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Found 4 results

  1. Ugbimmer


    My E39 has a problem it shows an error with OBD2 scanner error code is "1DF5 not present" DDE engine immobiliser EWS and 1E05 not present "control panel, cruise control. the car cranks but no start. it is a 525d. your help is much appreciated
  2. dazh90

    525e No Starter. No spark

    Hi all, I have a 1987 525e (Motronic) which after spending two weeks in America, i come back to my car and she refuse to fire. I've done what i can and im out of ideas so really hoping someone can help! Also, worth mentioning that on the day that i got back and i realised the car refused to fire up i went to the petrol station and got £12 worth of fuel and some carb cleaner to assist a start. SHE STARTED UP! left running fine for 10 minutes but when ignition was switched off she refused to start immediately after (STRANGE, what is going on!?) . Problem/Symptoms; - No spark to any of the plugs apart from a single spark when coil is engaged at Pos3 - I believe im getting fuel as plugs are wet The facts; (strange results shown in RED) - Engine turns over by the key, top of engine moves (in time) with bottom - Brand new distributor cap and rotor arm - Brand new ignition coil - Swapped out CPS with one i had from 520i e28 (same hardwired one facing front harmonic balancer) - Swapped out main fuel relay with one from 520i - Swapped out MAF from 520i (i know it's trivial but, meh) - Checked for 12v heading towards the coil between 15+ and 0. (12v upon pos3, 10v when cranking) - Although coil is new, Resistance across posts all check out fine - Spark plugs are 2 months old - Continuity between both ends of main HT lead (coil tower to distributor) - Battery charged fully externally inside the house - DME socket where relay fits; - Tab30 suppose to have 12v, shows 0v - Tab85 suppose to have 0v, shows 0v - Tab 86 suppose to have 12v, shows 0v - Tab 87 and 87 suppose to both show 12v, shows 12v - Tab 87 and 87 suppose to both show 0v, shows 12v with ignition off - Checked for click from DME relay, it clicks just fine and i get the engine hum Questions that i am asking myself; - If my 520i M20 uses Jetronic fuel injection, and my 525e M20 uses motronic, why do they both have the same hard wired (no clip, needed cutting and soldering) crankshaft position sensors? - Why do i only get one spark when ignition is turned on, but none whilst cranking? - Does p.d towards the coil normalling drop from 12v to 10v when cranking? - Why did she start ONCE but refused to start immediately after? - Is my ECU fried? and if so.... why? only sat for 2 weeks... Any help is very much appreciated!! Regards, Darren (From Brighton)
  3. JoeGons

    Complete loss of power

    I have a BMW 520i 1995 M50 engine WBAHB620X0BG94472 I am having some trouble and I might need my DME checked. It is a European type. Siemens MS40.1 not a BOSCH. Good place in the UK? The problem came on over a period of months and just got worse. I was driving it and the gears were shifting as normal. I took it to my man (BMW Trained) and he did the injectors, changed the plugs, plug coils, changed the fuel filter and checked fuel pressure, Mass Air Flow etc. At this point, he has checked every thing and every sensor. The problem only got worse because I drove it to his place and now it is stuck there. The car is starting and does not show any codes that would cause the problem I have. It did have a Cam Position Sensor Code, 132 I believe, but the sensor has been replaced. There are no fault codes now. I did have an “Air Temp†sensor fault code for a long time that never gave any problems but even that has gone away. It idles just fine but will not accelerate and has no power. It is not drivable. If I try to drive it, when I try to move off it just does not want to move. It will move but very slowly and if you persist, you can get it out of the garage. One interesting detail; My Indie tells me that sometimes the scanner looses connection with the DME. Siemens MS40.1 # 1 12 14 1 429 440 5WK9 003/1 Please tell me that I only need to put in some Petrol !!! Joe
  4. Help, starter turns engine but no start. Loads of fault messages. been to dealer DME module connections corroded dueto water ingress, cleaned greased and replaced, started ok all faults reset, drove home and parkedup. Next morning same thing happened when trying to start. So, 400 sqids spent and back to square one. Ideas please, like how much for new DME and will it have to be Paired ?