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Found 3 results

  1. flybynite

    535i clutch

    Well I'm starting to collect bits to put this 535 Sport back on the road. I know the clutch is gone because I was driving it when it went 12 years ago. I now see it seems the 535 has a DMF which surprises me as it seems a bit of a dinosaur boat anchor. If it has one it needs to be replaced when I take it apart, even if it is not that, that failed Done some searching on here, nothing much about the M30B35 specifically. Out on the wider net a lot of references but mostly stateside, not unusual for them to be different. Searching under the part number 21211223010 brings nothing of any consequence. Local stealer was no use either. I can find a clutch easy enough but not the DMF. Lots of LUK ones available stateside but not this side of the atlantic, even on the German parts web sites. there seems to be some cross matching of part numbers but they seem to be looking at e39 535is Questions Are people certain the '89 535i M30 has a DMF? Where would I look to get one Any better alternative? (I generally tend to believe DMFs should remain as it protects the rest of the driveline IF you can easily get them)
  2. 2 years ago (40k miles) I fitted a new Luk DMF, Luk clutch kit, Meyle propshaft coupling and BMW sourced (Koyo) pilot bearing. I also did the shifter detent rebuild job on the gearbox. All has been fine until last week. The clutch pedal felt a bit gruanchy and within 200 miles or so, as I was pulling out of the car park at work, I heard quite nasty grinding rattly noise coming from the gearbox area. The noise did not seem to affect shifting and it was there regardless of clutch position, gear selection and road speed. It was so bad I was about to turn back but it went away within 2 minutes. Since then I drove 300 miles and the clutch pedal seems to change its feel every few clutch actuations and it is rather noisy on engine overrun and sometimes I can feel significant damped backlash in the drivetrain. So I decided to remove the box to see what is going on and this is where it got interesting as the box did not come off. Was free to move about 25mm off the back of the engine and it came to a dead stop with a thud. After much head scratching and just before I was about to use a hole saw to get through the bell housing I managed to get to the pressure plate bolts through the slave cylinder hole, wasn't easy though. The gearbox came off and the pilot bearing was stuck on the gearbox input shaft as expected. After I used a puller on the pilot bearing I could not find the cause of the noise. Pilot bearing seemed good, Clutch seems fine, the pressure plate seems OK however will need a new one as I removed it without pre-loading so the self adjustment mechanism is at it lowest setting. The DMF seem OK to me as well although I am not an expert in checking DMFs. I can see fresh metal particles on the bell housing that must have been flung out of the rotating assembly but I cannot find where they came from, I don't think it is the clutch as the rivets are well clear of the surface. Will definitely get a new pilot bearing and clutch kit but I am not convinced it will cure the issue. The propshaft coupling has a tiny amount of play in one of the bolt holes so will get a new one of those as well, not too surprised by that due to my driving style and Meyle not being the best quality part out there. There is also a little bit of radial play in the gearbox input shaft, but from memory this was there last time. Not sure how much is acceptable. Where do I go from here? DMF is quite new and I can't see any of the other parts being responsible to cause this magnitude of problems, how can I prove the DMF is not the source the problems? I don't want to trow £500+ worth or parts on it just to find the same issue although I am looking at £200+ already for clutch kit, pilot bearing and propshaft coupling. Any ideas where I sit with the DMF warranty, being a Luk part sourced through CP4L (EPC stock)? Could it be the gearbox, if so how can I tell?
  3. aaron3200

    Few issues with new e60 520d

    Hi All, Am new to the forum. I bought a 2006 bmw 520D last week and have noticed a few issues with it. I had a mechanic look at it and he pointed out a few minor diagnostic issues that i have yet to sort out such as glow plugs that need replacing. After driving the car for a few days and especially after start up, there is a loud humming noise coming from under the bonnet. It seems to get mildly louder when steering but im not convinced its steering related but thats just my opinnion. Anybody had issues like this before? Second issue is clutch related. Clutch fully pressed down or fully up no noise. Clutch half up/down there is a rattle. Haven't noticed the clutch slipping so am not sure what it is. A neighbour suggested it could be the release bearing?? Again any help greatly appreciated. Not mechanically related but maby somebody knows... i have the iDrive system in my car. There is a phone cradle sort of device mounted on the passanger side of the centre console and there is a "Communication" option on the screen with a few BMW SERVICE numbers. I cannot find bluetooth settings in the settings option and am not used to bmers for a start. Anybody know has my car got bluetooth (as it was advertised to have) or how do i find out.. or is it only compatable with whatever sort of phone goes in this cradle? Theres no connections at the bottom/top of the cradle but there is a cable coming out and going behind the dash. There lies the confusion. Cheers, Aaron