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Found 8 results

  1. drpep999

    Door colour match

    Hi, I've found a rear door on eBay that matches the colour of my car. I'm looking to replace it because of some damage by the previous owner. I'm figuring that getting one the correct colour is far easier than finding even a much cheaper one and having to strip it to get it sprayed and put it all back to gether again. My question is, what is the liklihood of the paint being a good match. Presumbaly each batch of original paint BMW made at the time of production wouldn't have been exactly the same. Is it likley you would be able to tell its not the original door from a slight mismatch in colour. Mine is Slate Green 449. Opinions please.
  2. Hi All, So i have a very odd intermittent issue with my passenger side auto dimming mirror, basically the drivers side and rear view mirror both dim as you would expect when its bright behind but the passenger side does not, however, if I flick the switch over to move the mirror, adjust it down and up a few clicks, then flick the switch back to drivers side it starts working again.. does this every single time without fail.. If it was a loose connection id expect it not to work all the time, or on and off occasionally without me having to intervene.. also thought could be a dry joint, but in reality have no idea.. has anyone had similar or any ideas how to remove the cover so I can see if the connector is loose? Cheers
  3. My rear offside door had stopped opening and I assumed the actuator was FUBAR. Once I'd got the door card off I realised that the bowden cable from the exterior door handle to the latch had snapped. Can anyone shed any light on whether I need to remove the exterior door handle and cable carrier to replace the cable? The is plenty of info on removing broken door handles and guides to the interior door handle cable but not much for the exterior handle cable only - I'm hoping I don't need to take too much stuff off the car.
  4. Vee

    Rear door stuck closed

    Thought i'd put a post up here to reassure people who have this issue in future. My rear offside door had stopped opening from inside or outside and I assumed the actuator was FUBAR. Unfortunately the door was stuck in the closed position so I thought that getting the door card off was going to be a pain. The internet information is a little bit sketchy regarding this but actually it was pretty easy - the trickiest bit was releasing the rear quarter window blind. There's a cut out at the top/rear to access a metal release clip and release the blind (I used a thin Allen key, get underneath the clip and push up). There is loads of door card removal guides online so i won't go into too much detail. Basically remove necessary screws, release as many plastic clips at the edge of the door card as you can and unclip wires then the door panel can be removed with a bit of force (pulling out and upwards). You will probably break a few white plastic clips because you are forcing them upwards rather than straight out so get a few spares off ebay. The horizontal door blind is only attached to the doorcard not the door so will come off with it. I disconnected the battery to disable the door airbag, this may not be necessary but i didn't want to take any chances. It turned out that my exterior door handle cable had snapped and as the childlocks were on the door was stuck shut.
  5. The Gavster

    Weather strip fitting

    Hi all Car: BMW 520i SE 1990 Sedan I have searched but I can't find this particular on this forum, so perhaps someone could help. At the bottom of the doors, there is a weatherstrip that clips onto the door. The one on the drivers door on my car has rusted through. I managed to get two (one for each front door) from a BMW dealer but fitting it seems quite tricky. I have tried to slide it on but can't get it on more than 6" or so before it stops moving. Pushing it on from the bottom has been unsuccessful so far as well. Is there a trick to this? Thanks.
  6. Mathew Bates

    F11 boot door latch

    Hi, Does anyone have any tips how to fix an F11 boot door latch? The sensor switch seems to have stopped working. Thanks, Mat
  7. Bowwow

    Inner Door Seal

    Was having the car cleaned yesterday and one of the valeters managed to take a chunk out of the inner door seal (the one that runs around the bodyshell's door frame) :-/. Not happy! I have checked with BMW and they stopped making these back in 2008 - does anyone have a salvaged / removed part they would be willing to part with and has anyone had to replace one of these before?
  8. Hi guys, I have a lazy lock actuator, and was wondering if anyone has any opinions on genuine (apparently VDO/Siemens) or aftermarket / pattern... which can be febi/bilstein, or chinese, or nothing mentioned... etc. Any issues? I'm thinkiang about a cheapo one, then pull apart the original and see what going on - maybe they just gunge up over time? I'm going to lube all the mechanisms anyway, but don/t want to put the slow actuator in if I don't find anything tight enough to make it struggle. Opinions please!