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Found 7 results

  1. ROOTS.

    1976 E12 530 MLE

    Whilst we are all dealing with Covid-19 and the extraordinary times set upon us, this has allowed me crack on with finishing my E28 M535i (on a separate thread) and scratch another itch i have had brewing for some time in the shape of an E12! I actually started out looking for a E28 M5 and quickly found myself mid search ending up on E12 M535i images, old for sale adverts and reading about other peoples projects. Thats when i came across Reg No: RDA 30 - a Henna Red E12 M535i that was previously owned by a member on here for many years and most recently owned by a Dutch chap who again, decided to sell before getting on with any major restoration work. I need to say thanks to Eric (Dutch chap) who was super helpful to me whilst considering buying his M535i - sent tonnes of images, videos, recommissioned the car mechanically and spent 45 minutes with me on video call showing me around the good, the bad and the ugly. Ultimately, in the end i passed up on the car as i spent the past 3 years restoring my E28 M535i in between work, travel and deciding what route i wanted to go which cost me a lot of time, money and enjoyment of driving the car. I didn't want that again so immediately parked the idea and promised myself no more until the E28 M535i was complete...then i would know if its just boredom during CV19 or if the idea would go away once i started to enjoy driving the E28 M535i. Again, its been 3 years!! As with all best intentions, they are not the solution to solve our problems and before i knew it i had somehow found myself in contact with a motorbike collector about a Ducati that - ironically -came about through someone helping me source an E28 M5 that i actually didn't want... It turned out the gentleman who owned the Ducati had many bikes in his collection and like any treasure hunt i asked the inevitable question - "do you collect cars?" Does he what...!!!! What came across via an email in the form of a 6 page Excel spreadsheet + a WeTransfer link to download supporting images and videos simply blew me away. I wont get into the car list as i wont know where to start but in short i will tell you where i started.... the columns with the letter B. In amongst the plethora of cars was of course a 2002 Turbo, E23 745i (M88 engine) manual, E30 333i, E30 Alpina C7, E34 Alpina B10 and then..... a E12 530 MLE. What happened next was pretty damn obvious and yes, best intentions and all that got cast aside immediately. Anyone who knows how rare it is to find an E12 is in good condition will know how even rarer a very clean E12 M535i is... the E12 530 MLE is probably next to unicorn status in terms of rarity, provenance and so on... So, today i can say i am the owner of a E12 530 MLE, number 23 of 110 Type 1 models ever built, that will come to the UK in the next few months (pending lockdown, shipping dates etc...). From the research i have done so far - limited at best - i dont believe there are any other 530 MLE in the UK? I waited 3 years to finish my E28 M535i and like waiting for that one bus you desperately want to arrive.... two come along at the same time!
  2. Capnophobe

    Looking at ‘79 528i

    Hello all, I’m new to the forums here, but I was looking for some information on e12’s as I can’t seem to find much of anything. Was wondering if parts are easy to find and if they’re pricey, how long the motors last, what common issues do the cars have, any info at all would be greatly appreciated, tell me what you know! And it’s good to be here!
  3. Hi, I'm really hoping some of the experts out there can help me out. My M535I wasn't running as it should and was sometimes missing when accelerating. In order to address this I first of all changed the air flow meter which made no difference at all. I then decided to change the distributor cap and rotor. As part of this process I removed the whole distributor to give it a clean. I then put everything back together as it was (or I think I have) but the car just wont start. First of all I put the old distributor cap and rotor back thinking they are the only parts I've changed, but it still wouldnt start. I then tested that all the spark plugs are getting spark, which they are. Therefore, I'm looking for ideas on what to test next. Would I be right in saying that as the spark plus are getting spark, it cant be an issue with the electric coil or distributor? Or could either of those still possibly be the problem? I have taken a video of trying to start the car which shows the distributor etc, but dont seem to be able to upload videos. Any help or advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated as I'm really struggling. Thanks!
  4. Here are some pictures from the day - 5 series heven! For those who took pics, please add it all to this thread Don't forget the next one on June 14th - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/109403-kent-meet-sunday-14th-june-2015/#entry1176572 Pictures courtasy of Zamanur Quadir - FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/zamanurquadirproductions Instagram: zqproductions YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalDreamzGuy/videos
  5. I know it’s last minute but who’s up for this? Please call the organisers directly to obtain your stand pass. Please mention that you want to be on their non-members stand and request a stand display pass to display your car. The cost is £12.50 per passanger plus £1 for postage, please call – 01970267989 The cost of the ticket is per person which includes a stand pass in which you have to request during the purchase of the tickets. Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire CV35 0BJ I have spoken to the organiser and they have confirmed that for non member’s you will be asked to park on the stand as you enter the venue. To keep us sticking together we can meet at a central location near the venue and then roll in together. Meet time at 08:30am – 09:00am at; Land Tyre Service Gaydon Rd Southam, Warwickshire CV47 2QZ Leave for final location at 9am. Please add your name and model and let me know if paid. 1. Shaz H (Shaz) – E60 (PAID) - Full details on page 1 2. Jam172 - E3 (to pay) 3. Jut535 - E28 (PAID) 4. Jay_W - E39 540I Touring (PAID) 5. Sive - E46 M3 lsb (to pay) 6. BMWowner - E34 (to pay) 7. Jag530isport - E39 M5 (PAID) 8. Initial M (Ray) – E60 (to pay) 9. Ifti007 - E60 (tpo pay) 10.
  6. After the huge success of the last Kent meet - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/105320-kent-meet-bbc-attending-sunday-19th-april-2015-american-diner-tn24-9jz-11am/page-1 Thought it would be rude not to do another one It’s always good to get to know the people behind the username and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve here plus the chance to see everyones pride and joy. The location: ANCHOR AND HOPE 7 South Ash Road Sevenoaks TN15 7ER JUNE 14th 11:30am onwards Please add your username and car 1. Shaz - E60 2. amand - E39 3. WilllAm4 - E60 4. 530dE60 - Andy - E60 5. bigdaddybmx - F11 6. Loadmaster - E39 7. Kris_KR52JAW - E39 maybe as my baby is due on 23rd 8. yellowgixxer - F10 or E39 or GSX-R 750 (Caveat - I missed the last one because I had to work, and things are a bit fluid at the moment so it could happen again...) 9. Oxo e39 10. Kenny E39 540 (maybe supercharged by then) 11. 711jrp (Pete) E39 M5 12. Joss (err Joss suprisingly) E12 M535i 13. Ifti007 - E60 14. Mit_p - f30. I'm gonna tweet this to Munich legends again. This time they will have plenty of notice and someone will hopefully arrive!! 15. Kadirllb - E60 530d M Sport 16. Raj and his brother with slr camera 17. 5ermad - E60 or E28 18. Blobby - E61 or K1300R 19. Uber Tramp - E34 20. Baus - E60 nbt retrofitted 21. Has - E39 M5 22. Whippy - E60 M5 23. Philrobo - E60 24. SHAHZ - E60 25. Brian-Wray - E60 26. murph 520d but earlier this time 27. saicab - e39 champagne II 28. Jam172. ? 29. Splondike (Mark) - E28 M535i 30. Supertramp - E39 tourin 31. Metscarson M5 E60 32. Klaxhu E61 33. jut 535i - E60 or E28 34. sutts - E28 M5 35. Joe - E60 36. theguv - E39 37. YNP - E39 38. bmwdan528i - E39 39. mastacrx - E39 40. L11 RCK - E39 M5 41. Adrian85 - E60 530 42. V8Raj - E39 43. JohnH -E28 44. Horsey - E60 (maybe) 45. m3matt - M3 Evo
  7. Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and I registered with the hope of getting some much needed help. I am on contemplating/on the verge of buying a 1975 528 E12 Automatic. The car is in good condition. It's mechanically sound and the owner recently did quite a bit of maintenance on it (Replaced front shocks, all four bearings, skimmed discs and replaced drag link). It's also completely original down to the tool kit, radio etc. The interior is near flawless apart from two cracks on the dash and a slight separation of one of the panels below the steering wheel. The car comes with a full size original BMW spare wheel. The car drives like a dream, it has plenty of power and major appeal. I am in love with it and it's literally all I can think about. However, it's 37 years old and there are some issues... Minor rust (which is to be expected really) on all four doors. It doesn't seem to affect the integrity of the doors however as all four remain solid to the touch. Paint on some areas of the car, namely the roof and bonnet, has begun to lift as a result of exposure to the sun (again, it's to be expected for a car this old). The odometer stopped working some time ago but the owner reckons that the car has done over 230 000 km's. All other gauges are fully functional though. The owner also claims that the car has a slight oil leak, but that it's not visible or does not occur when the car is parked. He said that he has only notices a drop in the oil level after long trips. In which case, he just tops it up. I desperately need advice from those who have owned or worked on BMW's to determine whether or not buying this car is a sensible choice. I currently drive an entry level, late model Opel Corsa Lite. It's been reliable up to a point, but now needs its computer box replaced. Any work done on my current vehicle is very costly and it's upsetting that it will remain costly for the foreseeable future. I generally have this work done through the dealer because I'm worried about resale value. At the same time, I have no plans to sell the vehicle, so all I'm doing is watching it depreciate while investing large amounts of money on servicing through the dealer and occasional repair. My idea was to acquire an older car like the E12 and use it as a daily driver, making sure that I keep it tip top condition and further restore it over time. What can go wrong if I go through with this? Would I be making a huge mistake by buying this car and selling my Opel? I could use the surplus of cash from selling my Opel for other projects at home, but I would hate to be stuck with a huge financial drain as a result of buying the E12. What do I do?