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Found 17 results

  1. From the album: My 523i Conversions and Maintenance

    I was among them who stated that it would be hard if not impossible, to install a two stage airbag steering wheel in a one stage steering wheel car from 97' but on the contrary, it is possible without getting any red airbag warning lights. This is not a straight forward replacement but it is possible, by using the old clock spring, plus some modifications to the back side of the steering wheel by forming a new base for the old clock with an "aluminum epoxy" for the clock spring base, plus grinding/drilling and cutting a new hole for the plugs and wires and on top of that, you definitely need a new clock spring made for heated steering wheel, if you are going to put in a steering wheel with flaps. Hear are related pictures; #3 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel #4 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel #5 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel A one stage clock spring is mounted on the steering wheel itself, but two stage is mounted on the steering column itself. These are to different type of steering columns and spring clocks, also the wiring connection plugs are different. If this is done right, everything should work just fine, but with the sacrifice of loosing one of the airbag stages, so if it blows, you only get full blast in your face, instead of slightly less if you should get into a minor accident as the two stage was intended to work. I'm willing to accept a full blow and sacrifice the lesser one, not that I have any personal experience from airbags in my face. My first try was plugging into stage #2, red warning light that I had to erase but was unsuccessful. Tried stage #1 and ones again, I got red light but it was easy to erase and now everything works, including everything else on the steering wheel. That took me by a surprise, sins this steering wheel has 4 extra buttons that where not on the old one. This steering wheel is a little bit smaller in diameter and thicker in your hands and not as bulky at the stem, therefor it is easier to see the bottom half of the instrument panel. If you are wondering what that thing is in the right corner of the picture? I had an old original BMW telephone holder that I added USB charger to it and a fold up stand/holder for my tablet or phone. My latest steering wheel with integrated "paddle" shifter, seen inside the car; SSG-SMG Steering Wheel With Flaps in e39 from Feb.1997-/04.04.2021 and with the new Android display; 9' Head Unit
  2. From the album: My 523i Conversions and Maintenance

    Wishful thinking? This is what I would like to see on my speedo Actually, this is one of two Ohm resistant measurements for one of the steering wheel flap/pad, the up shift gives you a Ohm reading of 1008 Ohm with the resistors on the electrical boards in the flaps. That is why I had to remove the two tiny 2mm (if I remember right, then I think it was 2 resistors on one of them and only 1 on the other) resistors on each circuit board to fully separate the connection to get two clear signal-poles for up and downshift with less than 0.04 Ohm. All bells and whistles worked fully as intended on the steering wheel, that is, both paddles work the same way. When you pull on the flap it shifts into a higher gear and push on the top for downshifting. It was my chose to have it this way but I could easily have made a split, so that one paddle would have a downshift and vice versa. This a modified SSG that looks like SMG wheel with two stage airbag, paddle shift, steering wheel that is fully functional without any red warning lights on a one stage e39 from '97 that was borne/manufactured with one stage air bag steering wheel and no flaps. You can read more about the resistors with picture; #7 SSG-Circuit Board For The Flaps You can read more about two stage wheels vs. one stage with other pictures to.
  3. ingvaldsen

    BMW e39 Webasto

    Hello guys ! i have a problem right now..... my webasto circuitboard was damaged so i have sent it to france to get repaired but this will take its time since its christmas and i live in Norway and i need it for christmas. so i am wondering if i can use a ecu from e46 webasto in an e39 ? i see that many people list their webasto for sale and write that they all are combitable with e38, 39, e46 and e53..... they have different number but they should do the same job or am i wrong ?? i hope some of you know any facts about this
  4. I've had a BMW E23 735i before. No one else bid on it on eBay, had a great little adventure picking it up from central London and driving home to Manchester via visiting family in the Cotswolds. Great trip to Le Mans in it too. Had it a few years, but new baby and other classic cars forced it's sale. My daily was an E46 323i My previous Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagen was trying to bankrupt me so a friend let me have his spare 323i for what he paid for it, £350. Brilliant car, so nimble and the engine was glorious. Did a whole house renovation with it. There was a lot wrong with it though. Passed the MOT, but only one window went down and had various cooling issues, fuel gauge didn't work. Have new baby, so needed something a bit more reliable. I've always admired the E39. My mum's neighbour has had an very clean one for the last 14 years. I always thought it looked great. Last summer I finally got round to knocking on his door with the 'If you ever decide to sell, give me a shout' line. His 523i looked a little dustier than normal... and there was an immaculate E46 325i parked next to it! He just bought a 28K mile 3 series and wasn't sure what he was going to do with the 5 series. He wasn't so bothered about the hassle of eBay etc. He let me take it for a drive, and we did a deal there and then! He couldn't believe sale was so easy, and I'm extremely happy too! I sold the 323i the next day on Facebook for more than I bought it for, and got the train to Stratford on Avon to pick up the big green beast! 1997 523i SE Touring. 134K mile and really clean. Black leather and some fancy wood trim. It was serviced at a main dealer until a few years ago. I have a huge pile of invoices. He'd really looked after it. First BMW I've ever owned with a complete unused toolkit too! I plan to keep it completely standard. Just sort out a few little things. It passed the MOT. Really happy! I love green BMWs if you hadn't noticed. More photos and lots of E39 questions from me to follow...
  5. For sale an used BMW expansion tank / header tank / coolant bootle. Genuine BMW item part number: 17 13 7 787 040 Also compatibile with old part numbers: 17 11 2 249 365 and 17 11 1 436 255 Repleaced by newest part number: 17 11 7 573 780 Removed from my old BMW e46 316i with M43 engine. Will fit e46 3 series with m43 engines - 316i 318i and with diesel engines m47 m57 320d 330d etc Also will fit e53 X5 with 3.0 diesel engine m57 Very good working condition, float is intact and also comes with a radiator cap. Price is £25 including P&P or collection in person from New Milton Hampshire at a discounted price. Please check my other items for sale, as I'm having a garage clear out.
  6. I have for sale one front 225/40 R18r used tyre taken from my 2003 e46 320Ci. Nexen N3000 tyre in size 225/40 R18. Very good condition (nearly like new) with around 6.5mm tread left. No previous puncture repairs, no damage and holds pressure. DOT 3812 - manufactured in September 2012 Price £20 collected or £30 including P&P. Collection in person from New Milton Hampshire Please check my other items for sale, as I'm having a garage clear out.
  7. For sale is a set of two TRW front track control arms - LEFT and RIGHT. Part numbers: JTC 1069 / JTC 1070 - BMW part numbers: 31122282121 / 31122282122 Will fit all BMW e46 3 series models with factory M Technic suspension - Sport models or vehicles fitted with S226 option - Sports suspension settings - check your VIN. It will also fit Z4M models e85/86 and possibly other non M Z4s - but please check first. Please be aware that they do differ from non sport arms, as the angles of ball joints are different. They are brand new and original TRW ones in their orignal packaging. One package was only opened to take pictures. Bought for my own e46 320Ci Sport, but they have never been fitted, as it turned out that only my suspension bushes were worn. Price is £230 including P&P or collection in person from New Milton Hampshire at a discounted price. Selling as I'm having a garage clear out, so please check my other items as well.
  8. For sale is a used radiator removed from my own BMW e46 320Ci. It should fit all petrol powered non M e46 3 series cars and e85/86 Z4. I have no idea what brand it is, as there is no markings on it. It was leaking from the bottom plug, as somebody fitted wrong plug for automatic transmision and tried to seal it with silicone... ...and you guess it, it didn't work. I have bought a new one, as I didn't have the right plug for it, so that one is for sale. Price is £20 including P&P or collection in person from New Milton Hampshire at a discounted price. Please check my other items for sale, as I'm having a garage clear out.
  9. Chippy

    2002 '52' e46 330i M-Sport Touring

    2002, 52 reg 330i full factory M-Sport touring. 161k miles, full 12months MOT (no advisories), individual electric adj & hearing leather sports seats, electric mirrors, 5 speed auto and semi auto box, massive spec car. 3 keys plus valet & skeleton keys. Recently fitted 4 brand new Nankang utrasoorts 2's, brand new MAF, starter motor, CCV & hoses, main belt & pulleys. When I first got the car all the intake rubber boots were replaced. Car drives perfectly, everything works as it should and A/C is nice and cold. Interior is in very good condition with none of the usual wear you'd expect, ie no worn seat bolsters etc. just had all airbags replaced by BMW recall. Only down side is a couple of tiny bits of bubbling paint on the arches, but nothing a few hundred quid at a paintshop wouldn't fix. All wheels were refurbished, but the wife has managed to add some minor curbing to Bought this car a couple of years ago to use whilst I spent a year restored my M5. Kept it even though the e39 was finished as such a nice car, but now have 3 cars, so sadly I'm going to let this go. I'm in West Sussex, near Gatwick and would advise looking at other ones before viewing this, as it really is that much better than most out there. £2495
  10. gorba2000

    E46 saloon armrest (Hertfordshire)

    i have the centre arm rest from my old E46 for sale if anybody is interested. as far as i am aware it is complete. its black vinyl in good condition. i can supply photos if required. the plan when i swapped it for a leather one was to sell on Ebay but simply never got round to it, now the car has gone and clearing the garage out i come across it. feel free to ask questions or request photos. i'm open to offers.
  11. I hope this should be OK to post here but this post is mainly for those who don't know or are searching the Internet as I couldn't find anything anywhere on the matter not even in the bmw workshop manual. The flywheel locking hole is below the starter motor on the left side of the engine and has a little plastic bung in the hole (mine was yellow). Before attempting to remove the pulley it is advisable to remove the radiator. The crank vibration damper pulley is removed by first undoing the 8 little bolts in the front to remove the Aircon drive pulley. Then the crank bolt itself is a 22 mm socket and is removed in an anti clockwise rotation. It is a right hand thread (like most bolts) and I used a 1.2m breaker bar. Do not use an impact wrench or air ratchet. Once the bolt is removed everything should slip off, it may require a little leverage but only gently whist lightly tapping simultaneously with a rubber mallet. The air-conditioning pump bracket also has to be loosened to remove the lower timing case cover or removed but I had gas in my system so I loosened it off. If your are also removing the cylinder head as well as timing chain, the head bolts are an E12 female torx socket. You will need a minimum 150mm extension bar and a breaker bar this time I used a 400mm bar, it didn't need much force as they are at 30Nm plus a bit more. Do not use an impact wrench or air ratchet as this could shatter the casting, then it's game over. That is all.
  12. A few pics from Sundays meet. Some nice metal on show with perfect street style photography, enjoy! [attachment=68286:78.jpg]
  13. Hi, Looking to fit E46 replica 18" MV2 alloys onto my E61 (535dMSport) for a Winter tyre switch: My understanding is as follows: Centre bores are the same... 72.5mm PCD's are the same...5 x 120 Bolt threads are the same...M12 x 15mm Both wheels are same diameter (18") and width (8") I think: Valid offset/ET range for standard E61 wheels / tyres = ET 15 to ET 32 (My current setup is 245/40/18 on original MV2's with ET20 offset) I am aware the wheel offsets are different: The proposed MV2 replicas offset = ET37 The question is: Will the E46 wheels with 225/45/18 winter tyres fit Ok without any spacers or risk of contact?? My current logic says yes because: while the offset will move the inner edge of the tyre 5mm further in than the allowable range (ET 37 c/f ET32), the narrower tyres (225 c/f 245) will mean the inner edge is 10mm further out than my current tyres would be if fitted to wheels with a ET32 offset which is supposed to be within range. Has anyone out there fitted this combination? Any advice / feedback welcome including on the range of tyres sizes that will fit.
  14. Hi! My name is Sergio, I'm from Spain, exactly of Madrid. I have registered thanks to my friend Alsi (Jorge) I have a BMW 320td Compact E46, with many equipment and reprog with arround 200hp. I put some pictures: Also, my father have a BMW 530D Auto E60, have many equipment, 218hp and Euro3 (Without FAP):
  15. Good Day All! Following being away on Paternity leave and having zero time to update this forum or polish cars I thought i'd offer up the following up for your viewing pleasure: One rather dirty and until recently unloved E46 M3, the new owner informed me a couple of weeks ago that the paintwork was a tad rough and required correction, He was not wrong! So, on with the wash and decontamination process: The condition of the roof sum the car up prior to correction, flat lifeless and patches of dead clear coat: But nothing that couldn't be cured And again, with wetsanding: A nice result: Comments and questions are welcome Chris
  16. goosiegander

    E46 325i Sport Gloss Enhancement Detail

    This weekend's offering in dark metallic blue, A gloss enhancement detail was requested as opposed to full correction of the deeper damage due to time being a factor, that being said, for a day's work it did turn out quite nicely... Thanks seagulls... Standard swirling and RDS but with a couple of passes with the DA we have an improvement... And some afters, far more gloss Nice! Clean and fresh 'Primo' Helping to demonstrate flake-pop Thanks for looking, Questions and comments welcome
  17. Hello all I've recently bought a W reg E46 330d (auto) with 97K miles on the clock - with few mot advisories- namely replacing rear shocks, front discs+ pads, n/s/r brake pipe corrosion etc. The car's previous owner had it for about 30K miles and didn't go beyond changing tyres/rear brake disks during the period of his ownership. I believe the diesels have a GM box. Hence am keen on getting the gearbox oil changed by Michael ds although it would be a bit of trek to scotland from Lincoln. What I would really appreciate from fellow E46 330d owners is: At this mileage / with this engine and gearbox combination+ minimal previous service history: I would like to draw on fellow member's E46/330d experiences and learn as much as possible about what preventative maintenance I can undertake and in what order to partially reduce the chances of really big repair bills / breakdowns. Thank you

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