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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all , Hope all is well and COVID free . The 2009 535d E60 is now lacking power and grunt low down . I also noticed that the car is a little sluggish to turn over at start with the glow plug light on for a couple of seconds especially when it is cold . This had never happened before no matter how cold it was but i took the car to my neighbour as he used to be a mechanic and his machine showed the following codes . I believe that other owners of 535d and other cars have had these faults so may shed some light on reasons , costs and labor charges before i sit down with the loans manager ! 1) 480A PRESENT DDE DPF SYSTEM 2) 4252 PRESENT DDE GLOW PLUG , CYLINDER 5 , ACTIVATION 3) 4530 NOT PRESENT DDE : CHARGE AIR PRESSURE CONTROL , CONTROL DEVIATION 4) 4212 PRESENT DDE : GLOW PLUG CYLINDER 1 , ACTIVATION 5) 42DE NOT PRESENT DDE : BSD - COMMUNICATION WITH THE GLOW CONTROL UNIT 6) 481A NOT PRESENT DDE : PARTICULATE -FILTER SYSTEM 7) 4D00 NOT PRESENT DDE : EXHAUST BACKPRESSURE SENSOR E1C4 PRESENT RAD/CIC / CHAMP: K-CAN LINE FAULT 9) FAULT 1 PARK DISTANCE CONTROL 10) DTC CODE DTC STATUS DTC CONTENT 11) 9E35 NOT PRESENT PDC : WIRE , ULTRASONIC SENSOR , REAR CENTRE LEFT 12) FAULT 1 SZM SWITCHING CENTRE , CENTRE CONSOLE 13) DTC CODE DTC STATUS DTC CONTENT 14) E244 NOT PRESENT SZM : K-CAN LINE FAULT 1) i had the DPF warning illuminate just once a few months back but i have driven on the high way and it has not reappeared No. 8 ) and No. 14 ) may explain why i still get ' high battery discharge ' warning after sitting in the car listening to radio for 5 minutes . It may also explain why i used to get interference listening to DAB radio fitted by BMW and was disconnected . I still get a poor signal on the FM radio . No idea what the other codes mean though . Thank you , for any help or light that can be shed on these codes ( car has only done 75000 miles )
  2. Good Afternoon, We are able to provide Diagnostics and Coding for BMW's. Also we have CarPlay activation for vehicles with the ID 5 or ID6 head-unit and can also supply and fit the WiFi antenna which is required. Sat Nav Map Activation codes for all vehicles. If you have any specific needs get in touch and we can see if we can help! Check out our website and social media for more information!
  3. memyself

    Carly or Software best for this... ?

    Hello I am a complete novice to coding, BMW fault finding software etc, could some of you guys with experience of this offer some guidance on the best option for my needs. My PDC sensors are acting up ! and I need to find out which one is faulty, They are detecting an obstacle when there are none. My car is a 2008 LCI 2.0d E61 M Sport Touring. From a quick search of the forum it looks like there are two options (1) Carly (about £100) (2) INPA sofware & cable. (£20-60, Ebay) Which one would be best to detect and clear the PDC sensor faults ? Cost is a factor. I've heard that Carly is good for the novice (me) whereas INPA can be a problem to install and use ? Any guidance would be really appreciated - thanks.
  4. I've got 2 fault codes come up on my 2011 F11 520d M-sport I'm hoping that P2002 might just 'burn off' I wonder whether anyone could shed some light on P14A3, and whether I should just clear the fault and hope it doesn't come back any time soon. Appreciate any thoughts you might have
  5. know-dice

    Coding, Programming & Diagnostics

    A new forum to consolidate the accumulated forum knowledge... There used to be a time when if your car radio went faulty you just slapped in a new one or if you wanted to add a CD changer just wire it in and away you go... You can't do that with modern cars, BMW models E6x and E9x etc. onwards need to be coded for almost anything you want to do. May be now you want to add AUX input or a CD Changer, may be have your mirrors fold when you lock your car and a thousand other options...just ask So, what do you need to do Coding or Diagnostics? If you need a cable then first stop should probably be Cable Shack - www.cable-shack.co.uk Jimmy will sort you out... There is plenty of software out there a bit of Goggling will find you some. Start with INPA & NCS Expert, also BMW Scanner is very good but the later versions (1.4.0) need a special cable... But lets get started
  6. mickeyboy

    This could be really good!

    Came across this today, going to download and check it out tomorrow, looks really promising. BMWhat-BMW diagnosis From the limited number of reviews it doen't look like it has been around for long. I already use this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.prowl.torque&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsIm9yZy5wcm93bC50b3JxdWUiXQ. (Android only) to monitor the engine ECU mostly to monitor my coolant temeratures as it's so much simpler and more convenient than the hidden menu method, plus it has some neat associated camera features too. You need an ELM 327 OBD bluetooth device to use both of these App's but there are plenty to choose from online, mine is this one http://www.obdkey.com/index.asp. Anyone else tried this yet.
  7. Well......just had my main engine thermostat changed due to all the advice on here and plumeting MPG (18 round town/30 on a run if i'm lucky!!!), but no change......... My car still takes an age to 'luke warm' up (!!) and even after all day running never has less than 9 marks showing on the temp gauge. Whats this EGR thermostat? Could that be the problem? What MPG should i expect, as to be honest never seen much more than 26 in town and 32-34 on a run, and i'm not a F1 driver by any stretch of the imagination! Hope someone can help?