firing/lumpy at idle - though this seems to have been cured by replacing all the glow plugs and the control module (which was full of oil!). I have had the car to a BMW specialist - they best they could suggest was perhaps water ingress into the ECU module... So, before I have to think about £300-400 quid on rebuilding the ecu module, any ideas? The car has done 192,000 miles but has a solid service history, is in generally good shape and runs well in all other respects. I am interested to know if anyone else has experienced this...
  9. Mantvydas

    BMW E61 Rear fog lights as drl

    Hello, im newbie here, found that this forum is very friendly and helpfull, already got a bunch of help for coding and etc. I would like to ask some question, one day i was looking at mine e61 (pre-FL) and decided that rear look of the car looks much better when rear fog lights is on. It is possible to somehow code them to run all the time with drl? Also by lowering voltage by bit, so they wont blind people behind me. Was searching all over the internet to get my answer without a luck, sorry if there is already answer to my question in the forum. Will wait for replies!
  10. Dave hancock

    Dpf fault and codes

    Hi everyone, Just joined the forum and already learnt a lot! however, my e61 530d has dpf fault on idrive. Been in and out of the garage we brought it from, they forced regenerated three times and replaced egr and main thermostats. But still it comes back. They aren’t interested in repairing it now. I've got a list of fault codes taken from it and was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is anything obvious to what’s wrong. I’ve googled them but seem to be saying the same for all of them about the dpf blocked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks dave
  11. Hello A few weeks back I complained about mould in my taillights. This was the thread: i took the advice of @dirtydirtydiesel and bought a hand steamer. After 3 hours i took them all out and cleaned them 99% as in some places the mould entered the ultrasonic welding. Need a brush and some fine tools too. Very tedious I must say but i am happy with the results. I recommend that you do it. Protect the inner side while doing it. Before After Thanks and happy cleaning
  12. So, I've bought an F11 528i which ticks all my boxes, but the trade in value I've been offered on my E61 isn't so good. So, I'd far rather sell it here for a fair price - below average value but higher than my trade-in offer - meaning both I and the buyer end up with a good deal. Would be a shame to see this end up at an auction as cheap stock. I think it's "one of the good ones" so too nice for that! BMW 525i SE Touring (E61) 3.0i 6-cylinder engine - 218bhp 6-speed automatic gearbox Averages 29-31mpg 126,500 miles Cruise control, parking sensors, climate control, i-Drive, bluetooth, electric windows/mirrors/seats, auto dimming mirror, auto wipers, auto headlights, etc. 2 keys MOT until November 2020 Removable towbar Smoke and pet free! £3250 for a quick sale before trading in - see below. I bought this in late 2017 and since then, aside from some warranty work carried out by the local BMW dealer, all maintenance and work required has been carried out by my local independent specialist. New MOT a couple of weeks ago. Impeccably smooth drive from both the 6-cylinder petrol engine and the 6-speed automatic gearbox. I've been vaguely thinking of changing the car for a couple of months, but haven't found anything else remotely as nice to drive, until today Condition inside and out is good. Only real mark you'll find is a scrape on the nearside front bumper corner - was a genuine surprise to find that when washing the car recently so no idea where that happened. Other than that, the usual stone chips on the front end (none are through to the metal) and one or two small marks here and there - but I'm nitpicking now. There are some minor marks to the interior door trim on the drivers side, which I suspect are from the previous owner wearing rings or holding keys whilst pushing the door open. My intention when purchasing it was to replace that piece of trim but to be honest, you only see it when you get out - and so I've just never got around to it. The alloy wheels on the car have been fully refurbed and are fitted with all-season tyres, with plenty of tread (5-6mm?) left all around. I am also including another set of identical alloy wheels with the original summer tyres on - these are in "good" but not "excellent" condition - they were previously been painted by the dealer I bought the car from, but without the proper prep being done, so some paint has since flaked off revealing the original paint underneath. Presentable, but not as good as the ones currently fitted to the car. The summer tyres fitted to the spare set have a little bit of life left in them, I've not checked recently but I'm guessing around 3mm, maybe a little less. Whilst I'll include both sets if the car sells on here, if I end up trading it in () it can go with the old, worn set on and I'll sell the nicer wheels with 4-season tyres on here instead. If you do your research and lookup the MOT history you'll see an advisory a couple of weeks ago for a nail in one tyre. Tyre has not lost any pressure since this was pointed out, but I'll get it removed, inspected and repaired anyway, before the car is sold. Removable Bosal swan-neck towbar, fitted in 2017, with 13-pin electrics (dedicated wiring kit, rather than bypass relay). Has only been used a handful of times, so no significant additional load on the car. It's also fitted with an (invisible) Parrot mki9000 bluetooth handsfree kit which I use for handsfree phone calls and music, as the car does not have built-in bluetooth. I don't like the visible aftermarket kits, so chose the screen-free Parrot version, with a remote control which I keep in the ashtray in front of the gearstick, but can also be mounted on the dashboard if desired. It's fully wired to the original BMW stereo/speakers with a dedicated conversion harness - including hooking up to the steering wheel buttons which is not a standard part of the kit. It can also be removed in around 30-45 minutes should you wish, with no damage to the original wiring. It has a full set of service stamps in the book up until I purchased it. Shortly after I purchased it there was a fuel system issue which was repaired by BMW themselves under warranty, and I believe involved a full set of injectors, spark plugs, pressure sensors and a fuel pump being replaced. Since then no further issues - it starts and runs flawlessly throughout summer and winter. All other servicing and maintenance has been completed by my local independent BMW specialist, (almost all local ex-BMW dealer staff), and I have all the relevant paperwork. Specifically, the work I've had done includes: Front ARB droplinks, trackrods & ends replaced Full AC service / recharge / leak test (OK, this was done by the local AC specialist, rather than the BMW specialist... seemed to make more sense) Gearbox sump replaced New battery & starter motor Oil & filters Brake fluid changed I purchased it at around 98,000 miles, and it's just ticked over 126,500 miles. It drives like a car of much lower mileage - and I've never said that about any of my previous high mileage cars! No electrical faults with the tailgate etc - the glass release button did fail at one point but that was the button not the wiring - I replaced myself with a genuine part, as posted on here I believe, and have had no issues since. I've now confirmed the purchase of the F11 and put down my deposit. I collect the car next weekend - 23rd/24th November, so this will be for sale until then - if not sold then I'll be trading it in at that time. If you're willing to commit with a deposit but can't collect before next weekend then get in touch and we'll see if we can work something out. It is also on eBay at a higher price but would rather sell through here if possible!
  13. Hi I think my thermostat is stuck. So i switched on the digital temp and it took around 15mins to go up to high 60s, then in traffic it reached the high 70s and after 30mins it reached around 85 in traffic...then when i started driving it went down 70-71 again... As far as i know it should be around 90 and it should reach it fast for efficiency. What do you think? Am I wrong or should I replace it? This was triggered as i am having poor mpg...mostly city driving here in malta..but should be more than 23mpg! Thank you D.
  14. tallman85

    E61 tail lights dirt

    Hello. My taillights have some kind of dirt trapped on the edges but the gaps are so small that i am struggling to clean It ( see pic). Am i the only one with this issue? Looks horrible. Both are the same. If i remove the taillights, does the lens seperate from the housing? Or it is a one piece? ideas? thanks
  15. Hello! Must say iam quiet new to the bmw world but I fast realized that the e60/e61’s have a reputation of having some electrical problems. To my case, I have a e61 525d 2006, 33xxx km, flawless no problems reaaaally well kept! Until some weeks ago. It started with abs and tire pressure sensor popping up when I accelerated in a certain way. If I kept driving and doing it that certain way it after a while went in to lipmode because I trows engine, transmission, abs, power steering and all sorts of codes. if I drive it in low rpm’s I never does it! sometimes it never trows a code (rare) NOW! my guess from me reading other peoples similar problems. It’s the alternator regulator? Or ibs cable? car is pending between 14,5 -15,25v and When I turn it off it goes doe to ish 12,40v i never had water in my spare wheelwell, but I had one of the green relays burnt out on me (changed it) i have videos but but don’t know how to upload. Sorry for bad English and thanx in advance!!! Edit: when it goes in to limp mode and turn it off, it will get same codes after like 10m of driving. But! If I park it over night no problems until I drive it for a while (30-60min) then it starts to throw “small” codes and after a while go in to limp mode. I know for shure the abs and tire-pressure isn’t a real problem with the car i have got the sensors checked and calibrated. codes that comes up randomly is: transmission fault, battery terminal, tire pressure, engine failure, rear light (not broken), abs, power steering, chassie control. 0BAF993E-A6C1-4412-96D8-AB516AF31968.MP4 4B3B6761-B67C-4367-A7E6-CF688067465D.MP4
  16. Hello, me again... Today my 530d acted strangely. It is like there was a power cut...so i noticed that the interor lights were flickering...but than when i opened the door to start, nothing lit up...however it still started. Than i noticed that the car lost the time and the on board computer was showing 7mpg instead of 30mpg. Also the CD/DVD was spinning and the car was like reseting...is this trouble?? this is my 1 month of ownership so all new to me. Something else i noticed is that the car is like Christine form Stephen King or a Transformer...and sometimes all of a sudden in the garage it starts to make like mechatronics noise and releys...or whatever... again, is this normal? Thx D,
  17. tallman85

    BMW E61 Rear Air Suspension

    Good Morning. My car hasn't been started for 2 weeks and was sitting still in the garage as i am currently fixing the A/C...condenser is out and I am waiting for parts. I noticed that it dropped a bit less than a finger in height. Is it normal?? or there is a big bill coming? Thx D.
  18. tallman85

    BMW E61 530D M-Sport - NEW

    Hello, I am new and this is my first BMW as well. I posted a couple of post with trouble shooting, but i never did a proper Hello. So this is my 2008 BMW, 77K miles, 530D. The reason for the Touring was because of baby number 2 [plus it does look good!]. Car was shipped from the UK and now is in sunny Malta. Fully serviced and ready to go. Car is nicely equipped with SAT, adaptive lights...and some crazy horses under the bonnet. The only thing I am considering is changing the interior trim to Bamboo Wood....Opinions? I think it will match nicely with the light interior. Here are a couple of pictures before it left to Malta. I hope it will be a reliable car. Regards D.
  19. Riverside98

    Bmw e61 tv tuner

    Hello, i bought an e61 a couple months back with some issues. Stumbled upon a tv tuner i didnt know i had that was unplugged, i found the blue connector hanging loose behind the tv tuner itself. Any idea why the sound, radio etc works even though this is unplugged? Its my understanding that the radio etc would not work without an optical bypass loop connected to the blue connector. I have tried plugging it in but my idrive is freezing as soon as it is plugged in. I can see a red light coming out from the plug so it got signal. I cant find a plug that goes to the white connector on the tv tuner aswell, any thoughts?
  20. hello! recently got a massive oil leak a couple of weeks ago, i am loosing 1 litre of oil after a week of regular driving. replaced my valve cover gasket a while ago due to it being cracked, replaced oil filter at the same time. I thought the ccv was the culprit but i am not really sure, the oil cap is easily removed when the car is on but i've noticed the idle is changing when the cap is off. Thoughts? Maybe the oil filter housing? About the rough start. The car does start fine sometimes, other times it has a rough time to start. The engine is turning and i can smell gas. I've noticed that if i lock and unlock the doors from the inside it will have a good start (almost everytime). I should mention that my diamond key is dead, does nothing when i press any of the buttons.
  21. Ste davies

    Newbie from chester

    Hi everyone another newbie here! First bm i have owned, 3.0d picked it up on saturday and im in love with it! Is mine a e61?
  22. Hi. My M54 is actually in an E46 330i 2003 but I'm really struggling for info... I think the crankshaft pulley / vibration damper has failed or is at least on ots way out. It has a fairly bad wobble on it at idle as i hope you can see on the video - or is this normal? Symptoms are heavy vibs through steering wheel seat and floor and will usually go away after restarting or a speed bump! I've removed AC belt and Viscous fan and 25 miles or so without it happening again. I would have had a new one on there by now if it wasn't for a) a lack of info on the net for the job and b) the holding bolt being at 400Nm scary! Only found one write up and he had engine out and made 2m scaffolding to undo it. Then there's locking the crank... Any good advice? 90k 330i that had beem poorly servuced and maintained prior to me. Had just gased the AC up 2 days before (hadn't worked since i got it) and thinking this extra new load has been the straw that broke the proverbial. Both times the vibs have started its been when steering fairly hard (junctions) which lead me to think PAS pump but then I saw the wobble. PAS pump had 1-2mm end float. All other pulleys tensioners idlers etc feel OK. 20190730_154541.mp4
  23. MStyle


    Hi all, We've got some fantastic special offers on the following products for a limited time only. Check out the below. Prices are valid until the 30th March 2019 and include free delivery to mainland UK. We also offer a painting and fitting service at our large workshop in Romford, Essex. If you would like to redeem an offer, call us on 0208 598 5119 and mention the forum. Happy motoring! MStyle Team E60 E61 Twin Slat Gloss Black Grilles WAS £49 NOW £29 E60 E61 M Sport/M5 Look Side Skirts WAS £186 NOW £99 E60 E61 M5 Look Front Bumper WAS £239.40 NOW £169
  24. Matty Winslade

    Hi there. E61

    Hi all, i have just purchased an 2009 E61 520d M Sport ! Pics to follow. I look forward to chatting with you all goin forward matt .
  25. Hi, my spare fob is playing up. The remote locking / unlocking doesn't work (I can hear door locks/solenoids engaging) but it does start the car. It isn't comfort locking and I did try charging it in the slot, but as it is talking to the car I assume battery is ok? Any ideas?