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Found 270 results

  1. V_MAX

    Manifold m50 vs. m52

    From the album: My 523i

    Hear is the obvious size different between the original m52 that has a ca. 30% smaller inside circumsphere than the m50 intake manifold. The larger and older m50 will not produce as low torch hp. due to its size and not a proper cam plus lots of other things, but around 2800 - 3000 rpm. it comes alive and puts a big grin on your face all the way up-to 6500 rpm.
  2. V_MAX

    M50 Manifold on M52 Engine

    From the album: My 523i

    This was a fun project First I had to find a good M50 manifold and modify it so all the pluming would work. I also had to make some modifications to the power steering reservoir and fuel rail bracket. Sins writing this in 2015 I have changed the fuel injectors to 49% larger injectors and remapped all the fuel maps. The result was a better fuel economy and better emission numbers. Sins everything was taken apart I made the decision to renew all the rubber hoses and new refurbished fuel-injectors at the same time. The rest was more or less plug and play. Obviously there was a little loss of torque under 3500rpm. but after that there is a lot of gain in hp. Unless you are driving a lot on steep roads for longer time, then I highly recommend this conversion. The only way to compensate for this loss is replacing both of the standard camshafts that came with the M52b25 with to new/used ones; intake cam from M54b30 for the intake and another INTAKE cam from M50NV for the EXHAUST sound crazy but that is the rout to go. You have to do minor modifications on both of the replacement cams. After having made this conversion I have found out that I have maxed out my fuel injectors A/F, they are the green Bosch (0 280 150 415) capable of around 166cc, (sorry for my mistake, I had written earlier, pink injectors (0 280 150 440) that are 208cc) so I am going to replace them with bigger ones, probably Bosch 0 280 155 830 capable of around 360cc and remap accordingly the ECU with MLV and RomRaider. One other thing I should mention, if you have to change to larger fuel injectors due to fuel starvation then you have to make modifications to the fuel maps and possibly some other parameters in the ECU, so the message is; do not change to higher capacity fuel injectors in hope to get more horses out of the engine. In almost all cases, then the standard injectors that came with the engine are cable of producing more than enough fuel, despite some standard or minor tuning, unless you are going for a turbo, or as in my case, larger cams and intake manifold and headers with free flow exhaust and a rather small injectors capable of only 166cc. After making this modifications I would like to suggest that the ECU should be remapped/tuned by someone who knows what he or she is doing to get the most Hp. out of this modifications. With new larger fuel injectors, you HAVE to remap the ECU, there is no way around it, although you can just let it be as is and you will get some adaptation up to a certain point from the ECU, but not the full benefits of remapping the ECU. You can read more about the cam replacement in my portfolio. All I need now is a COMPRESSOR
  3. V_MAX

    Steering Wheels, and Air Bags.

    From the album: My 523i

    In case, as I experienced when I mistakenly bought a two stage air bag steering wheel, instead of one stage for my car, I would like to give this advice to any one who is thinking of getting a new or refurbished steering wheel. These are two different type of steering wheels, on the left is a one stage airbag wheel and on the right is a two stage air bag wheel. It is nearly impossible to put a two stage wheel, in a car that was born with one stage steering wheel. My advice and 2c, do not try to attempt to do that conversion, unless you have a good understanding on reprogramming the ECU bin. files, (that is if you decide to convert it to a functional two stage airbag car) and a fairly good understanding of your car wiring. So far, I have not heard of anyon that has made this conversion 100% to the specs and correct......> But, there is an "easier" way around this, by scarifying one of the stages of the airbag, thereby it becomes a one stage airbag steering wheel, like the one you have in the older BMW´s like mine from 1997. Sins writing this above in 2016, I have mounted the two stage steering wheel (in late 2018) and I got it to works perfectly, including all the control buttons and the airbag without airbag warning light! You can read more about how to make this changeover with other pictures and "info/instructions" I have in my portfolio.
  4. From the album: My 523i

    In case you are thinking of buying a cold air intake then think twice befor you go and put an air filter in the engen bay, it will not benefit anything over the air intake you have, often quite the opposite, the engine will draw hotter air in from the engine bay. I have had some issues with the heat in in the engen and actually got upto 62° - 70°c /144° - 158°f air temp. messured inside the manifold, at standstill and ideling, with outside temperatur at 20°c/68°f. This heat buldup is due to all the tuning and modifications I have made to the engine. To tackle this heat buildup I had two simple choices, Ither more cold air from the outside or an external oil cooler. I opded for both solutions and the results where that the core heat (mostly the heat of the oil) of the engine dropped from 103°c to 93°c/217°f - 199°f and air temp in manefold from 62°c. to 43°c./144°f - 109°f I bought an used arfilter housing with the additional air intake spout (you can see the spout I'm talking about in the picture of the oil cooler setup "final setup") that takes air in from the wing. The hole is there on the inner side of the wing, so no modifications needed, also I removed the resonant baffle restricting the fresh cold air to come in and finally I shortened the main air intake that sits in the front of the radiator. The peace I removed from the airfilter housing is a silenser that looks like it should provide some venturi efect. The delima was, does the engine need more air at lesser velocity or less air at faster velocity ? I opted for more air at a lower velocity . Works fine for me and the MAF. After this improvement I noticed that I have to rewrite or fine tune some of my bin. fils, sins the engine is running cooler and colder more dens air is coming in, hens more fuel can be added to the A/F ratio. that where my primery thoughts behind this mod, to gain mor HP without melting the engine. The numbers speak for them self's and the problem with heat was solved.
  5. V_MAX

    E39 Engine Oil Cooler Final Setup

    From the album: My 523i

    With all the engine and tuning modifications the enewetble core/oil heat would build up in the engine, simply because there is more horse power. You can read about what I have altered and change within the engine with other pictures. When the core heat in the engine rises the heat in the engine compartment rises to and that leads to a warmer intake manifold. Consequently, that translates to warmer air when it reaches the head intake. Therfor it is preferable to pump cold air into the engine sins it is denser. The modifications where relatively simple and straightforward and not that complicated. I bought the 13 row oil cooler from a seller on eBay. The hoses had to be shortened a bit to be fited snugly and two holes made in the bracket that hold the water radiator for the oil hoses. The oil cap was bought separately from another seller. You schold be vigilant when choosing the oil cap, sins there are some caps for sale that are missing a vidal part that goes into the hole at the bottom of the oil filter housing/canister. If this hole at the bottom is not closed the engine will not reach a full oil pressure. This hole at the bottom has two purposes, one is, when you take of the original cap the oil is drained through that hole to prevent oil spill and the other is in some cases if you have a pin with two rubber seals the middle pin is hollow and has the cababillity to bypass oil through it and come out at the top of it incase of overpressure. As far as I know then none of these aftermarket caps have the mesh that goes inside the filter and finally some of the caps use the inside part of the original cap in conjunction with the aftermarket one. My issues with the fresh intake-air heat in the intake manefold and the engen, was that it reached 62° - 70°c /144° - 158°f air temp. messured inside the manifold, at standstill and ideling, with outside temperatur at 20°c/68°f. To tackle this heat buildup I had two simple choices, Ither more cold air from the outside or an external oil cooler. I opded for both solutions and the results where that the core heat (mostly the heat of the oil) of the engine dropped from 103°c to 93°c/217°f to199°f and air temp inside the manefold from 62°c. to 43°c./144°f to 109°f. The original air intake plastic tunnel got the air all the way from the left middle of the front bracket and actually, partly inside of the engine compartment where there is is warm air. As you can see I cut it ower to allow cold air to come more freely in, in conjunction with an air filter box that has an additional intake from the inner side of the wing that leads to the wheel well. I am pleased with these results and now, I can continue with the fine tuning of the bin. files, sins all the parameters have changed. After the installation I opted for painting the cooler, in mat black heat resistant paint.
  6. V_MAX

    M5 Front Bumper

    From the album: My 523i

  7. From the album: My 523i

    Honestly, I have lost count of how many steering wheels I have put in my car sins I got it back in 2010 but I think this is number 4. This steering wheel is actually a SSG steering wheel, probably from a e46 that looks like a SMG wheel with a carbon film. What "they" have done is covered the hole that is between the down spokes with fiberglass or some kind of raisin and then it looks like SMG wheel with no hole in the middle then cowered it with carbon film. Unfortunately, you can not see the bottom half in this picture, but there are other pictures in my log that show the bottom half of the steering wheel. Although this is a two stage steering wheel and my car is an one stage it can be mounted with some ("mortification" some typo I made there? - ) modifications to the steering wheel stem/root and connect only one of the stages of the air bag. That said, it means that if the airbag blows, it will only give you a full blast in all cases. When connecting the paddles you need to take the paddles apart and remove one tiny resistor in each of them, otherwise they will not give a clear ground as they should (read about it in another description in my folio). If you look trough my folio you can read much more about how to mount a two stage wheel on a one stage e39 from 1997. The thing I like about this setup is that, instead of having two "Joda" ears with + and - on them on each side, I can up or downshift on bot left and right side that you can not with a SSG steering wheel. My setup is, when I push them toward me they shift up and if I push on the top they shift down. It is easy to to to convert the shifting sequins just by switching the wires. All buttons on the steering wheel are functional and no air bag warning lights in the dash.
  8. From the album: My 523i

    I was among them who stated that it would be hard if not impossible, to install a two stage air bag steering wheel in a one stage steering wheel car from 97' but on the contrary, it is possible to do so without getting any red airbag warning lights. It is not straight forward replacement but it is possible, by using the old clock spring, plus some modifications to the back side of the steering wheel by forming a new base for the old clock with a "aluminum epoxy" for the clock spring base, plus grinding/drilling and cutting a new hole for the plugs and wires. One stage clock spring is mounted on the steering wheel itself but two stage is mounted on the steering column itself and those are to different type of steering columns and wiring + connecting plugs. If this is done right, everything should work just fine, but with the sacrifice of loosing one of the airbag stages, so if it blows, you only get full blast instead of slightly less if you should get into a minor accident as the two stage was intended to work. I'm willing to accept a full blow and sacrifice the lesser one, not that I have any personal experience from airbags in my face. My first try was plugging into stage #2, red warning light that I had to erase but was unsuccessful. Tried stage #1 and ones again I got red light but it was easy to erase and now everything works including everything else on the steering wheel. That took me by a surprise, sins this steering wheel has 4 extra buttons that where not on the old one. This steering wheel is a little bit smaller in diameter and thicker in your hands and not as bulky at the stem, therefor it is easier to see the bottom half of the instrument panel. If you are wondering what that thing is in the right corner of the picture? I had an old original BMW telephone holder that I added USB charger to it and a fold up stand/holder for my tablet or phone.
  9. V_MAX

    Rear lights, led replacement.

    From the album: My 523i

    Final result, considerably brighter red lights. I'm not going to say that this is a easy thing to do. You need to have a basic nohow of electricity and how electrical tings work and lot of patience. All in all, it can take up to 4 hours to fix one light ore more but it is worth the effort, sins these light are not cheep and we should stop through things in the bin, instead of fixing them. As I mentioned earlier then these lights are an original HELLA lights but, for some reason they came wired wrongly (for my car at least) and burned out in less than an hour. The seller refunded me the cost of them so this was a fix of only £.10,00. for two brand new lights. Much later I found out, that there should have been two resistor boxes and wiring harness with these lights to compensate for the way the lights are wired up. What I did, I change the connection to the way the old lights where, that is, they are now series connected like the original ones. Why Hella decided to ad two resistors and wiring harness is a mystery to me, when the earlier setup worked fine for over 20 years without thees two boxes and wiring harness. I have had the lights for more than a year and they work perfectly so far.
  10. Hello folks. I run a 2003 e39 525i which originated in Japan before imported to Ireland a decade ago. I previously introduced it/me on this forum and was welcomed by members (some of which also run/ran Jap imports). It has a dvd navigation system hardware (dvd unit in the boot with cabling running to that passenger side compartment in the boot that houses sound/ent equip). On the screen of the headunit, however, I do not see the 'GPS Navigation ' option listed - cd/radio/computer are listed and function correctly. I run a Grom BT3 unit linked to stream content from my phone - which Dan kindly suggested to me last year. I got my hands on latest suitable dvd set of maps for this model - but, as I now realise, I get no prompts or acknowledgement when I load the disc(s). So, what / where should I check to determine what the issue may be? Is there something obvious to you (but not me) that I am missing. Full disclosure - there is a gap in my knowledge of this - but I respond well to guidance . I have a pdf of the BMW Owners manual for Onboard Computer - but as I say, the 'Navigation' menu option does not appear on the headunit screen... Thanks in advance Sid
  11. SidMac

    Sids E39 (Jap Import) thread

    Finally finding time to pull together my notes on my E39. I bought it in August 2019 at 193,446KM (that sounds like a long time ago now) fairly locally from a PO who addressed its mechanical needs, since it was the family mode of transport - but mainly used by his wife. The PO took ownership in Aug 2016 (174,550 KM) but it was originally registered in Ireland in Nov 2010 , having been imported from Japan by an Irish couple living there who brought it home to the west of Ireland. I had the good fortune to have previously owned a 2003 E39 Touring with the 2.2 M54 engine (Auto also) which, like many other owners, I slightly regret selling. Buying this saloon version was a great remedy. I am a fan of the e39 shape/design, particularly the facelift versions of later years. This example was produced in 2003. 06, making it close to one of the last builds/production runs. It is well spec'd and benefits from the M Sports suspension II, M Aerodynamics package .. among others listed below. BMW 5 series E39 525i AUTO TITAN SILVERPROD DATE 2003-06-02TYPE - 525I (EUR)SERIES - E39 (5 SERIES)BODY TYPE - LIMSTEERING - RLENGINE - M54DISP - 2.50POWER - 141 KW / 192HPDRIVE - HECKTRANS - AUTOCOLOUR - TITANSILBER METALLIC (354)UPHOLSTERY - SONDERPOLSTERUNG (Z1XX) [presents as Black Nappa leather]EDITIONS AND PACKAGESP337A - M SPORTS PACKAGES339A - SHADOW LINES705A - M SPORTS SUSPENSION IIS710A - M LEATHER STEERING WHEELS715A - M AERODYNAMICS PACKAGES785A - WHITE DIRECTION INDICATOR LIGHTSS788A - BMW LA INDIVIDUALCOMFORT AND INTERIOR EQUIPMENTS403A - GLASS ROOF ELECTRICALS423A - FLOOR MATS VELOURSS428A - WARNING TRIANGLE AND FIRST AID KITS430A - INTERIOR-OUTSIDE MIRROR WITH AUTO DIPS434A - INTERIOR TRIM FINISHERSS441A - SMOKERS PACKAGES459A - SEAT ADJUSTER ELECTRIC WITH MEMORYS470A - ISOFIX SYSTEMS473A - ARMREST FRONTS481A - SPORTS SEATS494A - SEAT HEATING DRIVER-PASSENGERMULTIMEDIAS602A - ONBOARD MONITOR WITH TVS646A - PREPARATION F TELEPH INSTALLATION JAPANS676A - HIFI SPEAKER SYSTEMS694A - PROVISION FOR BMW 6 CD-CHANGERDRIVER ASSISTANCE AND LIGHTINGS522A - XENON LIGHTSS534A - AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONINGS548A - KILOMETER CALIBRATED SPEEDOMETERS520A - FOG LIGHTSWHEELS AND DRIVES204A - DRIVE LAYOUT EXPORTS249A - MULTIFUNCTION STEERING WHEELS261A - SIDE AIRBAGS FOR REAR PASSENGERSS202A - STEPTRONICENVIRONMENT AND SAFETYS354A - GREEN WINDSCREEN GREEN SHADE BANDS818A - BATTERY MASTER SWITCHS823A - HOTCLIMATE VERSIONS845A - ACOUSTIC BELT WARNINGS876A - RADIO FREQUENCY 315 MHZS853A - LANGUAGE VERSION ENGLISH INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENTS775A - HEADLINING ANTHRACITES778A - ENTRANCE STRIPS BMW INDIVIDUALOTHER EQUIPMENTL807A - NATIONAL VERSION JAPANS925A - VERSANDSCHUTZPAKETS938A - INDIVIDUAL SERIESS940A - SPECIAL EQUIPMENT BMW INDIVIDUALS431A - INTERIOR MIRROR WITH AUTOMATIC DIPS555A ONBOARD COMPUTER V WITH REMOTE CONTROL
  12. Toughguyhuh

    E39 5HP19 transmission faults

    I'm after a bit of advice regarding troubleshooting the limp mode issue in my E39 with 99k miles. I bought it cheap as a project car, knowing there was a fault and since it's not my daily driver I'm not under any pressure to sink a lot of cash into getting it back on the road. The codes it's giving are: 31 - EGS Sympton, gear monitoring 36 - EGS Gear monitoring 4 (P0734) I have already dropped the sump and given it a new filter, gasket and oil. The oil that came out looked nice and clean and the magnets didn't have much in the way of shavings. I'm fairly certain hasn't been changed previously, since I have all the service records from new and there's no mention plus a couple of the sump bolts were properly corroded and seized. I tested the solenoids in INPA and they all seem OK, but anyway these are deactivated when in limp mode and out of limp mode it goes into every gear. I also dismantled and cleaned out the selector switch to eliminate that. The gearbox temp when I've had a run in the car gets to 97 and holds, which I believe is normal. Reading around suggests an issue with the manual selector valve as it's relating to 4th gear which seems to be where the problem becomes apparent. There's a distinct slip when changing into 4th, either up or down. You can turn off the car, turn it back on and the fault indicator goes out, but when I reset the error memory I can readily recreate the same fault code after some driving. After a particularly long test drive this morning, I had some issues going from P to R, first time that's happens - it was a really rough change. Does this sound pressure related? So my next step will be to open the box up again - but that's where I need some pointers based on above. Where to start looking?
  13. Gwiz

    E39 530D Manual wanted

    BMW E39 530d Manual wanted! Must have an MOT. Appreciate these are getting like hens teeth these days. Interested in any body style. Ideally in the South East, but will travel for the right car.
  14. Hi everyone, Does anyone know here if the Bavsound Stage 1 Kit will fit in an E39 with only the base audio system? https://www.bavsound.com/products/stage-one-bmw-e39-sedan-wagon The bavsound Sales Team wasn’t sure if it would work: „We honestly don't know, since we've never seen a European Base model in person. You are welcome to order it and try!“ From my own understanding I’m just lacking the rear door tweeters and therefore wouldn’t be able to use them from the kit but was hoping that otherwise it should be fine to order the kit. i have attached the cars configuration from a vin checker. Thank you!
  15. Sandip

    SOLD - 2003 BMW E39 535iA Sport

    Sapphire black - all original paintwork apart from previous repair around boot lock Mileage is 110k MOT until March 2022 Mixed service history with regular self-completed oil and filter changes by current and previous owner Inspection II and Inspection I completed ahead of schedule in my ownership 5 previous owners, with last one also a forum member 2 keys Original sales folder with all booklets Specification includes: Factory privacy glass from B-pillar Sand beige leather interior made to look like Champagne with two tone door cards Rare Poplar wood inserts, spare Vavona set Staggered 18inch M-Parallels in excellent condition Auto lights Auto wipers Cruise control Dual zone auto climate control PDC front and rear Electric adjustable steering wheel Electric adjustable and memory front seats Heated front seats Power fold, auto dim and heated mirrors Auto reverse dip nearside mirror MK IV sat-nav with 2020 disc Digital TV Bluetooth preparation Intravee II with comfort functions set up; follow me home lights, DRL angel eyes, PDC distance display, one touch indicators Recent work: New battery October 2020 Good Year Eagle Asymmetric 5 tyres all around November 2020 with less than 500 miles covered 4 wheel hunter wheel alignment New OEM BMW wheel centre badges New OEM BMW boot and bonnet badges Inspection I completed by independent specialist July 2020 - 4 green bars remaining Gearbox flush, oil and filter by transmission specialist November 2020 Rocker cover gaskets, oil change and spark plugs by independent specialist February 2021 Rear brake line and brake fluid change by independent specialist February 2021 Near side wheel bearings March 2021 Deep valet and engine bay detail March 2021 Fuel filler cap March 2021 Gearstick magnetic solenoid lock April 2021 Bad bits: (see pics) Paint work bubbling near boot lock Car park ding on drivers door under wing mirror An enthusiast owned car which has been well looked after being a great buy for the next owner to continue the feat. SOLD
  16. V_MAX

    Comfort Seats

    From the album: My 523i

    “New” Comfort Seats with Memory, Heat and Air Inflation, that I bought from Piper, thanks Piper It took some working to convert from R. hand to L., but it was definitely worth the effort.
  17. Toughguyhuh

    OEM Springs for 530i SE

    I'm planning to change out the lowering springs that the previous owner of my E39 project car fitted, front and back. I want to restore it to OEM parts but I can't seem to find the BMW part numbers. The car just doesn't look right on lowered springs, it being an SE. Also it's a real pain trying to get my trolley jacks underneath! The shocks also look aftermarket but I've got the OE numbers for those if I need to replace them too. No luck finding the spring numbers on RealOEM, it shows the springs but there aren't any numbers for them, unless I haven't found the right diagram? Does anyone have them? (It's a saloon, not touring)
  18. Michael:E39

    E39 Car Tax Increases - Impact?

    So how do we E39 owners feel about the increased Car Tax from 1st April 2021? My year 2002 530i will then be liable for annual car tax of £600 pa based on Co2 emission figure of 257. Blimey! A 520i will be £585 pa (237 emissions), and 540i £600 pa (295 emissions). I've always tried to be a bit philosophical about the car tax rate for my 530i (likewise the petrol consumption of around 25 mpg), but this latest hike is eye watering (up from £330 to £600). How do we think it will affect the value and marketability of E39's registered on / after March 2001, and for E39's registered before March 2001 (flat rate of £280). I'm wondering if the many post March 2001 E39's currently on sale for £3000 and below will still look attractive if a buyer immediately has to shell out another £600 pa? Will this hasten the decline of many cheaper E39's, and result in a higher figure for good, more expensive one's in the long run? What do you think? On a similar note; has anyone experienced the post Brexit imposition of custom duty and vat on car parts ordered from Germany? I've bought lots of E39 new parts from Germany over the last year, and found the prices to be high and with high delivery charges, but have not purchased any post Brexit. Be interested to know.
  19. V_MAX

    e39 in autumn woods 2019

    From the album: My 523i

    This picture was taken in the woods this autumn (2019) Although this model was designed in the year 1995 it still represents one of BMW''s best designs ever after 24 years, that's my opinion.
  20. V_MAX

    My Big Silver Schark

    From the album: My 523i

    The new silver rear lights seem to fit the color well on the car. The oddest thing is that the color of the car (aspen silver/922) constantly changes depending on the weather and the surroundings. All the images of the car are the original photos and no photo shopping. In this picture the color is almost like it has purple on the upper half and almost rust red, like the sand on the bottom half. Sometimes when it is overcast it turns into stone dead dull gray. It's like it has a mood of its own.
  21. V_MAX

    Clean and simple sills.

    From the album: My 523i

    Clean M5 sills and comfort seats with memory.
  22. Since battery was disconnected the trip info on the indicator arm is now inaccurate. Can anyone tell me how to reset it please. Paul
  23. Hi guys, looking for someone in the West London area known to be good for sills/jacking points etc. i found this place near Bristol, but ideally I’m after somewhere nearer. https://www.redish-motorsport.com/E39M5S62CorrodedRustySillsJackingPoints.html anyone got experience of this place? just discovered one of my jacking points is non existent (it’s not actually there), and the sills aren’t actually the shape they’re meant to be... should’ve looked a bit closer when I bought it, but I got overexcited. thanks, Adam
  24. Jim Gee

    E39 M52TU emissions and ULEZ

    I have driven a much cared for E39 528i (with M52TU engine not the M52 one) for many years. The car with the M52 engine doesn’t meet London ULEZ standard for Nox emissions (0.08 g per km) because it emits 0.095 g per km). The M52TU engine which I have, is supposed to have substantially cut Nox emissions from the old M52 one, with its double vanos system BUT I can’t find anything online with confirms this or what the M52TU emissions are. Does anyone know where I can find out please? Thank you.
  25. Struanh94

    1998 BMW E39 535i V8 Manual £3500 NE66

    Hello, For sale is my 1998 (Pre-Vanos) E39 535i V8, with the rare 5 speed Manual Gearbox, finished in the classy Biarritz Blue. Having been on the look-out for a well-maintained M62 V8 Manual for some time, I jumped at opportunity to acquire this car when it came on the market around 3 months ago. However, I have recently bought another car, and this combined with the fact that I will be working from home for the foreseeable future with no commute, means I cannot justify keeping this car. The car has covered 184K miles with only 2 previous owners. It comes with FSH, MOT until August 2021, and has clearly been well maintained. (There are 19 Service Stamps in the Booklet) There is also a large folder of receipts, showing the extensive maintenance which has been performed on the car over the years. A summary of the most recent / significant work performed on the car (all with receipts to prove): - Recent Engine Oil and Filter change (Sep 2020) - X2 new Avon ZV7 Tyres (Jul 2020) - New Front & Rear ABS Sensors (Aug 2020) - Both Rear Shock Absorbers replaced (Jul 2019) - Front Lower Suspension Arms, Wishbones, Anti-Roll Bar (Sep 2019) - New Bosch Battery (Jan 2019) - Rocker Cover Gaskets (Feb 2018) - Alternator (Feb 2016) - Starter Motor (Dec 2016) - Rear roll-bar links (May 2015) - Coil Pack (May 2015) - Bonnet Respray (Aug 2015) - Alternator (Sep 2011) - Clutch and Flywheel (Feb 2008 – 140k) Cosmetically the car is generally very clean for its age, although there are a few small patches of surface-level rust emerging as is pictured in the photos. Points a new owner would want to address: - The car consumes a very small amount of coolant. Previous owner advised it needs a top-up every 6-800 miles. - Minor oil leak (likely rear main seal) The car is located in Northumberland, NE66. £3,500 ONO