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Found 17 results

  1. oberlointment

    Cement on paintwork

    Sooo a building site has dropped cement onto my car. It happen while I was away and the rain and sun have dried it to a hard shine! They contractors who own the site have agreed to pay to have it removed. So any tips on good detailers serving east London would be greatly appreciated. Not had to deal with anything like this before but I assume that it will not come off with out damaging the paint.
  2. goosiegander

    E34 535i Sport

    Hi All, As some of you are already aware I recently took delivery of a 535i Sport Auto in Diamond Schwartz with some nice options Unfortunately at some point in the past the electric leather was swapped out for manual but no matter, Steven still has the Liquidken grey Memory leather which will be recoloured and reconditioned to suit. So some pictures of the last decade of grime and vegetation. Which was tackled in the usual manner... Leaving this... Placed a battery on and the engine cranks over just fine, decanted the interior and boot, had a cursory scrub/hoover and took stock of what’s missing and in need of attention. So the jobs list I can see so far: Purchase: Source B35 Air flow meter Source steering column surround Source 95aH Battery Source front sill section repair panel drivers side and jacking reinforcement Source Manual conversion kit – Tims to the rescue! Order Front bumper tow eye cover – Ordered Replace front Screen Replace headlining Replace Door body seals Replace dash – Slightly warped... Servicing: Inspect Engine valve clearances Inspect Engine compression values Inspect oil spray bar and clean Change oil, flush and replace Add coolant to system and bleed Free off sunroof track cables and lubricate – remove headlining and heat gun the tubes??? Inspect Aircon system- this was converted to R134a in the past but no doubt at least some of the seals are now shot after a decade of inactivity... Function test Fuel pump and supply, replace or flush through fuel system All input welcome
  3. Andyc182

    Exhaust Tips

    It was a sunyish day considering its September so I thought I'd give the car a wash after a 2200 mile road trip to France and back, and also tackle the exhaust tips that are looking pretty grotty. I've had the car since May and not sure they have ever been cleaned so I was ready for a slog! I've had some of the Megs NXTpolish for a while now and never really used it. After a bit of reading on Detailing World I popped out to my local DIY store and bought some steel wool. This is the state of the tips before I started. They were pretty filthy inside and out. I started with a spray of bilberry wheel cleaner. I figured that it might help to loosen the baked on soot. I left it to soak for a couple of minutes and agitated with an old alloy wheel brush I had lying around. That helped to remove some of the lighter soot and staining. Once rinsed off I used the NXT polish on the finest grade steel wool and started to go to work. It didn't take much work to loosen the rest of the soot off, and underneath it all I could see where the chrome finish has worn away over time. Once clean I polished up with more NXT Polish this time using a microfibre cloth. A pic of the final result from today. Picked up a few more stonechips from France, I'm going to need to get them sorted at some point but totally worth it. Loved driving over there, so much easier with less traffic and better roads.
  4. goosiegander

    E60 Titan Silver Gloss Enhancement

    Hi All, Been terribly lax in posting on F5 recently, works continue though... A few during shots of a titan silver 530iA to show gains... And a a very happy customer to boot
  5. Bennybear

    Pentagon Max Pro?

    Hi all, I've got my 335i booked in with Pentagon to have the windows done, i noticed they offer a paint protection service, something called "Max Pro" I asked them what this was, and it sounds like a polish and wax and sealant system. They said it provides a high gloss finish which lasts for 10 washes. I've had no luck in finding a detailer local to me, even after multiple requests on numerous forums (anyone would think I lived in the outer Hebrides) so i was considering having this done. At least until i move to my new house, at which point i'm going to invest in all the detailing equipment needed to keep the car looking tip top. Has anyone ever had this treatment done to their car? any help appreciated Ben
  6. Bennybear

    e93 335i 9

    From the album: E93 335i

  7. Bennybear

    e93 335i 8

    From the album: E93 335i

  8. goosiegander

    Montreal Blue and Ceramic Pro

    As a pet project in my month off I decided to protect the touring for the rest of its life and forever deny those f*****g seagulls... I've always wanted to own an Avus Blue car but after seeing the result of my efforts I'm happy to wait a while longer: Prior to application of 9H scratch/chemical resistant coating the panel looked like this, sorry didn't grab a proper before shot, DOH! But after application of 4 coats of 9H and 1 of Light: I'm a happy Goose! About to go and put on the last coat of light, gloss is mental and will only improve over the coming days hours and weeks. Hopefully some sunshine pictures tomorrow!
  9. goosiegander

    Detailing E34 - Flake pop! :D

    Time to show off a little of what's possible with some time and patience, 15 hours in total so far... Poor old Montreal Blue paintwork, Dirty, contaminated, etched, swirled and scratched... So on with the two bucket wash system, grit guard and safe wash implements: Lower body iron decontamination: Door shuts attacked: Body cleaned and dried: While those pictures show an improvement, up close and personal there was a lot left to be desired: F**king seagulls! Protectant on the alloys still doing it's job Taped up and digging for dirt: And on we go with with the correction: Obvious RDS: Protection applied: And toweled off: Some further RDS to eliminate at a later time, the roof may well be wet-sanded: Day one at an end: Day two, Sunshine, and additional LSP applied: Note that the rear bumper hasn't been touched as it will be replaced in due course: Sooo much scrap... So from: To: Flakes be a-popping! Thanks for looking, Note that I am a gun for hire and should you require detailing services in the East anglia area I'm happy to discuss and quote!
  10. Good afternoon All, Just finished up a weekend putting in some time up at Polishing Company HQ with a product that is going to change everything in terms of paint protection systems. A big statement some might say, and yes I agree that there have been lots of wonder potions that have come out over the years. for endurance versus cost I highly rate Diamond glaze as a long term protectant and have applied this to many cars as a LSP. No matter the product there has always been a susceptibility to either hash chemicals, abrasion and eventually all deteriorate in terms of their hydrophobic quality which is why beading lessens with repeated washing without the addition of a speed detailer as a wipe on/off booster. anyway we can now offer this protection system in addition to our other lines, I'll let the video speak for itself... Forgive me if I seem a little excited but the product gives 10 yeas of resistance to scratching, UV, Chemicals, is flexible and as shown in the video, is impact resistant... Application of the 9H permanent protection system is not straightforward and is not for DIY use, application needs to occur in a controlled environment with as little dust as possible. It takes 72 hours to initially cure before exposed to water unless being topped with CP-Light and takes three weeks to fully harden. Measurements taken before and after with a PTG show that the coating once applied has created its own barrier over the paint. For those Volvo deviants here is a link to the album from the weekend's work: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=614917285230937&set=pcb.614918208564178&type=1&theater We are happy to quote for applying Ceramic Pro's range of products to your vehicle, it is quite costly for a full ten coats of 9H but the depth of gloss and level of protection certainly make it worthwhile! Discuss! Apologies if the video doesn't work right away, please see here https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Polishing-Company/155738611148809 if i can't get it to work straight away!
  11. goosiegander

    E34 M5 Touring in Avus Blue

    Good Morning All and Merry Christmas! A special treat today, Mike finally had a moment to get some snaps of his Simply Awesome E34 M5 Touring. Pictures were taken at The Polishing Company's mission control in Cramlington. Enjoy! Notice the rear sunblinds? If ever I had the choice between this and an E60 M5 i'd be hard pushed to choose, lovely lovely car. Products and services on offer will expand in 2014 so watch this space! Thanks for looking
  12. Good Day All! Following being away on Paternity leave and having zero time to update this forum or polish cars I thought i'd offer up the following up for your viewing pleasure: One rather dirty and until recently unloved E46 M3, the new owner informed me a couple of weeks ago that the paintwork was a tad rough and required correction, He was not wrong! So, on with the wash and decontamination process: The condition of the roof sum the car up prior to correction, flat lifeless and patches of dead clear coat: But nothing that couldn't be cured And again, with wetsanding: A nice result: Comments and questions are welcome Chris
  13. goosiegander

    E46 325i Sport Gloss Enhancement Detail

    This weekend's offering in dark metallic blue, A gloss enhancement detail was requested as opposed to full correction of the deeper damage due to time being a factor, that being said, for a day's work it did turn out quite nicely... Thanks seagulls... Standard swirling and RDS but with a couple of passes with the DA we have an improvement... And some afters, far more gloss Nice! Clean and fresh 'Primo' Helping to demonstrate flake-pop Thanks for looking, Questions and comments welcome
  14. Well as promised we are happy to offer a special discount to Forum 5 members on the following products: 303 Range: 303 Aerospace Protectant 16oz £13.95 Normally £16.95 303 Speed Detailer 32oz £10.50 Normally £12.95 303 Convertible Hood Pack - Includes cleaner and High Tech fabric guard £23.50 Normally £29.95 From the website: Throw away that array of cleaners, polishes, tyre dressings and trim waxes. This amazing range of products will clean and protect virtually everything on your boat, car, plane, caravan and in your home. Our Aerospace protectant is the world's most effective UV screening product available today. The products are the world’s most 'manufacturer recommended products' and provide high levels of UV protection to all types of fabrics and vinyl. The 303 Aerospace protectant can be used to rejuvenate and refinish marine gel-coat and enhance all types of automobile trim without sticky residues and dyes. Further info on our range here: http://www.thepolishingcompany.com/303productrange.html The Polishing Company are also distributors for CS Diamond Glaze and Cyclo Polishers. We are authorised resellers for Dodo Juice car care products, GTechniq sealants and an approved Leather Repair Company centre. Remember to quote 'BMW Forum 5 discount' when ordering via phone or outside of this forum. Shipping in most cases to mainland UK is not expected to exceed £5.00
  15. goosiegander

    Polished Cars...

    Good Evening! I've been remiss in not putting up some examples of work undertaken So, for your viewing pleasure (and entertainment in the case of StevenC's poooor 525ix) So here we go in no particular order: Iron decontamination prior to wash process Some swirling... And corrected (not the bumper) Better, still bits to do though! Snowfoam prior to washing on the tech 1 and again And cleaner Steven's poorly IX Required lots of work! Lots and lots! But a nice end result More to follow, Comments and questions most welcome, apologies for the lower quality of some of the pictures. I have only recently invested in a half-decent camera
  16. Having nothing better to do one evening i thought i'd see how well the Lachs bonnet on the Sport would come up: out came the claybar... claybar,claybar,claybar... I can barely see that nice young lady's thong in the reflection, not good enough! Left of picture compounded Getting better Further pictures later today
  17. goosiegander

    Detailing E36 with E34 content!

    Good morning all, My good buddy with mobile diagnostic gear pitched up early yesterday the goal was to cure my touring's running issue and i figured that in the free time i'd do a quick wash and apply an LSP... After looking at it I figured it'd bug me if i didn't do something with the bonnet (which after it was deswirled revealed a NASTY random deep scratch)... SO, No during or before photos but here are some afters -still needs work, about half the panels need aggressive cutting, but it looked clean enough in the photos. (Love this shot!) And the next one... What is it with Steven and IX's? LOL! Thanks for looking