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Found 7 results

  1. ROOTS.

    E30 S3.91 LSD

    Made a grave error when trying to source a S3.91 for my E28 and picked up a 168mm 'small case' by mistake. Bought it two weeks ago, obviously never been fitted to the E28 and looking to shift it as its not needed. Can be collected in Banbury / Brackley area. Looking for £450 o.n.o.
  2. ROOTS.

    188mm S3.91 or S4.10 diff

    Im looking for an E30 S3.91 (or S4.10) if anyone has one for sale.... That also means il be selling my 210 S3.07 if anyone wants it? Thanks, Ian
  3. ROOTS.

    WANTED: S3.91 or S4.10 188mm diff

    Change of plan because sourcing a 210mm in a decent ratio has been a nightmare. Im now looking for a 188mm S3.91 or S4.10 from an E30 if anyone has one? Thanks, Ian
  4. Used to have a build thread but deleted it.. so here's the new one, it's long so grab a seat. Had the car since Dec 2011 & She's come a very long way. After being offered RM1's Malachite green touring, we took the opportunity and drove down and picked it up. We were originally going to break it and use the bits for our other touring, but this one's in a lot better condition and needs less work so all plans have been moved on to this one. What we've done: 2.5 TDS Engine 5 Stud conversion Black Leather Seats (Front's are E36) Black Carpet Boost, ETG and water temp gauge with carbon fibre effect gauge pillar gauge pod Borbet A's 16x9s all round (Already got. being resprayed graphite bmw silver) / 16x8 et9 Aluline B's E36 M3 Steering rack Grey Kidney Grills HID's Pressed Plates Purple Dice Dustcaps TVR Exhaust So pics, these were the ones we were sent. Ready for the trip home Pics at home with her new sister Hoping to start work on it at the weekend, going to get the seats removed and replaced with the black leather. Ordered some engine mounts and carpet dye, they came today so work should hopefully start soon. We've resprayed the carpets black, more to do though. Last night John fitted the rear carpet and seatbelts & started fitting rear seats and rear boot carpet. I would recommend this lady (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/kaz01462/m.html?item=310312548619&_trksid=p4340.l2562) on ebay though for the dye. Comes next day delivery and quite good prices. Looks really good inside, part of the boot carpet, rear seat carpet and this bit is done but couldn't get a decent pic apart from this one. More black bits Last night I had a go at spraying the interior and was impressed with how it looked. We also removed the rear washer pipes and changed over the trim to black. John also tried the e36 front seat positioning. Tonight we are welding in the brackets for the e36 front seats and respraying some more bits. The whole rear wiper is being removed and also the wiper washers. I'm also going to remove the headlights and grill to change over and respray Preparing for engine out... Brackets welded in for the E36 seats & also some holes were welded and primered. Black carpet
  5. goosiegander

    Polished Cars...

    Good Evening! I've been remiss in not putting up some examples of work undertaken So, for your viewing pleasure (and entertainment in the case of StevenC's poooor 525ix) So here we go in no particular order: Iron decontamination prior to wash process Some swirling... And corrected (not the bumper) Better, still bits to do though! Snowfoam prior to washing on the tech 1 and again And cleaner Steven's poorly IX Required lots of work! Lots and lots! But a nice end result More to follow, Comments and questions most welcome, apologies for the lower quality of some of the pictures. I have only recently invested in a half-decent camera
  6. Having nothing better to do one evening i thought i'd see how well the Lachs bonnet on the Sport would come up: out came the claybar... claybar,claybar,claybar... I can barely see that nice young lady's thong in the reflection, not good enough! Left of picture compounded Getting better Further pictures later today
  7. Good Afternoon, I picked up my new 2001 540i yesterday and I am in love! Having gone through many Japanese cars, to a 1987 BMW E30 325; it's an absolute blast. Spec is standard, has some coilovers and X5 wheels. I am going to tidy a few bits up and use it as my daily. Hope you like. Look forward to having some banter will all of you. My Old E30 The new 'hotness'

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