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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys just go an E60 525d M-Sport last week with the turbo actuator not moving at all had these codes , 41A2 , 4191 , 3F97 , so I got a replacement actuator from turbovanes they said it would be plug and play so I removed my old actuator code G125 , and replaced it with the new actuator code also G125 and I have a bit of turbo but only really getting boost around 3000rpm , I can hear the turbo sound on rev up at stand still but no pull until 3000rpm so am.i right in thinking that the actuator is needing calibrated to my turbo as its like its out of sync with it anyone had this problem I have no fault codes at all but car is like a straight Diesel pulling out junctions and such so actually dangerous
  2. I've just picked up a 66 plate 520D on 42k miles and it's done over 10k miles since the last service. The oil is proper black and smells of diesel. I'm not a fan of extended servicing intervals anyway. So my question is, if I get a local indie to do just an interim oil change can they then reset the onboard service computer but just for the oil change? I don't want to throw any of the other service timings out of kilter (inspections, brakes etc).
  3. Hello there, 2005/3 E60 535d Msport automatic in Carbon Black. I always wanted to do a Project thread regarding a BM. I've seen a quite a lot of ''Project threads'' here and elsewhere mostly without any pictures or in-depth explanations or just a dead end threads. Hopefully, this should become one.... So then... I got this beauty advertised on Gumtree as a high mileage one(192k miles on it at the time of purchase), so it was a cheap one, just 3.5k. Since I am not afraid of a high mileage cars I opted for this one instead of 2008 E60 530d LCi. The guy that I bought it from used it mostly to get to work in Dublin and Belfast and since he is living near Newry, he did a quite a lot of motorway miles. Just to make sense why I chose this instead of LCi was most of the distances he traveled. Just to make sense of it: If I had a choice to buy a lower spec car from somebody out in a country and a car, that has mostly been used at the town/city with higher spec gadgets and gizmos I would choose the one that is at the countryside every time. Why? because of: 1. It's a diesel! It is supposed to be used on longer journeys to be more economical than the same capacity petrol engine. Since I do a lot of miles myself this is why I went for it. 2. It's a diesel! It clogs up if you drive like a granny on Sundays after a church mess on your way to see the relatives/friends while doing 20-30 mph and an A-class roads where the max speed limit is 60.... Since this doesn't apply to me as I am on a motorway for a most of the miles to get to work, I don't have a problem with it. Diesel needs to be driven harsh once in a while to burn off the soot and other deposits from inlet manifold and surrounding areas. If you're doing less than 8k miles a year, diesel is not for you! 3. It keeps me busy. I wouldn't know what to do If I would buy a brand new car. Changing oil is easy, but I am looking for a challenge so a new car is a no-no for me... I like to get my hands dirty once in a while and the feeling after ou get when you fix something yourself.... Those who know what I am talking about, they will understand. 4. I can fix stuff, I can change it if it needs to be changed and I am not too sure how to do it there is that wonderful thing called ''Google'', but it needs to be master as well as not everything you see or read on there is true.... 5. I always wanted a Black BM with beige leather seats! 6. A bit more about myself at the ''Hello, I am new here'' section So there it goes, a bit of intro with a story and pictures and then straight into the stuff I have done so far. At first, it looked black on the advert, but whenever I went to see it for the first time it was actually a Carbon Black. Whit a lovely beige interior, a perfect combination in my opinion. When it's dirty or depending on sunlight conditions, it looks blue-ish or gray-ish.. (camera doesn't reflect the real color) At the Terraclean Co Down Since there is a character limit per post(but it is not displayed) I will continue in next post.
  4. Hi all I have a 2004 525d e61 which keeps showing a traction control fault on the dash and at the same time the engine totally cuts off whether it's in gear driving at any speed or just sitting running This all started a week after I had egr and dpf deleted since then I have had it to a specialist who advised me the dde unit had water damage on the pins so I soarced another and had it cloned for my car also changed the crank sensor as was showing a fault after getting the dde in and the car up and running I took her for an mot passed used the car a few times the same day then when I was travelling to work early hour's got 4 miles along the motorway sitting about 70 the exact same fault came back just comes up traction control fault drive moderately while at the same time total engine shut down since then I have had another remap done but it has not made any difference to the car the only fault showing is 43e2 which I have been told on my car shouldn't cause this I am at a loss as to what to do next any help greatly appreciated thanks
  5. Hello, this is my project. Its a video clip containing only picture material and small footage of what i'm doing. I consider doing some videos of the x-pipe built, sound acceleration overview and etc. I hope you like it, the video its not professional made, but the car came out great ! There will be more videos and pictures of the car soon! Enjoy YOUTUBE VIDEO Did so far : Engine head revision; fuel pump revision; full service; new water radiator; new front window; new fk automotive suspension; new brakes; new inter-cooler; paint job; window tint; hella angel eyes; M-exterior; new battery; m preface steering wheel; led interior lights; ecu tuning; shadow-line trim; style 91 rims; (In the following months there will be even more upgrades) I did an acceleration video of the TDS, so you can see how my automatic does. i wasn't exactly stock when i did it, had a power-box. So- its power-box to chip. The conditions of the time were at the range of one week and i did them on the same road the same time. Disclaimer : The time set is between few frames approx 2-5 frames so its not accurate. YOUTUBE VIDEO Tell me your opinion about this project, i hope you like it !
  6. nottmbantam

    Newbie Here - E39 or E61?

    Hello All, New member here, but not new to BMW 5ers. Previously had an E39 520 saloon, E39 528 Touring and also an E38 728. Im about to move back to the UK after several years away and am looking at another touring. I'd first thought about another E39 (maybe 530d) but then got to thinking about the E61 ( probably the 520d) . If it's the E61, would go for a later model , 2008-2010. Something ideally with sub 100k on the clock. Would be looking to spend under £10k. So, looking for some advice and re-assurance I suppose, that the E61 would serve me well. I'd be looking to keep it for about 5 years. I'd love one with a DAB system but understand this will only come on the current generation of 5ers. Any advice / tips what to look for and which diesel model is best out the E61s? Thanks in advance. Edited to add: As I'm relatively familiar with the E39, the E61 is totally new territory for me so know nothing about them. I suppose the real question is- how do they compare? Cheers.
  7. Hi guys im new to this forum I previously owned a 120D with the n47 177 engine and got rid of it after getting too many major problems. I have now got a E60 520d full service history owned it for 3 months not had a problem. A friend of mine who has the same car had noticed my car was very low on power i then noticed after i drove his exact same car exact same engine no remap no mods mine has 160k on the clock i now notice sometimes the car is close to stalling on junction i have to almost redline it to get off this is on and off one day it will drive super one day it will have low power , what could it be thanks. M47 pre lci
  8. I'm now part of the BMW club, after many Fords and Vauxhalls I have seen the light! WoW what's the difference ! Excellent in every way. She's a Blue E60 (2005) 525 TDS , 100,000 miles with Beige / Walnut / leather interior. Servicing required in May 2017. Help me guys .... I want to look after The engine and maybe tastefully upgrade elements of the interior . Please advise....
  9. mikeday1991

    Longevity of the 535d and 530d

    Hi everybody, its my first post on the forum, so thanks for having me. My question relates to the 530d and 535d E61. I've viewed and test driven a few E61's. My budget dictates that the mileage of the car I buy will be over 100k. I've driven some around the 120k mark, which still felt tight (Ex police) I'm also looking to view MatR's 535 in the classifieds which currently has 193,000 miles. My question relates to how many miles these can usually live to. In my ownership it will do approximately 15k miles a year. Can these see 300k? I'm coming from a world of Fiat's, so don't have much German experience What do you owners keep in the bank for emergencies? £1000? More? Whats the biggest bill going to be at that mileage? Thanks in advance! Michael
  10. Hi, ive been a member here for a while but forgot my old accounts log in and had to create a new account! for a while I've had this issue now. After heavy acceleration where the turbo has been used hard, after I come to a stop there will be clouds of white smoke pouring from the exhaust. Very strong smelling and sometimes quite embarrassing. Im not convicted the car reaches the right temps as a 30min motorway cruise at a steady 60mph in 6th gear(manual box) struggles I go above 73degrees. Not it quite sure where to start. Any ideas guys? its a 525d pre lci. Dpf and egr still fitted and swirl flaps blanked off. i thought it was due to the swirl flaps but it still does it after the deflap. Another thing, it has a very light murmur on idle and when cruising on motorway. It can be felt as a slight miss and the needle jumps. Have removed the injectors and cleaned them out individually and replaced the copper washers but still no difference.
  11. For all of those who might be tempted to try top down vacuum oil change by suction pipe through the dipstick ... I just tried it, but could only get 4.5 litres out. There seems to be a baffle plate that stops the vacuum tube from reaching the bottom of the sump. Didn't want to push too hard .. Tried both diameter suction pipes. If anyone knows how to get round this, then feedback appreciated ! Note : Please no hords advising what idiocy it is using this method, we know .. But after religiously crawling under the car every 10,000 miles and draining through the sump, I was tempted to try the top down method .. E61 525d ... It still drives like new, after 130,000 miles of my ownership, and after a total of 210,000 miles. I put this partially down to 10,000 mile oil and filter changes, USING THE CORRECT OIL ! Still don't trust BMW or any other garage to use the right oils, too much temptation to use whatever bulk supplies are the cheapest ( whether or not they meet the spec). In the end, I have topped up with 5 litres of new oil, and will run this 50/50 old/new mix up to 20,000 miles before I do a full oil and filter change (from the sump next time) ! Vac system might still work on my wife's 1.6 Golf Diesel ... Fingers crossed ...
  12. Used to have a build thread but deleted it.. so here's the new one, it's long so grab a seat. Had the car since Dec 2011 & She's come a very long way. After being offered RM1's Malachite green touring, we took the opportunity and drove down and picked it up. We were originally going to break it and use the bits for our other touring, but this one's in a lot better condition and needs less work so all plans have been moved on to this one. What we've done: 2.5 TDS Engine 5 Stud conversion Black Leather Seats (Front's are E36) Black Carpet Boost, ETG and water temp gauge with carbon fibre effect gauge pillar gauge pod Borbet A's 16x9s all round (Already got. being resprayed graphite bmw silver) / 16x8 et9 Aluline B's E36 M3 Steering rack Grey Kidney Grills HID's Pressed Plates Purple Dice Dustcaps TVR Exhaust So pics, these were the ones we were sent. Ready for the trip home Pics at home with her new sister Hoping to start work on it at the weekend, going to get the seats removed and replaced with the black leather. Ordered some engine mounts and carpet dye, they came today so work should hopefully start soon. We've resprayed the carpets black, more to do though. Last night John fitted the rear carpet and seatbelts & started fitting rear seats and rear boot carpet. I would recommend this lady (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/kaz01462/m.html?item=310312548619&_trksid=p4340.l2562) on ebay though for the dye. Comes next day delivery and quite good prices. Looks really good inside, part of the boot carpet, rear seat carpet and this bit is done but couldn't get a decent pic apart from this one. More black bits Last night I had a go at spraying the interior and was impressed with how it looked. We also removed the rear washer pipes and changed over the trim to black. John also tried the e36 front seat positioning. Tonight we are welding in the brackets for the e36 front seats and respraying some more bits. The whole rear wiper is being removed and also the wiper washers. I'm also going to remove the headlights and grill to change over and respray Preparing for engine out... Brackets welded in for the E36 seats & also some holes were welded and primered. Black carpet
  13. Hi guys not sure if my car is regenning properly, i have used inpa to see if there any faults stored and that was all ok. So then i run a doagnostic on the DPF using DIS and this is what i got: The car has not moved since last night and the test was done whilst the car was running idle for 15 mins approx. Could someone please shed some light on my figures i just got. Is it regenning? Is my exhaust back preessure ok? If not how can i check to see of it is working properly or not? I do notice my exhaust to shake/vibrate a tiny bit when ignition is on, dnt know if that info helps at all. I drive a 520d auto running a m47 engine I did try to run a dpf test on tuesday and accidently clicked forced regen, this is the screenshot from tuesdays test: Thanks guys Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  14. Hi guys i have a M47 2.0 litre diesel engine in my E60. It has only covered 42k miles but because of a lack of service history when i bought it, just for my own satisfaction i serviced the car. The parts which i serviced included: Oil change Oil filter Air filter Pollen filter Fuel filter All parts were purchased from ECP. When the fuel, air and pollen filters were removed they were disgusting. Its like they has never been changed before so glad i done this. However since the service (now this maybe me) my diesel engine sounds a little louder than normal - especially from inside the car. Why would this be the case? Is this normal? Also just to add to this, i have recently changed the EGR Stat and Main Stat.
  15. Hi All, Whilst I've been toying with whether to scrap or fix up my rusty old iX (see other post) someone was chatting about the possibility of switching the M50 block for the diesel version (M51?). Does anyone know if this has been done before and how effective, is it worth doing (mpg gain mostly)? Regards Will
  16. I've been having a few problems recently, and I'm now 95% certain it's the under floor fuel pump (part #16117165590). The only guide I've found online states that all I need to do is remove the fuel lines from each end, unplug the connector and unbolt it from under the car. It all sounds wonderfully simple, but the bit that confuses me is - what is to stop all the diesel from syphoning out of the tank onto my driveway? Perhaps the line can only drain as far as the next pump? Does anyone know of a better guide? Background, for those with similar issues: Last week, after a 30 minute motorway drive, my car failed to warmstart outside my house. It was fine after ~45 mins. Since then it has been seriously down on power, I would guess about 50bhp. 70mph is a struggle, and motorway hills are foot to the floor, 60mph. A bit of online reading narrowed the problems down to cam angle sensor, injectors, in line fuel pump or maf. Last night, I hit the same warm start problem. I turned off the HVAC and radio so I could listen, and to save the battery. Each time, I turned the key to II, waited and then tried to start the car. After 30 minutes, the car started - the difference this time was that when the key was at II, there was a sound from below the passenger seat, similar to the air suspension pump, but louder. My guess is, the heavily worn pump gets hot and seizes when stopped.